Friday, August 24, 2012

Diner en Blanc at Swann Fountain - Videos and Photos

And the trek to dinner begins. Doesn't look like it was much trouble to tote the elements used in a picnic to the destination.

The participants turned it out

Dan Reinherz and Hadas Kuznits start the romantic evening with a kiss

The life of the party Tim Adams
Stormy Lundy, Special Events Reading Terminal Market, Chef Christina Wilson, on current season of Hell's Kitchen, and standing is her girlfriend Sara Ann Kelly, PR (Update: Congratulations on Christina's win on Hell's Kitchen. I kinda thought so since she left her job. The gals are going to have a wonderful life, I wish them well in Las Vegas.)

Sara Ann Kelly, PR 
Sarah Doheny, YUBpr and John Soden

Sparklers and the start of dancing (still getting used to the camera, you might need Dramamine.)

Look who I caught dancing in this 5 minute clip

Then there was the final song

Thursday, August 23, 2012

Jay Z's Concert on the Parkway - Made in America Festival Traffic Alerts, Street Closures ie basically stay away from the Parkway btwn 8/30 & 9/4

Labor Day Weekend will mark the first time in Philadelphia history that the Parkway will host a large scale ticketed and gated event, the Made in America Festival. The Festival is scheduled for September 1st and 2nd with setup having started this week. 

Planners have announced that the performances will begin at 2pm and end by 11pm each day of the event. A double fence system will be used to keep individuals without tickets outside of the festival area, which stretches from the Art Museum to 22nd Street and Pennsylvania Avenue to Park Town Place. Philadelphia Police beacons will be setup between City Hall and Logan Circle as well as a presence of Police and private security along the perimeter of the festival. 

(Live 8 was held here too, the City did an amazing job on the organization of that event. I live right there, I know.)
Pink means road closed, blue means no parking.

In addition, a number of street closures will be in effect including 22nd, 23rd, 24th, and 25th Streets from Pennsylvania to Fairmount Avenues as well as Pennsylvania Avenue and Spring Garden Street from 20th to 25th Streets. Residents who live along the closed streets will need to show ID in order to enter those streets by vehicle.

Thursday, Aug. 30:

•6 a.m.-10 a.m.-All center lanes on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be closed until Monday, September 3.

•2:30 p.m.-6:30-The Benjamin Franklin Parkway outer lanes will be open for access to Kelly and Martin Luther King drives.

Friday, Aug. 31:

•6 a.m.-10 a.m.-Traffic will continue on MLK Drive to the outer lanes of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and to Interstate-676.

•Kelly Drive will be diverted at Fairmount Avenue.

•After 10 a.m., the eastbound outer drive of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be closed to vehicular traffic, from Eakins Oval to 20th Street.

•2:30 p.m.-6:30 p.m.-The westbound outer drive of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be open to traffic and will lead to Kelly and Martin Luther King drives

•At 6:30 p.m., the entire event area will be closed to vehicle traffic until Monday , September 3.

Saturday, September 1 and Sunday, September 2:

Concert performances begin at 2 p.m. and will end at 11 p.m. both days. Beginning at 6 a.m., roads in the area of the event will be closed to non-resident traffic, including:

•21st street between Arch and Spring Garden

•22nd Street between Arch and Fairmount

•23rd Street between Parkway and Fairmount

•24th Street from Fairmount to Pennsylvania

•25th Street from Fairmount to Pennsylvania

•Spring Garden between 20th and 31st Streets (including Spring Garden Street tunnel)

•Kelly Drive from 23rd Street to Fairmount

•Martin Luther King Drive from Falls Bridge to the Parkway

•Pennsylvania Avenue from Hamilton Street to Fairmount Avenue

•Pennsylvania Avenue closed, from 2000 block of Pennsylvania Ave./Callowhill Street, west of Whole Food lot

•Park Towne Place from 22nd Street to 24th Street

While the Benjamin Franklin Parkway and intersections adjacent to the festival perimeter will remain closed, including 21st and 22nd streets at the Parkway, intersections beyond the immediate festival area are expected to open to traffic after midnight

Traffic patterns are expected to return to normal late Monday night or early Tuesday morning, in time for Tuesday morning rush hour between 6 a.m. and 10 a.m.

SEPTA and NJTransit will operate under normal weekend schedules. Festival ticket-holders and others planning to visit the parkway are urged to use public transportation to get in and out of Center City during the festival weekend, due to the road closures.

The Mayor's Office also says the city will provide a heavy police presence during the concert. Three Philadelphia Police beacons will be positioned outside the festival showing where officers are deployed to assist festival goers. The beacons will be on the northeast corner of 17th Street and the Parkway, the southeast corner of 18th and the Parkway and the western entrance to Logan Circle between 19th and 20th Streets.

For a schedule of setup and street closures, click here.

