Saturday, July 14, 2012


This week in Philly there's a few notable events in Philly, both are on Thursday night, at the same time. The Ryan Howard celebrity server event makes it's way back to Morton's again. Hopefully this won't be the last time we see Cole Hamels serve up something good for the Phillies fans. It's sold out so if you wanna get a glimpse of your favorite players in their street clothes hang on the sidewalk about 6:45PM, no promise on the autographs or photos though. Ryan Howard's Morton's Celebrity Server Event befitting the Ryan Howard Foundation.

Also on Thursday, for only $25, StopCAIDNow’s ( first celebrity bull-riding tournament aimed at raising money and awareness for CAID!

With Eddie Bruce as MC, and Mike Jerrick of FOX 29 News as our host, 24 “celebrity riders” from all ends of the celebrity spectrum-- prominent Philadelphians ranging from news anchors and professional athletes, to reality tv stars and Philadelphia officials will "buck it out" in a tournament-style mechanical bull-riding competition to raise money and awareness for StopCAIDNow!

We're Sticking To Our Purpose... NO BULL! ...well okay, maybe just one ;)

 Lisa Moreno-Dickinson Founder of Stop Caid
Event Details:

• Thursday July 19th 2012: 6:30-10:30pm!

• Ticket Prices: $35 at the door the night of the event!

• DJ spinning Country Rock all night with Eddie Bruce as MC and Mike Jerrick of FOX 29 News as host.

• Celebrity riders INCLUDING



• Light appetizers and finger foods will be served throughout the event

• Discounted drink specials offered to all attendees with $.50 per alcoholic beverage purchased being donated to StopCAIDNow

• 4 rounds of “celebrity bull-riding tournament” from 7:30- approx. 9:30pm

• Before the tournament and after the winner of the tournament is announced, any attendee may ride the bull for a minimum $5 donation!
StopCAIDNow’s ( first celebrity bull-riding tournament aimed at raising money and awareness for CAID! 
Teuschers Chocolate

Friday, July 13, 2012

New restaurant on Walnut - Roman Jewish Cuisine #fb

I was just walking by and saw that Il Portico is now TiraMisu. Look for the new menu soon. Big changes in store for the former Italian eatery says owner who is Jewish and Italian.

Jennifer Lopez Sighting, Ommegang Hop Chef Hot Chefs and Gossip. Who's Got Engaged?

I was out all day Thursday tracking down J-Lo. When I got the tip on Wed that she was at Franklin Square Park I was kinda in disbelief. Then I got solid info a few hour later. So Thurs I set out to find Jenny from the block. 

Watch Good Day Philly today at 9:50AM to see where she did her interview for the Today Show yesterday morning, and for stories and photos from the day, including Amber Rose. In the meantime check out yesterday's Philly Mag Online for some fun pix & gossip from the Ommegang competition.

Rittenhouse Sq House to be featured on HGTV's "House Hunters" on Thursday, July 19, at 10:00 pm EST

HGTV's "House Hunters" on Thursday, July 19, at 10:00 pm EST 
One of our beautiful listings in Philadelphia will be on HGTV's "House Hunters" on Thursday, July 19, at 10:00 pm EST. Tune in to watch!

Thursday, July 12, 2012

POLITICAL ANIMALS - Sigourney Weaver & Carla Gugino - Info, Tidbits & Secrets of the Filming

 For the past three months Sigourney Weaver, Sebastian Stan, James Wolk, Carla Gugino, Adrian Pasdar, Ellen Burstyn and Ciarán Hinds, quietly filmed the USA Television Network's political drama "Political Animals" in Philly (not much has been written about the show or sightings and I just kept saving all my stuff to someday use on Fox 29 or maybe a write up. It was a busy social spring and I just never got to to it). 

