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WHY YES THAT IS A GUN IN MY POCKET!! - Dead Man Down Fashion on the Set - Does Colin Farrell have PJ's on?

Sorry If I haven't gotten back to you, I am all over this movie filming in Center City, but will be working all weekend to get back to you. Thanks for your patience.

First a couple celeb sightings Armand Assante had dinner at Serafina the other night, the following night Sigourney Weaver stopped in.  Jen Creed will be singing live at Serafina on May 10.  Kevin Borlee from the Belgium running team had dinner at D'Angelo's with the entire team. He's ranked 3rd in the world in the 400m.  Colin Farrell continues to be a great guy at the Sporting Club. He's been using the tanning bed, lifting weights, doing sit ups and chatting up anyone that approaches him. Investigative reporter John Stossel gave a talk on Wednesday at the Union League. No longer with ABC, he has a show on the Fox network these days.  I'll be on Fox 29 Good Day Philly with Jen Frederick at 7:45AM on Monday.

 Today's Fashion Friday and well there's a lot of fashion that floats by me while we're in between scenes.

 I call this so adorable!

Over the shoulder
A birds eye view looking down Walnut Street towards Colin Farrell

OMG I just passed actor Terrence Howard. Then Terrence just started walking with them, eventually getting a photo with each and everyone. He's the kinda movie star you wish all of them would be.

Now this is Philly Street Style at it's best!

I guess they still sell jeans with holes in them

Cute skirt
Colin Farrell near the Latham Hotel, poses with a fan. Is he in his PJ's? (Check out on Monday for the stories.)

Extras in the scene. I heard they wanted folks who could dress like they were in NYC. Does it look different than Philly Style?

I'm not sure anyone in Philly would wear that tie with those sneakers.

WWE wrestler has hung up his belt for now and can be seen on the streets of Philly in Dead Man Down. Wade Barrett and Luis Da Silva Jr. In the background you can see peeps watching the scenes.
I just wanna be petted

Joan Shepp's got fashion


Mobbed up - Luis Da Silva Jr., Terrence Howard and Wade Barrett

Mary J. Blige is that you?

Why Yes That Is A Gun In My Pocket!!
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Thursday, May 3, 2012

SHOEGASM: Beth Shak kicks up her heels, Plus a shot from Dead Man Down starring Colin Farrell and Terrence Howard

Professional poker player Beth Shak launched her shoe website Shoes R Forever, with a preview party at  PNK Elephant Boutique 504 South Street in Philadelphia last week
Beth making a stylish entrance with her entourage who have parted ways so I could get this shot.
Hey Mr DJ, put a record on

PNKElephant is an accessories boutique featuring high fashion items that are great quality and affordable.
Hottie policeman Ben Cook and Beth Shak

the other hot item shoe, shoes, shoes

Carmena Ayo-Davies, Jennaphr Frederick, Beth, Kijafa Frink and Kendra G. Kendra can be seen regularly on Fox 29's Good Day on Monday's in the 9 o'clock hour.

OMG I misplaced that note book. You know it happens every once in awhile. oy

also spotted in the crowd Rakia Reynolds, Steve Rockman, Patricia Benitez, Daisy Martinez and Kharisma McIlwaine

guest, Anthony Chad he is a stylist, and  make up artist Robin Chism.

CHECK OUT PHILLYMAG.COM TODAY AND MY COLUMN. I HAVE A COOL LITTLE SHOT OVER THERE, and an exclusive tidbit of fun. Tomorrow I will have an epic "celebrities in Philly" column with lots of sightings all week, and will be on Good Day Philly with Jen Frederick with stories & video. HERE'S TODAY'S PHOTO IN MY PHILLYMAG COLUMN.
Just so you know, three times I week I post shots and stories that don't appear on PhillyChitChat.

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Patio dining is all the rage, doesn't matter if it rains at Sullivan's - Opening Party Pixs

