Creed 2: Milo Ventimiglia – This Is Us – Returns and More from the Set

Creed 2: Milo Ventimiglia – This Is Us – Returns and More from the Set of Creed 2

It’s Friday, do the Friday dance as we say on WOGL every Friday morning after I deliver the breakfast buzz. Today on air we talked about what happened on the set of Creed 2 this week. In case you missed it I’ll go over it again with you:

Earlier this week Creed 2 filmed a few scenes in South Philly at 19th and Porter. The scene had Rocky Balboa arriving in a Vancouver, yes Vancouver, in a Vancouver cab to visit his son Robert Balboa Jr. and his family who now live in the Canadian city.

Better known to this generation as Jack Pearson in the very popular “This Is Us”, Milo Ventimiglia  played Rocky’s son in the 2006 Rocky Balboa. The original actor who played Rocky’s son, was Sly Stallone’s own son Sage Stallone
who passed away in 2012. Milo Ventimiglia was also on The Gilmore Girls series in the 00s.
So Philly not only did Jason Kelce get married this past week, but Jack Pearson SLEPT here.

Tuesday Rocky headed to the Laurel Hill Cemetery to visit his corner man and best friend Paulie, who has died in the movie in 2012 the tombstone says (In real life Burt Young is alive and well), and his wife Adrian Balboa.  Shortly after Rocky look a like Mike Kunda took this shot, the ground around the tombstones were painted with “white snow” to create a winter scene.

In a sense Creed 2 is tugging at our old school Rocky heartstrings with cameos with Brigitte Nielsen, Milo Ventimiglia in the flesh, and Paulie and Adrian in the spirit. BTW Brigitte and Milo are not listed on the official Creed II IMDB

Wednesday Creed 2 filmed inside The Linc, home of the Superbowl Champions – The Phila Eagles, the scene was the big finale fight held in Moscow. Actors and extras were dressed in very heavy winter clothing, which wasn’t a stretch for us here in Philly during the Winter of 2017 that refuses to end. While on site Sylvester Stallone grabbed a shot with the Lombardi Trophy. They’re back in Sun Center Studios for the next 3 days before they head out again, I hear in the Art Museum area. Stay tuned. Follow me on Instagram for the latest


Home at last !!!

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Yesterday Stallone stopped by the Academy of Natural Sciences to the delight of parents, the kids were fascinated by the dinosaurs


BVTLive who did the ceremony music

Speaking of the Eagles – Monday I did social media around Jason Kelce’s wedding to Kylie McDevitt at the Logan Hotel (I didn’t have time for a proper post). IT BLEW UP, as the day went on I added vendors and additional info to my post on Instagram, and Twitter to the point where nearly all the media in Philly began writing about it, with proper credit to moi which I really appreciate. In hindsight I wish I had done a blog post as my personal SM posts garnered over 100ks views. It’s great I love that everyone was excited about their wedding. I reached out to the official photographer and connected her with the media including Philadelphia Magazine. Here’s the result of PM’s write up which is really indepth – JASON AND KYLIE WEDDING

I have tried to track down the original photographers of the photos that appear on PCC, but I couldn’t find them all as others have posted them on message boards without credit. If one of these shots is yours and you can prove it, I would be happy to give you credit.


Photos: The Ritz-Carlton Wedding Experience

Photos: The Ritz-Carlton Wedding Experience


Late last month I attended a lovely event at the Ritz Carlton Hotel for media to experience their wedding experience. Clever idea. I was only able to make it to the first event, and just a bit as my schedule was packed.  They sent a long some copy of the event and what they were out to achieve for this post. I will be returning soon to experience the rest of the great adventure when time permits. ….




A small exclusive group of national, regional and local members of the media were invited to attend a Wedding Experience at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia on April 21-22.


This 24 hour event was hosted at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia by Bradley Pacana, Dayna Leaventon and Jimmy Contreras. The Wedding Experience was created for members of the media to experience Weddings at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia and everything we offer at our property. At The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia we love weddings and celebrations of every kind.
5-3-2017 10-06-04 AM (Custom)
The Wedding Experience Event included overnight accommodations at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia, lunch in the Grand Ballroom with coursed cuisine by the Ritz-Carlton Chefs and Pastry Team lead by Patrick Morrison, Spa time with signature treatments at Richel D’Ambra Salon & Spa (you don’t have to stay at the Ritz to enjoy her services), Lavish Family Style Dinner at Aqimero with a five course meal,

5-3-2017 10-10-56 AM (Custom)

Guests experienced Club Lounge on the 30th Floor for Breakfast on Saturday morning and Explored Philadelphia. Visit Philly and Philly Phlash provided VIP Passes to see Philadelphia’s museums and cultural institutions and rides on Philly Phlash.
5-3-2017 10-07-14 AM (Custom)
Partners of the event included Aqimero a Richard Sandoval Restaurant at The Ritz-Carlton, Philadelphia, BVTLive!, Carl Alan Floral Designs LTD., Casa Papel, Evantine Design, MK Photography, Nicol Floral Design, Philly Plash, Richel D’Ambra Spa & Salon, Van Earl’s Cakes, Visit Philly and Whipped Bakeshop.
5-3-2017 10-07-41 AM (Custom)

