Friday, July 27, 2012

Paranoia Week 1 Wrap Up - SPOILERS; Where is Miley Cyrus today?

OK now we're rolling. Paranoia the movie starring Liam Hemsworth and Harrison Ford (no sightings of him yet though.) is in full swing filming every day (this past week except Sunday) since it's start last Saturday at the Comcast Center.

The film is directed by Robert Luketic.
The Comcast building represents Wyatt Telecom, (That's Liam Hemsworth through the window inside the lobby.)

 a place where Liam Hemsworth character Adam worked. 

On this day of shooting Adam has been shown the door, and is walking out with his team, which includes Lucas Till and Embeth Davidtz
 One of the stories I didn't get to tell was how Liam Hemsworth was driving away in his SUV, and a father and his two girls were running along the sidewalk trying to get his attention. He had the driver reverse, then he got out and posed with the two girls. It was so sweet.

5th & Morris. Frank's house in "Brooklyn". This is where Adam (Liam) lives before a few changes come into his life. The actual house they used had been recently renovated. They had to undo some of the renovation to make it look a bit more run down, the owners of course, want them to return it to it's natural beautiful state. The owners were put up for a few weeks at a hotel. They chose this location for it's proximately next to the run down corner store.  They also had to use the house next door, I imagine it was interesting when they saw the neighbors collection of snakes and turtles. The owner told me she hope the heat didn't bother her pets too much as they needed to open the windows to hang filming banners for reflection of the light.

The Loews Hotel acts as Adams new office location, Encon Systems.

The location of Adam's new apartment after he starts rolling in the dough. For about 2 weeks they built this elaborate facade and I couldn't figure out why.

Now I've heard that it's for total darkness as some of the scenes are supposed to be taking place at night. Makes sense now. 

Liam Hemsworth, Embeth Davidtz, and Julian McMahon are on set for this shoot, which will be there today and Monday (no weekend shoots this week.)  BTW the 800 block of LOMBARD STREET IS CLOSED. Avoid this area, the traffic bottle necks with South Street, and it's not pretty. Now for some Miley Cyrus photos.

When Miley arrived the weather was in the 80's and her hair was down. Plus ck out those sunglasses, the girl has a fresh collection. Not so much on the shoes since she keeps wearing the black chucks, but she does change her sunglasses.

Then it got hot and the darn hairs been up in that silly bun. Note that Miley smiles in fan photos if she's shopping or
They have a dog.

Super fan Luz Gil. Miley wore a Chanel shirt at the Comcast Center, then the next day she tweeted for them to hook a sista up with a bag they were featuring. I hope they saw these shots seen by six million twitter followers.

Luz Gil getting another shot of Miley outside the Loews Hotel on Wednesday. Hmm what are your thoughts on this top?
Fan girls get the photos. I haven't seen Miley in a bit, and she hasn't seen the photographers/paparazzi for a while either,

You know why I know, she wore the same outfit all day.  When there are photographers around she changes her outfit. Last Wednesday, the day I got her at Capital Grille she had a haute outfit on

 (She looks grouchy here, but what was happening was she was walking towards a big puddle and he was saying you're standing in the only dry part of the corner, but I didn't realize it til that time. Then I started chatting with them about places to visit in Philly. That's why there aren't any photos after this point. Then they went into the Prince Theater to continue doing camera testing.)

in the morning she was wearing a black shirt and a white skirt and was photographed by a different pap, then that evening she put the blue jumper on that she bought at Anthropologie and was shot again.(I guess her boycott is over cause they're owned by Urban Outfitters.) Above with a fan at Woody's restaurant, bar & night club.

Luz Gil was on the move yesterday again. Did she get a shot of Miley. She is on a mission to get the most pixs/with and I think she's going to get it done.  (After Miley left Woody's she went back to the set about 2AM and hung out, I was told.) Who's gonna beat her, maybe...
Thanks for touring Philly, and what restaurant was it that you were eating in when Miley walked by? Just curious, was it good? See these movies bring more money into the City than just jobs, it brings fans who need to eat. #PaTaxCredit goes a long way.

No doubt Hollywood Tans membership will be increasing next week. Twice this week she went to the one in the Gayborhood, and now they've offered her a free unlimited membership. Has she ever heard of Skin Palette, the spray tan place at 126 S 19th St. (Co-owner Julie Dorenbos is on the Kendra show, you can talk Hollywood with her.)

You can find Miley Cyrus whereever the fans are. They are sleuths and seem to always be successful in their quest. What's sweet is Miley is always accommodating, and that says a lot cause there are a lot of fans!!
Philadelphia News, Weather and Sports from WTXF FOX 29

Check me out on my weekly Fox 29 "Good Day Philly" segment where I chat about where Miley & Liam, Richard Dreyfuss and even Wayne Brady have been eating. 

I forgot to mention on Fox that Josh Holloway has been eating at Hip City Veg every day since he arrived. Delicious food.