Now that the weather is finally getting warm, patio dining is all the rage, and catching the wave of euthisiam is Sullivan's Steakhouse in King of Prussia.  After several months of construction, including building a new event dining room, the patio was finally ready for a proper opening party. To celebrate Sullivan’s presented a $5,000 check to Meals on Wheels, which will provide 2,000 meals to people in need in the area.
Tumoor Haye, General Manager (r), cuts the ribbon as Shang Skipper, Regional Manager (L), presents a $5,000 check to Nancy Brown, President of Neighbrood Meals on Wheels, in celebration of completion of Sullivan’s Steakhouses’ half-million dollar renovation in King of Prussia, Wednesday, April 25, 2012.
David Neff, Michelle Spevak, Kylie Flett, Emily Rothrock, and Lexi Grieshaber  Neff & Assoc
David Neff - President of Neff Associates, Shang Skipper- Regional Manager Del
Frisco’s Restaurant Group, Bill White - General Manager Sullivan‘s, Tumoor Haye-
General Manager Sullivan‘s, Rich Furino General Manager Del Frisco’s Restaurant
Group , Eric Gantz Executive Chef.
Maureen Dougherty, Gary Bolis, Howard Eskin, Jill Blatstein, Bart
and Howard Smith. No mention on Bart's plans for the Phila School Board Building, that I predict he's going to buy next.
Aja Carmer - Her favorite signature Sullivan's cocktail is The Knockout, Meg McDonald and Sarah Lockard.

Sometimes I get double booked and I send my 2nd shooter out to an event,
Thanks Mike Hirata Photography
Sullivan's Steakhouse KOP -
700 W. Dekalb Pike
King of Prussia, PA 19406

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Phillies Future Looks Bright as long as Hunter is "Doing Pences"

Philadelphia Futures prepares low-income, first-generation-to-college students for higher education opportunities. 

Sunday after the game a lot of the Phillies headed over to North Bowl to participate in the charity bowling and billiards event.

Where CBS 3′s Jim Donovan and Matthew Nadu, and 6 ABC’s Ali Gormon, Amy Buckman, Kenneth Moton and Rick Williams also participated. About Moton goes for a strike

Prompting his co-worker Amy Buckman to celebrate with a happy dance high five

Phils catcher Carlos Ruiz, who hosted the night’s Get in the Game Bowling & Billiards Tournament at North Bowl, let's one rip with speed down the ally.

I noticed Phillies rightfielder Hunter Pence had a hand gesture of his own when he got a strike or spare

First he would stare down the pins

Fist pump the air up

Then side to side, finally fist bumping with a team mate and throwing up his hands to the heavens.  I checked out the tapes on Youtube to see if he does this on the field and couldn't find any? Have you seen him "Doing Pences". It could be the Phillies answer to Teabowing. We could use a championship again, praise the Lord!

More info on the event the other night in my Philly Mag column Here

May Day: The Sofitel Grows Its Own Vegetables and Herbs

The Sofitel (17th and Sansom Streets) recently unveiled its rooftop garden, which it's calling Le Jardin des Fleur-de-Lis.

Although it can't be reached by the general public, you will enjoy the fruits of their labor as 

the vegetables and herbs grown here will be used in chef Jim Coleman's cooking at Liberte and in mixologist Marc Yanga's drinks at LIBERTE URBAN CHIC LOUNGE
 Vincent Vienne, General Manager at Sofitel Philadelphia Hotel and Meryl Levitz, GPTMC Executive Director at the dedication of the plots.

Nicole Paloux PR
Red Balloon Public Relations

 Kristina Jenkins, Editor of Where Magazine, Zelinda O'Hara, Where Magazine Deirdre Affel, Publisher of Where Magazine and Vincent Vienne, General Manager at Sofitel Philadelphia Hotel
 The gardeners at the Sofitel

Monday, April 30, 2012



YEEHAW!!! Chorus Communications welcomes it's newest client Johnny Utahs Philly...Join us at their Grand Opening Celebration Saturday May 12th for a special open bar from 8-9. Click on the link below to RSVP

Oh What A Night....Donors are Heroes Party at the Four Seasons

Friday Night was the Donors Are Heroes' 10th annual "THE Party" at the Four Seasons Philadelphia

