Friday, April 26, 2013


 In my lifetime, since the time of Mayor Ed Rendell, Center City has been on fire. He made it a point to emphasize the revitalization of downtown, knowing that a substantial part of the City's tax base could be derived from tourist, residents and shoppers.

Bloomingdale's really wanted the Strawbridge spot, but sources tell me that officials think it will be easier to transform the Gallery & the quadrant closets to City Hall easier. Then it will be a trickle down effect through the rest of the stores. They are being wooed by everyone organization that knows a big department store like Bloomingdale's would make a difference, basically sending a message that Philly is the place to be.  

They also looked at Daffy's, but there was enough room there (Update June- I'm telling you Nordstrom Rack is going there.) Plus the City decision makers really want it at the Gallery. And I do too. I would not be making these statements if I didn't have reliable sources. This is a biggie. 

And Bloomie's is complimentary to Macy's. Both big box stores are located at Willow Grove and KOP Mall. My friends hit them both up there. Bringing Bloomies to Philly means they would stay in Philly to shop at both locations located down the street from each other. I'll personally visit each store monthly and tweet their sales. I want this to happen as much as the City does.
I should have tweeted Macy's had their one day sale today, I hear people cleaned up. It's still open til 8PM so you have time.

Moving the convention center from University City to Philly was definitely the catalyst for a lot of growth below City Hall's Market Street area
The Marriott's took over, other hotels popped up; Under Mayor Nutter, the transformation continues

 13th Street went from the red light district, to the red hot district
Now Chestnut street is starting to show some life between 12th and Broad Streets
The Gallery once the jewel of Market Street, took a nose dive in the last decade, and lately with a lot of bad press.
I hear that the Bloomingdale folks are interested in the Burlington Coat Factory location, which is on a year to year lease.
 They've been here 4 times, the last time they brought their lawyers and design team with them.

 I'll be sad to loose Burlington Coat Factory because to me that was supposed to start the revitalization of the Gallery, maybe they can move it to the KMart space since I read in the Phila Biz Journal their lease is up in 2014.

Why would Bloomies want the Burlington Coat Factory, and not the K Mart space you wonder? The 12th and Market Street area is hot, it's across the street from the headquarters of Aramark, it's near the convention center, the hotels, the red hot13th Street corridor, close to City Hall and it's complimentary to our other big downtown department store, Macy's, not competition my friends tell me, but a one two stop shopping adventure;
Several of my girlfriends said if Bloomies was down the street from Macy's, they'd no longer have to get in their cars to head to KOP or Willow Grove for Bloomingdale's and shop at the Macy's in the burbs. Instead in one shopping trip they could hit both stores. They love Macy's for their shoes, affordable clothing and perfume, specifically one said Angel, which can only be bought at Macy's; And they love Bloomies for their jewelery and divine ballroom gowns for the galas they attend. Sounds like a win, win. Let's see it happen.
Update July 2014: The City will not let Bloomingdale's tear down BCF. They are looking elsewhere, even thinking of building a standalone, we will keep you informed on the potential of Bloomingdale's in Center City.


Anonymous said...

Not to burst anyone's bubble, but IF the corporate folks at Macy's Inc./Bloomingdale's have been looking over the Burlington Coat Factory spot on Market East, it would be for a potential Bloomingdale's Outlet. That concept would fit in well with a Marshall's on the opposite side of Market East, and Ross, a few blocks east.

The recently released 2012 Macy's Inc., Annual Report mentions how well the Bloomingdale's Outlet concept is doing, and that they are planning to expand the store count quickly.


HughE Dillon said...

I think a Bloomingdale's anything would be warmly welcomed. It will help change the landscape of the Gallery, and hopefully trickle through the entire mall. Everyone avoids the Gallery like the plague. It's a shame it used to be the jewel of Center City.

Anonymous said...

Angel is sold at numerous retailers, including Bloomingdale's.

Anonymous said...

Any Bloomingdales will boost the reputation of the Gallery. That mall has a wonderful multi level design. Pre-Gallery days it was the department stores of Gimbels and Lit Brothers. Let's bring back Philly's reputation for having some upscale departments stores!