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I’m a Miley Cyrus Fangirl. Monday’s update & her dining pleasure

 I’ve turned into a Miley Cyrus fan girl and I know you (my regular readers), must be over this coverage. I never watched Hannah Montana before, or really heard any of her music, well except “Party in the USA”, what a great anthem, but I’m smitten with this kitten who has such a devoted fan following, like the Saved by the Bell fans, or the Sex and the City peeps who go to NYC to sit on Carrie’s steps. I’m surprised a news organization hasn’t done a story on these young ladies yet.

Morning everyone – Miley tweeted this photo to her fans. I guess she sleeps with all her jewelery on.

Miley headed to the set Monday, Ziggy walked besides her sans leash.  He didn’t stray too far from her as she strolled down the street with her Starbucks, and then entered Liam’s trailer. He was filming his last scene at the Lombard location, day 7 of 40, his ultra modern apartment building. Later she headed off with a friend as Liam went to work.

 Gabriella’s mom took off from work today, and waited 10 hrs near Liam’s trailer to meet him.(Note to fangirls, bring a camera with a flash if your phone doesn’t have a flash. Altho I can see Gabriella’s smile shine through. PS Photoshop may be able to lighten your shot. send me your picture I will do if for you like I did for the gal in the shot below.)

Liam was in his car, passed the gals, stopped got out and posed. What a guy!!

I’m so happy my mom waited with us for like 5 hours to see Liam


The Melanie Finley Ovarian High Heel Race in Avalon NJ – Pixs

 The Melanie Finley Ovarian organization held it’s 3rd annual 50 yard High Heel Race to raise awareness and funds for ovarian
cancer Saturday Avalon.
Leigh Kane, Kutztown, Pennsylvania – Associate Professor of Art at Kutztown University leads the pack in High Heels run for Ovarian Cancer fund raiser in Avalon Saturday, July 28, 2012

 This year they held a men’s heat too.

 Laura Heena of Cherry Hill NJ defends her title.
 Charlie Hunter of Avalon get’s his sea legs
Mike took this shot w/his cell phone, now I have competition. – The agony of de feet

  Melanie Finley with the winners in the ladies division.

 Melanie Finley with the winners in the men’s division. September is Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month. Monica Glass and i are having a couple events in memory of our loved ones, Judy Wilkins and Kathleen Glass; we’ll have details soon.


HILL HARPER, WAYNE BRADY & Tommy Oliver on the 1982 Film Set in West Oak Lane

I visited the set of the film 1982 earlier this month (I reported on this in my Fox 29 clip last Thursday). It’s a film about
a father Tim Brown, (Hill Harper),

Hill Harper

whose wife Shenae Brown,
Leal) succumbs to a crack cocaine addiction and him trying to wean his
wife off it while shielding their 10 year old daughter (Troi Zee). It
takes place in Philly in 1982 at the very onset of the crack epidemic
and is ultimately a story of a father doing whatever it takes to save
his family.

The film was shot in West Oak Lane on Andrews Ave Philadelphia neighborhood where
writer, directer and producer Tommy Oliver, grew up.

The film was a
family and friend project as many of his participated in the making of
it, even flying in from California to work as a favor. Actor David
told me “Tommy is the kind of friend you do that for.” The home
used in the movie is in reality Oliver’s grandmother’s house. His
grandmother is played by Ruby Dee.  He told me his grandmother was
thrilled when she met him.

   Bokeem Woodbine and Hill Harper
Director Tommy Oliver and Troi Zee
A surprise add to the cast the day I was
there, Wayne Brady, who was so thin I didn’t even recognize him.  I
loved seeing the cars from the ’70s like the Pinto that wouldn’t start
and they had to push down the hill to jump start it, or the vintage
clothing, which came from Echochic in Philadelphia. The last film Oliver
produced, Kinyarwanda, won the audience award at
Sundance and was ranked #6 on Roger Ebert’s top 10 films of 2011.

writer, directer and producer Tommy Oliver, Hill Harper and Wayne Brady get some shade on this very hot day.  Shortly after this I got the tip about Miley Cyrus and Liam Hemsworth eating at Capital Grille, and as it happened the 1982 crew was heading out to lunch, so I made my way back to town and got the exclusive shots of the duo leaving the restaurant.