Saturday, November 3, 2012

Event: The Jimmy Rollins Family Foundation A Night in Paris

Congrats to Jimmy Rollins on his Fourth Golden Glove. Let's get together next week to celebrate ans well and raise money for a great charity.  You'll recall last year The Jimmy Rollins Family Foundation hosted Havana Nights.

The Jimmy Rollins Family Foundation has partnered with Prevent Child Abuse PA to host A Night in Paris at the National Constitution Center in Philadelphia on Monday, November 12, 2012, from 7:00 pm to 10:00 pm. Join us for a romantic evening reminiscent of old Paris! A Night in Paris will be an evening of culinary delights and live jazz to raise funds for Prevent Child Abuse PA.

Enjoy dishes from Chef J.C. Nuñez paired with aperitifs and fine wines. Plus, there will be a special performance by two celebrity dancers from ABC’s hit show, Dancing with the Stars. Exciting live and silent auction items will be available for bidding.
The event will be celebrity driven, as Jimmy Rollins of the Philadelphia Phillies will invite his friends from MLB, the NFL, NBA and NHL along with musicians, actors and television personalities to attend. These celebrities will join our key sponsors in an exclusive VIP area that features cigars and wine tastings.
Proceeds from A Night in Paris will benefit Prevent Child Abuse Pennsylvania with sponsorships ranging from $25,000.00 – $5,000.00 and individual tickets for $300.00 each. For more information, please contact Kimberly Crossett at ICON Sports Group, Century City, CA: 310-525-3755 or

Friday, November 2, 2012

Photos: Stradley Ronon Cocktail Party for Association for Corporate Growth

Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP private cocktail reception for our local financial clients and friends, held in conjunction with ACG Philadelphia’s 10th annual M&A East Conference. This year’s theme was “Circ du Stradley” held at Circ Restaurant-Philadelphia Downtown Marriott on Tuesday, Oct. 16, 2012 from 7 – 11 p.m., 

attended by more than 225 guests and featured a “Cirque du Soleil” style performance provided by EBE Events & Entertainment.

Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP partners and hosts Todd C. Vanett and Mike P. Bonner greet the guests

 Lori Buchanan Goldman, Christine M. McDevitt, Thomas Sikora, and Gretchen Santamour
Christine McDevitt, Kaitlin Piccolo, Douglas Grimm, Dugan Lawrence, and Ryan McKenzie
 Atif Bostic, David Connor, Maria Wing, Daniel Wiekrykas, and James Sibel 
David Rivkind, Todd Vanett, Richard Zacher , and John DePledge, SVP-Head of Business Development-Asset Based Lending - TD Bank, N.A.

 Thomas Lynch, NFI Industries, Christine McDevitt, and Christopher Rosenbleeth
 David Gill, Joseph Svetik, First Star Savings Bank, and Elijah Gray
“Circ du Stradley” hired a performer to entertain the guests. The performer juggled dishes as well as many fascinating acts, like jump roping on a ball, without one mishap.
 Mark Gerber, Pricewaterhousecoopers LLC and Frederick Raccosta, Hilco
 Kenneth Frank, Laura Lombardo, Rob Weber and Jacquelynn Russell  Key Accounts Business Executive at Humana Vitality LLC

 Nate Koonce, Attorney at Stradley Ronon, Maria Wing, Attorney at Stradley Ronon and Atif Bostic, Director of The Urban League of Philadelphia
 Joe Tammaro, Gary Bagin, Michael Forte, Trish Cashman,  Senior Development Officer at United Way of Greater Philadelphia and Southern New Jersey,  Ron Matthew, Greater Philadelphia Market President, TD Bank and Timothy Boyle
Ronald Matthew, Greater Philadelphia Market President at TD Bank, Gail Kasper, Philadelphia Visitors Channel television and Motivational Speaker, Ray Pennacchia, Novacare and Mary Pat Kessler, VP at Willis and Darrel A. German. TD Bank. Senior Vice President. Philadelphia Regional Lending 
Todd C. Vanett, Caroline Gorman, Associate of Stradley Ronon Stevens & Young, LLP and Mike P. Bonner


Last month Del Frisco's Double Eagle Steakhouse and Seafood Restaurants hosted a big Italian Dinner paired with Pio Cesare wine, and cooked by Mrs. Claire Furino, otherwise known as Del Frisco regional manager Richie Furino's mom.

