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The Watercooler: Mustard Greens, Gaslight Opens – Free Drinks, American Sardine and DD’s

Recently, and I probably told you this, I’ve come across a few people who told me they don’t use SM, or they miss what I put out there, but they read my blog every day. So I’m going to return to writing some of what I put on SM on my blog, as well as add additional blurbs of info you might chat around the watercooler. These gossipy/tidbit/pop culture hits will always post around 2PMish as my 2nd email of the day goes out about 3PM, or just check it by 3PM it’ll be there. Thanks!!

Last night I photographed a press conference at Olde Grande (I know I should have eaten there), then headed to South Street to follow up on a story. Met up with Kory who wanted to try this place that Craig LaBan mentioned in his column recently – Mustard Greens. I asked the waiter which dish did Craig like and it was the Shrimp with Shitake Mushrooms only $12.75. It was delicious. We also had the dumplings, and I had hot and sour soup. It was really good. The whole meal was $57, and we ordered a lot.
622 S 2nd St, Philadelphia, PA 19147

 Top Chef alum Jason Cichonski reopened his Gaslight restaurant and bar, after it was shuttered for a month resulting from a flood from above. I’m sure a lot of people doubted that story as many a fine restaurant has closed on that rumor, but Jason, a man of his word opened his year old establishment, and with a new chef, Chef Jordan Sauter (Previously of  Philadelphia Bar & Restaurant,     Modo Mio Restaurant,  Casona of Collingswood)

To celebrate The Gaslight (120 Market Street ) is hosting a complimentary happy hour on Wednesday, April 8. From 5–7 PM, guests will enjoy cocktails courtesy of Bluecoat American Dry Gin and Bluecoat Barrel Finished Gin.
I haven’t been here for a bit, but I took this (and the above Gaslight shot from Chef Scott Shroeder’s instagram) Grilled hanger, sweet pepper mustarda, blue cheese butter at AmericanSardine. I was checking it out cause I’m wondering what’s going on with his new project in Bella Vista. Rumor has it it’s not a pizza place after all, but more of an ….

He does have the best instagram in Philly on Food too it’s a mouthwatering delight.

I saw the Double D’s on the door where Steaks on South Street (308 South St) used to be, that could only mean one thing – Dunkin’ Donuts is moving in.


TEAL BUTTERFLY CHALLENGE – Will You Take The Challenge?- ‪#‎tealbutterflychallenge‬

My sister Janine (l) is an extraordinary women. She has really picked up the baton on getting Ovarian Cancer Awareness out in her town of Charlotte, NC. Getting involved and starting organizations that help women, and raise awareness of this dreadful disease which took the life of our sister, Judy Wilkins. (center)

(Margaret would probably like you to know that she
lives the Paleo way of life and this photo no longer represents her,
although she still likes the color red)

This spring Janine has started the TEAL BUTTERFLY CHALLENGE For Ovarian Cancer Awareness Spring 2015 in honor of my sister Judy Wilkins who passed away in 2009 of the disease.

It’s simple:

*Paint your nails TEAL
*Make a butterfly symbol by interlocking your thumbs (see attached photo)
*Take a photo or a video and post on social media (#tealbutterflychallenge #ovariancancerawareness) on Twitter or FB. We will look for them and capture them. We should probably start a FB page too.
*Challenge 10 of your friends to do the same

Ovarian cancer is the most deadly of all the “women’s” cancers.
This year in the U.S., about 22,000 new cases of ovarian cancer will
be diagnosed and about 15,000 women will die from this disease.

Because the symptoms are very subtle and there is no screening test,
75-80% of ovarian cancer is detected in late stages when treatment is less effective and the survival rate is low.
All women should know the symptoms of this very deadly disease!
Knowing the symptoms results in earlier detection … and earlier detection means that lives are saved!

The most common symptoms are:
•Pelvic or abdominal pain
•Difficulty eating or feeling full quickly
•Urinary symptoms (urgency or frequency) 

Thank you Janine, for saving lives … I love you..

To find out more info on the symptoms of Ovarian Cancer go to :


Press Release: CITY OF PHILADELPHIA ANNOUNCES Bike Share launch date

Pricing, membership web site, Preview Day and discounts courtesy of Independence Blue Cross

Philadelphia, March 30, 2015
–Mayor Michael A. Nutter announced that the launch of the Indego bike share system will take place at noon on Thursday, April 23rd
at Eakins Oval. Members of the public are welcome
to join the festive kick-off event, which will feature music, brief
remarks, and a ceremonial ride on the new bikes by members of Indego.
The docking stations where Indego bikes will be parked will operate 24
hours a day all year at 70 locations in neighborhoods
from Point Breeze, Passyunk and Center City to Yorktown, Olde
Kensington, Francisville and Spruce Hill. Bike share users can access
bikes at any station by using member cards or credit/debit cards and
return them to any other station. 

