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WALGREENS SuperStore Center City at Broad & Chestnut is Now Open. (ie remember when I told you this was going to happen, over the City’s Dead Body, it did)


Last year I wrote about Walgreens taking over the old Border’s Bookstore (with floor plans). Many people said it would never happened, especially the City. They really wanted a high end store to go in this location.

I told you that many companies looked at the space, but didn’t want it. They didn’t like the mezanine, the didn’t like the long distance it took to go from the front door to the 3rd floor. They didn’t like the steepish escalators. At the time Walgreens was changing its marketing concept, to a bigger, bolder, flagship model. They were going into a lot of the old Border’s Bookstores, covering up the windows as they would do with any of their popular brand named stores.

Months and a year went by, and finally the City and Walgreens brokered a deal, and what was opened today at Broad and Chestnut Streets is a beautiful store, with an eclectic collection of products that will appeal to all different purchasers. From Starbucks, to milk,  to original molding, Fro-yo, Twinkies, cosmetics, passport photos, prescriptions, chandeliers, to frozen pizza,  to windows showcasing more of a City view than even Border’s Bookstore did. A Walgreens like no other, where management and the City worked hard to reach an agreement which was best for Philadelphian’s.
 I love all these ode’s to our fair City
 munchies for the students that live in the dorms that line Broad Street
 Milk, but not raw milk. Mike will still have to head to the Reading Terminal for that.
 Batteries, memory cards, personal mp3 players, head phones

Make-up on the third floor

 with a view of the Ritz Hotel
 seasonal clothing
 Candles and Laundry Detergent

 When I initially posted the floor plans, there was a beer take-out, but now there’s just beer t-shirts
 The only DVD rental place for blocks
 The only over priced item I saw was the pretzels. If it’s between 7AM and 3PM, head over to Sue’s vendor truck at Broad & City Hall for a $.50 pretzel
 I remember writing about sushi being served, but I didn’t see any there.
 Hello gorgeous on the mezzanine!!
 And only $3.99 small, $4.99 for a large. It’s not weighed, just a small or large cup. That’s a bargain.
 The opening ceremony was full of suits
 There’s the mayor. He worked in a drugstore when he was younger, and he said this was not your mothers drugstore. This was modern, fresh and innovated. He said when this was a Border’s Book Store, he used to come in and feed his mind; now as a Walgreen’s he’ll be feeding his body, especially with some of the Walgreen healthy choice menu items.
 Salad Selections.
 Sandwiches and Salad prices, a very reasonable $3.99 to $5.99
(now we just need Dilworth Plaza to be finished so we can sit in the park and eat lunch)

 This is the first Walgreen’s that has local selections like Hershey’s, Water Ice, Pretzel’s.

 The line to get in wrapped around the corner at NOON

 Greeting cards, remember them. Plus there’s balloons and teddy bears as presents
 Gift Cards
 Frozen Pizza


Philadelphia Eagles
and ARAMARK, Lincoln Financial Field’s exclusive
food and beverage partner, secured three major culinary acquisitions in
the offseason, further expanding the stadium’s menu offerings for hungry
Eagles fans. 
Renowned chefs and restaurateurs, Jose Garces (Iron Chef
and owner of 15 restaurants including Amada and Distrito), Marc Vetri
(James Beard winner and Head Chef/Owner of Amis, Vetri, Alla Spina and
Osteria) and Peter McAndrews (Chef/Owner of Modo Mio, Monsu, Paesano’s
and Popolino) have each joined the Eagles’ roster and will offer
signature items to fans on the concessions and/or club levels of Lincoln
Financial Field.


 Vegetarian, Gluten-Free & Kosher Options

the most vegetarian-friendly NFL stadium the past two seasons (2012,
2011), Lincoln Financial Field continues to expand dining options for
fans with special dietary preferences. This year’s menu includes veggie
wraps, veggie steak sandwiches, vegetarian hot dogs, black bean burgers,
garden burgers, and hummus with carrot and celery sticks.  The menu
also features gluten-free hot dogs and rolls, snacks, juices and beer,
as well as gluten-free baked goods from Sweet Christine’s. There’s even a kosher food stand, featuring a kosher dog and other Kosher specialties

HeadHouse Plaza

The Dapper Dog, Distrito (Garces’ taco truck formerly known as Guapos Tacos) and Chewy’s food
trucks will be returning to HeadHouse Plaza, along with a rotation of
other popular Philadelphia food trucks.  Fans arriving early will also
find a wide selection of menu offerings including Bassett’s BBQ ribs,
jambalaya, chili and sandwiches and The Schmitter, on HeadHouse Plaza.


