Saturday, July 21, 2012

Charlie Mack's SPREAD THE LOVE WEEKEND (Will Smith made an appearance yesterday pix here) & GLOBAL FUSION PERFORMANCE SCHEDULE



Vega Music Group
Ty Ward
Ryan Corbin
Kontraband 215
Cody Kahmar
Luke James
Kendrick Lamar

4PM- 8PM

Grupo Fuego
R.K.M. & Ken-y
Elle Varner
Kenny Lattimore

 Then tonight

Charlie Mack's Annual White Party/Global Fusion Festival Official After Party

After you party on the waterfront, get your grown & sexy on at the official Global Fusion Festival afterparty.
Where: VII Luxe Lounge, 720 Arch St.
Time: 9:00pm to 2:30 am
Hosted By Charlie Mack

Friday, July 20, 2012


PS: Look for the Philly Style Mag party shots on Monday. 

Fan girls rule!. Enjoy these pixs & stories I've compiled.I was impressed with the skilled research the fan girls did to find the hotel.  This week they were  in Philly to see Miley Cyrus who is in town visiting her fiance Liam Hemsworth who is preparing to film a movie with Harrison Ford. Where's Harrison, who knows and the gals don't care. (Lucas Till went to the Franklin Institute on Wednesday)
Ford will not have a problem with tweens cloggging up the sidewalk outside of his residence. I haven't seen anything like this since the Jonas Brothers came to Philly a couple years back, but I did see this thing in NYC many times, especially for the Jonas Brothers. I remember one such time when hundreds of fan gals slept outside of Trump International for 3 days as the boys were in town for a concert. I had to go over and see it. Crazy stuff, but wasn't it just like this in the old days for the Beatles and the Rolling Stones?

 As I followed the fans for the past 24hrs or so, I was excited for them. I didn't even know where the duo was staying when I shot the Capital Grille shots at 3pm on Wednesday. I really thought they would be at a different hotel with a drive up. I mean the gal has 6,593,587 followers OMG. Serious fan base.

Some saw that she walked her dog Ziggy, so they went to Rittenhouse Square and sat on benches to try and catch her. This was Wednesday.
This was shot after I photographed Miley leaving Capital Grille with Liam, Amanda Beard and Luca Still. When I photographed her her hair was down, now it's up here during her shopping spree.

Here she is at 15th & Locust. That's the Patco station entrance behind her. I wonder what she was doing around there, hope she went to Hand & Stone like I told her.  I hear she bought this outfit at Anthropologie. (Wednesday)
Wednesday night Liam walked the dog

Thursday morning

great compilation. she must have been the only one there. Love the top right one. finally the last pix he's like are we done yet?

Look Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth walking around, nearly unseen & unnoticed at 19th and Market Streets
DiBruno's on Chestnut Street Thursday afternoon. Then she and Liam went to CVS for drugs or probably glossy mags. Did you know that on Wednesday Miley changed clothes 3 times, probably knowing that the paps would get pixs and the shots would get published. A UK online newspaper published 3 dress changes in a day.

Pete Falkenstein and Miley at 20th & Ludlow, Liam's so nice to take the photo. This time next year people might be asking her to take the photo. What do you think? Hunger Games 2013.

Monica Fred and Liam Hemsworth

Mollie Dronson and Liam Hemsworth

Many of the fans I interviewed Thursday told me they figured out where she was staying because of the photos taken by fans and professionals in the previous days. Some studying the details of the neighborhood, many saw the fan photo of the hotel's sign. I saw it too and knew the door was gonna be wide open for those.
great shot
the next moment, so funny

Thursday night I drove by the hotel just to see what was what. I ran into this guy Alex that I knew in NYC. He was what I would call a super fan. He was always racking big time, er I mean getting multiple things signed, and getting pics with his celebs. He has a list that he goes after, he doesn't just go for everyone, but I guess he would travel to Philly for Miley.  He said yesterday he got her in the park. She remembered him from 2 years ago, said she liked his dolphin tattoo, which by the way is near his six pack. I don't know how she saw that. Anyway, he really hadn't ever been to Philly, but saw one of the photos of her walking her dog and just went to that park. It really baffles my mind how he figured it all out since he's not even familiar with Philly. Now that's a super sleuth fan.  Miley went out to dinner last night at D'Angelo's, (on 20th Street, or as I like to say Robert DeNiro's favorite restaurant) then left the City. She's in the Big Apple now someone told me. Then flying out to LA for the Teen Awards on Sunday. I've gotten word that they are changing hotels, which isn't a surprise.

