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April 2014


SATURDAY – Preston & Steve’s Hottie Cam, May 3rd: South Street Spring Festival – Music, Food, Fun

The weather outside is frightning, but the Spring Festivals are heating up this weekend. Saturday is the South Street Spring Festival:

South Street Spring Festival has the largest festival footprint of ANY
festival this weekend – with more space for music, bands, food, family
fun, etc. than any other festival.   

In anticipation of the South Street Spring Festival, there was a press preview party at the Brauhaus Schmitz Resturant earlier this month. This is what was on the menu

Michael Stollenwerk and  David Ralic both of Headhouse Crab & Oyster Co.

 The stars of this year’s South Street Spring Festival – Top row (L-R) George Reilly (Twisted Tail) David Ralic (Headhouse Crab & Oyster Co), Jeremy Nolan (Brauhaus Schmitz) Rand Maltese (Redwood/Copabanana) Michael Stollenwerk (Headhouse Crab & Oyster Co.)

Members of the press got a lesson in German dancing, so they’ll be prime for the Maypole dancing Saturday.

Monday the gang headed to the Preston and Steve Show for a little promotion, to part take in their hottie cam take-over this past
Monday on Preston and Steve WMMR with Katy Beaver and other models, with
clothing provided by Spring Festival vendors Philly Phaithful and Broad
Street Broad.

Hot, Hot, Hot – Lorenzo’s Pizza!!

Be a part of the day, not only with your prescence but tell show us and tell us what’s happening

(South Street Spring Festival:)


My Night With Patti LaBelle and Cher at The Wells Fargo Center

There was a meeting in the parking lot
lots of cher tailgating
I ran into a few familiar faces on their way to their seats, while I was waiting for me seatmate
Patti LaBelle, here with Fran Connolly and Carol Tamburino, who were in a nearby box
Thanks to Garrett Snider for inviting me. Here he is with Howard Eskin. Watch me on Fox 29 today for his Patti story.
Mike Toub, always the gentleman, helps Ms Patti to her seat.
Cher was flawless. She’s going to be 68 on May 20. Did I mention Patti’s going to be 70 on May 24. 

It was a memorable night for moi.