Jason Cichonski Opens Gaslight, then Cooks Up Some Delicious at Tommy and Amber’s 2nd Annual Super Bowl Party

Yesterday Mike, Katie English and I headed to Tommy and Amber’s 2nd Annual Super Bowl Party

 I love going there as I can let my hair down and chat with people I don’t get to see as much as I used to. A lot of these folks are involved in a lot of the restaurants, clubs and business that you patronize, behind the scenes.

 Greeting me at the door was Stephanie and Philly’s darling Kate Beaver

 Tommy and Amber reside in Center City in the dramatic Pat “The Bat” Burrell’s condo in the sky. It’s a gorgeous home, with great views but more of a home then the raw space used by Burrell as his bachelor pad.

 Drew Milstein (Whisper & G Lounge) and Chris Gaili (Franklin Mrtg & Co)

 Jason Cichonski – Ela & Gaslight and Collin Cichonski– Ela
 One of the new menu items at Gaslight will be these Vegan Burgers. So good.
Gaslight had their soft opening on Saturday night. It’s open today. Jason tells me that he’s excited for Gaslight, it compliments his established restaurant Ela in that it’s a great place to go for an after dinner drink, or if you want to just stop by for everyday food burgers, fries and a beer. PLUS PUDDING is on the dessert menu. Jason told me his Babcia made delicious pudding and cookies that he enjoyed while growing up. The cookies he’ll be preparing will be served with Espresso and says everyone will be going away with warm fuzzy memories of his childhood.

 I originally wasn’t planning to take photos but then I thought there’s some awesome people here. With the hosts permission I took a few photos, but of course I didn’t have my note pad so the names might be sketchy. This is Ashley Johnson, WHPL Ch 17 Morning show Eye Opener (r). She’s been friends with Amber for years she told me.

 Nicole Segal and Danny Benenfeld

Anthony Vittese and girlfriend Katy Beaver

 Tony Rufo, Jr and blast from the past  Brett Perloff (Denim, Blackbox, and Denim Habit) now Chief Marketing Officer at The NJC Group
 Tommy and the Refs

 Mar and John
 Bruno Mars
 Luanne Dornel and Carol Serena
 Amber and friends


Congrats to Jin Hee (r) on her new job. It’s in Center City so hit her up for lunch. In this picture is also Chris Gali (2nd from left)
The lady of the house.