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June 2015


Breaking Good: Another Movie on Tap for the Summer with Anna Gunn, #OITNB Alysia Reiner and Sarah Megan Thomas

Yesterday I broke the news on PhillyChitChat that a new movie would be filming in Philadelphia this summer:

Otto Bathurst is directing indie movie “Three Seconds”, which stars Luke Evans and David Oyelowo, as well as Oscar nominees Josh Brolin and Maggie Gyllenhaal and “The Newsroom’s” Olivia Munn. Three Seconds will film mostly in the Sun City Studios in West Chester, but no doubt the cast will be spending a lot of time in Center City. While researching that tip last week I uncovered another film that will be shooting in Center City, another all star cast called “Equity.”
Broad Street Pictures – “Equity” – sizzle reel from Jean Pesce on Vimeo.
EQUITY, the first female-driven Wall Street film (yes it’s set in NYC, but it’s filming in Philly!! PS Three Seconds, also set in NYC, but it’s Filming in Philly!! Kinda makes up for that Brad Pitt movie which filmed in  Glasgow and Budapest), follows a senior investment banker who is threatened by a financial scandal and must untangle a web of corruption. The Film is produced by Broad Street Productions, which was founded by #OITNB Alysia Reiner and Sarah Megan Thomas (She produced and starred in the movie Backwards with James van der Beek [some of my pixs from movie set] which was also filmed in Philly, Thanks Sarah!! ), both of who will star in the movie as well as just announced today Anna Gunn, from Breaking Bad.

OMG, you know I was taking a break from my columns and Fox TV segments, but looks like that’s not going to happen.

I see Alysia Reiner is settling in nicely, she hit Cross Fit in South Philly with Eco friendly Paige Wolf. Last year Alysia was set to appear at Paige’s client (which I photograph) “Career Wardrobe’s Tea Party” but at the last minute had to pull out when OITNB was picked up for a 3rd season and she had to film. So it’s exciting that I might get a chance to meet her at sometime, hint, hint. 
When I did research for the movie, I did find that the Philly Voice actually wrote about the movie all the way back in May, sans Anna Gunn. The article by Brandon Baker is chock full of good stuff, except the film dates which were changed. They are July 18 through August 13. Oh My summer is going to go by quickly. Check out Brandon’s article HERE

New Movie to Film in Philadelphia, this Summer with Josh Brolin & Maggie Gyllenhaal

Josh Brolin, Maggie Gyllenhaal, Olivia Munn Joining ‘Three Seconds’

Otto Bathurst is directing the indie movie, which stars Luke Evans and David Oyelowo

Oscar nominees Josh Brolin and Maggie Gyllenhaal and “The Newsroom’s” Olivia Munn are in talks to join Luke Evans and David Oyelowo in the star-studded indie movie “Three Seconds,” TheWrap has learned.
(“Peaky Blinders”) is directing the film, which is based on
the bestselling book by Swedish writers Anders Roslund and Borge
that was adapted by Matt Cook and Rowan Joffe.
follows a man (Evans) who’s forced to go undercover in a prison
as part of an FBI operation and must then escape on his own after he’s
abandoned mid-mission. (According to The Wrap) (IMDB)

What’s not mentioned in the article is it will be filmed in Philadelphia, and at Sun Center Studios in Aston. It’s a long line of productions planning to film this year according to my source. Yeah Phillywood is back in business. 

Wait More MOVIE NEWS check out PhillyChitChat Today. Movie with Breaking Bad’s Anna Gunn coming July 18.

Thanks to Sharon Pinkenson, and the Greater Philadelphia Film Office for making Philadelphia an attractive place to film.
– The Gentleman Paparazzo, HughE Dillon


Fun, Fashion, Darren Chris and Rats at the New York City Pride Parade

Mike, Kory and Philly Tim headed to NYC’s Gay Pride yesterday. A tradition Mike and I have been doing for the past 20 years.

 Good eye Mike Toub spotting Glee’s Darren Chris, who is appearing in Hedwig and the Angry Inch on Broadway now
 Clowning around
 I don’t understand wearing jeans in the summer

 It was a #Selfie kinda day in NYC

 It was a Selfie Stick kinda day in NYC; why didn’t I invent this?

 NYC definitely is a place where fashion begins. I think the bow tie is going to be big this year.

 Seems like he just rolled out of bed

 hats are still a top fashion accessory

 color run

 NYC has these cool new metal benches. I do like how they’re not just for bus stops anymore.
 If I say yes, it’s a go.

 This guy nearly roller blading into me with his pet rats.

 Her doves are on leashes
 I didn’t realize at the time that she was topless
 ripped jeans, and capri’s are still in

 I only saw one “protestor” this year. Now that’s acceptance.


The end. So much fun with my hubby of a year after a 19 year engagement!! Happy Pride Month!!

It’s Friday, Let’s Dance: Check out Brent Celek at Todd and Elizabeth Herremans wedding #Eagles

In April beloved former Eagles player Todd Herremons married the love of his life, Elizabeth Dee. The wedding took place in Sicily, not to far from where Elizabeth’s family is from. A slew of Philadelphian friends and family flew over to enjoy the nuptials, including Brent Celek, who was just back from his own honeymoon after marrying in a February. Elizabeth’s dad, Jack Dee, took some great videos of the wedding including this epic dance floor clip, where everyone is out to have a good time.

Check out the entire wedding in this video here.

I think Jack Dee has a great sense of humor, as well as a great eye for entertainment.

WTF Duck is Stuck, and other fun pixs from the Tall Ships PC Parade on the Delaware Thursday

With much fanfare the Tall Ships, 13 to be exact, sailed up the Delaware River Thursday, to begin a three day stay on the banks of Camden and Philadelphia. (Hashtag #TallShipsPC)

 Folks lining up along Penns Landing to get a birds eye view, paying $7 for the privileged. There was fun activities along the pier, food, drinks and lots of photo opportunities.
 Tall Ships fans paid $10 to go aboard the Moshulu and The Olympia to see the parade. 
BTW Spruce Street Harbor is open where you can rent swans, and paddle boats.

 Buy Tickets to the Tall Ships Philadelphia HERE

The much anticipated duck gets launched. Of course everyone was there for the Tall Ships, but we all were excited to see the Duck up close. It’s 6 stories tall. That’s just amazing. The prepress was super and got everyone excited for the Tall Ships months in advance.

 The largest Tall Ships event of year countrywide that combines a
dozen awe-inspiring Tall Ships with an abundance of festival attractions
already has locals and future visitors alike clamoring for the opening
date of June 25. The addition of the super-sized bath toy adds to that
“It’s just fun, pure and simple,” states Craig Samborski, executive
producer of Tall Ships® Philadelphia Camden. “The World’s Largest Rubber Duck inspires us to enjoy the world’s waterfronts and conserve our natural resources for future ducklings.”

 You can now take a water taxi from Penns Landing to Wiggins Park in Camden
 Fleet Week
 Uh oh, the duck got caught up in the current and was pushed against one of those bizarre container ships that have been parked in the shipping channel for the past year cause they don’t have enough money to make it back to their own countries.
 After nearly 30 minutes the tug boats went to the rescue

but it was the water boat that was most successful

 in pushing the duck off the barge.
Saturday, June 27
8PM – United States Army Band, “Pershing’s Own” Concert
9:30PM – “Where America Set Sail” fireworks show
 There’s Swoop from the Eagles
 A drone takes in all the action
The happy duck is on it’s way to it’s perch at the Camden Aquarium where you can go and check it out as well as a few other Tall Ships located there. For more information on the Tall Ships, check out their website.  Don’t forget tomorrow night there’s a whole program