Lured by the Pennsylvania's generous Tax Credit, the film is set in Washington DC, but was filmed in our fair city putting to work many local production crews, set designers, security, drivers and countless others.  PA's Tax Credit offers a 25 percent tax credit, plus a hotel tax exemption and allowing free use of state-owned property. For more info, visit the Film in PA Web site. Philadelphia offers free police assistance under certain conditions and free security site assessment. Click here for the link to the Greater Philadelphia Film Office.  Sigourney stars as former first lady and current Secretary of State, Elaine Barrish Hammond, (the producers insist it's not autobiographical, but maybe just inspired by Hillary.) who is attempting to keep her family together while simultaneously dealing with crises of the State Department and fending off the hungry DC journalist Susan Berg (Gugino) who is bent on destroying her career, as she puts in, when in reality Susan Berg just wants to get the story.
A lot of the filming took place in a large warehouse in Southwest Philly, which was fitted with a replica Oval Office (the same one that was used in West Wing), a situation room, an interior of Air Force One, and an expansive townhouse set for the Hammond family with a dining area, kitchen, bedrooms and patio. Upstairs in the building is the newspaper office (complete with paper- and book-littered offices) of the fictional Washington Globe, where reporter Susan Berg works. Occasionally they would film in Center City and you would see signs like the one above directing the "Elephants" (ie actors) to their holding room until the scene was shot. 
The same week that Dead Man Down was filming on Walnut Street, Political Animals was filming at the Bellevue at the Hyatt. It's there I caught Sigourney as she entered  to film a few scenes on the 17th Floor of what will be called the "Rideway Hotel" in Washington DC. BTW Weaver was being cagey about getting her photo taken, but smart enough to put a baseball cap on to promote the show.

Later in the week they would film a scene at the hotel in the Grand Ballroom, which called for 500 extras. I ran into someone I know who flashed the T-Shirt he was given to wear for the scene. I could have been an extra that day too, but because of Colin Farrell I had to pass on it. Good thing too, the scene took 12 hours to film.

Another Day I caught them rehearsing for a scene that was filming in Raw/Sumo Lounge which fronts both Chestnut and Sansom Streets.That's Ciarán Hinds (Elaine's ex-husband, former president Bud) crossing the street in blue shirt.
This is the shot at night on Chestnut St. During the day the shot consisted of a business meeting, but at night the club was used for a
red carpet party. Thanks to Michael Tomasetti, Chatterblast, for the use of this photo.
One night I got a tip that they were going to be filming at midnight in Fairmount Park with elephants. I tried to sneak "near" the set to get a photo. (this is a screen shot from a preview) Unfortunately my headlights can't be turned off and the police kicked me out  telling me it was past the curfew of the park.  Until I saw this photo I thought maybe Sigourney was going to do a Republican advert or something. Now I can see that it was probably the two characters meeting at the zoo. Of course they can't use the Phila Zoo because they don't have elephants.
A bit of time went by and I didn't hear much about the filming. There were sightings Sebastian Stan had dinner at The Corner the night of the Sumo Lounge filming (both places are owned by Tony Rim.), The entire cast at at Le Castange at 19th and Chestnut when they first arrived.  Running over lines, getting to know each other for about 4 hrs. Sigourney ate at Parc, plus and went to a show at the Academy of Music. Carla was spotted walking around Washington Square Park. (I heard she had rented a house near 21st & Delancy.) The only thing that was slightly annoying about the production was their reluctance to give local press. Not me per se, but CBS3 Talk, NBC 10's The Ten Show and of course Fox29's Good Day Philadelphia.
Then last week, the night I photographed Greg Louganis at Parx Casino, I got a tip that Sigourney Weaver and Carla Gugino were filming in Fitler Square Park. That was the night of the big storm, it was about 90F at 9PM when they filmed these scenes, a winter scene.   Check out the coats they had to wear.

In between scenes Sigourney stayed in character while being fanned by an assistant.
Political Animals is a limited series that will premiere on Sunday (July 15) on the USA Network at 10PM. I have seen the clips and the show is going to be a smash hit. I just hope they can make it into a series except Weaver has a full plate with a movie coming out this Friday, then in the fall opening on Broadway with Vanya and Sonia and Masha and Spike, and has Avatar 2 to film shortly after that.

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Philadelphia Non-Profits Honor Area CEOs - Pay It Forward

Executive Leaders Radio, in conjunction with the Entrepreneurs Forum of Greater Philadelphia, hosted the CEO Philanthropy Awards breakfast to recognize CEO’s for their leadership, devotion and commitment to their communities. These awards not only recognize their devotion to supporting their communities by giving back, it also looks at how they themselves have been role models within their companies and communities.
Bruer Kershner of Kershner Office Furniture, and Sandy Lovascio of Society of the
Holy Child Jesus.

Jeff Baker, David Lipson and Matt Feeney.

Mary Meder of Harmelin Media, and Tony Gillespie of the Special Olympics.
More than two dozen Philadelphia business leaders picked up awards June 26 for their contributions to area non-profit groups at a special breakfast sponsored by Executive Leaders Radio and the Entrepreneurs Forum of Greater Philadelphia. Executive Leaders Radio with Hosts Herb Cohen and Dean Schwartz conducts "elite interviews" of prominent CEOs, COOs, CFOs, CIOs and Presidents focusing on "what makes people tick."
Torpey White. Director, Consulting Services at EisnerAmper LLP and Matt Feeney.

Karen Negrin and Monica Malpass of 6ABC Action News.

Rob Lightman and Gary Bagin, Chief Marketing Officer, Stradley Ronon

Co-host of executive leaders radio Mike Manion,  Peggy Dolan, Executive Director at Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund, and Robert Petcove, Think Benefits, Think ABA | Innovative and Customized Employee Benefits Firm

Anthony Mongeluzo, President, Pro Computer Service and pilotLight Studios and Michael Dublin.

Mike Manion, Bernhardt Wealth Management, Heather Quinn, Executive Leaders Radio, Gordon Bernhardt, Bernhardt Wealth Management and Faith Smith, Executive Leaders Radio,

Dean Schwartz and Dr. Gloria Donnelly

Keith Baldwin and Dean Schwartz

Carl Webster of Easter Seals and Joe Murray of First Financial Group accepting for
Harris Fishman.

Award Recipient: Marcos Lopez eXude Benefits
Presented by: Salvation Army
 Brian Schmitt Kids N Hope foundation and Bruce Foulke of American Heritage Credit
Toni Pergolin from Bancroft and Martin Bieber of Kennedy Health System.
Jaine Lucas Temple University and Ray Carballada Shooters, Inc.
Award Recipient: Meryl Levitz, Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corp. accepted by Angela Val. Vice President of Special Projects at Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation
Presented by: Historic Philadelphia - Amy Needle

In all, 27 CEOs picked up awards. They included:

Award Recipient: Tom Woodward, Bank of America                                                       

Award Recipient: Marilyn Willetts, Majek Fire Protection
Presented by: Samaritan Health

Award Recipient: Harris Fishman, First Financial Group
Presented by: Easter Seals

Award Recipient: Marcos Lopez eXude Benefits
Presented by: Salvation Army

Award Recipient: Bruce Foulke, American Heritage Federal Credit Union
Presented by: Kids N Hope Foundation

Award Recipient: Martin Bieber, Kennedy Health System
Presented by: Bancroft

Award Recipient: Ray Carballada, Shooters, Inc.
Presented by: Temple University
Award Recipient: Robert E. Keith, Jr., TL Ventures
Presented by: Ben Franklin Technology Partners

Award Recipient: Meryl Levitz, Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corp.
Presented by: Historic Philadelphia

Award Recipient: William McNabb, The Vanguard Group
Presented by: Philabundance

Award Recipient: Herman Weinrich, Timoney Knox, LLP
Presented by: Kelly Anne Dolan Memorial Fund

Award Recipient: Jim McCaffrey, McCaffrey’s Supermarkets
Presented by: Friendship Circle
Award Recipient: Michael Wilson, FMC Corp.
Presented by: Philabundance

Award Recipient: Ross Born, Just Born
Presented by: Alex’s Lemonade Foundation for Childhood Cancer
Award Recipient: Jim Hennessy, E4 Services
Presented by: Children’s Crisis Treatment Center
Award Recipients: Peter Boni, SafeGuard Scientifics and Doug Alexander, ICG
Presented by: Network for Teaching Entrepreneurship (NFTE)

Award Recipient: Bruer Kershner, Kershner Office Furniture
Presented by: Society of the Holy Child Jesus
Award Recipient: Rev Dr. Lorina Marshall-Blake, IBC Foundation

Presented by: Drexel University’s 11th Street Family Health Services
Award Recipient: Grant Rawdin, Wescott Financial Advisory Group LLC

Presented by: Greater Philadelphia Urban Affairs Coalition
Award Recipient: Dan Hilferty, Independence Blue Cross

Presented by:
Back on my Feet
Award Recipient: Mike Carbone, TD Bank Financial Group
Presented by: Boys and Girls Club Of Camden
Award Recipient: Ron Flaherty Univest Insurance

Presented by: The Iron Andy Foundation
Award Recipient: David E. Shuey, Willis Group

Presented by: Arthritis Foundation
Award Recipient: Mary Meder, Harmelin Media

Presented by: Special Olympics
Award Recipient: William Mignucci, DiBruno Bros.

