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Let Them Eat Cake – Some of Philly’s most decorative, and delicious cakes competing for the top prize. I have the Winners

Good Thursday day to you all. This week was crazy, so we’re a little behind here at PhillyChitChat, and by we I mean me. On Monday I went to the fabulous Let Them Eat Cake, where a dozen bakeries compete in a cake competition, proceeds from the event go to City of Hope cancer and treatment center located in LA. This year’s theme was Animation. There was a nice crowd in attendance as the event returned to the Loews after a few years absences. It was also really great to see some of the younger bakers who are very excited to be included in this very unique cake competition.

My fav cake and everything delicious would be Cakes and Candies by Maryellen (r)
here with judge Renee Patrone of Events by Renee
Some of the cakes were right on point with the theme, like Maryellen’s which was beyond spectacular, others I have to say missed the point and if they’re your wedding cake baker, be very specific with your theme.
More judges for the cake contest: Robert Bennett, Classic Cake and notably of Le Bec Fin, with Ron Ben-Israel, celebrity chef and trendsetting cake designer and Hadas Kuznits,
CBSradio, All the contestants were excited to meet Chef Ron and he
really took time with each one answering their questions and listening
to them. Other judges were Kathy Gold, Laura Burkhardt and Eric Allen as far as I could tell.
Unik Cakes in Warminster PA – They went on to win best artistry
It was pretty spectacular, although I did some other amazing cakes. So come along let’s check them out.
Pastry Chef Jennifer Roach, Cescaphe created a clever cake based on an early animation theme.
Very clever!
Even a tiny bakery like entered a cool “book cake”, which was a strawberry shortcake.
by Eliza’s Bakery in Phoenixville, Pa
TV Time with Hanna Barbra and friend by SophistiCakes Bakery Drexel Hill. Check out Scooby Doo.
It’s a pretzel cake, with peanut butter and milk chocolate mousseline. They were going for the sweet/savory taste they told me.
Master Bakers cake was amazing and was a chocolate/banana split cake. Chad Weldon, owner with pastry chef Danielle Zahodski
They used special edible shellac to get the shine on the car.
I ran into Cheryl Colleluori, ‎President at HEADstrong Foundation and Lori Michaliszyn.
HEADstrong Foundation was named in honor of Cheryl’s son Nick who died of cancer. They do a lot of wonderful things in his name, but my favorite is they’ve established a home for families who have a member stricken with cancer and is being treated locally. So check out their page and help them if you can.
Mole Street Artists were on hand producing with their av talents as well as having their Blues Jr band played at the gig. Trevor Walsh, Melanie Smith and Brendan Walsh, co-owner of Mole Street Artists.
I’m confused, anyway the flavor of the cake was Earl Grey.
Spectacular cake but what theme is it?

Colleen and Chase Kriebel, Kriebel’s Custom Bakery. Eagleville, PA. Yes he is named after Chase Utley.

Amazing cake. It’s the Tasmanian devil’s tornado sucking up the picnic Bugs Bunny and his lady set out. Why this cake didn’t get #1 as it says, I’ll never know. Kriebel’s Custom Bakery. Eagleville, PA

Cute, so much going on. Queen Bee’s cream cheese pound cake, passion fruit carmel, vanilla and fresh raspberries
so cute though.



Another amazing cake, this one by Merion Caterers, Cinnaminson, NJ.
Their design captured all the Disney characters from movies, and then they placed them on the countries where the movie was set.


Were the judges paying attention? The cake even rotated.


This was a spectacular cake, but no where near the theme. Chef Ben loved it and really spent alot of time with the bakers to chat about it. Tynesha Hills, Sammy Oguendo, Laura Hernadez and E Rojas
Ann of Ten Pennies with her sister Norma
There were vendors there, as well as wedding photographers, hair dressers and accessories. Here’s Ella Vanilla with her cake decorating accessories.
Natanya DiBona, Guest and Kory Aversa


Harry Giordano, ceo of City of Hope – Philly,  announces the winners
And the Winner is: Michelle Quier , Granny Schmidt’s Custom Cakes
Everyone loved this cake. I don’t think I saw the movie. They won the Best of Show, and Best Tasting. It was DELICIOUS. Definitely the best tasting cake at the show.


Richel D’Ambra Spa & Salon: Philadelphia Spa was there

They did the hair and make up for the models who were walking around in the gowns.

Danielle Raco, Spa Massage & facials, Lisa Marie Ponzio, Hair, Richel D’Ambra, owner, Karla Christine, Hai, Angela Hoxhia, Make up and Patrick Horrocks, Mgr.

Angela Hoxhia, Make up

Hope to see everyone at next year’s event. It’s a great idea, and a good cause.





