Friday, April 19, 2013

The Lemon Society of Philadelphia, a group of young professionals in the Philadelphia region which supports the Alex's Lemonade Stand

The Lemon Society of Philadelphia, a group of young professionals in the Philadelphia region which supports the Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation held their Lemon Society Speakeasy cocktail party last Saturday at the Pyramid Club over looking beautiful Center City. The 2013 Lemon Society Speakeasy Co-chairs: Rachel Fendell Satinsky and Danielle Cormier-Smith

Ron Zawadsky and Marisa MagnattaThe prohibition-themed mixology event is a fundraiser for ALSF’s Annual Childhood Cancer Symposium, which benefits families who have been affected by childhood cancer.
Cassie Nentwig and Laura Troiano
Alla Spina’s Mike Falcey

Jay and Liz Scott parents of Alexandra “Alex” Scott, founders of ALSF
Jessica Smolar and Don Maye
Liz Scott and event host Lindsay Bue


- 1 Tippling Place’s Dave Tang and Anne Frey
- Emmanuelle’s Phoebe Esmon and Christian Gaal
- The Franklin Mortgage & Investment Company’s Al Sotak
- Alla Spina’s Mike Falcey 
- Philadelphia Distilling’s Meredith Maciolek
- A mixologist from Vetri
Celebrity Judges: Michael Lahoud, Marisa Magnatta, Danya Henninger, and Chris Konopka.
Artavia Marshall, Christie Honigman, Beth Minkus, and Katie English
Cassie Nentwig and Laura Troiano
Philadelphia Distilling’s Meredith Maciolek, flanked by Emmanuelle’s Christian Gaal
and Phoebe Esmon
Debbie Harvey, Erin O’Connor, Kisha Clingan, and Kristin Smith
Liz Bellardo and Mett Vietri
Upcoming Events for Alex's Lemonade
Camp In for Kids Cancer
When: Saturday, May 18, 2013 5:00 pm - Sunday, May 19, 2013 9:00 am
Where: Lincoln Financial Field, 1020 Pattison Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148

Thanks to my 2nd shooter, photographer Mike Hirata for shooting this client for PhillyChitCht

PONG AT The Cira Centre - DAY AND NIGHT Videos 4/19/13

This morning they were testing it out on the Preston & Steve show on WMMR, and they played Tetris too. It was cool to see at 630AM, but tonight 8PM it's going to really rock it.

The grunting and yelling you hear on video is is the 630AM boot camp held at the steps 3 times a week. Those peeps work hard.


Philly Tech Week and its tons of awesomely nerdy events are set to take over the town April 20-27.
But before the weeklong fest even begins, avid video gamers should take note and sign up for a chance to play Pong on the side of the massive Cira Centre in University City.

The game will be played from the vantage point of the Philadelphia Museum of Art’s front steps on April 19 at 8 p.m., and will salute the start of Philly Tech Week, now in its third year. After the kick-off event, round two of Pong is set for April 24, 8 p.m.

Philly Tech Week Presents Pong on the Cira Centre
When: April 19 and April 24, 8 p.m.
Where: Philadelphia Art Museum steps, 2600 Benjamin Franklin Parkway
Cost: Free
More info: (source)

It might have been difficult to see the action, but the sunrise & skyline was nice

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Stradley Ronon, Addis Group and Kreischer Miller hosted their annual March Madness celebration

Stradley Ronon, Addis Group and Kreischer Miller hosted their annual March Madness celebration on March 28 at the Fox & the Hound Pub & Grille in King of Prussia, Pa. (they have the best chicken wings & TV's)

More than 200 guests attended the event.
 Kate Wilhelm Chimicles (Pennsylvania Horticultural Society) and Amy Ridall (NovaCare Rehabilitation).
 Michael Coakley (Kreischer Miller), Bill Mosler (Keystone Shipping) and Richard Snyder (Kreischer Miller).
 Jim Beam (Stradley Ronon) Tim Abell (Firstrust Bank) and Joe McHale (Stradley Ronon)
 Steven Scolari (Stradley Ronon), Peter Unger (Addis Group) and Mike Roynan (Stradley Ronon).
 Kevin Boyle (Stradey Ronon), Cristina Barsony (Wilmington Trust) and Luis Licega (Greater Philadelphia Hispanic Chamber of Commerce).
 John Helmuth (Kreischer Miller), Brian Kornet (Tunnell Consulting), Frank Darreff and Tyler Ridgeway (Kreischer Miller)
Amy Stone (BNY Mellon) and Christine McDevitt (Stradley Ronon).
Rusty Ressler (Stradley Ronon), Leslie McCarthy and Carolyn Saylor Longo
 Chester County Commissioner Terence Farrell and Jim Beam (Stradley Ronon)
William North (First Niagara), Kevin Connell (RBC Capital Markets) and Irene Horstmann Hannan (Citizens Bank).
Andrew Addis (Addis Group), Girja Shaffer (Auspice Risk), Tom Lynch (Union League) and Anne Rivers (The Kingstree Group).

Jim Beam (Stradley Ronon), Tim Abell (Firstrust Bank), and Joe McHale (Stradley Ronon).
Kate Wilhelm Chimicles (Pennsylvania Horticultural Society), Amy Ridall (NovaCare Rehabilitation), Trish Cashman (United Way), and Paul Goren.
Bob Cahill (RJC Advisors), Wade Robert (Lonesome Pine Partners) and Mario Vicari (Kreischer Miller).

Ryan Lochte on Fox 29 News Anchors Shenielle Jones and Mike Jerrick Lose It After Bizarre Interview

I had heard rumblings about Olympian Ryan Lochte's new reality show. It seems Ryan is desperate to become as famous as legendary Michael Phelps.

