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December 2016


Come Celebrate New Year’s Eve at The Glitter City Gala at The Bellevue

Just imagine. It’s a few minutes before midnight and the clock is counting down. Then we hit 11:59pm and our own special lit up Liberty Bell starts to fall.


We inch closer to the new year and then everyone starts to shout “10, 9, 8….” all the way to “1”…  As the clock strikes 12, a Liberty Bell stops and tens of thousands of pieces of confetti explode on the crowd at the stroke of midnight to ring in 2017.  WOW IS RIGHT!  There will be something truly amazing happening at this event.  The very first Bell Drop™ – a moment you’ll never forget and you can only experience this at the Glitter City Gala.



A Liberty bell drop will symbolize how our city showcases the idea of brotherly love by donating to three charities this holiday season. This year, the Glitter Gala has chosen to donate a portion of their proceeds to PAWS, Philadelphia Veterans Comfort House, and Big Brother Big Sisters.  “We believe that every great party should support charity.  That’s why we are donating a portion of our proceeds this year.  In addition, you can support these great charities by selecting a “donation” ticket,  and 100% of the money you select will be donated to charity. Giving back in a fun way is what we do,” says Dennis Gaudenzi, Founder of


(I’ll be there between 8 – 10PM so bring your smile with your glamour)


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The Last of the Christmas Parties: Fumo, James and Mark Segal’s

Happy week after Christmas. OMG so depressed this week George Michael , Debbie Reynolds and Carrie Fisher gone. Two icons done in by drugs. How many superstars this year died of drugs or the results of long time drug use – Prince, Carrie and George Michael, icons dead too soon.   I never photographed GM, but had seen him in concert. About 3 years ago I photographed Carrie Fisher at a Minding Your Minds event, which is a youth suicide awareness event. Did I mention that Drew Bergman, Associate Director of Development at Minding Your Mind will be honored at AFSP Save a Life Gala is January 7th at the Curtis Center. Also Today and for the rest of the week I will be working on the BEST OF columns for best dressed, best photos, best celeb stories and BEST PARTY OF THE YEAR. Before I headed out to Charlotte for the most magnificent time with the family for Christmas Weekend, I hit a few parties I didn’t write about yet. Let’s enjoy the pictorial.


Debbie Pastrana and former sen Vince Fumo, at their Christmas Party


Moi, Carol Tamburino and Mike Toub


Larry and Cindy Wanerman who finally moved into their dream apartment in Center City


Ann from Ten Pennies decorated the Fumo tree and interior of the house, for as long as anyone can remember.

Hacina it’s always great to see ya


Tonya Whitmore Stack and Lt Gov Mike Stack



Peter Nero




Brandon Mandia, Alissa Frick, Justin Pizzi, CJ Honigman and Christie Mandia, Honigman Group and PR for James.
William Arrison, and Danielle DeSandis from The Philly Voice


The Donatucci’s. They endured an incredible loss of their son and brother, Michael, earlier this year. But created The Michael P. Donatucci Foundation
raising over a hundred thousand dollars to Raising Awareness of Mental Health. Bravo!!


Ben Haney, co-owner of James (l) and Jamie McFadden fresh off of their wedding vows in St. Thomas over Thanksgiving Day weekend. In January they’ll be hosting a reception for friends and family at THE ARMORY. I can’t wait to see how spectacular it’ll be.  In the meantime James is open for New Year’s Eve. Stop by for a bite.

12-28-2016-1-14-48-pm 1835 Arch Street Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  (267) 324-5005 -We still have a few available tables for New Year’s Eve! Seatings at 5, 7, and 9pm.


Then there was Mark Segal and Jason Villmez‘s annual holiday soiree, which I ran in Liberty City Press this week


Jarrod Williams‘ best dressed at any holiday party this year….



Emily and her Entourage Battle Cystic Fibrosis (CF) in Philly

Emily has Cystic Fibrosis (CF), a progressive and fatal genetic disease that primarily affects the lungs and digestive system. Each day, Emily spends countless hours on breathing treatments, injects multiple shots for CF-related diabetes and takes over 30 pills in an effort to salvage every ounce of lung function and delay end-stage CF for as long as possible. Still, not even her most valiant efforts can halt the inevitable progression of this cruel, insidious disease. And she is not alone. Each year, approximately 1,000 people are diagnosed with CF.  Nearly half (over 45%) of the current CF population is 18 years or older and there are over 1,900 known CF mutations making it incredibly hard to treat.


Liza Kramer, Coby Kramer-Golinkoff, Annie Kramer-Golinkoff, Julia  Kramer-Golinkoff, Emily  Kramer-Golinkoff, and Michael Golinkoff

Despite facing advanced stage disease, Emily’s energy is infectious and her Entourage is taking the world by storm. In July, 2015, the White House named Emily a Champion of Change for Precision Medicine.

Emily’s Entourage took place on December 3 to Help Find a Cure for Nearly 70,000 People Living with Cystic Fibrosis Worldwide. The event was held  Moulin at Sherman Mills


Emily’s story has been featured on, CBS’s nationally syndicated television program The Doctor’sThe Philadelphia Inquirer and more, where she has been called “defiantly optimistic and intensely motivated.” Emily
Beth Lavin and Julie Wetheimer


Guests write down inspirational sayings on the wall


There was an extensive silent auction to raise additional funds. The organizers tell me they raised over $400,000 at the event and raised over $35,000 in just the 7 minute donation countdown alone.


Barbara Berley- Mellits, Joan Denenberg, Corri Bernstein


Mariann Boston, Nickie Boston and Desie Boston who produced the event and executed the theme of the party.


Bob and Marta Adelson


Heather Burkman and Zack Schildhorn



David Kramer, Franci Kramer, Danielle Barson and Louis Barson

hd1_4495-custom Emily
Michael and Bonnie Silverberg




Linda Yoo and Chip Schubert




Cheryl Jones, Charlene Locke, Madison Gale-Laman, and Esha Mehta


Helen DeHaven, Norma Michaels, Hope Cohen and Nickie Boston