Filming for the movie starts tomorrow, yes on Saturday.  Thanks to all my peeps for the tips.

Here is a great tumblr which chronicles their visit to Philly, as well as well their lives in general.


Last night I hit two big events, this was the first one.  Check back Monday for the philly style magazine party. Plus watch me on Fox 29's Good Day Philly at 9:50AM today.

Thursday, July 19, 2012


Last month Variety - The Children's Charity Held its annual Children's Champion Gold Ball at the Sheraton Society Hill
The honorees for the evening were Clear Channel's Loraine Ballard-Morrill, and Jack Gilliam, who are also both Board Members.  You'll recall I've written before that On Christmas Eve in 1927, a baby was left on the doorstep of a theater company with a note attached reading: "Please take care of my baby, her name is Catherine. I can no longer take care of her, I have eight others. My husband is out of work. She was born on Thanksgiving Day. I have always heard of the goodness of show business and I pray to God that you will look after her."
-A Heart-Broken Mother
As a result, Variety Club International (now Variety - The Children’s Charity) was founded by the eleven entertainers who discovered Baby Catherine. Its sole purpose was to help the less fortunate and to lend a hand to various civic and charitable organizations. Variety is a not-for-profit organization that takes pride in providing programs and services to special-needs children. Frank Isabella entertains the crowd during the cocktail hour.
Stephania Venaziale, Christian Gregory, Justine Giorgano, Lauren Miller and Meredith Bush
The Children's Charity Tent 13 also honored Wawa, FirstTrust Bank, and Sesame Place with the Vincent N. Mariniello Award for Unconditional Love for their outstanding contributions to the Charity. Past recipients of this award are Scott Palmer, Guy Giordano, and Origlio Beverages. Dorothy Swartz, Director of Talent Management at Wawa, Inc. and Cathy Pulos, VP & Chief People Officer Wawa
The lovely Alicia Vitarelli, Anchor/Reporter for 6abc (WPVI)

 Past president of Variety Vince Mariniello, Dylan Brown and Creative Financial Group's Russell Ohneck.
Fran Naselli, Chairman of the Board of Variety Philadelphia and Vice President at NovaCare

Thanks to all the sponsors that made the night possible.
SNL guest comic Jeff Norris

Alicia Vitarelli and Jeff Norris. Alicia was the emcee of the night.

 Team Skai Blue Media was in attendance; Akari Yanada, Deirdre Donatucci, Rakia Reynolds, Michelle Conron and Jade Barnes. Congrats to Rakia who has been named Style Fashion ICON by the FBH Phila Fashion Week guys. The award will be giving on 9/20 during the Philadelphia Collection and their show.

 Fran Naselli, Vice President at NovaCare poses with Clear Channel's Loraine Ballard-Morrill holding her 2012 Variety International Award

The Team from Firsttrust bank holding their award.

Frank Naselli of Creative Financial Group, and Variety President with Jack Gilliam, holding his prestigious 2012 Variety International Award.
Thanks Mike Hirata for shooting this for PhillyChitChat

       On Wednesday July 18th, Venture Up, a company that specializes in team building exercises for corporations, and OraPharma will be donating bikes built by OraPharma employees to local special needs children. Representatives from Venture Up, and OraPharma, will be presenting the bikes to 16 boys and girls from Variety – The Children’s Charity of Philadelphia with varying special needs. Children and their families will be attending the presentation.  

Wednesday, July 18, 2012

LIAM HEMSWORTH and Miley Cyrus have lunch at Capital Grille in Philly

You'll recall I told you about Harrison Ford filming a movie called Paronoia here in Philly in my PhillyMag column May 8, 2012. Well here's our 2nd day of seeing our favorite newly engaged couple Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth (their arrival yesterday). Miley is bringing some style to Philadelphia? What did they eat at Capital Grille I wonder.
What are your thoughts on this outfit? Chatted with them briefly, so sweet, really!! While waiting for Miley to finish lunch, her driver told me that he watches me on Fox 29's Good Day Philly and that I need to smile more - LOL I'll be smiling on Friday. Thanks to my readers for the tips. I really appreciate it. Follow me on my twitter account for the latest news on celebrities, what's going on, events and chit chat.  @IPhillyChitChat 

Tuesday, July 17, 2012


Just a quick note,  I took these photos at about 4PM, shortly afterwards I tweeted "Party in the USA!!" I couldn't release them  as my photo agency (you know my pixs go on lots of blogs, people mag & the glossies) gave me the tip about 1PM that they would be arriving at the PHL at 4PM ish. So not to compete with how they wanted to distribute my photos I needed to wait 6 hours. Normally I TIP away on my twitter @Iphillychitchat  What I won't do is tell you what hotel any celebrity is staying at, or where they are living.  The duo has security when they go out in public, but I think it's just disruptive to have a lot of fans hanging out on the small sidewalks of Philly. If I find out where they are filming, or walking around I will say so on @IPhillyChitChat  Here goes today's story.