·         Mortadella Hot Dog with spicy pickles and cabbage relish (above)
·         North Philly Sausage Cheesesteak on a pretzel roll

·                             Veggie Burger with lettuce, tomato, red onion and cheddar

·         Paesano’s Brisket Sandwich – Beef brisket, horseradish mayo, roasted tomatoes, pepperoncino, sharp provolone and fried egg
·         Chicken Diavlo – Spicy chicken breast with salami, roasted tomatoes, broccoli rabe, herb cheddar spread and sharp provolone (above)
·         Tuscan Tony Hot Dog – Sopressata wrapped all-beef dog with Bolognese, sharp provolone and Italian long hots 

·     Meatloaf Parmesan – Crispy Italian-style meatloaf, red sauce, fresh mozzarella and sharp provolone (above)

·                            Zawzeech Sweet Italian Sausage Sandwich – Sweet Italian sausage with caramelized peppers & onions,  sharp provolone and pepperoncino

·         Tacos de Pollo – Chicken ropa vieja, queso fresco and crema
  Carnitas Tacos with pineapple jicama salsa, black beans and shaved radishes

·                            Homemade Guacamole, Salsa & Chips

 Mac and Grilled Cheese

NEW Local Favorites
Financial Field brings together Philadelphia’s favorite tastes and
flavors, all under one roof. New local items added to this season’s menu
·         Seasons Pizza available in all pizza stands in general concessions
·         Melt Down assorted grilled cheese sandwiches, sweet potato fries and tater tots 
·         Tony Luke’s Roast Pork Italian Sandwich
·         Chickie’s & Pete’s Buffalo Chicken Cheesesteak

·         Bassett’s
Original Burgers & Fresh Cut Fries,  The Mac n Cheese Burger &
The Picnic Burger – w/ pulled pork, coleslaw, cheese and BBQ sauce

Marc Vetri, Pete Ciarrocchi, Peter McAndrews, Tony Luke and Jose Garces wear the green.
Photos Courtesy of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Party Pixs: Ryan Howard “The Big Piece” Foundation Gala for Stand Up for Literacy

Last night at the Franklin Institute,


Ryan Howard and his new bride, Krystal Campbell Howard‘s foundation Ryan Howard “The Big Piece” Foundation, hosted The First Annual Comedy Night to benefit Stand Up for Literacy. (In the past, the Ryan Howard Family Foundation, donated over $1.2 million to
help put athletic uniforms and footwear on Philly school students)

 The night started off with a cocktail party, as Krystal and Ryan greeted their guests on the red carpet, and posed for photos with them. I really appreciated the warm welcome they gave me, especially since I was about 10 minutes late cause I couldnt make up my mind on whether to wear shorts or long pants. You know I’m chillaxing this summer. I chose pants as I knew it would look nicer, and it’s only polite too. I’ll wear shorts at the pool party I’m shooting on Thursday and Saturday.

 OK makes me think why isn’t Jenn Utley looking at me?
 Does she think I can read her mind, like when I guessed she was pregnant 3 years ago? 
Hmm what are your thoughts? Why would I get the side eye look? I think she’s three months glowing again, thoughts?
(My flash failed on the third shot that’s why it’s kinda dark.)
 Brothers Windstein: Kevin, Larry and Steven with Alicia McDade, and Mindy Brodie. They were so excited to celebrate the night, meet some of the Phillies and raise money for
 Joe and Soo Abboud
 Jacquie Craig, Anthony DelGaudio, Betty and Joseph DiGregorio, guest, Stephenie Lemma and Anthony Lemma
 And the band played on. Through that door was the VIP cocktail party, but I found many of the players in the main cocktail area mingling with guests.
Provided all of the entertainment. Billy Handy played the piano in the VIP
Lounge, Tony Forliano Jazz Trio played in the entrance way. The four of
us then joined together to play during dinner.
Always down to earth Jimmy and Johari Rollins. They really are the Mr and Mrs Philadelphia sports couple, they live here, their kids are going to go to school here, really super regular. Johari is from the Philadelphia area, as is Krystal Howard. Krystal’s family was all in attendance at the event last night.
 There was a great auction too. Lots interesting things.
Auctions are so hard to organize, so it’s not uncommon for charity galas to tap into a local auction house.
The home plate sold for $600 (I always wanted one. I once bid on one but was outbid. I do wonder, where would I put it?)
 Mike and Marietta Borinski have their eye on the prize for the Chase Utley signed bat.
 Tim Ginnettino, Tom Crane and Eileen Herncane, holding a Philles Candy Apple. (Thanks for reading PhillyChitChat too, I appreciate it.)
Ruben Amaro Jr. and girlfriend, Jami Schnell
 Krystal Howard executed the decoration of the entire room, and it was really gorgeous. When I was espousing how gorgeous the room was, friends of theirs told me she’s hand on with decorating their new house in Florida. She picks out several items and runs them by Ryan for his thoughts. I think she has great taste.
On the chairs for each guest was a Tshirt, a note book and a candy apple, which works so well since the event was raising money for literacy.

A Ryan Howard robe sold for $200
Jim Brown helmet went for $450
Lyn and David Montgomery is the part-owner, general partner, president, and chief executive officer of the Philadelphia Phillies
Cole and Heidi Hamels, another excellent community sports couple. I know they’re not having a great season, but as far as philanthropy and good role models, these two are right up there with the best. One of the MUST ATTEND EVENTS is

Diamonds & Denim Event which is
Thursday, August 15, 2013 at 6:30pm. It’s nearly sold out so get your tickets if your interested in going. 

Philadelphia School District
Superintendent Dr. William Hite is with the Hamels

Tracy and Drew Geisler
Samantha and Connor MacHugh with Michael DiSalvia

Nancy Velori, Brittney Shipp, NBC Meteorologist, Janine Leishear and Abbie Friedman
Joe and Kellie Gagliotti who own Joseph Anthony Salon (Glen Mills)

The Phillies Ball Girls: Michelle, MacKenzie, Rachal, Marcie and Taylor oh who did I forget?
Nice cake by the Cake Boss