Mrs. Furino’s Wine Dinner proved to be an extremely special event. Friends and family of Del Frisco’s dined on course after course of delicious Italian specialties prepared by Mrs. Claire Furino with the help of Mark Mednansky, CEO of Del Frisco’s Restaurant Group and her son recently promoted Regional Manager Richie Furino.

Specials guests like Food Network’s Marc Summers,(l) and Fox29’s Mike Jerrick (2nd from r)with David Neff , Neff & Assocs, and Rich Furino, washed down each dish with a specially paired Pio Cesare wine. Food aside, nothing compared to the incredible generosity of the guests.
The proceeds from each plate sold raised $3,500, which Del Frisco’s matched to make a total donation of $7,000 to charity partner – the most up-to-date, reliable source for information on breast cancer. A cause close to everyone’s hearts with Mrs. Furino and Mark’s wife Shelly Mednansky both being breast cancer survivors. 

Shelly Mednansky and Mark Mednansky, CEO of Del Friscos 

However, the excitement and generosity did not end there. Gary Johnson (2nd from right, and with his family), a lifelong friend of Richie Furino's stood to announce he would match the total donations of $7,000 on one condition - if Mark Mednansky would do the same. He of course obliged. Another close friend of the restaurant made an anonymous donation of $5,000 as well.
Streetgazing's Big Rube and Christine Krzyzanowski, Two Affix. Check out a photo exhibition
with Reuben ‘Big Rube’ Harley as Replica Creative Hosts ‘Replica After Dark’
- Friday, November 16, 2012, 6:00p.m.-8:00p.m.-

The team was shocked at the incredible turn of events and graciously accepted the donations. Rita Lusen, VP of Corporate Partnerships and Marketing for, rushed over from her board meeting a few blocks away to join the excitement and bond with and thank Mrs. Furino and the guests. The charitable event was capped off when Del Frisco’s wait staff working the party elected to pull their tips from the evening and donate them to as well. The night ended on a high note with almost $30,000 being donated to

Rich Furino, Rita Lusen, Mike Jerrick, Mrs Furino, Mark Summers, Mark Mednansky, CEO of Del Friscos and David Neff, Neff & Assocs.

Did you know according to the Liquor Control Board, Del Frisco's has the busiest bar in the City, and that's just based on the wine and spirits sales but not beer. In 2011 over $879,000 in sales occurred. Cheers!
That is a bowl of meatballs and sausage in the middle of the table, beyond the delicious pasta.
OMG lambshank

Homemade pizzelles and cookies.
The best Tiramisu ever. Light, airy delicious.
 The Furino's are grateful for all your support.

Photos: Liberty Resources Gala honors Freedom Taxi

Liberty Resources is a great non-profit that helps disabled persons live at home. They held their awards dinner at the Sheraton Society Hill last Wednesday night. They honored PA Sate Representative Gene DiGirolama who is a strong advocate for persons with disabilities.  And Freedom Taxi for finally bringing Wheelchair enabled Taxis into the Philadelphia market which has been long overdue.

 Tim Martin and Karin Harris Director of Development Vision for Equality
 PA Sate Representative Gene DiGirolama

 I took sign language for about 3 years. It's a beautiful, but difficult language to master.  You have to exercise your hands to keep them flexible to do the signs, or they can become fatigued. It was great to have her there.
 Tom Earle CEO of Liberty Resources, Everett Abitbol President of Freedom Taxi, PA Sate Representative Gene DiGirolama.
Tina Johnson and Joe DeCandido Strategic Marketing Director of Advent

Janet Fiore, PA Sate Representative Gene DiGirolama, and Amy Sloan.
 Liberty Resources employee Chico Ross with Connie Reagin
 Tracey Kilcullen and Karen Boyle
 Ray Crawford and Phyllis Azur
Marsha E. Thrower Chairwoman of Liberty Resources and Jennel Blanks. Marsha’s bumper sticker lets people know she would rather go to jail than die in a nursing home

Thursday, November 1, 2012

"The Upstairs Supper Club" at Serafina, Philadelphia With Jen Creed First Fridays

A Little Night Music: Join songstress Jen Creed tomorrow night at "The Upstairs Supper Club" at Serafina, Philadelphia

Friday night Jen Creed Sings Broadway. 

