Friday, February 24, 2012

Reserve, Old City’s hottest new steakhouse at 123 Chestnut Street - Party Pictures

Party Rock is in the house tonight, everybody just have a good time It's been quite awhile since a restaurant has had such a big time opening as RESERVE, Philadelphia's newest steakhouse and only Bourbon bar and lounge located at 123 Chestnut Street in Old City. I arrived a little late as I was shooting a cocktail party at the law offices of Zarwin, Baum, DeVito, Kaplan, Schaer & Toddy with City leaders, and I don't say that lightly as almost every council person was there, the mayor and other power people in the City. Check out my coverage on Philly Mag today as well as on Fox 29 on Tuesday. When I arrived at Reserve it was packed, I got whiplash catching all the good eye candy I wanted to capture through my lens. But I was sidetracked by the shrimp so I captured a few of them first.
CBS3 crew: Kristen Johnson, Jim Donovan, Erika von Tiehl and Nicole Brewer.
Where have you been Erin Elmore, she's on the fast track to the alter after having meet Craig M. Spitzer last year. The duo just got back from Florida where Erin introduced him to the 'rents, and the always cheerful Ray Pennacchia, Novacare
Erica Soltoff and Jen Sherlock. Jen tells me her client Philly Sports Cave is having another signing on Saturday at the Shops of Liberty Place in the rotunda. Meet 1980 World Series Championship Shortstop, Larry Bowa will be appearing at The Sports Cave on Saturday, February 25th from 1:00 to 2:30PM
Gus Calabrese, Ashley Batiste and Shante CurryLoved the delicious steak tasting can't wait to come back in for more of the menu. Culinary team led by Executive Chef Ken Deiner (r) and Executive Sous Chef Adam Brod (l), Reserve features a local and sustainable menu using purveyors in Lancaster and Montgomery Counties.
What a beautiful space. That's Philly Daily News columnist Dan Gross in the foreground on the left. Congrats to him for his new column in Sunday's Inquirer. I get Inquirer and ever since Mike Klein left there's been a hole in good Scene coverage and Dan's the perfect guy to fill that position.
Gary DeVito, Zarwin Baum and Chris DiGeorge
Tempe Barish, Sabrina Tamburino and Kristen Foote. It would be hard to believe that Sabs had a sweet tooth with that rocking body, but for Lent she's giving up sweets. OK sweets be gone.
Tali Mazzola and Jeff Tubbs who both are involved in Urban Roots is a Youth Workshop in collaboration with ACE Mentor Program, whose Goal is to Engage, Excite, and Enlighten high school students to pursue careers in urban redevelopment
Nicole Cashman and Nigel Richards. Nicole (Cashman & Associates) late for her own party, she was busy getting details done for her upcoming nuptials with Nigel. Everything went smooth as she had her team in place.
Paul Devine and Ryann Richardson. Ryann tells me that tonight, Friday night, they're hosting a fundraiser dinner to benefit Philabundance ( It's a very important cause of combating hunger in the Delaware Valley and would like to invite you out to enjoy this special evening that starts 7PM. There's a price fixe dinner. Contact them for info.
Comcast Sports Marshall Harris, 6ABC's Ali Gorman and Bill Burr. Talk about burrrr, Ali is participating in the Keenan's Leprechaun Polar Bear Leap February 25th, 11:00 AM at 15th Street Beach, North Wildwood, NJ. She's not plunging she said, cause it would be cold if she had to MC the event on the beach soaking wet. I was going to do it once, but then the thought quickly left me thank god.
Megan Stecher, Christine Vuocolo and Cari Brescia. You'll see these folks Sunday at the Ritz for the Korbel Oscar Party.
Philadelphia Red Carpet Party
What: Dress in cocktail gear for the Oscars; Jimmy Contreras and Philadelphia Inquirer’s Elizabeth Wellington give yays and nays to the actors’ looks.
When: Sun., 6-11 p.m.
Where: 10 Arts, The Ritz-Carlton Philadelphia, 10 Ave. of the Arts (215-523-8273). R.S.V.P. by Sun., noon, (mention DailyCandy) to 267-687-0223 or