Also check out my other media outlet Philly Magazine online where I post photos of the who's who, and what's what going on in Philly at parties you may have missed, oh and my exclusive David Beckham photo at Palomar's Square 1682.

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Paranoia comes to theaters September 27th, 2013 and stars Liam Hemsworth, Harrison Ford, Gary Oldman, Lucas Till, Embeth Davidtz, Amber Heard, Julian McMahon.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

Miley Cyrus hangs with the Gays at Woody's

Showing up about midnight Miley went to Woody's around midnight with her gay bff. Originally she attempted to enter the front door, but the bouncer carded her and told her she had to use the under 21 door. She stayed for over an hour, going fairly unnoticed, and danced to tunes said an eye witness. She chatted with other kids, posed for pixs and had a great time like everyone else Thanks Jewellee Williams for this photo.

Brian DeVuono, Sorry I Screwed Up - I shot David Beckham at Square 1682

This is Brian DeVuono with Carol Drumstas. He's what I called a trifecta PhillyChitChat follower, he reads my blog, follows me on Twitter, reads my Philly Mag column and watches me on Fox 29.  I screwed up his name in my Philly Mag column yesterday. I know exactly what happened, I put his name in google to see what he did for a living ie Linkin, and Google changed it to a "S" and then I copied & pasted it into my column. Guess what it was all wrong. I guess I should have looked at the biz card he gave me, but I was in a hurry to get the column out the very next morning. Sometimes I make mistakes, I hate when that happens, but even more so when I do it to a faithful reader. Sorry about that. Now how's that other guys name spelled. Someone told me on Twitter, but Twitter is down and I can't find out Axl's real name. I don't know him so I'm not as broken up about it. Thanks for this great week I had. I'm on vacation til Tuesday, but will still be doing entries through out the time cause I have lots of content. BTW what's Brian do? 
Check out this shot I got of David Beckham leaving the Palomar's restaurant 1682. Did you know his kids were with him. He flew in by private plane at 11AM, did a practice, had dinner with his team mates then...

The Independence Business Alliance (IBA) Votes in a New Board

The Independence Business Alliance (IBA) is the new Lesbian Gay Bisexual and Transgender (LGBT) Chamber of Commerce for the Greater Philadelphia region.  The IBA serves the LGBT and business communities of: 
  • Philadelphia, Bucks, Chester, Delaware and Montgomery counties in Pennsylvania;
  • Mercer, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester and Salem counties in New Jersey;
  • and, New Castle County in Delaware. Recently the organization gathered to vote in their new board members. Above president Evan Urbania
    Principal, ChatterBlast Media addresses the membership. 

Mary Kate, Lianna Sia-Dictor, Lara Eschback

Tom Streeper, Bill Donahue and Patrick Mullen

Second Vice President Stephen Facenda President, ViaMark Advertising and Gordon Stanley, Morgan Stanley
The members vote for the new Board.
Evan UrbaniaPrincipal, ChatterBlast Media

First Vice President
C. Richard Horrow, Esq.

Second Vice President
Stephen FacendaPresident, ViaMark Advertising

David SchellenbergPresident, LinguiSearch, Inc. 

Christine Hahn-ProffittVP, Integrity Staffing Solutions

Stuart Alter
City of Philadelphia

Bill Gehrman
President, En Route Consulting

Jeremy Gussick
LPL Financial

David F. Huting, CHA
Vice President, PNC Wealth Management 

Jim Kiley-Zufelt 
Tactile Design Group

Conrad Kuhn
Realtor, Weichert Realtors

Mark Seaman
Director of Development & Communications, Philadelphia FIGHT

Megan Smith
Attorney, Stark & Stark 

Thomas Streeper
Pitney Bowes Legal Solutions

Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Liam Hemsworth and Richard Dreyfuss 5th & Morris - Paranoia in South Philly

What's filming in Center City (Philadelphia) you ask?: This past week Paranoia (Monday & Tuesday) has been filming at 5th & Morris in South Philly. Neither day had too many people at the film set, but the production has been somewhat brutal to the paparazzi, or as I like to explain it to you - the people who get the shots that YOU, America, look at every day on TMZ, Perez Hilton, Just Jared and all the fan sites. So no hating on the paparazzi until you stop your cosumption of those products.  Of course I am the friendly paparazzo and adhered to their request and observed the filming as a "fan", just like youse cause all I really need is a story, the story, your story the neighborhoods story.

Monday night, was my birthday, and my friends and I took my birthday limo to the film set to see if Liam or Miley would get confused and jump inside. They had already left for the day, but they left behind some props.  As usual I want to say it's awesome when Philly & it's tax incentive can lure a production away from NYC and we get a little Hollywood in the City of Brotherly love; and no matter how the production treats the paparazzi, they are always super nice to the fans who come out to watch the production. Just remember no flash, and no talking after they yell "Rolling."

Liam Hemsworth is getting ready for his close u. Josh holloway was on set today, but I didn't get a photo. He was wearing a suit in the very hot sun and stayed in the shade a lot.