“I am thrilled that we
are launching Indego in less than 30 days. Great cities provide
residents, commuters, and visitors with great transportation and
recreation options. Indego adds another option to get around,
stay healthy, and experience our wonderful City,” said Mayor Nutter. 

membership options

Beginning today, memberships are available from
. Users are encouraged to sign up before the April 23rd
launch.  System members will receive a key that allows to access a bike
at any Indego station.  Indego30 is a 30-day membership plan that
provides members unlimited one-hour
rides.  It is priced at just $15 per month and is available with credit
card, debit card, and cash payment options. For credit card customers,
the membership will renew automatically and can be cancelled at any
time. Cash payments will be facilitated by PayNearMe,
an electronic cash payment system that allows consumers to make cash
payments at local stores. After signing up for membership via the Indego
website, PayNearMe will send each consumer a bar code by text message
or email. Consumers then take that bar code
to participating 7-Eleven or Family Dollar stores and pay for the
Indego membership in cash.

All Indego members will get 10 percent off bicycle helmets at select bike shops and athletic stores around Philadelphia.
Membership discounts for Independence Blue Cross Members and Dollar Days for everyone
As the official sponsor
of Indego bike share, Independence Blue Cross supports the health and
wellness of all Philadelphians by encouraging everyone to integrate
physical activity into our daily lives. Through
September 30, 2015, Independence Blue Cross members can enjoy their
first 30 days of an Indego30 membership for just $5. Additionally, on
twelve Independence Dollar Days throughout the year, beginning with the
May 15 Bike to Work Day, everyone can try Indego
for just $1 for the first half hour.
“We believe Indego will
inspire people to get outside and get active, and that will strengthen
the well-being of Philadelphia,” said Daniel J. Hilferty, Independence
Blue Cross president and CEO. “That’s why we
will give our members a 75 percent discount off the first month of
membership and why we’ve arranged for 12 Dollar Days throughout the year
when anyone in our community can ride an Indego bike for just one
Indego is the first large bike share system in North America to offer:
A 30-day membership that will renew automatically and can be cancelled at anytime;
A pay-as-you-ride membership, in which you pay only for the rides you take;
Membership options that include 60 minutes of  ride time before users incur additional fees; and
A cash payment option for 30-day memberships.
“We are proud that
Indego will be America’s most accessible bike share program. Our pricing
structure provides great value, puts customers in control of how much
they spend, and is easy to understand. With options
that allow members to take trips that last up to 60 minutes, we’ve made
Indego a great option for getting around or just taking a ride to enjoy
the city and get some exercise. For tourists, jumping on an Indego bike
using our flat half-hour rate makes the
decision to try Indego easy,” said Andrew Stober, Chief of Staff in the
Mayor’s Office of Transportation and Utilities.
Indego Preview Event
Indego will hold a
preview event on Thursday, April 2 from noon to 2 PM at Paine Plaza
across from City Hall. During the event, a docking station and bikes
will be on display, and visitors can try the system,
find out about membership options, and purchase memberships.
More about bikes, stations and staying in the know
All Indego bikes will be equipped with a bell and front and rear lights.
Each bike will also be inscribed with a safety message that encourages
helmet use and cautions riders to yield to pedestrians, avoid riding on
sidewalks, ride with traffic, and obey all
traffic lights and signs.
“As a Philadelphia-based company, we are so
proud to help make this amazing system a reality,” said Alison Cohen,
President and CEO of Bike Transit. “Bike share is such an efficient,
fun, and convenient way to get around. From promotion
and to customer service to maintenance of the world class BCycle bikes,
Indego is powered by Philadelphians for Philadelphians. We couldn’t be
more excited to have such a positive impact on the City.”
Over the past eight
months, officials from the City of Philadelphia have conducted public
outreach, attended community meetings and invited Philadelphians to vote
on station locations online, via text-message
and paper surveys. More than 5,600 Philadelphians provided nearly
11,000 comments on station locations.  The City has placed stations
where they will be useful, convenient and compatible with the
surrounding environment.
For more information on
Indego, the station locations, and updates on the program, including
membership registration and docking station map, visit Philadelphia’s
bike share program website: