Friday, August 3, 2012


Thanks to you, it's like loosing a member of the family. You grew up before our eyes, got married and started a family. You helped bring the World Series to Philly after a 28 year drought. You were generous with your time and your charity. You were always generous to me and my publications.
 My favorite Shane story. He was at Rouge after a game with a few friends. The place was packed, it was a Thursday night. I go in with friends, the Mayor sits nearby. Some guy comes over and says hey Shane wants to say hi to you, he's at the front table. I said "me?", yeah he wanted me to get the bald guy. I said oh he must have meant the Mayor he's over there. The guy walks away, I go outside and start chatting with someone. I hear Shane yell, "Hey HughE, why didn't you come over to say hi. I sent my friend over, I wanted to invite you to sit at my table." I was like shocked, then said. "Oh he asked for the bald guy, usually people call me the big guy." Well from there on out, he always went out of his way to say hi or acknowledge me, and for a budding social photographer that means a lot.  At the last Shane Victorino event I received a nice note that said Shane hasn't heard from you yet, he wants to make sure you're coming, to the "Shane Victorino Foundation Fashion Show", he really thinks highly of you. I went, and was always planning to go, I'm just so bad at keeping up with my emails, now I have an assistant, yeah!! I'm sad for me, him, his family and especially for Philly. We took a hit on this one.
OMG we celebrated as a City after you cane on board. You brought a sense of excitement on and off the field, then the Phillies traded you. Such a shock. I'll miss covering your crazy antics, and the hot blonds you dated.  Best wishes, HughE

Jones of New York has left the building

Jones of New York is no longer on Walnut Street in Philly


it didn't look like a friendly departure. I checked on the place over a period of a few days, and found workers boarding up broken windows. They told me they didn't know what happened, and they don't think the space was rented out yet. Yo someone clean the place up it's a mess.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

TONIGHT: Dog Day Evening at the Ballpark McFadden's for PAWS

Thursday, August 2
6-9 p.m.: Dog Day Evening at the Ballpark
       Citizens Bank Park
       Enjoy food, drink, and good company.
       Show your colors:
       Prizes for the most motivated fan!
       Adoptable PAWS dogs will be on hand.
       $25/ticket, all proceeds benefit PAWS.
       Click here to purchase tickets.

England's Chelsea Soccer Team Exercises at City Hall

 This is one of those posts that I just didn't have time to post, yet it's a fantastic story.
 Last Wendesday, a few hours before the MLS All Star Game, the heavily favored football, er I mean soccer team England's Chelsea, took a walk around the block then exercised in Philly City Hall's courtyard.

 They also posed for photos with the fans that were waiting outside their hotel.

I don't know who the players were, but I know the few fans that were in City Hall Courtyard couldn't belive what they were seeing. A shot from here would have been my lead story last week, but then a few hours after I took these I got David Beckham outside the Palomar's Square 1682

(I was out all night on the Paranoia film set, so I might just have this abbreviated entry today. Watch me on Fox 29 tomorrow (Friday) for exclusive stories from the night.)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis Campaign - Miley Cyrus Update - Tuesday

If you noticed a few of your co-workers missing yesterday mid-morning, they probably were here at the Constitution Center; not getting their history on,  
but getting their fan boy/girl fix for the beloved Ron Burgundy of Anchorman.

On a nationwide tour to promote their new movie "The Campaign," Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis 

stopped in Philadelphia yesterday to greet fans, and sign the commemorative copy of the Constitution to celebrate its 225th anniversary. Will and Zach were joined on stage by National Constiution Center CEO, David Eisner.(who graciously offered for all those in attendance to see the exhibits for free after the event.)

 Also appearing yesterday were Philadelphia Eagles, Mike Patterson and Jason Kelce and Philadelphia Flyers Sean Couturier, Matt Read and Zac Rinaldo.

 Cute Megan McCaffery, and Courtney Olsen with dad JP McCaffery

  Remy Feldman can't even begin to tell you how many times he's seen Anchorman, was kinda sad he couldn't snag a Cam Brady shirt, cause that's who he'd be voting for.
Galifianakis will start filming the third Hangover in September returning as the stunned Alan, Galifianakis will join Bradley Cooper's Phil and Ed Helms' Stu on another crazy adventure.
Ferrell will finally be reprising his role as Ron Burgundy in an Anchorman sequel. It's called Anchorman: The Legend Continues, and starts filming next year.
 I ran into fans Abby Feiner and Jody Feiner, then took them on a Paranoia fan watch to the set at 10th & Carpenter where they were excited to get a glimpse of Liam Hemsworth. Jody even got "wave" distance of him. They left a little too soon cause Miley stopped by to have lunch with Liam around 2PM.