A movie star up close, even if they had no idea who he was, "it's the tall good looking guy."
They are filming in the house that is right next door to the corner deli. Check me out on Fox 29 on Thursday to get the details of who lives there and other fun dish.

Here are Liam Hemsworth's and Richard Dreyfuss' stand ins for the shooting. They are sitting on the steps to Frank's House.

Yes the Goodbye Girl guy is on the set, you know they guy from Jaws. Two guys were holding "Jaws" posters and Dreyfuss told the security guard to let them come over and he would sign their souvenirs. How cool is that?
Liam Hemsworth was pretty cool too posing with a few fans including Luz Gil 1990. On Saturday she scored a Miley Cyrus. Monday Cyrus was in NYC strutting herself in hot hot short shorts while shopping. Go check out those pixs. HAUTE!
I thought every one was breaking for dinner at 4PM, so Philly Film Gurl & I headed for "dinner" too. We were wrong, Liam was just going back to his trailer to change for another scene. When we got back to the set he was finishing up the last "take"
Can you believe I missed getting this $$$ "Money Shot!!" That means I didn't send it to the wireservice I work for in NYC, the one that pays my bills so I can futz around all day trying to get you the scoop. But hey I know you're gonna enjoy it. They only did one take while I was there, otherwise I would have pulled out my professional camera and tried to get a much better shot for the magazines. Oh well. I've been blessed with awesome shots before like last week at Capital Grille. Thanks for stopping by, and if you're in Philly check out TESUCHERS CHOCOLATES or get your shop on At The Shops of Liberty Place at 16th & Chestnut Streets.

Starting tomorrow (7/25) through 7/30 filming for Paranoia will be at 9th & Lombard Streets (I originally read they were prepping the site here.) It will be an inside shoot, not much fun. I took this yesterday, today the house is completely wrapped in plastic.  I would avoid driving in this area as there will be trucks on Lombard, South and 9th Streets.Check out Philly Film Gurl's page for video of Tuesday's shoot, & hear the pigeon's sing.

It’s NATIONAL TEQUILA DAY - which means it's an el Jimador Day

It’s NATIONAL TEQUILA DAY  - which means it's an el Jimador Day!!

On Saturday I headed over to

Kildare's Irish Pub

in Manayunk to enjoy a MLS ALL-STAR party by el Jimador

el Jimador

I ran into Chuck & Katie Meyer who were there with friends celebrating birthdays.

Steff Pace,  Kayla DonFrancesco, Matt Gummel, and Erica Ford. The ladies were celebrating the end of a tough clinical psychologist exam at PCOM.

Marcus Smith hanging with friends.
Danny Drago was glad he stopped by because he won tickets to Wednesday's 2012 AT&T MLS All-Star Game. He's a big soccer fan, once trying out for the team. Now he's pursuing his doctorate.


If you want a spectacular party have Maria Papadakis plan it for you. What an amazing night with some of my closest friends. I'm so lucky to have so many people care about me. Thank you for the amazing surprise of a lifetime.

Kristyn Aldrich, Maria Papadakis and me

Katie English, Christie Honigman and Vasiliki Tsiouris. Thanks to Vasilikifor the delicious dinner at her restaurant Opa, 1311 Sansom

Laura Burkhardt, Teresa Nino, Monica Glass, Kristyn Aldrich, Maria Papadakis, Katie English and Christie's gonna kill me.

Maria heard I had never been in a limo and contacted Secrets Limo.  I really got to experience all the fun of what it's like to get the limo treatment when you rent one.

They said where do you want to go Del Frisco's the Casino's where? I only wanted to go to 5th & Morris cause I heard late in the afternoon they were filming Paranoia there. Ahh when we got there they had wrapped already,

but John, our Secrets limo driver and by the end of the night, our friend, was able to get a lot of info out of the movie people and neighborhood people, which I'll write about later this week.

One of the best aspects of the evening was I got to introduce a lot of my girlfriends to each other, and now they're friends.  I have the advantage of meeting lots of wonderful people at different events, that never get to meet each other, and they should.
Who knew, a red carpet comes with the Secrets limo(if you tell them you read it at PhillyChitChat you get 10% off the price)
Supa star
Kristyn Aldrich, Katie English, Vasiliki Tsiouris, Teresa Nino, me, Maria Papadakis, Laura Burkhardt and Christie Honigman. Thanks to Laura who started off the night by making a beautiful toast, which was followed by the ladies making toasts throughout the night, even a toast to Utobia, who gave up his seat for one of the ladies to attend.

Then we went to the place where I had my first job, Friendly's. So many of the girls were excited to relive their childhood favorite, the ice cream cone man. The friendly staff was very friendly and didn't mind that we turned the place into a BYOB for the night.

Finally we went to one of my favorite places, the top of the Art Museum steps. A few of the gals had never seen the view from the top of the steps. I love it there. It was crowded too at 11PM. I was equally surprised and delighted when Marisa Magnatta met us there. What a great night. Thanks to all my girls, it was the best birthday ever!!