Saturday, October 6, 2012

EVENT: King of Prussia Beerfest Royale - TODAY - Photos from Last Night

The 1st Annual King of Prussia Beerfest Royale preview party was held last night,

 it featured two beer tents, a midway outdoor plaza (sponsored by Valley Forge Convention & Visitors Bureau) filled with delicious concessions and other activities, live music and much more! Presented by the King of Prussia Business Improvement District (KOP-BID). Visit for additional information.

There's a contest to win a trip to Germany. The adventure of a lifetime will begin with round-trip
airfare from Philadelphia, PA to Frankfurt, Germany.
Guests will experience the culture of Germany via their
own compact, manual transmission rental car with
unlimited mileage, exploring the sites of Germany
including ½ day sightseeing tours in a variety of cities.
Five luxurious nights of accommodations, daily
breakfast, a $100 American Express Gift card, and a
Germany guidebook, city maps and driving maps will
complete this getaway. Return airfare from Munich,
Germany to Philadelphia, PA will bring guests back
home to the States.
To enter, Beerfest Royale guests can purchase a six-pack of raffle tickets for $20 during the
entire festival weekend. The winner will be selected at the completion of Saturday, October 6
Session 2. The winner will have 10 days to claim the prize.
Lots of delicious craft beer and food
Local Business' offering their wares.
hmm cupcakes
Extra mugs for souvenirs or double fisting for only $10
The two Saturday General Admission sessions (12:30pm-4pm and 5pm-8:30pm) offer a more casual, festival atmosphere and are currently on sale for $45 per person. Purchases of six tickets or more will also qualify for the “six-pack discount.” All attendees will receive a KOP Beerfest Royale tasting glass for unlimited beer samples during their session.
Craft Beer
Plenty of room and parking, since it's in the KOP Mall Parking lot. The Mall not the court. It's along Rt 202
You'll have to bring your own pretzel necklace
There will be bands, so bring your dancing shoes cause after a few brewskies you might want to do a jig
You do have to buy tickets to the two different sessions. It's the last day of "Summer" why not go to them both. There's lots of porta potties on site, with running water, just sayin'
Get there early for the couches. It'll be like partying in your living room.


King of Prussia District (KOP-BID) is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit, special services organization. KOP-BID engages
public and private partners to collaboratively improve the economic environment in King of Prussia by making it
more vibrant, attractive and prosperous.
Event Website:
Twitter: @KOPBeerfest

Friday, October 5, 2012


Earlier this week I attended the University City District (UCD), the neighborhood improvement and economic development organization in West Philadelphia,  The State of University City 2012, conference at World Cafe in University City.
It's amazing the growth of University City District has done in the past few years.   While the City was looking to other areas in the City to be the next hot neighborhood, UCD was steady as they go and should now be bestowed with the hot Philadelphia neighborhood title.

Josh Kopelman, First Round Capital
Craig Carnaroli, University of Pennsylvania
Joe Reagan, Wexford Science and Technologies
Curt Hess, The Science Center
Matt Bergheiser, University City District

University City, the 2.4 square mile area just west of the Schuylkill River, has become a place where Philadelphia’s future is happening today. It’s a boomtown with roughly 70,000 jobs and $3 billion in current real estate projects.  Each year, neighborhood institutions are investing more than $1 billion dollars in R&D spending into new cures and innovation, and University City is now home to 27 acres of new green space created in the last year alone. Global innovators, venture capitalists, Iron Chefs, and three hotels all call University City home.(Source)
 Built on the indispensable foundation of clean and safe, UCD has steered its work to match the vision of its partners, and to create new possibilities for the neighborhood. From The Porch at 30th Street Station to parklets and pedestrian plazas to transforming public space with art and even a neighborhood composting facility, UCD continues to put its stamp on one of the most vibrant and vital neighborhoods in the region.

Real Estate Development
·        The number of hotel rooms in University City increased to 759 in 2012, a jump of 18% propelled by the opening of the Homewood Suites by Hilton.
·        Approximately 2.4 million SF of new development is currently under construction, representing approximately $1.3 billion in investment.
·        Approximately 2.3 million SF of new development is planned for construction in the next 1-2 years representing hundreds of millions of additional dollars.
·        Including planned projects, more than 27 acres of new green space will have been added in 2011 and 2012.

Commercial Vitality
·        Despite the slow national economy in 2011, new retail and dining options continued to flourish in University City. Overall, University City’s vacancy rate for ground floor commercial spaces fell from 11.3% to 10.6% as the number of restaurants, cafes and bakeries increased by 5.3% and the number of stores increased by 5.5%. Those totals include 19 new dining and drinking establishments in University City.
·        In 2011, University City saw an 8% increase in restaurant and sidewalk seating representing an increase in sidewalk and retail vitality.
·        Pedestrian counts continue to grow, particularly on University City’s commercial corridors, including Baltimore Avenue, where the number of pedestrians has increased by 99% at peak times over five years.
·        UCD’s signature events such as University City Dining Days presented by Wells Fargo, and the Baltimore Avenue Dollar Stroll, which bring thousands of new faces to our commercial corridors and shops, are vastly increasing sales for our local merchants.