For what I've seen and hear, Lochte is dumber than a box of rocks, but pretty rocks. Today he appeared via satilite on Good Day and demonstrated what we're in for. He's like Anna Nicole Smith on testosterone. Check out my vine of today's Good Day Philly with clips which foreshadow the future, and an always calm, cool and collected Shenielle Jones reacting to the interview and Mike Jerrick is as funny as ever.
(VOLUME Instructions: Put your cursor on the video and turn the volume on, it's in the upper left hand corner. Then move the cursor to remove the words.)

Vine is a 6 second stop and go video. It's only available on IPhones and IPads, but can be watched on any device. I post them to Vine, FB and Twitter. (I bought a mini IPad just to get VINE. Go check out the site, so many awesome videos, clever and funny. Follow me: PhillyChitChat

Here's the whole video 
My favorite line "I'm a man at night, and a man in the morning."

Check out a clip on TMZ

The story has taken off around the world.

Lochte's reality show "What Would Ryan Lochte Do?" will premiere Sunday, April 21 at 10 P.M. EST on E!. It will follow the athlete as "he prepares for the Rio games in 2016 while building his fashion line, making buzz-worthy media appearances, dealing with his unconventional family and loyal friends and, always, searching for 'the one'."

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 Sunset over Passyunk last night (Actually 9th Street, near Passyunk)
 City Hall looking towards Market Street
 Last night I had dinner with friends at Chima, Dana, Melissa, Joe, Kory and Peter Breslow


Late last month Taylor Swift performed at Prudential Center Newark and two of my nieces friends bought tickets from  (3rd party ticket sales site online) for the show. They weren't the best of seats, but the show was sold out and the girls are big fans of Taylor's (as I am)

Victoria tweeted to her followers: "we're dressing up as hipsters for Taylor's concert" (although I think they look a little more like Taylor, who I would describe as a hipster. What do you think hipsters?

 Sad for the girls, when they got to the venue they found out that their tickets were counterfeit. 

After  a couple calls to Vivid, the folks there made good and issued tickets similar to the ones the two girls were expecting. (They have a 100% guarantee policy)

Taylor Swifts mom (Andrea Swift) heard about the girls plight and sent someone up to their seats and gave them front row seats to enjoy the concert. How cool is that. I love this story. I know the authorities always warn about counterfeit tickets, but if you wanna see your fav singer, sometimes you gotta go to these outlets and get tickets. Kudo's to Vivid Seats for issuing new tickets, and bigger kudo's to Andrea Swift for turning lemons into lemonade for these kids. What a great time they had.

I'm sad I didn't get my tickets to the sold out concert yet: I did see this one on Vivid that I might not consider. How bout you? Andrea Swift contact me please, buzz(@)

Taylor Swift
Lincoln Financial Field - Philadelphia, PA
Friday July 19, 2013 6:30 PM
Ticket details
Section: LUXURY
Price: $14,900.00 ea


Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Real Reality: Dance Moms are Overwhelmed In Philly When 1200 Tweens Show Up for a Meet & Greet

Last weekend, and I mean last weekend cause I'm running about a week behind in some of my reporting. So much going on. Anyway, I was witness to something FANtastical. The fans of the reality show Dance Moms showed up for a meet and greet at the Marriott Downtown with Jill Vertes, Kelly Hyland, Christi Lukasiak, with dance kids Kendall Vertes, Chloe Lukasiak and Paige Hyland
Dance Moms is an American dance reality series that debuted on Lifetime on July 13, 2011. Created by Collins Avenue Productions, it is set in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, at the Abby Lee Dance Company

Some fans came bearing gifts and told me that the show inspires them to be disciplined if they are to achieve their goals

Most were willing to shell out lots of money for photos to get signed. As in many autograph sessions the celebrities would only sign items bought at the event. The photos were $10 each
In February the Dance Moms came to Philly and 400 people showed up. On this particular day 1200 people showed up and overwhelmed the moms and kids, but they took it in stride. I was impressed.

The day began at 9AM with Q&A's and autograph sessions.
I ran into my former co-worker Trish and her family. I hadn't seen her in 15 years. She looks great.

I got there about 2PM and it was jammed.

The celebrities were in one of three rooms all day, with a door connecting them to each of the rooms so they didn't have to exit into the hallway. Once in awhile they did to go to the bathroom, and the crowd would get into a frenzy. It was crazy.
This little lady on the right was running the merchandise stand. There was also a publicist, and that's it.
So there really wasn't a lot of people to answer questions of the sometimes restless crowd, who waited patiently up to 3 hrs as the Dance Moms were running 2 hours behind in their sessions.

Lilly (r) and her mom. Lilly is a huge fan and they've been to 10 of these appearances. A short while after this the Dance Moms, who know Lily by now, asked her to help them out with the signings to move the crowd along. She took photos for the fans and moved the crowd along.

Kendall Vertes, Chloe Lukasiak reads homemade cards a fan made them
Chloe Lukasiak and Paige Hyland having a bit of fun
Eventually I became a helper and started taking photos for the fans and moving the crowd along.
On occasion I would say "Girls look up, the sooner I get these shots for the fans the sooner you return to Pittsburgh!" I didn't realize they still had a long way to go. Way I was headed out the door I hear Christi tell the publicist to reschedule their flights, they weren't going to leave til they greeted and signed for all the fans.

When I left at 5PM, there was still these fans waiting to get into meet their idols. Catch Dance Moms  Tuesdays at 9/8c on !