Here’s a list  of our partners:


Aqimero – Private Dinner experience

BVTLive! – Live music for the lunch event

Carl Alan Floral Designs LTD. – Tablescape and Floral Designs for Dinner at Aqimero

Casa Papel – Invitations for event, signage, menus and gifts

5-3-2017 10-01-36 AM (Custom)

Evantine Desgin – Tablescape Floral Designs for lunch in Grand Ballroom

Mk Photography – Photographed event

Nicol Floral Design – Flower Wall at Lunch

Philly Plash – Provided Travel for Exploring Philadelphia

Richel D’Ambra Spa & Salon – Spa Treatments

Van Earl’s Cakes – Personalized mini wedding cakes for all guests at lunch

Visit Philly – VIP Passes for media to Explore Philadelphia

Whipped Bakesshop – LOVE cookies for guests gifts
5-3-2017 10-08-33 AM (Custom)
5-3-2017 10-08-47 AM (Custom)
5-3-2017 10-09-04 AM (Custom)

delicious sorbet, and the presentation was spectacular
5-3-2017 10-09-40 AM (Custom)
5-3-2017 10-10-11 AM (Custom)

5-3-2017 10-08-13 AM (Custom)
Van Earl’s Cakes – Personalized mini wedding cakes for all guests at lunch

Ritz Ritz

5-3-2017 10-03-09 AM (Custom)


Nicol Floral Design – Flower Wall at Lunch

5-3-2017 10-10-30 AM (Custom)
Thanks to Jana Bannan, MK Photographer for these shots.


Maria Papadakis and Chris Konopka Get Married

OMG has it been a week already since my girl Maria Papadakis got married to the guy she’s been looking for all her life, Chris Konopka, it has. What an amazing wedding; and very intimate with only 65 people invited. What an honor to witness their special day, and to re-connect with old mutual friends and make a few new ones.

HD1_0503 (Custom)

Welcome to Naples!
Maria and Christopher get married weekend
Mike and I arrived at our hotel, Inn of Naples, on Thursday and was greeted at the desk with two
lovely gift bags from the intended couple. The bag included personalized M&M’s with the initials of Chris and Maria (they were so good I ate Mike’s too), gifts, snacks, and towels for the beach party.

HD1_0265 (Custom)
Come enjoy a beautiful dinner with us outside on the bay into the Gulf to get our wedding weekend started Thursday night!




Friday – Cocktails, Ceremony, & Reception at The Ritz-Carlton Naples Florida

HD1_0428 (Custom)
Dress was beach chic and well Chris’ uncle wins


HD1_0446 (Custom)

Folks came from all over, even from Dubai and as close as Miami, where Michael Lahoud, who met Chris Konopka when they both played for the Phila Union 2012 – 2013 travelled from. He now plays on the Miami team; Director/Producer Clayton Hansler traveled from Toronto, where Chris played for Toronto FC for a few years.

HD1_0459 (Custom)

The Konopka FamilyMarried Married

Antonis Papadourakis and Grigorios Papadourakis HD1_0556 (Custom) HD1_0592 (Custom) HD1_0621 (Custom)

HD1_0452 (Custom)

HD1_0646a (Custom)

John and Rachel Paz

HD1_0689 (Custom)

after the ceremony and cocktail party we headed to that cute little event space on the beach, that looks like a houseMarried

For dinnerMarried

HD1_0714 (Custom) Married

Eliana Papadakis and Maria Konopka HD1_0743 (Custom) Married HD1_0749 (Custom) HD1_0751 (Custom)
Katie Jelen HD1_0794 (Custom)

Mike Toub is learning to dance, thanks Jenna E. Moore, Hair Stylist at Moore is More

HD1_0812 (Custom)
Marisa Magnatta, Maria and Vasiliki TsourisHD1_0827 (Custom)

Then the groom got up to serenade his bride, and he’s a darn good singer. Sometimes he joins his brother – Ned Ryerson (r) and his band The Groundhogs at the gigs they play in South Jersey. Chris Konopka was on stage with their wedding band  Land Shark Band and Ned Ryerson on singing and on lead guitar. That’s Chris & Ned’s dad on keyboard and mom on tamburine


Posted by Gary Roland on Saturday, January 21, 2017

OMG so glad someone had a clip of this, I accidentally deleted mine grabbing the turbulence vids on Monday and ran out of phone space & deleted previous videos including this clip of Chris’ rapping.


Married HD1_0877 (Custom)

Saturday – Brunch, Brews, & Beach – Pelican Bay Pool & Beach Married Married
Sunday Chris and Maria hosted 11 of us, who were still in town, on a tour of the Everglades, and Wooten’s Animal Sanctuary

HD1_1096 (Custom)

Penny from Eviama Spa in Midtown Village


So fun

1-27-2017 11-17-58 AM (Custom)

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Chris and Maria Konopka.
(this last photo was taken by their photographer)