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Happy New Year’s – A few of My Fav Photos, Events, and Fashionable People.

Happy New Year’s, every time I go to write my year end message, I realize I’m going to need more time than I currently have. Here are a few of my favorite photos, events and fashionable people. I’ve also included a few of my fav “celeb” photos, many of which ran in Molly Eichel’s popular Philly Gossip column, some ran in national glossy fan mags.

 I am so privileged to live in the City I always dreamed to live in when I grew up in Cherry Hill. Sure it’s just over the bridge, but it was a lifetime away.
 I’m so glad to have gotten to know Atlantic City. It’s sad to see so many people lose their jobs. This is from Harrah’s looking towards Brigantine.
 I love this shot, it really tells the whole story about the newly restored chaplain’s murals at Eastern State Penitentiary. Here’s the restoration artist describing the process to one of the supporters.

 I instagramed this photo of a wedding at Rittenhouse Sq last January.
Ryan Gagnon and Katie English look fabulous.
 Friends Leah Kauffman and Lexie Norcross looking steller at the Academy Ball last January. I love their power red glam look, exuding confidence to take on the world. Leah is wearing the cutest gold bracelets, and Lexie is wearing the cutest gold shoes.

 Speaking of uniquely, this brother and sister duo Jim Magnatta and Marisa Magnatta at the Best of Philly Mag party held at the equally unique venue Citizen Bank Park in the concourse.
  “Ain’t No Mountain High Enough” Gala at the National Museum of American Jewish History
to benefit the KIPP Philadelphia Schools (I think they were in character and that’s why they’re not smiling.)


 Sidney and Caroline Kimmel – glamorous, philanthropic and the nicest people. 

 A photo I took of Jill Scott appeared full page in Philly Style Magazine. She was the headliner at the Academy Ball last February.

 Wendy stopped by Fox 29

Jeremy Maclin invited me to his birthday party.

Thom Nickels included me in his Center City Philadelphia Legends book. Here he is with Carol Saline, author of the very popular book series on Sisters, plus long time editor of Philadelphia Magazine in the 1970s.

One of my favorite photos of the year, when Jon Bon Jovi greets Paul Anka at a private meet and greet at the Marian Anderson Gala in November. Looking on Caroline and Sidney Kimmel.

Country singer Brett Eldridge feeding a giraffe at the Philadelphia Zoo

Flyers practice for their turn on the Harlem Globetrotters game at Wells Fargo

I’ll miss Jimmy and Johari Rollins, here they are at the best event of 2014 –
The Rollins Foundation Bollywood Nights held at the Union League last May. It was here that Jen Utley said to me, HughE I’m not fat, I’m pregnant. I broke that story on twitter, and my blog and it made news all the way to the Daily Mail in the UK.

Viola Davis on the hugely popular hit “How To Get Away With Murder.” They filmed the pilot here in Philly, but she had it written in her contract that if the show was picked up they’d move the filming to LA. Blah girl.

Nicki Minaj leaving the Ritz Carlton and waving to the waiting fans. (If you do this right you can time just when the celebs will leave their hotel. I was there for 15 minutes before she left for rehearsal at 3PM at the Four Season’s (the July 4th rehearsal is always held the day before at that time for the past 5 years.) Now that that hotel is closing, it’s going to through off my timing.

 Daisy Day Luncheon for CHOP with Zac Posen. It was a fashionable event for the ladies that lunch.

 Opera on the Square. What a great event. It happens annually and you should go. It’s free.

Opera Philadelphia

 Connor Barwin delivers Geno’s Cheesesteaks to Uber Philly Contest Winners.
 Project Runway Dom Streater and Cory Wade at InLiquid at Crane Arts. It’s happening again this year on February 7.
Dom’s outfit would be perfect for the Lemon Ball on 1/10/15
Terry Buckman and Amy Buckman at the Eighth Annual Lemon Ball. Every year I look forward to seeing them, and seeing what they would wear. It was always fashionable and classy.

 Chip Roman presents Chef Georges Perrier with the last known bottle of Perrier Champagne which the Chef had bottled when he owned Le Bec Fin. Avance carried the champagne and on the last night before they went out of business, Chip Roman and Kevin Sbraga bought the bottle, which sold for $275 (at the Chef Al Paris Organizes Six Chef Collaboration at Paris Bistro to Celebrate Chef Georges Perrier’s Illustrious Career and Benefit the James Beard Foundation.)

 Terrell Owens continues his comeback. First he gets roasted in Philly, then he gives an amazing behind the scenes chat at the Thuzio Dinner and now you can watch him on Celebrity Apprentice beginning on Monday.

 The Hair of The Dog, is a decadent prom, new year’s eve that keeps the party going in the slow month of January. It’s always a lot over the top. 1/17/15 at the Crystal Tea Room – Party Like It’s 2015
 Katie Perry wears peperoni – She told the sold out crowd at the Wells Fargo Center she’d be running down the Rocky Steps, and she did. At the bottom she was greeted by hundreds of fans.

 Seriously the best dish, dessert in the City. Ice cream sushi at Sampan.
Mary Dougherty’s (2nd from right) Nicole Miller (L) stores celebrate 20 years in Philadelphia. She had a grand party and Philadelphia gave her the highest honor, The Philadelphia Bowl. First Lady Lisa Nutter and Melanie Johnson (r).
Thanks to you, my readers for your support. You’ve allowed me to chronicle Philadelphia for the past 4 years as my full time job. This year was the best year. I celebrated 3 years with Philadelphia Magazine, Fox 29 and 2 years with; Nearly every media outlet has carried my photos or used story ideas either via the blog or that I’ve tweeted or instagramed, and they gave me credit linking the Social Media. All the major networks come to me for my expert opinion on celebrities and society and that’s been fun to participate in. This job is a dream come true. 
Thanks to my admins – Janine DeFeo and Crista Bateman, but most of all to my partner, husband Mike Toub who gives me unconditional love and support on this crazy ride. (Thanks to Kory Aversa for this photograph, and for his friendship.)