New Restaurant Coming to Rittenhouse – Pizzas, Beer and a Dining Room in the City’s Popular Bar Block

 Finn McCool, with it’s chill crowd, slowly built a crowd over the years. The Sourias family then opened BRU Craft & Wurst, U-Bahn, Uptown Beer Garden with son Teddy Sourias operating the later three. This year they’re expanding again with the new Cinder,

which is taking over the spot where Wolf’s Market had been for years (r), and closed about a year ago.

beer/cider bar and pizza kitchen that will spotlight on ciders and wild
ales on the taps. Food will be prepared in open kitchen using local
ingredients.  Rustic pizza using creative and classical toppings will be
prepared in custom-built wood-fired pizza oven. Beer will be poured
from full custom design system housed in copper pipes. Other features
will include wine list, custom cocktails using local spirits, catering,
brunch and happy hour. Presented by the group that brought you BRU Craft
& Wurst, U-Bahn and Uptown Beer Garden.

1500 Locust Street (Philadelphia, PA 19102)

entrance is where Wolf’s Market main door was, to the right of the 1500
Locust residences (when you are facing the building) 
Randomly Fergie was riding his bike by and Teddy invited him in to check out the space, which is down to the dirt floor. 
Here are the DEETS

TOTAL inside, 65-75
TOTAL outside, 12-20

– Bar, approximately 20
– Hightops in bar area, 8-10
– Dining Room, 30-40
– Private Dining/Chef’s Table, 12-14
– Banquets, plus mix of two and four tops, with larger Chef’s table


big open space with the bar to the right of entrance with hightops in
the front window area; dining space and banquettes in center of room and
to the left of entrance; open kitchen to the left behind the dining
banquettes; one smaller dining area in the back of restaurant for chef’s
table/private dining.

pizza with creative and classical toppings and ingredients, plus local
cheese and charcuterie boards, variety of mussel preparations,
elegant-yet-approachable appetizers and small plates. Dishes created in
open kitchen facing the dining room with focus on local ingredients.

aims to meet the growing regional demand for boutique and super-premium
artisanal ales and ciders. This new genre of bar takes elements of
higher-end wine and cocktail bars and mixes them with inspiration from
Belgium beer bars. The focus will be on unique beer and cider program
that identifies key styles that customers are passionate about, while
serving them in a sophisticated yet approachable environment.
of spreading the taps across the board, Cinder will keep a tight focus
on five major areas starting with ciders and wild ales, and continuing
with farmhouse and abbey ales plus golden hoppy beers. The final six
taps will be free-form for seasonal desires like strong/barrel aged in
winter and fruity in the summer.

artisanal pizza is the perfect food to eat with any type of beer or
cider, particularly the sours and Belgian styles that we will be going
in depth into, and to accent that menu with mussels, local cheese,
charcuterie, and elegant-yet-approachable appetizers.


Cinder will feature a custom beer brewed by Coppertail (Tampa, FL)- they
will do custom batches of their “Floridia Weisse” tart wheat ale, each
batch finished with different fruit!  More info on this coming. 

Late June to Mid July 2016

Wentworth Miller Responds to the Fat Shaming Internet Meme. I turned to Food Instead of Drugs When I Was Suicidal

Today I found myself the subject of an Internet meme. Not for the first time.
This one, however, stands out from the rest.

In 2010, semi-retired from acting, I was keeping a low-profile for a number of reasons.

First and foremost, I was suicidal.
This is a subject I’ve since written about, spoken about, shared about.
But at the time I suffered in silence. As so many do. The extent of my struggle known to very, very few.

Ashamed and in pain, I considered myself damaged goods. And the voices
in my head urged me down the path to self-destruction. Not for the first
I’ve struggled with depression since childhood. It’s a
battle that’s cost me time, opportunities, relationships, and a thousand
sleepless nights.
In 2010, at the lowest point in my adult life,
I was looking everywhere for relief/comfort/distraction. And I turned
to food. It could have been anything. Drugs. Alcohol. Sex. But eating
became the one thing I could look forward to. Count on to get me
through. There were stretches when the highlight of my week was a
favorite meal and a new episode of TOP CHEF. Sometimes that was enough.
Had to be.
And I put on weight. Big f–king deal.
One day,
out for a hike in Los Angeles with a friend, we crossed paths with a
film crew shooting a reality show. Unbeknownst to me, paparazzi were
circling. They took my picture, and the photos were published alongside
images of me from another time in my career. “Hunk To Chunk.” “Fit To
Flab.” Etc.
My mother has one of those “friends” who’s always the
first to bring you bad news. They clipped one of these articles from a
popular national magazine and mailed it to her. She called me,
In 2010, fighting for my mental health, it was the last thing I needed.
Long story short, I survived.
So do those pictures.
I’m glad.

Now, when I see that image of me in my red t-shirt, a rare smile on my
face, I am reminded of my struggle. My endurance and my perseverance in
the face of all kinds of demons. Some within. Some without.
Like a dandelion up through the pavement, I persist.
Anyway. Still. Despite.

The first time I saw this meme pop up in my social media feed, I have
to admit, it hurt to breathe. But as with everything in life, I get to
assign meaning. And the meaning I assign to this/my image is Strength.
Healing. Forgiveness.
Of myself and others.
If you or
someone you know is struggling, help is available. Reach out. Text. Send
an email. Pick up the phone. Someone cares. They’re waiting to hear
from you. Much love. – W.M. ‪#‎koalas‬ ‪#‎inneractivist‬ ‪#‎prisonbroken‬

Wednesday in Philly

No More Running: Living with Social Anxiety Disorder