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Octomom enters rehab for anxiety, just another chapter to obtain some kind of celebrity status on the F List I guess.

This is Octomom’s manager tweeting out the news she’s in rehab, usually people want this news to be hush hush, especially if the world already thinks you’re an unfit mother. Plus it usually works against the celebrity monetarily.
 Some women named Gotch tweeting that Octomom’s manager got her addicted to xanax.

Philadelphia’s Damon Feldman says he saw Gina supply Octo. I think these people are all in bed together for money. People love a good reality, or even a bad one. I blame it on the WWF.
The photo of Octo above is one I took at Fox 29 in September when Feldman, Michael Lohan and Octo appeared together to promote a pillow fight between Octo and Wired 96.5’s Shila in the Morning. It’s all about stretching the 15 minutes and making a little green.

Friday at 1PM it all plays out in Judge Alex’s Courtroom. Famed pillow fight promoter Damon Feldman sues Michael Lohan, soul sucking father of Lindsay Lohan

Aditi Roy Engaged? John Bolaris Engaged! Rogue Weather People & FrankenStorm Costume

During the height of Hurricane Sandy I received inquiries asking me if Aditi Roy was engaged. I reviewed my tivo and yes it looks like she’s engaged. I sent an email for a comment, but haven’t heard back from Aditi.

Congratulations to John Bolaris and now fiance Erica Smitheman. Bolaris popped the question to Smitheman on the Howard Stern Sirus Radio Show on Monday at the height of Hurricane Sandy. Perfect Storm, perfect girl who’s weathered many of his storms he told me.  The spontaneous proposal didn’t produce a ring that day, but John’s going to surprise Erica by Thanksgiving as he’s thankful she’s in his life.

I’m only posting the explanation below because people wrote me about why I tweeted it that Hurricane Schwartz guessed correctly on when Hurricane Sandy would make landfall. I guess people missed my explanation in the morning.


Thank you to all those working so hard to keep everyone safe & informed before/during/after . We couldn’t have gotten thru it with out you.

Standouts were 6ABC’s Amy Buckman, and CBS3 Jenn Bernstein, NBC10’s Sheena Parveen who explained the hurricane in depth and what to expect (Plus I got over 5,000 searches on her in 3 days) also lots for Jillian Mele and Monica Malpass, Cicely Tynan and Adam Joseph, NBC10’s Terry Ruggles who was out of his element and provided a great story, Fox 29’s Steve Keeley’s no nonsense delivery and Jenn Frederick who did an awesome job telling the story from inside the studio using lots of photos (she must have references her husband a lot cause readers kept searching on PCC for info on him.) Funniest why didn’t Claudia Gomez wear boots instead of flats when she walked through the puddle. I’m a weather & news geek from childhood and I tape all the news channels all the time to watch them.

Monday morning I posted the times each local TV news stations predicted landfall of Hurricane Sandy. They were all different and it was kinda irritating as I was trying to plan my day. I wanted to be awake when the storm passed Philly.

This is what I tweeted on Monday morning:

What time is Sandy making landfall. It’s anyone’s guess since all the news channels have different times:
@NBCPhiladelphia says 7PM, @CBS3 9PM, @6ABC says midnight @Fox29Philly says late 2nite

For the record The Weather Channel said 11PM

Hurricane Schwartz I thought went rogue and said 7PM, because he said the computer he liked to use predicted it would arrive earlier than previously thought.

Landfall was about 8PM so good show Hurricane.   As far as I’m concerned John Bolaris broke the hurricane story a week ago. I thought he was just crazy when he said this was going to be “The Storm of the Century,” again. Currently he has a gig with Metro Philly. It’s a shame stations in Philly would consider Alycia Lane and not consider his return to the airwaves. Isn’t that why we watched him for his larger than life personality and well dramatic interpretation of the weather? Someone give this guy a job.

The Henri David Ball is still on for tonight at the Sheraton
Frankenstorm Hurricane Sandy Halloween Costume. I wish I could remember who’s site this was on, but I do remember he taped cows & dogs to his blue poncho.
BTW Daylight Savings Ends Sunday, November 4, 2012, 2:00am; 
Clocks need to Fall Back an hour


Photos: Marine Corp Law Enforcement Foundation Gala

It was black tie affair at the Crystal Tea Room last week as current and
former Marines joined other service members and civilians to raise money
for the Marine Corp Law Enforcement Foundation. Staffed entirely by
volunteers, MCLEF raises money to help the families of Military personnel
and Federal Law Officer who get killed on the line of duty. 

Dean Picciotti MCLEF, President Lexington Technology
with Guests of Honor Chris and Katie Topolewski
 Medal of Honor Recipient Jon Cavaiani with Philip Parkinson. Through the continuous support of our the MCLEF donors, they have distributed aid with a value of more than $54,000,000.00 to
eligible children. This assistance was primarily rendered to children of
Marines or Federal law enforcement personnel who were killed on duty or
died under extraordinary circumstances while serving our country at
home or abroad.

Joe O’Hara of the Irish Pub and Lieutenant General Ron Coleman.
The Irish Pub Children’s foundation raised $45,000 for MCLEF this

 Mike Wallace MCLEF, Widow  Mechele Kerns (an MCLEF beneficiary)
, Lieutenant General Ron Coleman, Joe O’Hara MCLEF. Mechele’s husband Woodstown native U.S. Marine Cpl. Derek A. Kerns was killed in an Osprey Plane crash in Morocco in April 2012

 David Maser, Alison Young, a dry Annie McCormick as she spent the weekend covering Hurricane Annie for 6ABC down the shore, and A.J. Marsico
 Chief of Staff of the Marine Corp General Willie Williams, and Aide De
Camp Captain Geoffrey
 Medal of Honor Recipients: Jon Cavaiani – is a retired United States Army soldier and a recipient of the United
States military’s highest decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his actions
in the Vietnam War.  Brian Thacker – is a former United States Army officer and a recipient of the United
States military’s highest decoration—the Medal of Honor—for his actions
in the Vietnam War. and Colonel Harvey “Barney” Barnum, Jr., is a retired United States Marine
Corps officer who received the Medal of Honor for valor during the
Vietnam War. He was the fourth Marine to receive the medal for valor in
 General Willie Williams, MCLEF Beneficiary Mechele Kerns, and Greg Brown
 Pennsylvania Supreme Court Justice Seamus McCaffrey
 Marine Corp Guard
  Lisa Catterton and Percy Giles
 Thanks to Mike Hirata for shooting this for PhillyChitChat