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5th Anniversary Post: Philly Style Mag's White Party 2008

Oh boy's 5th Anniversary is coming up on July 7 (07/07/07). I had been planning since the begining of the year to do a few special 5th Anniversary Posts, but the time has escaped me. So I give you one now, and throughout June I will pop a few more up. On twitter I will highlight a notable party or two, and the occasional random entry from my nearly 3,000. I haven't missed a day in 4 years. Sorry I  may be rambling cause that's what I do best, it's a conversation, I don't have an editor, I never took formal writing or even photography courses, but I've always been curious. That's how these pages started, I'm curious and then I like to share the results with youse. Thank you for that.
For the first three and a half years of PCC I was a paralegal, and the blog was my hobby. Since January 2011 it's been my full time job. Before 7/7/07 I didn't know anyone I covered on these pages, sure I knew of some of the more notable people like
 Sharon Pinkenson, Mary Patel or Mayor Nutter, and by knowing them, I mean from reading about them in the newspaper, never met them. My anniversary is in a month, I had planned all year long to revisit some of my favorite parties every month but I ran out of time as I was keeping a busy schedule. Now here at 2AM on the eve of a holiday weekend I was thinking now is as good as time as ever, even though I do have at least a half dozen current events I need to get to.
Although I started in 2007, this party - The Philadelphia Style Magazine White Party - which was held in August 2008, was really the beginning of my foray into covering social Philly life, the previous entries were really chitchat about anything, especially the celebrities I covered on my trips to NYC. Plus I had covered the Phila Film Festival and followed Thom Cardwell around, but a lot of that I'll save for my book called "Off The Record", which I definitely won't be writing for at least 20 years, I'd like to still eat lunch in this town again. (Does anyone remember that book?). Actually I'm only kidding, it was great having him as my mentor and chronicling his life. It's how I got my first photo published in a Philly Newspaper, in Dan Gross' column. It was at one of the film festival parties I met the biggest mentor of my career, Michael Klein, and then we subsequently worked together for 4 years.
guest, Thom Cardwell, Farley Granger and James Dugan at the PIGLTF 2008

On occasion I would cover charity events, but I really didn't know how to get invited to them, or even what a PR person did or that they were the key to to accessibility.  Over the years the blog has been our teacher to the elements that go in throwing a party, (what does PR do, who created the environment?) events, or getting publicity for a client. Above Sarah Doheny and John Soden. Over the top and stylish, I named her the Style PR Diva after seeing her in this Bjork inspired outfit, and the name stuck as I believe she uses it in her moniker.

This was the time in my life where I hadn't yet adopted my trademark of wearing black. In the first 2 years when I started PCC, once or twice a week after working 8 - 3PM (no lunch) at the law firm, I would hop a train to NYC and cover a red carpet or three, hop back on the train at 11PM or sometimes at 3AM. (Sometimes I would go straight into work w/o sleep.)
I remember for this party I had to buy white clothes. I don't look good in white. In this picture we have Nathan Lerner (with black jacket on). He's a writer and the king of movie ticket giveaways. i realized I made it in this Philadelphia Social World when I made it on his VIP movie list for tickets. I've never had the time to use any of his tickets. After years of harassment  I gave a pair of Mann Music tickets to Mike to take his mom. Nathan has been a tremendous mentor to me, especially in the beginning when I was completely clueless. On the right, David Wagaman, Capriccio Cafe Cret and and Dennis Fee, Co-owner of Tavern on Camac & Uncles.
Jill Rizen (3rd from left) - 5 years later she's in love and planning a wedding to Andy Henning, Elaine Grabar (2nd from right) and Michelle Ranieri. This was the first time I photographed these girls.
Sheryl Raskin and Meredith Trotter - two PR peeps you don't see on the social scene as much anymore, but still working in their fields and raising their families in the burbs. 

Carrie Nork, now Minelli and hubby Dino Minelli. Carrie at the time was VP for Cashman & Associates and is not the Marketing Director at Parx Casino. I'll see her tonight when I photograph the Mob Diva's at 7PM, stop by. Dino represents Devotion Vodka.

Nicole Cashman, President and founder of Cashman & Associates Public Relations Firm.  In 2008, Cashman was the Queen of PR. She set a standard that PR peeps today still look to for promoting clients, whether it's creating a buzz or throwing fabulous parties that will have people talking about them for days, months or even today. Once I heard she sent invitations to a party for a client and it came in a block of ice.  Now that's memorable.

Michelle Miller. I didn't know her back then. When I was reviewing my shots I saw her in them. I remember shooting this photo thinking a delicious tall glass of something beautiful.

Matt Vlahos, he had only been in town about 8 months by the time of the White Party, and really hit the ground running making his mark. A former reporter he is meticulous, organized and has a creative mind, all of which makes for a good PR. Once he included a cantaloupe in everyone's gift bag at the James restaurant opening.

Susan Helfrich and Rich Wolff, They were heavily on the social scene, but have now taken a back seat to their thriving film studio. Right now they're at the Cannes International Film Festival selling their products.

I think this is the party I where I met Donna Coghlan. Sweet, engaged now.

Man of Mystery: The guy on the left was always at all the right parties, but I don't know what he did or what his name is but he is always with the beautiful ladies.

Mary Patel, was a political writer for the City Paper, plus appeared weekly on the news show hosted by Monica Malpass. She was probably the "biggest" name that I photographed in that first year.  She had a brilliant command of the political social scene, and no one has ever replaced her. She lives in LA now with her fiance. 

Carly Walko, John Colabelli and Lauren O'Dorisio. This was the first photo of them together taken. They had gone out on about one date and a lot of people didn't know they were dating. There was no Sabrina Tamburino on the scene yet, that was to come as I met her in the fall of 2008. Have a safe and wonderful Memorial Day Weekend. I'll have a special entry on Monday, and coverage of Beyonce next week. I think these two look exactly the same since August 2008.

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Last night Pitbull entertained at the after party of "Men In Black III" today you can see him at 5PM at the PA Wine & Spirits Store 180 W. Girard Ave, Philadelphia

One Direction in Philly this weekend. Now that I have your attention, are any of my

readers under the age of 21. Someone wants to know how many readers I have that are under 21. Could you leave a comment in the comments section. I won't make it public, I just need to see how many you are.

Andre Richard Salon 5th Anniversary Blow-Out Party

Last week Andre Richard Salon celebrated their 5th anniversary at their Center City location.

Andre Richard Baldini and his team prepare to greet party guests.
Andre Richard Salon has won Best Salon, #1 Hair Color, Best Stylist for him and accolades from Philly Style, Vogue, and Lucky magazines.
The always stylish CW Philly’s Kharisma Mcilwaine and Aja Chavis.

Gabriella Esser (So much fun following this next generartion of tastemaker @gabbyesser on Twitter), Linda Esser, and Valerie Evans.

Guests will enjoyed hors d'oeuvres compliments of Opa restaurant-bar (www.opaphiladelphia) as well as refreshing wine and cocktails.  

Christopher Hill, Morgan Fitzpatrick, Christina Kelly, Katie Corrigan, and Morgan McLaughlin.

Since opening its doors in 2007, Andre Richard Salon, beloved by its loyal clientele, has experienced growth and success. “We are thrilled to announce consistent growth these past five years,” Baldini said.  “I credit my stylists, who create a beautiful experience for clients time and again, to our success.”
Amanda Sendzik, Alyssa Tablonsky, and Gabriella Esser.

South Philly Fashionista blogger Michelle Boyles, writer Barry Eichner, Marketing & Social Media Specialist. Food Blogger

Andre Richard and Garden Wellington, Garden is due in June. (Congratulations to you both!!)

Kelly Martin, Kaitlyn Newman, and Christopher Hill.

Congratulations Andre Richard Salon which is located at 1218 Locust Street, Philadelphia, Pa., 19107. Open seven days a week, appointments can be made online atwww.andrerichardsalon.comor by calling 215.735.1590.
(Thanks to Mike Hirata who photographed this for PCC)

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Jimmy and Johari Rollins Big Night with Chase Utley and Laynce Nix; Plus "Seth in the City" Fundraiser

Earlier this year in a chance meeting through Greta Russo, Lotus Events and Antoine Johnson, House of Talent at Yahitori Boy (211 N. 11th) the idea for a special charity idea was launched "Legends & Locals" Celebrity Inspired Sushi for A Local Cause". The first sushi roll would be named after the Rollins' and it would be called J-Roll.
Kei Kurimoto, Owner of Yakitori Boy & Japas Lounge welcomes the guests to the nights event.
Spicy Tuna, Tempura Shrimp, with a Lobster Salad on top and Jimmy Rollins favorite Eel Sauce. It's delicious!!

Jimmy Rollins on WhoSay

Right before the J-Roll was dedicated Jimmy Rollins ran out as his wife Johari had gone into labor; Which I tweeted Sunday night at 7:30PM after it was announced that he had to leave. I was wondering why he ran by me so fast.

The next morning on Fox 29 Mike Jerrick and I discussed what had happened at Yakitori Boy with Jimmy Rollins rushing out, what I failed to say is what a great guy that Jimmy kept his commitment to attend the event, although friends of theirs tell me that Johari was not in labor when Jimmy left just a few hours before, in fact she wasn't due for two more weeks.  (I probably should have written this on Monday, but it was epic Radnor Hunt Day. None the less follow me on twitter @iPhillyChitChat to hear breaking news first, then keep up with PCC, and/or when I appear on Fox 29's Good Day Philly to hear the rest of the story. Thanks to the masses that retweeted my original tweet on Sunday and this guy...
It's always interested to see social media jump on a hot story. It's always hard for me to write about such a personal story like this too, but since it was announced from the stage I felt it was out there.  By the end of the night we had heard that the baby was born and it was a girl, which we reported on Fox 29 and tweeted Monday. Congratulations to Jimmy and Johari Rollins  on their new baby girl, the beautiful: Camryn Drew Rollins - Ck out video at the bottom of Jimmy Rollins interview with Arthur Kade. The moment he got done is when Jimmy got the texts saying Johari was on her way to the hospital.

The Party raged on to a packed house, with good music and lots of fun people.
Great entertainment too. Here Ginger Coyle belts out a tune. She included a CD in everyone's gift bag.
There was another live performance, the beautiful GoGo Morrow belted out a song with equally beautiful back up dancers.
Jenea Robinson, Skai Blue Media, Keith Radford and Rakia Reynolds, Skia Blue Media
Ryan Barrie, Kei Kurimoto, Phillies outfielder Laynce Nix and wife Brooke. Earlier in the evening Chase and Jen Utley stopped by to support the J-Roll.
 Now where did I put that notebook, yes right I left it at Fox 29 dang? What's your names? I know these peeps are from the

 Alba Gonzalez, DA Seth Williams and Lisette Williams. On June 6th, the Campaign for Set Williams will be holding their 3rd Annual "Seth in The City" event high above the streets at the 57th floor of Liberty Place. Tickets start at $50
Antonio Johnson looking fresh for his reality show now being filmed for the Bounce Network, with Fame Appeal's Mohammed Irfan Shariff

Josh DeMarco, recently left Giovanni & Pileggi (which is moving to 11th & Locust at the end of May) and can now be found at Jason Matthew Salon (1735 Chestnut), which recently relocated from Walnut Street to 18th & Chestnut (got it?) (PS: Josh reminds me of Warren Beatty in the movie Shampoo, hot, straight, but JD doesn't sleep around. Watch it on Netfliks, it's a classic.), his fiance Michelle Miller of The Nouveau Image, Mia Tinari, Esq and Dave Fisher.

