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#PCCBuzz The PALM is Popping, Nights In Venice Floats on Saturday, Pauly Shore, Engagements & Babies

Ohhh Good Friday, that doesn’t sound right, hmmm hey all you summer hour folks. I had no idea people had “summer hours”. I stopped by my old law firm yesterday, Kohn, Swift & Graf. No one could do lunch because of something called “summer hours” where offices dismiss on Friday at 2PM. That’s great for them, I should do that too. Hope you have an awesome weekend. I can’t thank you enough for your generosity in your support of my blog, and brand. I’m so grateful. Let’s see what’s happening to others this week. I scoured social media and this is what I have found….

The Palm opened exactly when they said they would on July 15. I heard it was packed. Some of the folks that were spotted Saturday night were Mr. and Mrs. Rubin, who came up from the shore to be there on the first night. Others around the room were Palm affectionados Don and Renee Freedman,  Sharon Pinkenson and Joe Weiss were also there, Nino and Carol Tinari, Albert & Paul Nipon, Harvey Snider (cardiologist), Paul Rosen, Esq. & Wendy, Stephen and Sylvia Feinberg, Congrats to Owner/CEO- Wally GANZI, Paul Sandler, GM, Jonathan Blanton, Asst Mgr., all of who were there on Saturday night. Through out the week there were regulars spotted former Gov Ed Rendell, Mayor Jim Kenny and I hear Jerry Blavat has been there every night. Spotted during media night was Roberta Popito, Eddie Keels, Marilyn Johnson, Lily Williams, Emily Tharp, Al For, A.D. Amorosi, I love the new compact, intimate, dining room. It’s definitely the new and improved see and be seen scene. The bar area is great too. When they told me it was in the dining room, I thought smack dab, no it’s to the side, and there’s a half wall between the dining tables and the bar area. Definitely a great first date spot where you want to be a little intimate, while not being spotted by your exes. Food and service is excellent as always.  Thanks to Aimee Cicero, Laura Burkhardt and Daniel Briones for dining with me and helping open those enormous lobster claws.

7-21-2017 9-06-01 AM (Custom)
Right on Target: Team Derek was busy this week greeting celebrities to Philadelphia. Here he is with Pauly Shore, who’s appearing on Jul 21, 2017 in Philadelphia, PA at Helium Comedy Club. Earlier this week he greeted Johnny Mathis, who graciously signed for all the fans waiting for him.

7-19-2017 7-29-20 PM (Custom)
Delicious, lovely designed Ocean Prime has some news

7-19-2017 11-44-57 PM (Custom)






7-18-2017 11-38-34 AM (Custom)

Emmy-award winning television reporter. Surfer. Unlikely fan of Beatnik Literature. Queen of the Slipstream, Alexandria Hoff @Cbsphilly just got engaged

Saying goodbye to our summer intern, Brandon Brooks, as he heads off to Philadelphia Eagles Training Camp next week. Go Birds!



SATURDAY night is Night in Venice – OMG already


Every Last Monday of the Month: Bag of Hope, fill a bag shopping sale! Shop our resale boutique & fill a bag with stylish, professional clothes for $40. All proceeds benefit our social enterprise! 7/31, The Wardrobe Boutique 1822 Spring Garden, 4 – 6, $40. Pictured: Executive Director Sheri Cole. Details:

Have an awesome weekend; drive carefully and I’ll be back Sunday for our regular scheduled #PCCBuzz column and hopefully post again on Thursday and get back on schedule.
Next week I will publish the rest of #PCC10Anniversary columns and photos from the party.

Nights 7-18-2017 12-17-16 AMa

Thanks again to you all for this incredible week


#PCC10thAnniversary CLIQUECAM PHOTO BOOTH SHOTS, oh so fun

Thanks to all my friends who came out to celebrate PhillyChitChat’s 10th Anniversary. It was truly a remarkable and memorable evening. It was an invite only party, most for people I’ve photographed for 7 years or more, and friends who’s phone numbers I have in my IPhone. We raised a lot of money for the American Foundation for Suicide Awareness. I realize I forgot a few key people I adore, and I really should have reviewed the list more than once before I sent it to my extraordinary party planner Lynsie Blair Solomon. These are shots from the CLIQUECAM PHOTO BOOTH. I love what people do in the booth. Thanks so much CLIQUECAM for being our photo booth. I love them.