Presented by: Ronald McDonald House
Award Recipient:  Anthony Bartolomeo, Pennoni Associates, Inc
Presented by: Philadelphia Youth Network

Award Recipient: Angus Russell, Shire
Presented by: Philabundance

Eagles Quarterback Michael Vick Launches Clothing Line Today with Meet & Greet at Modell's

Philadelphia Eagles quarterback Michael Vick is fulfilling his long-time dream of launching his own fashion line. Vick’s sports-apparel line, named V7, is in a licensing partnership with celebrity clothing-line mogul Ruby Azrak and former ICM talent agent Brian Sher, according to The Wall Street Journal.
V7 will be launched on Wednesday, to be exclusively sold at Modell’s Sporting Goods stores through 2012. 25 of 30 stores are located in the Philadelphia area.

He's grateful to the people who have forgiven him for something he regrets and now knows was wrong.

Twitter pixs

 Chatting about his redemption, discussion of his recent marriage to Kijafa Frink, who will now be known as Kijafa Vick she told me yesterday. His passion working with Animal Welfare. Helping to bring awareness to dog fighting, speaking to kids on the history of it and how to avoid doing it, and moving on with life in God's good grace.

See Michael Vick today at Modell's at Noon at the Modell's Cottman Avenue store (Show map of 2329 Cottman Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19149 then at 5PM at the Snyder Ave store            (15 Snyder Avenue, Philadelphia, PA 19148).

Tuesday, July 10, 2012

THE MAIL BAG - Random Useful Interesting Info & Events

I get a lot of mail, and a lot of requests for me to post the press releases of parties, trunk shows, announcements, jewelery sales etc.  I never really made it a practice as I get so many requests, but I do try and put as many as possible on Twitter with a link. I'll continue to do that, but sometimes if I think something is really interesting, I'll post something everyday at 3PM for you to check out. (sometimes i'll include a random photo, not today I don't have time.)
 They will be listed once, well unless they're advertisers or people who have hired me in the past 30 days or in the future 30 days, I'll list those events ad nauseam.
If they're celebrity appearances, I will also list them in the right margin under celebrity appearances. >>>
It's Not Too Late to make plans for Tonight:
Brewery Ommegang Hop Chef Competition
Today, Tuesday, July 10 7:00p
at World Café Live (Upstairs), Philadelphia, PA

Music to my ears a lunchtime concert
Mark Stinger Band Brings the Blues to Center City District Lunchtime Concert Series Presented by TD Bank! Noon Tomorrow, July 11!
Tomorrow’s midday concert in the Center City District Lunchtime Concert Series Presented by TD Bank features the great blues sounds of the Mark Stinger Band! Every Wednesday, these lunchtime concerts offer 90 minutes of music, from noon to 1:30 p.m.,
TOMORROW’S CONCERT: The Bellevue, 200 South Broad Street
PERFORMER:  Mark Stinger Band
GENRE: Blues
RAIN LOCATION: Reading Terminal Market, 12th & Filbert Streets 
Then after work: It's SIPS
 The 18th edition of Philadelphia’s QFest  kicks off this Thursday, July 12 at 7:15p.m. with the Philadelphia premiere of Elliot Loves (7:15pm Ritz East 1), the story of Dominican-American Elliot Ayende at two stages of his life: as a 9-year-old who is sidekick and confidant to his barely-keeping-it-together single mom; and as a 21-year-old looking for love in New York City. A TLA Releasing film, Elliot Loves is a comedy-drama that shows you can survive anything life throws at you. Director Terracino, actor Quentin Araujo and actress Elena Goode will be in town with the film. 
After Party is at TABLE 31 with Philly's own Amber Rose in attendance.

Pick of the Festival:

 Tennessee Queer (Monday, July 16 at 8:15 p.m. and Tuesday, July 17, 6:00 p.m.) follows “out and proud” Jason (Christian Walker) on

A Perfect Ending - USA  2012, 114 min 7/21 & 7/22

For more information, visit

This is the last week to purchase tickets for
on August 8th to benefit
SeniorLAW Center and
the Philadelphia Bar Foundation.

This year, a portion of every ticket sold for Phila. Bar Association Night at the Phillies will benefit SeniorLAW Center and Philadelphia Bar Foundation. 

Watch Phillies baseball, enjoy Citizens Bank Park and  support 2 great causes!

