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Halloween in Philly: Shyamaween, Rodney McLeod’s Bowl-O-Ween

Halloween in Philly: Shyamaween, Rodney McLeod’s Bowl-O-Ween

I went to a lot of cool Halloween parties these past 10 days. Here are a few of my favorite costumes.

 Dr. Bhavna Shyamalan and M. Night Shyamalan held their annual Halloween party Shyamaween Saturday night at Spin, the Ping Pong Social Club located in Center City.  Proceeds from the party go to support the
M. Night Shyamalan Foundation working to end poverty around the world.
Surprise: Jaden Smith

Brandon Eric Kamin, Director/Producer Nomads and Ligia De Paula

Al Butler as Lenny Kravitz
Al is the GM of Fitler Club opening soon

Greg and Karen Basile


How do they see?

Philadelphia Eagles Safety Rodney McLeod hosts 2nd Annual Bowl-O-Ween Bash for AACR
(American Association for Cancer Research) Rodney with family, and fiance Erika Lee (r)
Seriously amazing Sonny and Cher  – Brandon Morrison and Stacey Kracher
Philadelphia Eagles team mate Corey Graham with the winning bid on Malcolm Jenkins signed jerseyCorey Clement ready to strike


The Annual 2018 NRG Media Charity Flag Football Game

The Annual 2018 NRG Media Charity Flag Football Game

Yesterday the 6th NRG Charity Flag Football Tournament took place at the NovaCare Center in South Philly. Media personalities took place in the annual event and each one was given $1,000 for a charity in their name, for a total of $30,000 . Celebrity/media charity flag football game at Nova Care complex in Philadelphia.

Kyle Scott, Crossing Broad

They said it was a friendly game of flag football.  Good thing it’s not shorts season anymore.

Kristen Herrmann, BenFM and Laura Boss, WOGL 98.1
or as I like to call her my producer at WOGL (I appear every Friday at 8AM)
Tori Woodill and Mina Say What get directions from Coach Tra Thomas

High Fives All Around by
Zach Seward, Philly
Matt O’Donnell, 6ABC. Did you know he’s a drummer in a band.
Roberta Pipito

Randy Gyllenhaal – NBC 10 Philadelphia

Krystal Rich

Marc Farzetta, 97.5 Fanatic

Kristen Rodgers, Fox 29 can serious throw a nice pass

Ilia García , Univision 65, Mina Say What, Sirius and Boom radio, Kristen Herrmann, 95.7 BenFM, Laura Boss, WOGL and Tori Woddill, CBS3

NRG general manager and vice president Mike Starck

Chris Connell, Fox 29 and Mina Say What

Vittoria Woodill, CBS3
Kristin bringing home the winning touchdown for her team
That we win feeling


FOX 29’s Chris O’Connell takes home runner-up MVP at NRG charity flag football game
@homemadedelish (Roberta Pipito – celebrity chef, food & lifestyle contributor), @coconnellfox29 (Chris O’Connell – anchor Fox 29), @krystlerich (Krystle Rich – NBC sports Philly), @kristenerodgers (Kristen Rodgers – sports Fox 29), @tonyabraham (Tony Abraham – reporter healthcare dive), @roxyromeo (Roxy Romeo – radio host Power99), @bennettonair (Bennett – radio host 96.5 fm) Thanks Rick for these

Check out the Charities everyone was playing for

Our team WON the today thanks to the coach of the year Trey Thomas! We beat all the teams! I got a medal!!! It was fully a silver team effort! So much fun! For my participation will make a donation to


Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Spooktacular Halloween Party of Bill & Chris

Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Spooktacular Halloween Party of Bill & Chris

FuntasticFor some reason my schedule just never jelled with the Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious Spooktacular
Chris Mullins and Bill Gehrman Halloween Party date, but this year it did!!

Thanks to everyone who could join us Friday night for our annual Halloween soiree. The great friends and guests and all of your creativity and kindness is what makes this party one of our favorite nights of the year. We raised more than $1,800 for Friends of the Rail Park thanks to your donations. If you did not get a chance to drop off your donation, feel free to donate online at If we missed you this year, look for invites again around Labor Day 2019!

We have 10 months to decide on a theme (and to deal with that hole in the wall)!
(I like how they really go the extra mile for authenticity in their “haunted house!”

Halloween = Gay ChristmasJordan Parenti, Miguel Martinez-Valle and Mike Delaney

Bonnie Grant is that you (r)
I went as a lame bull, but discovered I was a better Dalmation
Mike did look like a cute matador though
Nick Pytel and Lisa Stefano.
Lisa has the best laugh, and smile that I know of.

Jim Lonsdale and Bryan Hoffman are electrifying

Angela Val and Danielle Cohn

Not a surprise that Thanju would find the paparazzi at a party

Lisa Stephano and Joan Rivera

The Mullins Kids

Andrew Ott and Kathryn Lovell Ott and the joker
And to all a good night. Can’t wait for next year!!
Happy Halloween!!