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‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ is actually filming in Philadelphia this week

‘It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia’ is actually filming in Philadelphia this week, it’s 12th season; Plus let’s see what the gangs been up to since they arrived Sunday night.

Today Onlocation Vacation tells us the IASIP set is

TV Series: It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia
Stars: Danny DeVito
Location: Front St and Market st, Philadelphia

Neither Danny or Kaitlin are in scenes today.


T he 8th annual CORA for KIDS Golf Classic was held in Huntingdon Valley, Pennsylvania on Monday.  Cora Services is located in NE Philly. CORA Services is a private, educational, community based, nonprofit, multi-funded agency offering professional human services to children, youth, and their family. This year’s event was chaired by Rob McElhenney, creator and writer of It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia. Rob, along with the entire show cast, will join us for the full day of festivities. Glenn Howerton,  Charlie Day, Danny DeVito, Sister Mary Julius , Kaitlin Olsen (who also voices the whale ‘Destiny’ in Pixar’s new film “Finding Dory,”) and show creator, Philly native and St. Joe’s Prep alumnus Rob McElhenney with Anne Marie Schultz, who is the CEO of Cora Services


Rob McElhenney has a long association with Cora Services through his dad, Bob McElhenney , who had worked at the educational, community based, organization for 40 years. Rob was even a camp counseler at the summer camp when he was in his teens. Yes that’s a photo of him with some of the kids.


This was the 8th Annual Cora Golf outing, but by far the most popular with 5 times as many golfers signing up to participate. Thanks to all the volunteers that were on hand to make the event run as smooth as possible. The It’s Always in Sunny gang were amazingly generous with their time and posed for photos whenever asked, chatted up a storm with everyone.


Danny Devito kept them in stitches. Danny flew in just for the day to do the event, then it was back to NYC for the rest of the week til filming today, he told me.



After a morning of meet and greets, photos and breakfast we headed out to the greens. I’m not a golfer, I had no idea this would be a serious all day event. They were out there for 5 hours. It was a beautiful day and there were a lot of sponsored spots to grab a bite or drink, AND Erin the Intern from WMMR was zipping me around in a golf cart for most of the day, so it went by fairly quick. I also got quite a few shots.


WMMR was the media sponsor and had Rob on earlier in the day to chat about the golf outing, then they went out and golfed too. Here’s Charlie Day with Preston Elliot and Casey Boy

DSC_3276 (Custom)

Charlie Day putting


It was a success


Preston Elliott lining up his shot


Danny DeVito and Kaitlin Olsen were the ambassadors of the day and drove around greeting all the participants.


The popular spot to be was the Iron Hill Brewery tent. In August Iron Hill is opening their 12th Location in Huntingdon Valley, PA.


Danny DeVito, Cathy Romano and Kaitlin Olsen

“It’s Always Sunny…” shoots for a swift 12 weeks and then DeVito is free to travel, maybe look for another play to do and figure out what’s next. The show has already been renewed for two more seasons, too.

“I’m not going to stop until I have to,” he said. “There’s only one deadline.” – Danny DeVito told USA Today earlier this week.



Glenn Howerton – I hear that Glenn, his wife, Rob and Kaitlin headed to the Mann on Tuesday night and enjoyed the Phish concert.


Kaitlin and Rob enjoyed seeing family and friends. Tuesday they were spotting shopping around the Rittenhouse area, stopping into the West Coast Optical at 17th and Chestnut Streets. Wednesday they stopped by Rob’s bar – Mac’s on Market Street. I bet they’re there today/tonight too since they’re filming nearby.


After golf they headed to a cocktail party, and then an awards dinner

DSC_3413 (Custom) copy

Location scouts Bryan Birge, and Shea Varge with Glenn Howerton


Mike Frederick, Nick McIlwain, WMMR, Mary Kay McGettigan  and Melissa Hilbert



WMMR radio winners who were so excited to golf with their idols, at the step and repeat before heading into the awards dinner


Marisa Magnatta was on hand to help out


Chairman of the day, Rob McElhenney hands out trophies to the winners



Doug McLaughlin, Chris Katchur, Phil Dlugolecki and Mike Colomnello with their 2nd place trophies and Rob McElhenney Sunny

After the awards were handed out, there was a video narrated by Danny DeVito that discussed the mission of Cora Services, and where the money raised would go. When all was said and done over $100,000 was raised.

There were great silent auctions, and amazing live auction items.

Live auction results:

Ellen Tickets – $2600

It’s Always Sunny Set Visit (Philly or LA) – $3300

Golf with Charlie Day & Rob McElhenney in LA – $3700

The Mick Set Visit with Kaitlin Olson – $2300

Voicemail by Danny DeVito – $1000

Game of Thrones Signed Episode 1 Script – $1000 + $900

Tomorrow It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia will be filming near

12th and Locust Streets.