Access to the event is only available to festival ticket holders. Tickets for both days are still available. You can purchase them through Ticketmaster or Live Nation. Proceeds from the concert will benefit local United Way organizations.

For more information on the festival, visit the Made in America website.

Saturday - 2012 City of Hope Walk for Hope at Bankwerx by Conestoga Bank

Register for the 2012 City of Hope Walk for Hope at Bankwerx by Conestoga Bank at 1632 Walnut Street this Saturday from 11AM to 3PM. All registrants receive a great gift bag and are entered to win prize's during the day.

HopeCuts 2012 Mid-Atlantic is coming on September 23, 2012. Participating salons from Virginia to New York will be hosting HopeCuts to assist City of Hope in continuing its groundbreaking research, treatment and education programs

Miley Cyrus' Trek Through Philly on Tuesday - Party in the USA!

I was having so much fun at Starbucks on Tuesday shooting Paranoia that I passed on at least 3 Miley Cyrus' tips, but thank you to my tipsters. Miley started her day early hitting Starbucks at 8AM, no doubt having one of those sleeps I get about 4 hours. Then she hit up the historic area, I have reports of her at Independence Hall, The Liberty Bell, Then she went to the Betsy Ross House late afternoon and over to Elfreth's Alley.  Carolyn Santamauro was whipping up some pastry and invited Miley and her 2 friends in. One of the friends I've read is Liam's bud from Australia, so don't read too much into it.  (Eater Philly has the story.)

Later I got reports that Miley was walking down 2nd Street, crossed over Market and

Then like a young hip chick, Miley headed for a little retail therapy on South Street, finally finding her way back to Philadelphia AIDS Thrift at 710 S.5th S. (I was one of the first volunteers when the store was founded by Peter Hiler, Tom Brennan and Christina Kallas in 1992, and helped them set it up behind Hiler's shop - The Book Trader when it was located at 7th & South Streets.)
So fun. I volunteered every Sunday and Wednesday for 3 years, before I got burned out. But I have a lot of cool shoes that I picked up during that period.

Party in the USA, I'm gonna miss covering Miley & her fans in Philly. I kinda wish I had left Starbucks to see her one last time, but after chatting with her Saturday night I feel I broke the 4th wall and I really didn't want to invade her personal space, especially since she thanked me for respecting it. In fact last night I had a chance to shoot Harrison Ford walking down Walnut St, but I walked across the street and just observed him for a few minutes before I headed to Le Castagne for dinner with friends.

A texting Liam "Miley where are you?"
This is one of the shots I got while Miley ran around town helping our economy and getting her history on. My Philly Mag column. 

Next week I'll be on Fox 29's Good Day with my wrap up of Paranoia & Miley. I have a couple fun stories I haven't told, and will be doing a post on about it and well I did sell my story to one of the glossy magazines that will be coming out I think Friday. But I can't comment on what it's about, but it will answer some of the questions you ask me about.

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Brian Sims, Politician, Bartender, Victory Fund Pennsylvania state Rep. Brian Sims

Earlier this month I attended a Victory Fund Fundraiser for Democratic nominee for the Pennsylvania House of Representatives in the 182nd district, Brian Sims at his headquarters on Broad Street.
The Gay & Lesbian Victory Fund is an American political action committee dedicated to increasing the number of openly LGBT public officials in US political life. Victory Fund endorses LGBT candidates for local, state and federal office across the nation. In order to qualify for the endorsement, candidates must demonstrate “community support and a realistic plan to win,” and back LGBT civil-rights efforts, as well as privacy and reproductive-freedom issues.

Brian spoke to the 50+ strong crowd and said how important it was to have a GLBT person at the table when policy was being created. As the saying goes it's imperative that you be part of the discussion instead of being discussed. L-R Harvey L Hurdle, (Here's an interesting NY Times article where Harvey is featured, about the diff in money if gay couples could marry.) Sherrie Cohen, Chris Dietz, Brian Sims and Angela Giampolo, Giampolo Law Group
Victory Fund Board Member  Susan Atkins, VF Campaign Board Member Angela Giampolo, Victory Fund Board members Harvey Hurdle,

Duane Perry, James Duggan, QueerTimes and Arthur Kaplan and Paul Steinke , General Manager of the Reading Terminal Marketsince 2001. So imagine all those great changes to the RTM happened under his guidance. Just sayin'

Councilman James Kenny, Autumn Bayles, an Aramark vice president and head of the Forum of Executive Women and Michael P Williams, Sr Attorney City Law Department.
Sims encouraged the attendees to support Chris Dietz, an openly gay man who’s also running for the legislature in Central PA, 
For a much more comprehensive report on the
TONIGHT: Please join Brian Sims – nominee from the 182nd district and soon to be the first openly gay person elected to the General Assembly - tomorrow for Happy Hour at R2L where he will be guest bartending for his favorite charity, Equality Pennsylvania! R2L
Two Liberty 50 S. 16th Street, 37th Floor - Ask to see Table 94, The Barbra Streisand Table, now the Harrison Ford Table too.6PM