Nearly 300 guest wearing tropical colors attended the event held at Aqimero at the Ritz, danced to the tunes of DJ Eddie Tulley, enjoyed cocktails from Southern Wine & Spirits, posed for illustrations by Denise Fike and in the CliqueCam photo booth. Thanks to DJ Sound & Lighting Inc for taking care of the AV and OPS for security.
Nearly 10,000 was raised for American Foundation of Suicide Prevention.

And to Lynsie Blaire Solomon LLC for producing the event and putting it all together. I had did not have time as it was the Social Season, then I took the Cabot Charity Cruise and well she did it all. This was the 3rd big event she’s done for me, and I’m so glad she decided to go into the consulting business for non-profits, individuals and business strategy. THANK YOU LYNSIE BLAIRE LLC –Lynsie Blair LLC is a full service event production and non-profit consulting company.

CliqueCam 7-19-2017 7-06-42 PM (Custom) - Copy CliqueCam CliqueCam


7-19-2017 7-05-41 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-08-50 PM (Custom) - Copy

CliqueCam 7-19-2017 7-10-19 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-10-35 PM (Custom) - Copy CliqueCam

7-19-2017 7-12-48 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-11-10 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-12-11 PM (Custom) - Copy

CliqueCam 7-19-2017 7-13-27 PM (Custom) - Copy

7-19-2017 7-15-30 PM (Custom) - Copy CliqueCam 7-19-2017 7-14-03 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-14-34 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-14-54 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-16-31 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-16-46 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-17-04 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-17-30 PM (Custom) - Copy CliqueCam 7-19-2017 7-18-10 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-18-29 PM (Custom) - Copy CliqueCam 7-19-2017 7-19-11 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-19-29 PM (Custom) - Copy 7-19-2017 7-20-59 PM (Custom) - Copy CliqueCam
7-19-2017 7-20-16 PM (Custom) - Copy
Thanks so much Michael Toub for your support from the very beginning. I tried to limit my going out to 4 times a week, but I could never keep to that schedule.
Happy 23 years of blissful coupling as of last week as well.
Friday I will post photos of the party, as if you haven’t had enough of me…..


PhillyChitChat 10th Anniversary – The Most Outrageous Celebrity Shots of the Decade Shot in Philly

In another series celebrating PhillyChitChat’s 10th anniversary I have an entry celebrating a decade of Celebrity shots. I wear many hats as Philly Chit Chat, covering fun events, gala, store openings, and my favorite celebrities around town.

as I mentioned in the Metro Philly paper today, Stephen Starr has a way to the celebrities hearts. He always gets them to his eateries. Here’s Gwen Stefani leaving Morimoto in Old City; she was with her entire family, but glossy mag readers really only want to see Gwen. Sometimes Klein would tip me off, sometimes someone from the eatery, in later years I would troll Social Media for chatter. This tip came from my wireservice WENN in NYC about 11PM on a Thursday night. Gwen gave it up as we say in the business – eye contact and full body fashion,


Kendra Wilkinson what a phony (I read her book and tweeted such), everything she did was calculating for her brand, including her storyline. There’s no way I believe her husband cheated on her. They were in wedded bliss, which equals low ratings as it’s boring. But that didn’t stop me from photographing her every chance I got as the readers loved her and her drama. For awhile her husband Hank played for the Eagles. I got a tip that they were going to move into Two Liberty Place, which had recently become condos. I got the scoop and I sold it to In Touch Magazine for a couple hundred.


Bradley Cooper and Robert DeNiro on the set of Limitless, Phila Pa;

OMG Thank you Bradley Cooper for being so hot, and from Philly and having a huge fan base here, even a girl that walks around with your stiff cardboard cut out. I read about her in the Inky. Who doesn’t want to photograph you. I remember once you were eating at Parc, there goes that Starr restaurant again. I didn’t have my long lense on me, and am always to shy, awkward to shoot someone right in their face. So nice of you to walk across the street in my direction so I could get a shot. Amazingly no one took notice cause who would have thought Bradley Cooper would be strolling through Rittenhouse Square. – This is Bradley and Robert DeNiro filming Limitless at 21st and Market on a cold, cold day/ It was about 10F. I was across the street and this time with my long lens.

Brett Eldridge with Giraffe for Molly (Custom)
The Philly Zoo arranged for country superstar Brett Eldredge to feed a giraffe before heading to his concert at Wells Fargo. His people did not like this photo and asked that I didnt publish it in the Philly Daily News column. I gave Molly Eichel a different photo, but we did have a laugh over this one. What the heck is so bad about this shot, cat got your tongue?