Jamil Rosenberg and James Boney, 215 Magazine. Also spotted: Mitchell Kaplan, Dave Monzo, Tom Killeen, Ted Schaer, Tina Carr, Jennifer Caro, Brian Jesiolowski, Stacey Kracher, Aida Strata, Dave Warren, Ali Frick, Sean Edwards and Monique Andes
6ABC's Team: Shirleen Allicot, Melissa Magee, Jasmine Ellis and Niki Hawkins. Also spotted Matthew Nadu and Kharisma McIlwaine (CW Philly duo). Kharisma's particpating on a panel tonight called "If Men Are Dogs" at 740 South St 7PM. RSVP: (Darn that emails taken now.)
LinkMia Christine Colona, PR for Nicole Miller. Today I am having a contest to give away a pair of tickets to the 3rd Annual Belluve Gets Engaged. Look her to enter.
Drew Degen, Lianda Swain, Kyle Keating and Arthur Kade (King Kamelot) . Drew and Lianda are co-chairs for the upcoming Young Friends of Arthur Ashe event. Friday 4/27
I should get all these events down in my own calendar too cause my it's filling up. PLUG HERE: To guarantee me coming to your event you can hire me to shoot it, advertise with me or beg me, but if someone hires me away you know that saying I gotta follow the money. Plus if you noticed all the live links, that are events, are reserved for my advertisers or people who have hired me in that calendar year.

Reserve is a 10,000 square foot venue, housed in the historic Corn Exchange Bank building at the 2nd and Chestnut Streets in Olde City is home to the Pennsylvania's largest selection of Bourbons and a private, elevated cigar and Bourbon lounge aptly named, "Bourbon Heaven". Our philosophy is simple, quality local foods paired with an unprecedented dining experience. Reserve is truly a unique space, where old world sophistication meets modern elegance. With a rich and extensive drink list, Reserve is a favorite among beer lovers and brown liquor aficionados. Live jazz combined with our signature cigar lounge creates an ambiance of comfortable decadence.
Nicole Rossi and Shelton Mercer, Twit Change.
Photographer Chris Gabello and Sabrina Tamburino
Brynne Ashton, Fox 29's Mike Jerrick and Lauren Richmond
Bon voyage Erin Como as she leaves NBC10 and heads to, I'm not supposed to say. Now that I know alot of news makers I find out good inside scoop, but I'm sworn 2secrecy. It satisfies my nosy self but irritates my gossip side. Sgt John, Camille Cwienkala, NBC10 Meteorologist Sheena Parveen

Contest: 3rd annual Bellevue Gets Engaged on March 4th 2012

The Third Annual Bellevue Gets Engaged. I've gone to all of them, and it's always a great time. Take your mom, go with a girlfriend, and make plans for your dream wedding.Tickets are only $50 , for a fantastic day of making dreams come true. It's the bridal event of the season. Cocktails, champagne and elegant hor d'oeuvres. Guests will receive a fabulous goody bag and more! I'm giving away a pair of tickets. Just tell me your engagement story and I'll enter you into the contest. Here's my email I'll pick a winner on Tuesday at 5PM. Thanks

Thursday, February 23, 2012

My Philly Cooks 2012 Column, More Details On Hop Sing Laundromat & Random Shot

Good morning
Bear with me I had a late night.

Hop Sing Laundromat is on the tip of our tongue ready to open
Lee is everyone's friend by now. We've been all rooting for the opening of his new bar, which I always joke with him is like Willy Wonka's Factory. There's so much to look at, and it's cloaked in secrecy and surprises. Even after he opens it, sometime in this century, you'll notice new sights and sounds, cause if you know Lee he always has something up his sleeve to keep his guests intrigued. I stopped by yesterday to see the progress and noticed this interesting ladder. "It's for the bar back" Lee told me. He can climb to any shelf and pull down the desired bottle; and it's on a sliding system (that's my word by the way for lack of a thought in my head today.) The bar back can slide the ladder from one side to the other cherry picking bottles off the shelf. He then puts it in a metal slide which hugs the ladder. The slide has felt like material that will dust the bottle as it drops into the bag at the bottom. Right before it drops it goes through a brush that finishes off the dusting before the bottle is served. Of course the bartender will give it a once over too. There's lots of other nooks and crannies that pertain to the bar, like the spit toon looking bowl, but it's not a spit toon.

Stopped by Reading Terminal to check out my food selections for Saturday night. It's like when you win a shopping spree and you want to see where all the Polo Shirts are so you can go there first. Saturday Night is the Valentine to the Market
for $125 you can eat from any of the vendors, but the Amish, dance, drink, and have the run of the place. It's a lot of fun I covered it last year too. Mike actually goes with me, so that says a lot.


