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July 2014


Eat Pretty With Jolene Hart at Anju Threads at 1126 Walnut St

Eat Pretty With Jolene Hart at Anju Threads

The event was held at Anju Threads, a
threading salon at 1126 Walnut St, Philadelphia, PA 19107. 

 Jolene Hart with her book “Eat Pretty”
There was a nice spread via WholeFoods with delicious treats.
Anju Treohan (l), told me that that there is no sewing involved in
threading of eyebrows, which I thought did. Thank god, I’d be sweating
through that process.

 Many guests were on hand, and I’d have their names if I didn’t lose that notebook. Granted the next day was my bday so I was verklempt that week.
The always stunning Kharisma McIlwaine was there.
 The paparazzi were on hand to catch the action
Emily Tharp, was tweeting up a storm and pretty in green: Jamillah of was snapping for her blog.

 Thanks to Skai Blue Media for the invite to this unique event.

Another in a series of #woofwoofwednesday, a few cats, a pig and a message from Steve Morrison (P&S)

Every Wednesday PCC features pets from around Philadelphia #woofwoofwednesday

 Holy Obese Cat. My cat would look like that if I had one.
 The cat has a friend
 Congrats to Rudy Flesher for his nod in Philly Mag as a great Philadelphian.
 Congrats Robert Drake and John Stanley on their anniversary
 Joan Manuel Rivera
 Eduardo and bozo
 Evan Mathis
 Mia and Lola on vacation with grandma and grandpa Piccillo
Sharilyn Drewen Gilfillan pet pig

Show Your Soft Side is a campaign
pits tough guys with adorable cats and dogs to promote the fight
against animal abuse. Its slogan is “Only a punk would hurt a dog or
cat,” and this week, Philly athletes are proving they’re no punks.
They’re tough guys with huge hearts. Above Steve Morrison (Preston & Steve @PrestonSteve933) Poses with his cat, Mia, for the billboard for the campaign. It’s on 95N in Philly going towards NE.


9th Annual East Passyunk Avenue Car Show Links

Sunday was the 9th Annual East Passyunk Avenue Car Show and was the 2nd year I photographed the event. This year the weather again played with the time, and the show, scheduled to start at NOON started an hour early, which was good for me as last year I got there late and missed a lot of good shots.

 Even though I got there at 11AM, I still missed shots, the event seemed larger and much more crowded this year. 
  A lot of my photos ran in columns in various media outlets in Philly.
John Williams and Jim Shulman with their 1957 Dodge Cutom Royal Sedan
Street artist