Friday, April 13, 2012


Last night a few hundred of Ryan Dorsey's besties attended a 3 Nerd Birthday Party for him, with proceeds from the door going to the Hamels Foundation.


DJ's keeping it real last night.
and of course

I love all the clubs I write about, but Recess is special cause either everyone knows each other, or by the end of the night you will. It's a friendly club, great bartenders, doorman and staff.
Scott and Drew from Del Frisco's Steak House

Brett, Justin and friends
One of the DJ's was genius in how he kept threading "Can We Get Much Higher" in and out of the music for an hour.

Checkered shirts and bow ties were in honor of The Three Nerds and clever branding by them
Kristyn Aldrich and Adrienne A Diaz - Earlier in the night Kristyn and I headed out for what's turned into our Thursday night date night, to Sampan. Great new menu items, included an unbelievable dessert S'Mores, which is served as a tart. Marshmellow, chocolate, peanut butter with a chocolate crust. i don't love chocolate, believe it or not, but it was outta of this world. You have to go try it. Created by Karla Torres.

Thanks for all your support. I was feeling the love last night at Recess

so many people last night knew me from
Philly Mag - The Post and 

watching me on
Fox 29 Phila Good Day Show
thank you for all the kind words and support.  I need to go out more. I hadn't been to Recess since last December. It's a late night club, but so much fun.
I love these rules. Always interesting.

Dennis and Dana so much fun

Another successful party by GN Kang, Director of Operations for the Hamels Foundation . It's really amazing as she was a radio DJ on Wired 96.5 for 8 years and has really flourished in her role at The Hamels Foundation. Created charitable events that result in changing & improving a child's life. Kudo's girlfriend. xoxo
Phillies Marketing Peeps: Michael Harris and Kevin Gregg

Madonna's MDNA CD is a failure because it's silly & childish/ Seems like she missed the days of "Who's That Girl". This is a little ditty that sums up most of the CD, but it's affectious in it's lyrics.

As is the norm for Recess after Midnight the place really stared rolling
Haynie Ahn and Alison Moore

Happy Birthday Ryan Dorsey. (it's my dad's bday too, he never quite had a party like this, but we're Irish so it was fun.)

"I can now retire from politics after having had Happy Birthday sung to me in such a sweet, wholesome way," - JFK

Happy Birthday Mr Presidentttttt (what the heck is happening behind you on the left?)

Thursday, April 12, 2012


PhillyChitChatter:  Ahh so busy this week. Thanks to my readers Larry Giuffra and Elise Garber (Leeza) for the photos I used on Fox 29 Philly Good Day yesterday of Colin Farrell. I finally had a chance to go out and shoot him.

Eating Out:

Flyers coach Peter Laviolette and two friends were at Davio's 111 S. 17th Street last Thursday for dinner.

Phillies closer Jon Papelbon and his wife Ashley Papelbon had dinner at Buddakan on Monday night.   

The Hamels Foundation dinner with Celebrity Chef Jen Carroll, I wrote about it on yesterday. 

While I was shooting Cole & crew, all this happened: 
Steve Harvey and Tony Danza having dinner at Capital Grille on Tuesday night, but not together. Harvey was in town promoting his new movie "THINK LIKE A MAN" at the Ritz East earlier in the evening.  Not sure why Danza was in town, but after dinner he headed over to McGillin's Olde Ale House (1310 Drury) for a beer. 

Colin Farrell and Starr Restaurants, he finally broke his streak and ate at one. He was at Barclay Prime on Tuesday night.  (Check out the shot I got of Farrell yesterday, and the link to another shot and article on Philly Mag, at the bottom of the page.)

The Miami Marlins ate at D'Angelos on Tuesday night, and had a film crew with them. Are they doing a reality show for Bravo too? 256 South 20th Street.

Wednesday: I had lunch at Schlesinger's Deli (fka Kibitz Room) again yesterday. Did you know for their dinner menu they use the same steak purveyor as the one that Barclay Prime uses. I really need to have dinner there. 

Center for Literacy Benefit at the Suzanne Roberts Theater

 Monday night I was over at the Suzanne Roberts Theater to hear one of my favorite cabaret singers, Eddie Bruce perform. He was lending his talents to a really great cause, the "Center for Literacy". The concert was sponsored by FirstTrust Bank, and was called "A Tribute to Tony Bennett in Words & Music." Above JoAnn Weinberger, President/Executive Director, Center for Literacy greets the crowd and thanks them for coming.