Jen Creed sings Over the Rainbow 
Next Show Dec 7 - Holiday Songbook; Jan 5 - Frank Sinatra
Press inquirers: Christie Honigman, Principal, The Honigman Group.

Photos: Henri David Halloween Ball 2012

PS Please don't take your photo off for 24hrs. Thanks

The Henri David Ball kicked off it's 44th year last night. It started as a small gathering at Henri's house and great into a gigantic community Halloween party, and a must attend on anyone's bucket list as much as the Castro Halloween Party, Greenwich Village Halloween Parade or Key West's Fantasy Fest. Although the crowds were down a bit because of Hurricane Sandy, the spirit wasn't dampened as droves of people made it to the annual fest held at the Sheraton City Center at 17th and Vine Streets.

 My Mike Toub (it was our 15th year at Henri David. In 2004 + 2005 I went to the Castro as I lived in San Francisco on a work assignment then, and in 2006 I went to NYC as I lived there.) Mike always dresses political; (except the one year we were OJ and police car. He was an OJ container I was a police car created from a box. We both wore roller blades and skated around the PA Convention Center, where Henri David was held that year.) This year mike was a binder of Romney flip flops with the master of ceremonies Henri David

Romney web of lies with Mike's binder of flip flops

 Florence Nedell, Phyllis Mass and Renee Reichart run the VIP Table

Paul Struck, Henri David's partner of 15 years. They met a this party too.
 Sunny Carroll

 Hurricane Sandy is still hanging around

This guy comes every year and always has a clever costume. It's a voting maching, the left sign says if you are a gay, black, Hispanic, liberal or a vegetarian you need ID to vote. The right sign says, if you are a Republican you do not need ID. Then the machined tallied the nights voting. Seems nearly 300 Democrats had ID on them somewhere. 128 Republicans didn't need any ID to vote. I was surprised as a veteran he entered the wrong category - Most Hysterical. He should have entered

 The pre show entertainment

Ladies man and super columnist, the revered Stu Bykofsky -
 VIP Security - Dick Mass and Andrew Brathwaite
 Tina Montgomery opens the show with a little Patti LaBelle
 Most Original Couples take the stage to be Judge
 Not everyone enters the contests,

 even though their costumes are spectacular
 Katy Perry and Kevin Bacon
 Lance Armstrong, notice the IV in his arm
 Four more years
 Diana Ross and Vin Diesel
 Most Believable and Most Spectacular Female Impersonator contestants
 These are all men

 These guys entered themselves in the wrong category, Henri used to pull folks out of line and tells them to wait for Most Unbelievably Spectacular. They would have won. Henri even said from the stage there were some people who chose the wrong category. I guess he had to stop pulling them out for some reason.  They entered - Best Period Piece, I think

Up for the Most Unbelievably Spectacular contest. I thought he was really great.

Most Unbelievably Spectacular - he did Eagle good

 The winners - first is the Most Believable and Most Spectacular Female Impersonator on right

Most Horrifying

 Most Original Couple
 Most Decadent
Best Period Piece
 Most Hysterical

 Best Celebrity Look A Like - She made the whole dress herself. The judges love that. SO make sure if you enter next year, and you've made your costume yourself, tell the judges.
The guy on the right won the nights over all prize.

The winner of Most Unbelievably Spectacular unfortunately something went wrong with the numbers and someone else also had #194
The Eagle (r), who had to be Kanye West restrained and removed from the stage. 

This is how the contests go, and what you can expect in 2013 when you go. This is the Most Hysterical Category.