Pressed for time after arriving 30 minutes late, the duo spent about 10 minutes on stage before heading over to CBS 3 to appear with Pat Ciarrocchi and the newly recuperated Anchor Ukee Washington who returned to CBS 3 from medical leave yesterday.  (He had hip replacement surgery in late May).  Will Ferrell and Zach Galifianakis  were very gracious and spent a lot of time with the news pair, later when leaving they signed and posed for fans.

The era of flappers and suffragists, bootleggers and temperance lobbyists, and real-life legends like Al Capone and Carry Nation will come vividly to life in the National Constitution Center’s world-premiere exhibition American Spirits: The Rise and Fall of Prohibition.  Spanning the dawn of the temperance movement in the early 1800s, through the Roaring Twenties, to the unprecedented repeal of a constitutional amendment during the Great Depression, this first comprehensive exhibition about Prohibition will explore America’s most colorful and complex constitutional hiccup.  American Spirits will debut at the Center from October 19, 2012 to April 28, 2013, before embarking on a nationwide tour.
Where was Miley yesterday, on the Paranoia Film Set as usual. Here's a shot of Liam helping her in the trailer.

Check out my PhillyMag Column for more Miley Cyrus and Paranoia, HERE 
Also Paranoia is filming tonight on 20th Street, btwn Spruce & Locust. 9PM Don't drive in area, roads will be closed. I don't know sched
Support my new advertiser - City of Hope. Coming up in Sept 23, Hope Cuts, haircuts to raise money for curing cancer. 

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I'm a Miley Cyrus Fangirl. Monday's update & her dining pleasure

 I've turned into a Miley Cyrus fan girl and I know you (my regular readers), must be over this coverage. I never watched Hannah Montana before, or really heard any of her music, well except "Party in the USA", what a great anthem, but I'm smitten with this kitten who has such a devoted fan following, like the Saved by the Bell fans, or the Sex and the City peeps who go to NYC to sit on Carrie's steps. I'm surprised a news organization hasn't done a story on these young ladies yet.

Morning everyone - Miley tweeted this photo to her fans. I guess she sleeps with all her jewelery on.
Miley headed to the set Monday, Ziggy walked besides her sans leash.  He didn't stray too far from her as she strolled down the street with her Starbucks, and then entered Liam's trailer. He was filming his last scene at the Lombard location, day 7 of 40, his ultra modern apartment building. Later she headed off with a friend as Liam went to work.

 Gabriella's mom took off from work today, and waited 10 hrs near Liam's trailer to meet him.(Note to fangirls, bring a camera with a flash if your phone doesn't have a flash. Altho I can see Gabriella's smile shine through. PS Photoshop may be able to lighten your shot. send me your picture I will do if for you like I did for the gal in the shot below.)

Liam was in his car, passed the gals, stopped got out and posed. What a guy!!

I'm so happy my mom waited with us for like 5 hours to see Liam �� hehe

Danie.D.96 ♔ @DanieDevery andHang with Miley Cyrus at Devon Seafood Sunday night around 10PM. OK so if you wanted to see Colin Farrell, there was a good chance he was at on any given night. If you want to see Miley eat, she could be anywhere as she's gone to a lot of different places. It can be said that she's discovered the Stephen Starr restaurants. She's eaten at Butcher & Singer (7/21), Jones (7/23), Morimoto (7/26), they did eat at (7/19) and had lunch at Capital Grille on (7/19).

The Melanie Finley Ovarian High Heel Race in Avalon NJ - Pixs

 The Melanie Finley Ovarian organization held it's 3rd annual 50 yard High Heel Race to raise awareness and funds for ovarian cancer Saturday Avalon.
Leigh Kane, Kutztown, Pennsylvania - Associate Professor of Art at Kutztown University leads the pack in High Heels run for Ovarian Cancer fund raiser in Avalon Saturday, July 28, 2012
 This year they held a men's heat too.

 Laura Heena of Cherry Hill NJ defends her title.
 Charlie Hunter of Avalon get's his sea legs
Mike took this shot w/his cell phone, now I have competition. - The agony of de feet
  Melanie Finley with the winners in the ladies division.
 Melanie Finley with the winners in the men's division. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Monica Glass and i are having a couple events in memory of our loved ones, Judy Wilkins and Kathleen Glass; we'll have details soon.

