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About Last Night: Feastival

About Last Night: Feastival

Hey guys sorry for the spotty blog postings this week, as you know I photographed so many events last weekend that it has taken all week to process the photos for the media. Last night I attended one of the best events of the season – Feastival. As usual it was over the top amazing. I have compiled a few photos to showcase the evening. Look for photos to appear in November’s Philly Mag as well as today on CBSPhilly. Have a great Weekend.

Audi FEASTIVAL is Philadelphia’s premier annual fundraiser benefiting FringeArts, which brings the hottest movers and shakers in the city’s business, culinary, and arts scenes into one exclusive, unforgettable party on the Delaware Waterfront.

Arthur Etchells and Michelle Cassidy Etchells 
Albert Lee and Danielle Sievers
Fabiola Cineas, Business Column Philly Mag, and Alex Tewfik, Foobooz Philly Mag
Virgil, David and Wendell
Townsend Wentz and friends
Dan Reinherz, Hadas Kuznits and Melony Roy JonCarl Lachman excited to open take over part of the Washington Square West landmark More Than Just Ice Cream after it closes next week.  Winkel will be opening in November says Mike Klein.

2018 marks the annual Fringe Festival’s 22nd year, bringing the best contemporary, innovative and ground-breaking art to Philadelphia. Each September for the past nine years, this premier arts festival joined forces with Philadelphia’s world-class restaurants to present Audi FEASTIVAL, a benefit for FringeArts. Described as a “completely delicious and amazing” evening and named “one of the best events in the last decade,” Audi FEASTIVAL celebrates both our artistic and culinary scenes – two great economic engines that push Philadelphia forward. Audi  FEASTIVAL has been hailed as “the cultural event of the year,” “best party in Philadelphia,” and “a party from a different world”.


#FourSeasonsPopDown Philly Party

#FourSeasonsPopDown Philly Party

#FourSeasonsPopDown Philly Party took place last night at Bok Bar in South Philly. I wasn’t exactly sure what to expect when I received the invite in June, but I had planned to attend. Then Philly Fall Social Season started after Labor Day, and this past weekend I photographed 11 events. I realized Pop Down, was just a Pop Dream for me and I’d have to miss it to try and catch up on my work.
So thanks to Sheila Hess for sending a few my way, I hear it was a hot party.

Everyone I knew was there, it really was an amazing event and beautifully decorated.
It was a celebration of the future Four Seasons Hotel, scheduled to open in 2019
Sharon Pinkenson and Mike Jerrick were there, as were many local reporters and anchors.
This week the movie 17 Bridges with Chadwick Boseman, has started filming in Philly. On Monday it was filming inside a building on 16th and Arch, and yesterday and
today it’s near 3rd and Wood in Old City. As I mentioned I’m slammed with work and haven’t been able to go out and capture the film, which I hear had over 100 extras dressed as NYC cops as background yesterday.
Are you ready to party? has taken over an old high school-turned rooftop bar () and filled it with masters of their craft: Chef , floral artist & many more.
Spotted among the plants was Nicole Michalik, Matthew Ray, Ben Simmons, Michael Braunstein, Alexander Hankins, Leah Kauffman, Kenneth Hilario, Yocasta Lora, Dr. Jen Caudle, Davida Janae, Alex and Mike  – both sets, Jason D. Bloom, M.D.
Brittney Shipp, and so many more who enjoyed the event of the season as Matt Ray tells me.
who has the best video of the evening.
Alissa Frederico, Alex Holley (condolences on her great grandmother passing away), Sheila Hess and DJ Jazzy Jeff
who was spinning at the hot party, on the same day his musical partner Will Smith celebrated his 50th birthday by bungee jumping.