Chaka Kahn, Chaka Kahn, here she is at the Rythem Awards in Philly with legendary Radio Personality Patty Jackson. Years later we would become friends to my delight.

drake (Custom)
Once someone sent me a photo of “sad face” Drake at the Stratus Lounge, posing at a bacherlorett party. I published it and it went viral
Here he’s at Made in AmericaDSC_1396 (Custom)
Marie Osmond signing the neck of a Veteran. She asked if he was going to get a tattoo, he said no, I’m just not going to wash my neck forever.10th
Jennifer Aniston’s body guard blocking my lens so I dont get a shot of her beautiful mane as she exits El Vez. You are poor sad Jennifer Aniston, this was the day after Brad & Angie announced she was pregnant.
Guess she was in a bad mood.DSC_5292 (Custom)
Speaking of bad moods and bitchiness, Jeff Daniels, boo hoo, enjoy this smile he’s a grouchy old man. OK backstory a few years after this shot of him on the Philly shot, and forgettable movie with the lovely Lauren Graham, who I adore, Jeff came to Philly to receive an award from the PFS> He was so demanding, and bitchy and I wrote about it. Well he had the powers to be ask me to remove my complaint on PhillyChitChat of his bitcheness. Klein wrote about it in his column saying he was just grouchy from appearing on Broadway 6 days a week during that time, and he was just tired. OK fine but I had already shot him a few years earlier on this movie and he was bitchy then too. Some people are just bitchy, they should own it. Diva dude. I did remove it cause Jeff threatened to never set foot in Philly again. He never did even after I removed my entry. blah Jeff.DSC_6917 (Custom)
Oh and then there’s Kate Plus 8 – Kate Gosselin. Here she’s filming on the Art Museum Steps on a cold cold day in 2010. I remember because I took a little bit longer on my lunch hour from the law firm, the next day I was let go. I don’t blame them, I had stars in my eyes. (they did let go of all the paralegals so it might have been an economy thing, stupid. That’s a political joke and if you were around in the 90s you’d know it.) Anywho a few months earlier Kate G was at the Red Ball and I tweeted that I’d have big news on Fox 29 on Monday about her. I had no idea that was her boyfriend/bodyguard with her, had I ever watched the show I would have been all over them with shots’ no I saw her get her fortune told and grabbed a shot. She was a no photos girl that night. Well that’s what I talked about on Fox 29, but was blasted by her haters for covering up her relationship with her bodyguard. Geez people had I know I would have gotten them, that’s the money shot. The story was still good and I was able to sell it to People magazine. Kate ended up blocking me forever on Social Media. Jon Gosselin and I are now facebook friends and I report about him more often these days. 10th
Oh and how about that time I tweeted to the fans, Nicki Minaj is running late but she’ll get her shortly. She’s getting a police escort from the radio station to FYE. MS Pink then blasted me “WTF is it your business”. Followed by days of her followers blasting me, but also increasing my followings, so thanks. DSC_8757 (Custom)
Nothing big here10th

LEGENDS – Geater, Joe Frazier and Darlene Love at an after party for one of Jerry’s gatherings


Glenn Howerton, Charlie Day, Rob McElhenney, Kaitlin Olson and Danny DeVito on the set of ‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ TV show filming in Philadelphia on June 13, 2013 – LOVE THEM SO MUCH, have never seen the show. Last year WMMR invited me to shoot them play a charity golf game. Most memorable time ever.

Katy Perry (3) (Custom)

Katy Perry on the Art Museum Steps – those steps have been so good to me. I got the Hotty on the Steps, the car driving down the steps, sledders on the steps, another hotty, a motorcycle on the steps….


This is one of my favorite photos – Jack Nicholson thumbs up through a window. He was making a film with Reese Witherspoon, Paul Rudd and Owen Wilson. So much fun shooting them.

Jaime Foxx Leaving Parc Phila1 (Custom)
Jamie Fox just finishing lunch at Parc, on a cold day, but not that cold

Backwards Film Set Fairmount Park, Phila Pa

Backwards Film Set Fairmount Park, Phila Pa with James van Der Beek and Sarah Megan Thomas . I was able to get someone to bring him to the Best of Philly Mag party, and it was great.

Miley Cyrus was my best shot ever. When her fiance Liam Hemsworth came to town to film, she came in tow. I greeted them at the airport after getting tipped off by my agency. It went well. The next day a diner at Capital Grille tipped me off they were there for lunch. Great shots, made People Magazine. Then I got busy with chitchat events, but I was still reciving tips on where she was eating or shopping. I sent her tweets telling her I knew she was having Italian, of Chinese or whatever she was doing. I wouldnt be shooting her at that time but later when she wasn’t enjoying alone time with the boo, maybe she’d “give me” a photo. That time came when she was recording her CD at Sigma Sound, which I knew as well. She’d be there at Meek Mills pop up concert, and I was there too. When she went to leave I followed her down the stairs and said Miley, I’m phillychitchat, she already knew and she turned around and gave me this great shot.