Phillies vs. Atlanta Braves
When: Wednesday August 8th @ 7:05 PM
Where: Citizens Bank Park

Tickets are only $30 and can only be ordered by online by following this link:

Click here to buy Phillies tickets

or call the Phillies Sales Office at (215) 463-5000 and ask for tickets for tickets for Bar Association Night

Tickets must be ordered by July 16th! 

Coming Up 

Anthony Chad and Rah'sh of Restoration Clothing are presenting their 2012 collection(s) at the James Oliver Gallery 723 Chestnut St. 4th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19106 in support of the Love Is Louder Movement, Friday July 20th 2012. Doors will open at 7pm. . Visit to learn more about this Jed Foundation Project

(P.S. IT's a four floor walk up, but well worth it for those who are in better shape than moi.)
Saturday, July 21st
Annual Event Developed By Multicultural Affairs Congress Celebrates City’s Diversity  - Now in its 6th year, Philadelphia’s Global Fusion Festival was born out of the need for an annual event to attract multicultural tourists to the City, while showcasing Philadelphia’s diversity. Taking place on Saturday, July 21st, expect more than 30,000 people to pack the Great Plaza at Penn’s Landing for what has become Philadelphia’s largest one-day festival. 

Visit for an updated list of performers, vendors and sponsors. 

Like us on Facebook at, follow us on Twitter @GlobalFusnFstvl and on Instagram @GlobalFusionFestival, for exclusive updates. Use the hashtag #GFF2012

I don't even want to think about September, but:

WHYY and the Delaware River Waterfront Corporation (DRWC) are pleased to announce the headlining performers and initial program schedule for the 2012 WHYY Connections Festival. This exciting festival, which attracted a crowd of more than 12,000 attendees in 2011, has grown to include four days of programming, numerous events and two concerts.

For regular updates on the WHYY Connections Festival, visit or follow the festival’s social media pages – on Facebook at and on Twitter at @WHYYConnectionsFest 


 Over the weekend a reader asked me if country superstar Taylor Swift was building / buying a house in Sea Isle NJ. I checked on twitter & in the blogospher and the news was everywhere, even in a Nashville TN news blog. So I had to check it out to see if it could indeed she choose Sea Isle for a summer home.
Since I was going to Longport, NJ to visit the family (nephews Dillon & TJ, nieces Kelsey & Nicole) I thought I would head over to Sea Isle, check out the property and do a little probing.
 Think of a quiet beach
Think of how the waves crash down
Think about a summer’s eve
"Taylor Swift's Beach" - There's Atlantic City off in the distance & an airport.
These are the beach front houses in front of "Taylor Swift's House"; they're all condo's. Would Taylor want to live near a whole bunch of random people?
"Taylor Swift's House." It's across the street from the beach. She doesn't have a direct view of the Atlantic Ocean or beach from the first floor.  The public path to the beach is across the street from where she lives. 
It's on a busy corner. I was getting suspicious.
Does this tiny lap pool look like it deserves the likes of superstar Taylor Swift? No Jonas Brother pool parties are gonna happen here.
OMG a two car garage, and no direct view of the beach? Taylor is not singing "You belong to Me."
"Taylor Swift's House" is in the center of the photo. I walked around the neighborhood and asked about "Taylor Swift's Beach House." Neighbors who live across the street laughed when I mentioned it.

They've seen the streams of people come by photographing the house, bothering the construction workers with questions. No it's not "Taylor Swift's Beach House." At least 3 different neighbors did tell me who's house it was and it's no one famous.
I think if Taylor Swift buys a house at the beach in NJ it might be in her childhood beach town of Stone Harbor, or if she wanted to in the town where her grandmother lives (Sea Isle), then she would at least get one with a view of the beach and privacy, like the ones on the north end in Strathmere. It would be impossible to gawk at her here.
FOR RENT - I Slept Here: In the meantime my sisters cute 3 bedroom cottage (left), 2 full baths, with attached mother-in-law/babysitter apartment 1 bedroom & a 1 full bath, living area and loft (right) is for rent as one unit. All furnishings brand new. Available August 2011 - $2200 week
103 N. 31st Ave. Longport, NJ
Contact Premier Properties 609.822.3339
Her place has a view of the bay from the 2nd floor. And it's 3 blocks from the beach and town too. (Shots of rooms)
Stories on Taylor Swift building a house in Sea Isle. Nashville Gab,
Tumblr fan another one this is my favorite.