Richard Green, Firsttrust Bank stresses that the bridge to success is built on education.

Christine Gayle, a student from Center for Literacy, highlights what the program has done for her and is now on her way to college.
 Eddie Bruce takes the stage
 After the concert there was a dessert reception. I ran into an attorney I used to work with at Berger Montague. It's always fun to see people from my former life. Julie Colton and Eric Cramer, Esq
 John Ward, Dan Digregorio, Amy Pulliam and Fareeha Ashad, enjoyed the concert.
 At one point during Eddie Bruce's concert, he did a Q&A with WRTI's Bob Perkins (L) about Tony Bennett and his music. Co Chair of the event, Carol S. Saline, with crooner Eddie Bruce. Carol co-chaired the event with her husband Paul Rathblott.
Liz Matt and Sharla Feldscher, President Sharla Feldscher Public Relations. These two know you would love seeing the hysterically funny - Defending The Caveman April 18 - May 13, 2012 performances at The Prince Theater $39.50

Sara Garonzik, Producing Artistic Director, Philadelphia Theatre Company with Larry and Harriet Weiss
Randi Harris and Gordon Barron with their books by Bennett Biographer, Author David Evanier "All the Things You Are: The Life of Tony Bennett.
Laurie Huggins and former candidate for City Council, real estate agent, Barbara Capozzi
Author David Evanier "All the Things You Are: The Life of Tony Bennett signing copies of his book on Tony Bennett.
Check out Philly Mag for the story on Colin Farrell yesterday and the shots I got. Note the bodyguard/trainer lets Farrell walk out ahead of him when he exited this building. Read doorman drama HERE

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

"Bam Magera and Friends" Arts Show - Opening Night

Fans Dana Socha and Caitlin Beasley
At the top of these stairs, 4 stories up, is the James Oliver Gallery which held the first professional exhibit of art by Bam Magera called appropriately "Bam Magera and Friends"
Bam and the Friends Justin Muir, Red_Hawk, Phil Margera (dad), April Margera (mom), Bam Magera, Nikki B and Ryan Gee

Nikki B and a few of her hot shots taken in a Las Vegas hotel room with Bam. She used a remote to trigger the shots.
I could feel the passion in the paintings that Bam created. He painted his pain onto the canvas after experiencing a few difficult years, including the death of his good friend Ryan Dunn.  Many of the paintings depict women in various states of undress, others are painted on maps with the words of places he visited, Madrid, Lisbon and London. Others had great titles like "Dead Lovers Lane", "Paris Kills" (which is about the city not the person,) "And She Never Returned" and my favorite "I Need Time To Stay Useless."
Many of the paintings were done while Bam traveled the world.  Then they had to be shipped back to West Chester, Pa to be stored.  His mother April shared with me a few stories about the complexities of that, especially when there was a language barrier.
But the stories I enjoyed were the ones about how Bam didn't always put enough sheets down to protect the hotel room from paint splatter.  Many hours were spent trying to remove the oil based paint, although there are several hotel phones that could be called Bam Margera masterpieces.

James Oliver and Uri Pierre Noel, Executive Director James Oliver Gallery

Olievier and Alex
Sometimes the paintings would have painful quotes like “If the Phone Doesn’t Ring, That’s Me Calling,” the reason he would give his mom for not calling on her birthday or holidays. She did say he would call a day later and express his well wishes.
"Hot Air Buffoon" and "New Orleans is a Dying Whore"
 This one is about Bam's friend

Vanessa, Marilyn and Nina - Fans, loved Bam's big heart.

Danielle DeBello and Jessica Matermoros
Taker and Ingrid Brown

Pop artist James Eucles and Amanda Frain
Nadia Kunz and Lilliana Didovic - Her "Philadelphia Tales, The Art of Lilliana S. Didovic" just published in January
Urban Dictionary: The Heartagram defining the balance between good and evil, and life and death. A mixture of the pentagram and heart. Logo for the Finnish rock band, HIM. Also used by Bam Margera to show his love for the band.

Red Hawk and his girlfriend who is also the subject of the photo he took
Bori Mischeift and Abbey Remington
Cam Huffman, Marion Smoot and Dempsey

Many of Bam's art work sold. I have a feeling he priced it very reasonable for his family, friends and fans.  Some paintings sold for as little as $200, many just a little above this price, and a few at $2,000