Funny Tweets, Good News and OMG they Said That on SM?

I’ve said a thing or two on SM I regret or was helpful. Sometimes I capture what others say, for my own enjoyment or to send to friends to say Holy Cow look what this person said. I really didn’t have them organized in my folders, but I tried to find as many as I could. Maybe once a month I’ll publish my favorite cause people say the darndest things on SM. The worse was a guy who had been cheating on his wife for a couple years, he’s somewhat well known, but since it was on FB and I’m not sure of the settings I’ll just say, he apologized to hear in a long FB post, which I guess he felt was attrition. I felt like a nice Hallmark Card and a donation in her name to charity would have been fine. Here goes a few I could find that weren’t as dramatic:

 A photo I took of kids sledding on the Art Museum Steps went viral all over the world. For awhile I was the top trending name on Twitter. I woke up to it on Good Morning America.
 I tweeted that Jimmy Fallon was this generations Rosie O’Donnell on twitter and she began to follow me.

 That’s Steve Wynn 2nd from right. Nick Hisson graduated from U of P. While he was here I would get all these “Nick Hisson” sightings, they would just say budding singer yada yada was at , or seen blah blah. He never tried to trade on the Wynn name.
Cograts former City Paper’s Mary Patel.
Yeah for all of us.

One of the nicest gifts to wake up to

These guys always do a great job, check out their fashion week in February.
If you park there, this will happen.

Michael Schulson and Nina Tinari got engaged this year; Plus Independence Beer Garden is one of the best pop up’s ever, with Spruce Street close behind.
He broke the internet with his football #TBT, I broke it when I instagramed a photo of he and his new boyfriend. The story was picked up by at least 4 outlets.
Mike will want a dog after seeing this photo.
You can wear sneakers at Hop Sing on New Year’s Eve from 10PM to 2AM
Adam Joseph is a real daddy now. He’s going to have to make sure his yard is free of a lot of dangerous obstacles for his and Karl’s new baby. I love how he came out as gay and with a baby the same day.

He’ll drive you crazy, and make you think intelligently at the same time.

Bryan Boy had brunch at Parc.
We had our first PhillyChitChat pop up at Square 1682. I curated a list of tastemakers and tweeters, and we enjoyed the Spring menu with fun interactions with the chef and lead bartender. It was a great success.

Or these where I protect the names even though they were public tweets:
“disagreeing is not the same as saying you’re a fucking scumbag”
Why you shouldn’t have your mom on your FB page?
Is that my son in his underwear?

I took a photo of Katy Perry taking a selfie know it would pop up on Social Media.
It turned out that it was my buddy Ian (the biggest fan slayer in the world, he meets so many celebs)
The Queen will be walking in the Mummers Parade on Thursday and I look forward to seeing her.

Happy New Year on Social Media.

Holiday Parties: Jen Sherlock and Invincible Pictures Re-Cap Photos

Right before Christmas I went to a few holiday parties, but ran out of time in posting (This year I had to skip the Klehr Harrison one and I hear it was a doozy.) On Thursday night I attended Jennifer Sherlock – Jenna Communications  party held at Spectrum Grill at Xfinity Live.

Casey Baynes, Casey Cares, Missy Bishop, Dawn Weissman and Jen Sherlock

 Marshall Harris, Comcast Sports and Kristen Johanson, CBS3
David Girgenti, Damon Feldman, Johnny Robertson, and Dr Joe Schweider,

 Anne Gutos, Bryan Toder and Eliana Raggio
 Julia Boccia, John Bolaris and Bruce Casella, formerly of NBC10 now president at Puchin A Rock Productions. (He and John Bolaris were on NBC at the same time.)
 Photographer Al For
 A nice crowd turned out for a little holiday cheer and delicious cheesesteak egg rolls, pizza, salad and desserts.
L Jenkins and Shelton Mercer
Then on the following night (after shooting the Mitchell and Ness Holiday Party with Chill Moody,

actor Luis Da Silva Jr, Philadelphia Union players Sébastien Le Toux and Ford Gaitley) I headed to the Invincible Pictures
Tom Ashley and Robert Marcin hosted a fabulous party the other night for their friends, family and clients at Invincible Pictures.
 Steve Rockman (who has the craziest Instagram ) was glowing as he was only days away from heading to Paris with BFF Dana Spain. Drew Coblitz says “When the holidays have hit so hard that you’re wondering which wine
pairs the best with Doritos, your couch and not moving for 2 weeks.”
 Melissa Leonard is everywhere and everything this season.
Lindsay J. Furman and Christopher DiGeorge (Chris is back in the area working on a development project in Camden, which has a killer view of Philadelphia.)
 Sofa Kings packed the floor all night long.
 Those pants: Want
Samantha Styles and Caryn Kunkle
 Garrett Chin, Jen Sherlock and Harry Spivak (Is taking over the Arts Ballroom, which I love. Great space.)
 Rich Wolf, Breaking Glass Pictures (producer), Victoria Gates (actress) and Kenneth McGregor (actor)
 John Westrum, Ricki Lang, Will Parker, Lisa Catildi and Brett Rosenbloom
Just so you know….
Invincible Pictures is an established Production and Distribution
Company located in Philadelphia Pennsylvania that has been operating
within the Film and Video Industry for over 15 years.  Invincible
Pictures’ team of professionals has aided the company in becoming a
leader in production development, implementation, and distribution.