Monday, July 30, 2012

HILL HARPER, WAYNE BRADY & Tommy Oliver on the 1982 Film Set in West Oak Lane

I visited the set of the film 1982 earlier this month (I reported on this in my Fox 29 clip last Thursday). It's a film about a father Tim Brown, (Hill Harper),
Hill Harper
whose wife Shenae Brown, (Sharon Leal) succumbs to a crack cocaine addiction and him trying to wean his wife off it while shielding their 10 year old daughter (Troi Zee). It takes place in Philly in 1982 at the very onset of the crack epidemic and is ultimately a story of a father doing whatever it takes to save his family.

The film was shot in West Oak Lane on Andrews Ave Philadelphia neighborhood where writer, directer and producer Tommy Oliver, grew up.

The film was a family and friend project as many of his participated in the making of it, even flying in from California to work as a favor. Actor David Bianchi told me "Tommy is the kind of friend you do that for." The home used in the movie is in reality Oliver's grandmother's house. His grandmother is played by Ruby Dee.  He told me his grandmother was thrilled when she met him.

   Bokeem Woodbine and Hill Harper

Director Tommy Oliver and Troi Zee
A surprise add to the cast the day I was there, Wayne Brady, who was so thin I didn't even recognize him.  I loved seeing the cars from the '70s like the Pinto that wouldn't start and they had to push down the hill to jump start it, or the vintage clothing, which came from Echochic in Philadelphia. The last film Oliver produced, Kinyarwanda, won the audience award at Sundance and was ranked #6 on Roger Ebert's top 10 films of 2011.

writer, directer and producer Tommy Oliver, Hill Harper and Wayne Brady get some shade on this very hot day.  Shortly after this I got the tip about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth eating at Capital Grille, and as it happened the 1982 crew was heading out to lunch, so I made my way back to town and got the exclusive shots of the duo leaving the restaurant.


Paranoia is filming on Lombard between 9th & 10th Streets again, so look for the road to be closed after 10AM. Only Liam is on set. It's the last day of filming at this location.  Miley Cyrus and Liam spent the weekend out and about with Ziggy, and posed with the fans that asked.  As I mentioned on Friday there are two girls that are repeat offenders returning again and again for pixs with Miley. If these two gals can find her 3 days straight, any hard working fan should be able to find her.
Sophia waited a couple hours the 2nd day to catch Miley at the same place she got her the day before.
After visiting Liam on the set and stalking one of the singers from Zayn Malik  Miley & her friend Lijv went to the KOP Mall stopping first at the Cheesecake Factory. A cute fan ran into her and said, "you know you look like Miley Cyrus," which Miley replied she was. Then she posed for a photo. Miley has now jumped ahead of the list as one of the most friendliest, accommodating celebs I have ever photographed. The list is now Miley, Johnny Depp, Tom Cruise and Angelina Jolie. The worst people Jennifer Aniston, Reese Witherspoon and Shia LaBeouf, (& by worse I mean they don't sign for fans when they're out and about, besides being rude every single time I tried to photograph them.)

Then she did a little retail therapy at Sephora in the KOP Mall. I hear Shane Victorino was there Thursday night. They love Neiman Marcus' I hear.

The duo made it back in time to catch the fireworks from the Camden Riversharks stadium.

Saturday Luz Gil (at least 4 pixs now) caught up with Miley Cyrus. No doubt Luz

and Sophia (again 3 days in a row) will have their own fan club shortly.  You're the girls that spent your summer getting a trillion Miley Cyrus shots & making friends with her. (My money is on Luz to win.)
Love the shirt Liam is wearing. Miley is looking super great in her daisy dukes. She finally changed her shoes and has boots on, kinda warm for the 90F day. Thanks to you fans for tweeting this shots, so I don't have to bother Miley (well really I was away this weekend at the beach, it was nice.) 
Hallie and Miley. (2XS for Hallie) ps are my regular readers over Miley yet?  I do love these stories & fan photos though. It's fascinating she hasn't turned anyone down, or say "This is you're 2nd photo in two days?"

Sunday with Metallica (Did she do laundry, she just wore the flannel on Friday?)

Sunday with Metallica. I recently got a 
a great cell phone, a Galexy 2S. Takes great pixs.
This is my sister Crista, and her baby Mimi. Crista has 2 boys too, 5 & 3, with hubby Michael. We had an awesome weekend. Now back to work. Follow me on twitter @IPhillychitchat for up to the minute sightings and tidbits to use on Philly. Wanna read more about Miley Cyrus, Liam Hemsworth & the filming of Paranoia, just scroll down more stories & photos, some I even took myself.