Dead Man Down film set, Walnut St Phila Pa with Colin Farrell

The only shot of Demi Moore in Philly when she was filming. She never gave it up for anyone else. I told her give me a shot and I won’t take her for the rest of the time she was in town, and I didn’t. I got lots of tips but I always honored my word. When she had dinner at Continental Grill with the whole family including Ashton Kutcher, the story appeared in People Mag with this shot taken weeks earlier as it was the only full view shot of her. Other photogs tried to get shots, but she always had her hands in her face


Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez at Shops of Liberty Place, Phila Pa getting a smoothie


This is and was always my favorite shot and celebrity moment. A reader tipped me off that Justin Beiber and Selena Gomez were in Rittenhouse Square. Well they were but when I got to Chestnut Street I heard screaming and ran towards it. I got close to Shops of Liberty Place and people just pointed towards the doors. I ran in and caught them at the Monster Smoothie counter. They asked me not to shoot them at the counter, which I complied. I said Justin where is your security guards, he had none. He wanted to be treated like a normal person he said. Well tell that to the 150 girls screaming for his love, which were surrounding him. I grabbed a Shops of Liberty security guy and said escort them out of her to their hotel, which I knew was the Rittenhouse. As they were leaving Justin gave up this shot, but said don’t follow us. OK but 150 girls will be following you, I guess that was less noticeable. I didn’t follow them. The security guard came back said he took them all the way back to the hotel, and he tipped him a $150. Selena’s probably thinking, normal, we’re not normal. I don’t want to be normal. Why aren’t they screaming my name?


Food Porn Pixs: Ardmore Restaurant Week Kicks off Today through July 30

Ardmore Restaurant Week returns today and continues the next two weeks celebrating Ardmore’s innovative and delicious dining scene.  Join participating Ardmore establishments Monday, July 17 through Sunday, July 30, 2017 for happy hour specials or prix fixe dinner menus. Happy hour specials will be available, in general, from 5pm-7pm and will feature 25% off a selected menu.  Dinner participants will offer a prix fixe menu at either $25 or $35. Diners can expect a wide variety of cuisines and will have an opportunity to try out specialty menus created by Ardmore chefs specifically for Ardmore Restaurant Week.



Sam’s Asian Cuisine, a newcomer to the Ardmore dining scene, has chosen to participate with an outstanding dinner menu featuring items like roti canai – a popular Malaysian crispy style pancake and curry chicken with potato dipping sauce as one of their first course offerings.  Tired Hands Fermentaria, a local favorite popular with the craft beer crowd, will feature a selection of their famous tacos during a 4pm-6pm happy hour. View restaurant offerings, detailed menus, and make reservations at




Happy hour specials will be available, in general, from 5pm-7pm and will feature 25% off a selected menu.  Dinner participants will offer a prix fixe menu at either $25 or $35.  View restaurant offerings, detailed menus, and make reservations at

Participating restaurants for Ardmore Restaurant Week include:

*Besito (105 Coulter Ave.) –  Casual restaurant that offers the warmth of a private hacienda while offering thoughtful details & authentic Mexican cuisine

*Fuel (5 W. Lancaster Ave.) – Local chain serving organic wraps, panini & bowls, plus juices & coffee, all under 500 calories in a casual, modern space
*Hummus (18 Greenfield Ave.) – Hummus, salads, kebabs & other basic Mediterranean fare sold over the counter & without frills.

*Hunan (47 E. Lancaster Ave.) – Long-running BYOB dining place offers classic Chinese dishes in a serene setting.

*Iron Hill Brewery (60 Greenfield Ave.) – Regional brewpub chain dispensing housemade beers & elevated American comfort fare.

*Jack McShea’s (34 E. Lancaster Ave.) –  Local Public House serving craft Beers and eclectic Pub Fare

*Jason’s Toridasu (40 Rittenhouse Pl.) –  Take out restaurant with fresh made sushi and limited seating

*Local Wine & Kitchen (39 W. Lancaster Ave.) – Laid-back restaurant & wine bar serving seasonal New American fare & charcuterie in a hip setting.

*MAIDO (5 E. Lancaster Ave.) – A family-owned Japanese store that offers an eat-in food counter that serves home-style Japanese food

*Marokko (54 E. Lancaster Ave.) –  Fine-dining menu of authentic Moroccan and Mediterranean cuisine, served in a traditional setting.