Hope to see you there!!
Otherwise come back here and check out my instagram and twitter feeds

Check out WMMR for specific spots

The best chance to see the whole gang is on Friday
6-30-2016 8-53-43 AM



Visions of Chef Richard Sandoval’s “Aqimero” at The Ritz Carlton

Visions of Chef Richard Sandoval Opens “Aqimero” Opening at The Ritz CarltonRitz

Last week celebrity chef Richard Sandoval opened his new restaurant Aqimero at the Ritz Carlton (The hotel renovations were led by Wimberly Interiors with contributions from LW Design out of Dubai, and Philadelphia-based firm Coscia Moos Architecture.) The 206-seat restaurant is located in the landmark property’s marble lobby, which is modeled after the Pantheon in Rome, as as well as the far side of the room on Chestnut Street and will serve breakfast, lunch and dinner


The space is amazing, finally the lobby and restaurant matches what you would think a Ritz-Carlton brand should be.

HD1_2236 (Custom)

Gone is that terrible wine cooler that encased the beautiful chandelier that brightens the ballroom on the floor below.

HD1_2247 (Custom)

You can now see the beautiful hand sewn crystals hang from the light fixture,


and you can see from one side of the room to the other.


HD1_2229 (Custom)

Everyone loved the glass wall room dividers. I’ve learned that the walls are very heavy, and set deep into the floor. They can’t be moved, but you can marvel over them.


The restaurant will occupy the lobby as well as the far side of the room, which used to house the fabulous 10 Arts restaurant headed by my friend Jennifer Carroll. In this space there will be tables as well as a banquette area for dining.HD1_2237 (Custom)

I love, love the bar. Now it is set away from the wall, and

HD1_2238 (Small)

has created a lounge with seating along the wall. It’s very sleek and private, no doubt many of the celebrities that stay at the Ritz will be dining in these spots to avoid prying eyes, and my camera.Ritz Ritz

Fashion forward Ernest Owens and Bobbie BookerHD1_2320 (Custom)

The Sushi and Ceviche Bar offers a combination of raw bar – Alaskan King Crab, shrimp cocktail, Wellfleet Oysters, Bay Scallops, Maine Lobster and

HD1_2428 (Custom)

Spanish Rock Octopus – alongside sushi, ceviche and tiradito.


Bryan Buttler and Josh Middleton stepping out in styleRitz


The best dressed couple of the night – Check out Philly Mag for the runner upsRitz

Aqimero will be centered around a wood-burning grill and guests can select hand blended marinades to complement their grilled fish of choice – Atlantic Halibut, Wild Salmon, Golden Tilefish, Ahi Tuna, Wild Caught Black Bass and Fluke. A whole-roasted snapper will be served “Mexican beach campfire style” with a rich tomato and chili adobo, avocado, warm tortillas, chayote slaw & limes.

Check out more photos in Metro Philly


The Menu’s. The prices match the luxurious ambiance.

6-29-2016 11-08-16 AM (Small) 6-29-2016 11-08-48 AM (Small) 6-29-2016 11-07-46 AM (Small)


Ruth Chris’ Steak House Is Sizzling

Ruth Chris’ Steak House Is Sizzling

The social season is still kicking butt, and although I wrote a little snippet of the opening of the Ruth Chris’ Steakhouse a few weeks ago, here are a few pictures that tell the story of the gorgeous dining room, and your future dining experience.


At the “ribbon cutting” earlier this month, Marsha Brown told us the story of how she came to open Ruth Chris’ Steak House. In the 1970’s Marsha Brown was working with a major bank in New Orleans. One of her clients was Ruth Fertel, founder of Ruth’s Chris Steak House. “Ruth’s restaurant in New Orleans was always rocking with politicians, sports figures, celebrities and local regulars,” Brown recalls. “She knew everybody, and that’s what I wanted for myself.”



In 1987, she bought her first Ruth’s Chris franchise in Center City (this new spot is the where the Broad Street franchise moved to – in the Sonesta Hotel [ at 1800 Market Street].) in 1995 she opened a second location on Long Island, which is now one of the top-grossing restaurants in the national franchise. The third came along in 2001, across from the King of Prussia Mall.


During the soft opening of the eatery, Ruth Chris’ accepted donations from guests for Drueding Center raising $16,000, which was presented to the organization that assists homeless women and their children transition into housing.


Designed by Beth Donner Design Group in close partnership with Brown, the new Ruth’s Chris Steak House Philadelphia evokes a sense of intimacy with elements of surprise throughout that intrigue and inspire guests to keep coming back for more. Notable elements of the design include the 30 ft. refrigerated wine-wall that will house nearly 2,000 of the restaurant’s wine selection, and artwork curated by Brown from famed artists DeVon and Todd White from Galerie Rue Royale located in New Orleans, LA and Ron Rundo from Long Island, NY.