Last night was Philly Cooks 2012.
DANIEL REINHERZ and KYW's HADAS KUZNITS . Hadas was a judge, but had to run out afterwards to her photography class.
Dave Maser, Allison Young, VP of Public Engagement at the Constitution Center and Jenine and David Neff, Neff PR
Eater's Hottest Chef of 2012, Jason Cichonski (Ela) getting a smooch from his biggest fan Nicole with Ilana Waber and Sam "is that an IPhone in your Pocket" Shoap. Check out my full column in Philly Mag coverage of the event HERE

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

THE MIGHTY MACS DVD DROP PARTY - Jen Carroll & Tony Luke Stepping Out

LinkLast night at the Independence Seaport Museum Immaculata University hosted a "Storm The Court" Party to celebrate the release of the Mighty Macs DVD after it's first run in the theater. (You might recall the movie screening party I covered for Philly Mag.) Cashman & Associates always have something unique at the parties they orchestrate. So funny they had a bar set up in the elevator. It was Fat Tuesday so there were plenty of beads on hand.
No matter who was on the red carpet, and there was plenty of local star power
or how crowded the place was All eyes seemed to be on friends Top Chefs - Jennifer Carroll and Tony Luke, who looked smashing. Lately, Jen has been in high demand making personal appearances around the country, while making plans for her new restaurant Concrete Blond; and Tony Luke, the purveyor of the delicious pork sandwich, has been opening restaurants internationally and losing half his body weight in the process. He's a real inspiration. Yesterday someone was shopping around that these two were an item, and although they seem close, it's no "Harry Met Sally" as of now for these two sexy singles.
The Championship Trophies
Christina Pellegrini, Philly Style Magazine, Erin Humphrey and Meredith Fertig
Actress Megan Sabla, Stephen McCarthy and Jason Starkman.
Lauren O'Dorisio and John Colabelli, Philadelphia Style Magazine Publisher
The CW On Air Talent out and about: Kharisma McIlwaine and Matthew Nadu. Last week Matt was surfing with the locals at sunrise in Costa Rica. "Heaven on earth" he says.
Bob Cole, Immaculata University VP of Communications, addressing the guests with the Mighty Macs Director Tim Chambers looking on.
Chuck Kerrigan, Sr. Ann Heath, Vice President for Academic Affairs, Associate Professor of Mathematics and Jenni Sauer, Vice President for Finance and Administration at Immaculata University
The Lovelies: Vasiliki Tsiouris, Co-Owner Opa Restaurant , Erin Como, Maria Papadakis and Marisa Magnatta, WMMR's Preston & Steve Show. Friday is Erin's last day with NBC10. She has a few opportunities she's going to pursue, but is really just going to see what's out there for the next chapter in her life.
These two ladies were in the film - Karen Matweychuk, Director of the Annual Fund at Immaculata University and Mary Ann Severance. Mary Ann told me she practices Reverse Lent, for the next 40 days she's gonna let go and get wild.
Ron "Fresh" Mack was in the house. We were discussing the new Nikon camera that comes out next month. We both want it, but it costs more than my first car.
Catering was by Brulee Catering (Which is owned by GuestCounts Hospitality Group with business partners Barry Gutin and Larry Cohen), which reminds me I stopped by their new restaurant Square Peg, at the old Marathon 10th & Walnut spot, the other night (Chef Matt Levin will be helming the kitchen), well actually I stopped by to shoot this through the window. They should be opening up soon.
Tracy Davidson NBC10 reporter, rocking it with a pearl belt with Denise Conway-Crawford, was a member of the Mighty Macs
Ali Frick and NBC10 weather guy Dave Warren. We discovered that we all love monopoly and are going to get together and play a marathon game. Who else is up for it?
Paul Aspan, Associate Producer Comcast Sportsnet and Comcast SportsNet: Lisa Hillary
Elizabeth Bayou, Christopher Scott Grimaldi, (Check out his new novel "Adult World"), Crystal Wenrick and Jason Long, Key Account Manager for Pennsylvania at The Edrington Group
Lorraine Hawk and Victoria Boaz with Philly Daily News fashion "Street Style" photographer Reuben "Big Rube" Harley

For a late nite bite, and you wouldn't believe how are it is to find a restaurant open after 10PM on Fat Tuesday no less. A few of us stopped by Revolution House at 2nd & Market. They have a new menu items, including this delicious cannolli stuffed with crab meat. Yummy. Hey what are you doing on Sunday. Free Oscar Party at the Ritz Carlton. Nibbles and toast with Korbel