*McCloskey’s Tavern (17 Cricket Ave.) –  Family-run Irish tavern offering beers & bar food in pubby environment
ceviche camarones (Custom)
ceviche camarones
patacon (Custom)patacon 7-17-2017 11-18-59 AM (Custom)Newly opened Pala’a Latin America Seafood

* Pala’a Latin American Seafood (18 West Lancaster Avenue) – Latin American and Venezuelan seafood featuring empanadas, arepas, ceviche, paticone, house-made juices

*PokeOno (59 W. Lancaster Ave.) – Sleek fast-casual serving Hawaiian-style cubed & marinated fish & rice bowls with toppings.

*Ristorante Positano (21 W. Lancaster Ave.) – Southern Italian dishes served in a cozy setting that includes a bar & outside alley seating

*Sam’s Asian Cuisine (202 E. Lancaster Ave.) – BYOB serving authentic malaysian and japanese cuisine

*The Beer Shoppe (44 Greenfield Ave.) – Beer shop with a massive selection, including rare picks, plus a small bar serving cocktails, Chicago hot dogs, and other american classics

*The Tasting Room (8 E. Lancaster Ave.) – Quaint, 20-seat cafe offering inventive farm-to-fork recipes in small plates & family-size entrees

*Tired Hands Fermentaria (35 Cricket Terrace) – Set in a historic trolley repair shop, this brewpub serves house beers & an American menu.

“The opportunities are endless for diners to try a new restaurant or cuisine,” Vilardo said.  “This event is a great way for visitors to experience the extensive dining options available in Ardmore – we have everything from pub fare to poké!  This is a chance for us to shine a spotlight on the many dining establishments and retail businesses found throughout Downtown Ardmore.

Have a delicious July!!

#PCCBuzz: Ed Sheeran – Cat Scratch Fever & Cheesesteak; Celebs in town, Tidbits

#PCCBuzz: Ed Sheeran – Cat Scratch Fever & Cheesesteak;

Good Friday morning. It’s a bit blah out today, but I hear it’s going to clear up. I hope cause I’m headed to the beach. First for a family reunion,


then I’m participating in the Borgata’s Bad Beat For Hunger Charity Poker game sponsored in part by Cabot Creamery to benefit The South Jersey Food Bank.


Ed Sheeran played two nights at Wells Fargo. Here he’s posing with fans near his limo. Earlier in the day he was spotted hanging out in Rittenhouse Square, walking there from his hotel, Sofitel.

7-13-2017 10-49-07 PM (Custom)

In the evening he dined at Barclay Prime, and had the $143 cheese steak according to People Mag.

Comcast Spectacor staff presented Ed Sheeran with ‘Cat Scratcher Toys’(designed to look like DJ equipment) for Sheeran’s beloved cats prior to his sold out performance at Wells Fargo Center on Tuesday, July 11. Sheeran performed back-to-back nights at the Wells Fargo Center in front of sold out crowds. Photo Credit: Comcast Spectacor.
7-14-2017 10-39-43 AM (Custom)My nieces Kelsey and Nicole were in town to see Gorrillz. We had Geno’s afterwards.


Cyndi Lauper was in town for the WOGL 30th Anniversary Party at the BB&T Pavilion Camden on Wednesday night; she stopped by D’Angelo’s on Tuesday. Dined alfresco on the delicious Italian restaurant, enjoying linguini. Then she posed with Sal D’Angelo, and other fans dining nearby.

7-14-2017 1-19-16 PM (Custom)

7-14-2017 1-56-45 PM (Custom)
Thanks WOGL & Marilyn Russell. My sisters Janine and Margaret, and hubby Mike had a great time too.

7-12-2017 12-12-56 AM (Custom)
Team Derek caught up with Kim Delaney of NYPD Blue fame, but I know her from All My Children.Sheeran

7-13-2017 11-40-22 AM (Custom)

Congrats to Bex, CBS Radio & CBS3 on the cover of Philly Current. They were also able to uncover her real name – Rebekah Maroun.
7-11-2017 12-18-37 PM (Custom)

Congrats to Hadas Kuznits and Dan Reinherz  on the birth of their son, three boys, oy

7-14-2017 1-26-40 PM

We collectively prayed for Todd last night, and prayers were answered.

Peace and love to you all. A smile is free to give, and means so much.

Next week I will return to my decade of love photos.
This week we did a remembrance of places either no longer existing or changed
Favorite Photos of the past decade
Favorite shots of scenes without people