Spectacular tent
Sheila Hess and the best dressed couple in Philly – Brandon Morrison and Stacey Kracher.
Check out where Brandon was on Saturday in my CBSPhilly columnAnother spectacular party I shot this week was the Walnut Club honors Gloria Allred. At it’s completion the founders, Gloria and Marilyn Russell
danced on stage to Laura Brannigan’s Gloria – The Philly Voice

A few more parties I photographed last week
Philly Style

And then yesterday if you tried to come into PhillyChitChat, we were off the air as the Alicia DiMichele wedding photos were very popular with her fans from around the world. Bluehost, my server, told me PCC was overwhelmed with 1ks hits an hour. In the end I had to have Alicia delete all references to my blog, and when it finally went live again I had a record 10ks hits for only being “live” for 7 hrs yesterday. So you can imagine yesterday was a fairly stressful day, and I needed a chillaxing night. Check out the wedding ceremony held at DILWORTH Park TODAY, but not all at once

The view from my balcony last night – I hope they keep the Lateran lit going forward.

Cheers to the Four Seasons soon to open at the top of the Comcast Center.
What a nice party to celebrate their future.


Reality Star, Businesswomen Alicia DiMichele Marries Rob LaScala

Alicia DiMichele Marries Rob LaScala


What a wonderful surprise it was to be invited to Alicia DiMichele and Rob LaScala’s very intimate wedding on Saturday, September 22, 2018 at City Hall, on Dilworth Plaza. I wasn’t able to attend the reception as I had been booked a year out for a charity event, but I did see the wonderful love of friends and family during the beautiful wedding that afternoon.

I hate titling Alicia DiMichele, a star of Mob Wives: New Blood on VH1 as I know she’s much more than just the title that got her fame.  To me she’s a terrific mom, partner, friend and entrepreneur, creating her eponymous clothing store Alicia DiMichele Boutique In the past few years since the popular Mob Wife show went off the air, she’s been sharing her life on social media. She’s beloved, just read the comments her Social Media fans leave. I’m lucky, I’ve gotten to know her over the years, and she’s always been supportive in my life appearing at charity events which I support.  I couldn’t be happier for her, meeting “the last love of her life” and marrying Rob LaScala, a very successful restaurateur in the Philly area.

Many of the guests were staying across the street at the Ritz Carlton Hotel, and arrived for the wedding a few moments before start time. Above is her brother Anthony DiMichele, who is co owner/operator of Alicia’s boutique.

Also spotted in the crowd was Dorothy Toran an executive in charge of production at Sirens Media which producers the Real Housewives of New Jersey. The rumor is either Alicia is going to join the Real Housewives of New Jersey, or be a part of the forever trying to launch, Real Housewives of Philadelphia. Wait and see….
Liz and John Walsh,
good friends of Rob LaScala.
John Walsh’s sister Colleen is my sister’s Crista’s best friend since Kindergarten
Small world!! Cousin in Law, and more importantly BFF Maureen Vecere captured the day on Alicia’s instagram account.
It was nice to meet her husband Vinnie.

Guest, Alisa Martino Frederico, Jill Rizen and Andy Henning
Alicia giving her boys love before they walk into their future

Carlo, Anthony and Rocco walk their mother down the aisle at Dilworth Park on Saturday, September 22, 2018

Alicia told me she fell in love with the dress when she saw the “belt” at the waist.
The boys suits were custom made by Edge Tailoring Marries
The officiant was former Governor Edward Rendell
MarriesThe vowels were serious, but as everyone was nervous their were a few takes on getting all the correct words in, and in order.

aliciadimicheleI want to share something special with all of you. When Rob and I were on our Easter vacation, we were starting to plan our wedding. We talked about what we both wanted, and we both agreed that we wanted it to be soon, right after summer, so September was perfect. All we really cared about was having our boys there and family and a few close friends to celebrate. We never looked at the calendar (we were laying by the pool) lol That night I prayed to help us pick a date. And the number 22 flashed in my mind as I woke up. I immediately pushed it out of my mind as September 22nd is the day my father passed away. I never even mentioned this to Rob. As the days went on I was seeing 22 everywhere. On the last day, we were again by the pool and 22 kept coming in my mind. I took out my phone and looked on the calendar. I was so curious now as to what day was the 22nd even on that month?? I can’t believe it, it was a Saturday. This was my sign🙏🏼On that day I lost the first love of my life. I whole heartedly know without a doubt that my dad sent me Rob. And now my dad made sure that on that once sad day, will turn into my best day. I will be marrying the last love of my life👰🏻 #whatagift #evenwhenwereghosts #thankyoudaddy #wedding #weddinggift

Congrats Mr. and Mrs. Robert LaScala