Employment and Office Space
·        With roughly 70,000 employees, University City accounts for approximately 12% of the city’s total employment, a number that has been increasing consistently.
·        The office market continues to be among the strongest in the region with a vacancy rate of 8.8%, third lowest among 29 regional submarkets.
There was a board there where people could write their hopes, dreams and plans for what University City should look like in the next 15 years.

·        University City universities have increased their R&D expenditures in science and engineering by 83% in the last 10 years and by 316% in the last 20 years.
·        University City researchers received more than 44% of all NIH funding distributed statewide, as well as more than $42 million from the National Science Foundation, an increase of more than 5% from 2010.

A Neighborhood of Choice
·        Median home prices have risen dramatically – more than tripling over ten years - and held their value despite the national housing downturn.
·        Enrollment at University City institutions continues to climb, 6% in the last five years, and tellingly, the percentage of graduate students choosing to live in University City has risen dramatically
·        The population of young and educated people in University City has increased dramatically as the total population continues to grow: Residents aged 20-34 increased by nearly 21% between 2000 and 2010; More than 54% of UC residents have a Bachelor’s Degree or above, representing an increase of nearly 41% since 2000; UC’s population grew by 2.6% since 2000 and 4.9% since 1990.
·        Growth in income is outpacing that in the city overall. Average household income grew by 49% since 2000, compared to 23% in the city overall.
·        Thanks to our density, excellent public transit service, and extensive network of bicycle lanes, University City residents overwhelmingly commute without using private vehicles, in stark contrast to the city or nation overall – nearly 66% commute by walking, public transit, or bicycle, compared to 36% in Philadelphia overall and 8% nationally.
  At UCD, we believe that University City’s future is critical to the future of our city and region, and that the unique assets, opportunities and environment here are both an engine of prosperity and an exemplar of community.   UCD promotes a world class, vibrant University City through major investments in public space development, public maintenance and public safety, by connecting entrepreneurs and residents to economic opportunity, and through the creation and management of destination events. This publication illustrates the exciting progress of the neighborhood and the impact of University City District. To obtain copies, contact the UCD by phone at 215-243-0555 or by email at
Lori Klein Brennan, Director of Marketing and Communications
University City District - Most of the information on this page came directly from the Press Release as it was much more extensive than my brain could comprehend besides, wow University City is a hot neighborhood to live in. So much going on. I love that Porch!!


This photo has nothing to do with it. I just took it the night I went to the party, or the day after I think.

Thanks to:

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RAW TALENT: Taragirl & June Divided - Girls Rock!!

RAW is an organization for artists, by artists, that showcases emerging talent in art, fashion, music, film, hair, makeup, photography and performing art across the U.S.

RAW: natural born artists is an independent arts organization, for artists, by artists. Raw is held the first Thursday of every month in over 54 cities across the United States and Australia.
 Our mission is to provide independent artists within the first 10 years of their career with the tools, resources and exposure needed to inspire and cultivate creativity.
 Rob C

Ian Michael Crumm and Mariel Rojo looking dope
 We welcome all genres of art including independent film, fashion, music, visual art, performing art, hairstylists, makeup artists and more.
Neverland Glamour - Wendie Hetherington. Hostess Maria Papadakis enjoying the Zombies

 Lobo Mau - by designer Nicole Haddad
 The fashion director for Raw. He says it all with his eyes and hand gestures. I could watch him all night. You can see his fashion approval or disapproval on his face with each piece.
The crowd - diverse, attractive, fun, friendly. If you're looking for something different I would recommended attending one of these events.

Go with friends or alone. Conversation is always happening cause art is happening.
  Lobo Mau - by designer Nicole Haddad (L)
 Emily Phlung and Darren. Emily commutes to NYC to work, everyday. Crazy. i remember those days and know how hard that is.

 TARAGIRL - Love Her. When is she going to be "discovered?"

Grayson Papa (c) or as I like to call him my old office mate. As paralegals our cubes were right next to each other. Fun times.
 Anthony Chad and Mel Slim
Anthony once invited me to his show at the James Oliver Gallery, and I declined. I love Chad's talent, but the 5 floor walk up at JOG brings back nightmare memories of my 6 floor walk up when I lived in NYC and I just can't revisited anything more than a 3 floor walk up or I have a demonic seizure.  I was much thinner then cause I never grocery shopped.

 A nice crowd always shows up, and on the RAW nights the lights are brought up to actually see your neighbors face
 Is that John Mayer?
 Andrea and Vincent DelMastro.  Andrea tells me she's my number 1 fan, reading me from day 1. Then she told me which of my entries were her favorites. She and Vincent have been married for 2 years, but were dating for 15 years before that; they wanted to make sure.  They were out for the night as they had gone to Winthrope & Valentine at the Westin. Delicious, unique preparation of the steak. Next up Le Castagne & Budukan next week.  Vincent was one of the construction workers that worked on Hotel Monaco. He loves the finished project, telling me the hotel rooms really reflect America and the historic area of Philly. I can't wait to see them at the dedication on Thursday.
 Artist Ann Desimon (r) and her mom Karen.
 WOW I was completely blown away by the performance of June Divided. They are on the fast track to mass appeal.

 Check out next months Raw: Artist at G Lounge November 1, 2012. Check out their webpage for more info here.