Back in May (5/8/12) I broke the story  in my column that we'd have a fun summer of celebrity sighting while you were reading your ipad on the beach or toiling away at work while the boss was on vacation. Well game on!! Two of the biggest stars are in town for the film Paranoia - Harrison Ford and Miley Cyrus.  Miley's not in the film but her fiance Liam Hemsworth (he's the lead) is and he's pretty darn popular himself, and not bad to look at (also you'll find Amanda Heard, Gary Oldman, Richard Dreyfuss) and I guess she's gonna spend her summer vacation here in the City of Brotherly Love. I love that she's here. I love that Pennsylvania has an awesome tax credit program and it puts out film makers, set designers, limo drivers and production assistants to work.

Miley and Liam have 5 dogs, but they brought Ziggy with them to Philly. Tuesday night they were spotted walking the pooch in Rittenhouse Square Park. 

Ladies first. Miley hops on the movable sidewalk. Then she changed her mind. Did you know

Liam Hemsworth And Lucas Till will be in the film “Paranoia” together, in 2009 Lucas starred alongside Miley Cyrus in "Hannah Montana: The Movie,"

THANK YOU VERY MUCH Miley and Liam for allowing us to get shots. As you see the bodyguard is hanging back and the greeter is way in front. This continued all the way to the car. It's a good thing there's no video tape of this shooting because at one point I greeted them then started telling them of different places they should visit in Philly. Dear Miley go to the Sporting Club, Colin Farrell & Bradley Cooper did and no one bothered them. Also if you need a massage try out Hand & Stone, they are very discreet. Plus I like Geno's steak house, unless your a vegetarian then try Hop City Veg on 18th Street near Chestnut.  Liam pick up Miley some Chocolates at Teuschers. Need a limo try Secrets Limo, they don't even tell me who they're ferrying around.  
I'm pretty sure they were laughing at that, or it could have been a portly guy running backwards trying to get their photo. I held a few photos back for Fox 29's coverage on Friday. But the duo was super sweet, I got what I wanted and I left them alone.

Lucas Till Talks about Paranoia at the 2012 Comic Con


 I loved this event, everyone looked beautiful. I went with my bud Rakia and then I misplaced my notebook and I thought it will show up eventually. It didn't ugh. So I'm going to try and remember the who what when and where as it was a beautiful event with lovely people.

Ladies’ Day at the Devon Horse Show has been a tradition at the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair. This year the Ladies’ Day Committee hosted the inaugural Ladies’ Day Tea on Wednesday, May 30 in the Gazebo at the Devon Horse Show & the Devon Club. More than 200 ladies enjoyed  silver-service champagne tea provided by John Serock Catering, there was a jazz ensemble and a plein-air art exhibition presented by Wayne Art Center. Hats and fabulous fashions were encouraged
NBC10′s Bill Henley was one of the judges of the Hat Contest which was sponsored by Cartier. (He stepped into the role after Carson Kressley had to cancel at the last minute.)
Sandra Rinehart (r), her granddaughter Jasen Rinehart (L) who won first prize in the Hat Contest
Patrick Champalou of Cartier, Devon Country Fair co-chair Debbie Martin (polka dot dress), Tea Party event co-chair Jen McGowan greets the crowd
Tara Theune Davis in the black outfit and her besties
 Claudia Lanmgaid (2nd from left), Mearah Quinn-Brauner (r) wore hat creations by Beth Beverly of Diamond Tooth Taxidermy
Deborah Van Dusen, sales associate at Prudential Fox and Roach Realtors, Nancy Rainer-Wallace, First V.P. Financial Advisor at Morgan Stanley, Barbara Gilbert, Senior Vice President, The Warner Companies
Sharon Kyriss, Chris Dodsiad, Sondra Tagert and Carolyn Mele attend the event every year.

Katie Brown, Steven Headley and Devon Country Fair co-chair Candy Guinan

Rakia Reynolds is a Public Relations Skai Blue Media, Philly 360 fashion ambassador and mother of three!
Hmm tea sandwiches

My favorite non-traditional hat of the afternoon was by Milica Schiavo who has a unique art of millinery.

My favorite more traditional hat. All proceeds from today's event went to the Bryn Mawr Hospital.