Join celebrity bartenders Philadelphia City Councilman At Large Jim Kenney, Philadelphia Business Journal publisher Lyn Kremer and IBA President Evan Urbania - A portion of the bar proceeds from this event will be donated to the IBA/Sapphire Fund Scholarship Program. 8/29/12 6PM

Tuesday, August 21, 2012


The other day I was just randomly running by the Ritz Carlton and came across a dozen fans waiting for Victoria Justice. I had never heard of the Disney star, but I thought let me get a few action shot of the Nickolodeon actress with her fans.

Oh my 3 hrs later Victoria finally came out
She didn't disappoint as she posed and signed for the nearly 20 tweens waiting for her.

and a couple non tweens.

 To the left is the Daddy Fan Girl that I tweeted about. Are you following me on Twitter yet. I chat about celebrity sightings, and other interesting tidbits happening in Philly. Check me out at @iphillychitchat
This is my favorite shot. I love that even when she was this close to the door of the bus she posed for one last shot.  Check out my Philly Mag Column today for the Philadelphia Geek Awards, should be live by 11AM - it's under The Scene section here.
Also I posted yesterday's Fox 29 celeb segment about Miley Cyrus and Patty Jackson's events here.
Paranoia is filming at 12th and Walnut today, the street is closed, both the 1100 block of Walnut and 12th between Sansom and Locust Streets. Stores are open though.

Monday, August 20, 2012

Walnut St Closed for Paranoia Filming on Tuesday - All Business are open on the Street

About 2 weeks ago signs went up at 6th and Walnut stating that Walnut Street would be closed from 11th to 13th and 12th Streets from Sansom to Locust.  At first I thought it was because of all the great repaving they're doing, but then after a watching them pave the many streets I noticed they don't really close the streets for that all day long.

I had seen the signs before and it could only mean one thing, yeah outdoor filming of Paranoia. I went to the street last week to investigate. First I wanted to find out if the businesses were opened, so I could get the word out. Last time when they filmed for Dead Man Down on Walnut Street many people thought those business were closed, and they weren't. I am here to tell you all the stores and restaurants are open except for Caribou Cafe.  Now the Irish Bar next to Beasley Law Firm was unsure of their status as the details hadn't been ironed out with the film crew yet. But they are open, they probably won't be serving outside.

They'll be shooting the movie in and out of the Beasley Building. To some of us it will always be the 2nd story, a club where we partied all night long back up until 1996. 
Filming is the exterior of this building, and interior of Caribou Cafe. Filming is from sometime between 6AM til 11PM.

CONGRATS TO ALYCIA LANE ON HER EMMY WIN, and cray cray Lawsuit Ahead for ya gal

Former CBS3 reporter Alycia Lane won her 2nd Emmy in a row at her new station for NBC4's popular morning newscast “Today in LA”. Randomly I found this advertisement on the world wide web. Crazy someone could just lift your photo and drop it into an advertisement. 
I found the above picture in Google Images.

 Calling Paul R. Rosen - Spector Gadon & Rosen, PC

Here's the entire advertisement:

Sunday, August 19, 2012

PARANOIA WRAP PARTY WAS HELD TONIGHT with Miley Cyrus & Liam Hemsworth in attendence

The entire cast ate at R2L including Miley Cyrus Saturday night.  Liam Hemsworth is a gentleman, the whole event was memorable. Thanks to him I got the pictures. At first the director said no photos tonight, but I was like when, this is your wrap party. Then Liam said it's ok, he's fine. Harrison Ford agreed and then they said I could take one more more composed shot.

I think Harrison Ford is wondering where his hair is, he cut it off for the movie.
Which is this one. You might see this on the blogs, but this is the original. Amber Heard is to the right. Can u see Miley, over Harrison Ford's shoulder. She didn't want to be in the photo, so I didn't implore her. I would have loved one,a s there are none of her and him with this haircut, but karma. And an hour later my good karma came back to me.

Update: Disney Info Net says it was also Luketic's bday, and the gang sang Happy Birthday there. 
Then the whole gang went over to G Lounge for a night cap. I had a nice chat with Miley Cyrus there. She thanked me for respecting her privacy ie not take her pix when she said. I had at least 3 chances to photograph them and I could just tell it wasnt the place, Plus she thanked me for all the nice things I said on my outlets including PhillyMag, PhillyChitChat and  Fox 29. And wanted to tell the fans she loved them, loved Philly and had a great time here. It was a great 2 minutes of my life. I'm all about karma.  Here's my clip for Good Day Philly today.
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