Wednesday, October 30, 2013

So long Kembrel. Thanks for the chic. Blue Claw Sets Up A Brick & Mortar in it's place - Buy American

Yesterday, I got word of Kembrel on Rittenhouse Square, at 1822 Chestnut was closing 

 after noticing a co-worker of mine with some fancy duds.
He told me that Kembrel's was going out of business and was having a sale $75 for all the clothing you could stuff into a bag. He made out very well.

 I did a search on Twitter and no one had mentioned was chatting about the sale, including them. So I ran over there to see for myself. I was surprised, they always seemed to be having functions.
 I tweeted out the sale and several people took advantage of it, which makes me so happy.

 7 pairs of pants, wow, that's a deal!! (I was in a hurry to cover something and couldn't take advantage of the sale. So bummed.)

 Today the store will be spruced up and prepared for the new owners, Blue Claw, who bought out Kembrel (lock, stock & barrel) and will be opening for business on November 1, 2013
Adam Blitzer (pictured here with girlfriend Jessica Billups) and co-founder Alex Realmuto founded Blue Claw in 2010.  

 Blue Claw Co manufactures handmade Luxury Bags that have the bright bold look that the mid 20′s to mid 30′s business professional craves and the durability to handle all the travel people can throw at them.  As many of our readers know we spend significant periods of time on the road

Adam tells me that in addition to carrying all the Blue Claw products, they plan to carry American made clothing and products, shoes, socks, Stormy Kromer, Knot Clothing, Mizzen+Main is the go-to American performance professional apparel maker and haberdasher.
Great location for Blue Claw, being positioned right next to Boyds. No need to buy accessories at the very high end store, just come on over to Blue Claw for that. Plus those cool bags. Now if only we could get rid of that Valiant sign and replace it with Blue Claw?

So long Kembrel. Thanks for the chic.


Anonymous said...

I've been on the 1800 block of Chestnut Street (which I don't consider Rittenhouse Square)at least 10,000+ times, and never noticed Kembrel. I've seen the Valiant sign and think it's wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I like the Blue Claw bag. How it translates into a full store will be interesting to see. Good Luck.