Ruth Ruth

Hosting 250 seats with indoor and outdoor tables, the new location will be open for lunch as well as dinner and the lively Sizzle, Swizzle, Swirl happy hour. Additionally, it will have three private dining rooms, The Spirit Room which can hold up to 25 guests, The Infinity Room which can hold up to 45 guests and the 1800 Degree Room which can hold up to 12 guests.   Ruth

“The art really takes the space to another level; I invested in thought provoking pieces that you wouldn’t typically see in a dining environment but ones that would pay homage to not only my hometown, but Ruth’s Chris Steak House’s roots as well,” stated Brown.


The famous artists whose work adorn the walls of the 7,400 sq. ft. restaurant will serve as conversation pieces as well as must-see works for art enthusiasts.

RuthWork by DeVon, a contemporary pop artist in the vein of Andy Warhol who has worked with some of the most recognized celebrities and entertainment executives including, Mariah Carey, Brandon Boyd and Pete Wentz is joined by works by Todd White, the Official Artist for the 49th Annual Grammy Awards, and Ron Rundo, whose commissioned works for the likes of Howard Stern and Sidney Sheldon illustrate his classical style of painting that strives to enhance and heighten the beauty found in nature.


Cheater’s Booths


Marsha Brown with Sheila Hess, City Rep. Mike and I had dinner at Ruth Chris’ last week and it was delicious. The steaks really come out sizzling, but cool down quickly for you to enjoy. I really like this new spot, it was classy, sleek, sexy and intimate as well.


Philly Gossip: Engagements, Weddings, Babies & Babes

Philly Gossip: Engagements, Weddings and Babies & Babes


Hope everyone had a fantastic weekend; the weather was so beautiful. I went to Molestice on Saturday, then Sunday Mike and I headed to NYC Pride for our 18th time. Let’s see what’s happening in and around Philly. Lots of babies, engagements and weddings.

6-27-2016 12-39-45 AM (Custom)

Congrats to former Philly -Fairmounter, NBC10 now national NBC corespondent Kristen Welker’s engagement this past weekend. I love how a jogger caught the proposal in progress.


babes babes babes

I love his honesty. Who hasn’t been an immature dish boy…babes

WB17’s weather gal Francesca Ruscio slays in this outfitbabes


#Goals6-27-2016 8-43-50 AM (Custom)

We’ll miss Eric and Kristina who are heading to Virginia for a new adventure6-27-2016 8-45-25 AM (Custom)

You really need to follow Tracy on FB, Instagram cause she’s always on an adventure 6-27-2016 8-49-21 AM (Custom)

Congrats – the baby’s due in Novemberbabes


Congrats Benny & Amandababes

6-27-2016 8-47-56 AM (Custom)

Starts today


Watch Philly on American Ninja Warrior tonight:

Read about another inspirational story here


Chester County Hot Air Balloon Festival

Chester County Hot Air Balloon Festival
Tickets $15 adults, $5 kids 6 – 12; kids under 6 are FREE
Rides priced accordingly

I saw a tweet about this event yesterday and Mike and I went to check it out last night.

HD1_2477 (Custom)


Celebrating our 10th year, the Chester County Balloon Festival is a must attend event providing family fun for all ages. Experience Chester County and the unique and historic Del Val Region from the ground up! The Chester County Balloon Festival is a non-profit organization with proceeds going to the Chester County Hero Fund and other local community groups.

HD1_2472 (Custom)

I can’t believe I never heard of this event. So much fun, to do, see and experience. Who doesn’t love Monster Truck rides.


There was a lot for kids to do. Chester

and young adults.

This was my favorite thing to watch.

The popularity of the Chester County Balloon Festival has experienced incredible growth the past few years. We will be returning to our new home at New Garden Flying Field in Toughkenamon, PA on June 24th, 25th, 26th, 2016. The airport is located at 1235 Newark Road just off Highway 1, allowing visitors from all over Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, and New York convenient access.



The event was held at an airport, so there were lots of flying machines to check outChester

 They had balloon rides, tethered balloon rides, and other fun flying machines.Chester

Plenty to eat tooChester

I had my first Nick’s Roast Beef sandwich. SOooo good. This is the Nick’s that is located in the NortheastChester

In the evening they did the balloon glow. Normally they would fly higher, but because of the wind the balloons didn’t go up.Chester

There was a great crowd on hand to enjoy the festivities. Tonight they’ll be fireworks.


Bring your chairs and find a great spot. Speaking of there are plenty of porta potties.


Parking is a short walk away up on the hill


You can walk, or take this tractor ride. Go early, stay late, you’re going to love it.


The expanded 3-day (Friday-Sunday) schedule highlights over 20+ hot air balloon taking flight twice per day, balloon glow featuring Special Shaped Balloon Rodeo, untethered and tethered balloon rides, and a walk-thru balloon. For a complete schedule of events, see the Festival Information page.