You can listen while you check out the story, but come back as it's a dark video, and by dark I just mean I could use a lighting system. Maybe dark for the Mariah Carey song he played for the 2nd to last of the night, but loved it any who cause it's so much fun, like THE PARTY. So Much Fun. I'm surprised you were there, it's the best Party, as far as Parties go. Sure I have other favorites, but two days later I'm still relishing in the fun moments. Here we go....
 Co-founded by Renee and Don Freeman (Freeman Interiors) Donors are Heroes raises awareness about organ donation.  A group of dedicated friends, committed to raising public awareness for the importance of becoming an organ and tissue donor, to dispel myths and provide a means for people to share their donation wishes with family and friends.  This year's co-chairs were Eric Allen (l), Lauren Huezo & Tina Lamsback (center). (I'll have a fun photo on PhillyMag from this party later today.)
Honorees for the night were Bernard and Joan Spain- 10th Anniversary Heroes of the Year Award. Bernie addressing the guests at the VIP party.
There's a reason it's called "The Party" cause as soon as DJ Eddie Tully put the needle to the record the dance floor fills up til the stroke of 11.
 Aida Sparta, Michael Messina and Anne Nikolas << Best use of white before Memorial Day
 The bold, the beautiful, the Louboutin to the Amiclubwear heeled ladies were turned out to party. 
Dana Spain, Robin Bond and Leanna Johannes 
 Mike Haberman, Brian Singer, Keith and Nadine Mecca, Michele Haberman and Jared Solonmon, Esq. (Who I worked with at Kohn Swift & Graf, when I was a paralegal. He just gave his notice to join the Army to be a Jag Officer.)
  Jimmy Kazanjian and Lisa Gaudio
Special thanks to The Four Seasons Philadelphia, Evantine Design, Cashman & Associates, WT Graphics and DJ Eddie Tully. Come and taste the wonderful Philadelphia restaurants and caterers who will be providing the food; Betty the Caterer, Bredenbeck's Bakery Ice Cream Parlor, Bistrot La Minette, Ciao Bella Cakes, Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia, Fountain Restaurant, Night Kitchen Bakery, Rouge, STARR Events, Table 31, The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company, Village Belle and Water Works Restaurant and Lounge!
 Michelle Chyatte and Fox 29's Mike Jerrick.

 Wendi Borten and Reggie Rubin 
The money raised from ticket sales will go directly to help maintain our public awareness programs, school summits and teaching initiatives. All of which are geared to educate and dispel the myths surrounding becoming an organ donor and the need for life-saving, life-enhancing transplants.
 Kurt with Marc and Tania Schade
The always classy Joan Pileggi and Mark Baumgardner 
 Mike Gorsen, Holly Eldrige, Danny Benenfeld, Mike Schueftan and Hannes Feldner
 Miss Philadelphia Lauren Bilski and Eric Allen, Assistant Director of Catering at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia.
  Lee Ducat, founder of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)and Claire Rose

 Favorite Fashion Couple of the Evening: Pedro Gomes & Amber Goins wearing Rachel Zoe. (when they get married Amber won't have to change her initials, in fact she can just tell everyone her last name is now pronouced Gomes since the pronunciation is already so close.)
 Patricia Benitez, Steve and Tamar Olitsky (Table 31. This Thursday is the launch of Table 31's outside cafe. Come by and have some Patron on the patio.) and Beth Shak, who just launched her new website ShoesRforever, I'll have those party pixs for you shortly.
Maria Quettrone and Chip Kanzinger
 Over $100,000 was raised for donor awareness and education. Did you know it's not against your religion to donate your organs. You could save a life.  This was the cocktail area at 10PM, still packed.
The Four Seasons made the most delicious sliders; they didn't give me indigestion the next day. Now that's saying something.
 Stacey Fetherston, Jenn Deluca, Quinn David and Jennie Riccio, all with Gift of Life
  Looking fly Alisa Jackson - the theme for the night was black and white and Alisa wins for the unique mixed use.
 stylin' it - hands down best hat until I go to the Radnor Hunt May 20
 Kelly Seymar, Patrick Seymar, Lindsay Docherty (She's been blogging a lot about food inspired by the Hunger Games) and Andy Rachlin
 John Westrum and Melanie Martin look like the fabulous couple they are
 Stacey Kracher (Director of Marketing Zarwin Baum) and Marco.  Just about to jet set off to Paris for the Christian Louboutin: the fun and fetishism exhibition. Check out Stacey's Alexander McQueen bag. 

 The best kick ass clutch I've seen, every. Kick ass because if she swings it at you, it's gonna kick your ass
 Kirby and Amber Mallon and Lynsie and Evan Solomon (Lynsie & I volunteer for Donors Are Hero's. I brought her on board. Did you know she's chairing the women's committee fashion show this year at the Union League. Fashions by Nicole Miller, jewelery by Lago's.) were dancing in place, cause the
dance floor was packed all night. That's the kinda party The Party is. For $75 there was a bar, food, music, no attitude and lots of awareness.
 Steffie Freedman and Christa Guidi. BTW if you don't have plans for Mother's Day yet, why not have brunch at Top of the Tower , they're having a Mother's Day Brunch
 and Leah Rubin
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Steve Schaeffer and Alli Hughes Happily Ever After. 
So don't take your organs to heaven. Fill out that donor card, tell your family your wishes and leave them here when you go.