Mike Jerrick, Greta Russo, Antoine Johnson and Shelton Mercer
The J-Roll is now available to the public on our menu. Each J-Roll that is purchased will give a donation of $3 to the Jimmy Rollins Family Foundation that raises awareness and offers assistance in the fight against arthritis (in young adults) and families who are struggling financially with extracurricular activities for children. 
Check out and the interview Jimmy Rollins was giving right as he got the messages that said yo dude your wifes about to have a baby.


Blondell Reynolds Brown Annual Old School Dance Party
Friday June 1, 2012 6PM til 11PM
The African American Museum - 701 Arch Streets


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Party People: Who's Who in Technology Event at Xfinity Live

Last week I headed to Xfinity Live to check out the "Who's Who in Technology Event" cocktail party. The first part of the cocktail party consisted of a seminar on various products that you will learn about here, then they had a networking event which I photographed.
The Chorus Communications Team: Justin Joy, Buffy Morgan, Ryann O’Donnell, Rob Molinaro, Amy Servis and Dan Cronin
Chorus Communications, one of the nation’s leading Technology Consulting Firms, hosted their annual Who’s Who In Technology event at the all-new Victory Beer Hall located within XFINITY Live Philadelphia.  Appropriately named, “XFINITY AND BEYOND”, this prestigious event featured two innovative presentations by local leading technology providers; Line Systems, and Alteva Unified Communications.  

Who’s Who in Technology “XFINITY AND BEYOND” was hosted by iMeet, the video collaboration tool, by PGI. Video for iMeet Following the presentations guests were treated to a networking reception that included complimentary light fare, a live DJ Set by Chorus founder Dan Cronin and of course Beer!

Debbie Rody, Jackie and Danielle Z enjoyed the seminar on the latest technology communications.

Michael Messina, Aida Sparta, Stacey Kracher and Dan Cronin. (Catch Dan at Reserve at 123 Chestnut Street, every Thursday night spinning the music that gets you moving)

The movers and shakers of Technology experienced the unrivaled social experience that XFINITY Live and Victory Beer Hall has to offer. This is comprised of elongated, beer hall style tables, an outdoor patio and fire pit with unique panoramic views of the Philadelphia skyline and makes for good photo ops. There's a dozen other different options all under one roof, and one large room with a 30 foot TV screen, a raw oyster bar all in the shadow of the stadiums.  

Alteva offers cloud-based Unified Communications solutions that were designed for the Enterprise market space comprised of hosted VoIP integrated with hosted Microsoft Communication Services, and complementary products including Fixed Mobile Convergence, Advanced Applications for PCs and Data Backup Solutions. Alteva has won myriad awards over the years, including a 2010 Stevie Award for Customer Service, 2010 TMC Unified Communications Product of the Year, and most recently a 2012 Channel Chiefs Award for Alteva Chief Sales Officer Louis Hayner.

Greg Skala, Grace Flannigan and Darrin Suder

Calvin Purnell and Kristy Purnell

Warren, Laurel, Mike and Chris, Line Systems, Inc. (LSI) is a full-service, integrated communications provider. With a complete line of data and voice services as well as national and international networking capabilities, LSI helps companies in the Mid-Atlantic region expand their presence and leverage their communications technologies as a competitive advantage. For more information, visit    

Sean Clark, Meredith Barr with Kevin Calvey and Lisa Kunicki.

Michael Messina, Darrell Redman and Tim Rosebono 

Stacey Kracher, Buffy Morgan, Sean Edwards and Aida Strata
More on Chorus: Chorus Communications was founded in 1995 and has been ranked among Philadelphia's Top 100 fastest growing companies, increasing sales by more than 1000% during its existence. 

The management team of Chorus has a collective 45 years of experience in evaluating technology services and products. Chorus representatives are known to be the best in the business. For more information on Chorus Communications contact Buffy Morgan, Director of Marketing at 215-600-0009
(Promotional Consideration)