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YEEHAW!!! Chorus Communications welcomes it’s newest client Johnny Utahs Philly…Join
us at their Grand Opening Celebration Saturday May 12th for a special
open bar from 8-9. Click on the link below to RSVP

Oh What A Night….Donors are Heroes Party at the Four Seasons

Friday Night was the Donors Are Heroes’ 10th annual “THE Party” at the Four Seasons Philadelphia

You can listen while you check out the story, but come back as it’s a dark video, and by dark I just mean I could use a lighting system. Maybe dark for the Mariah Carey song he played for the 2nd to last of the night, but loved it any who cause it’s so much fun, like THE PARTY. So Much Fun. I’m surprised you were there, it’s the best Party, as far as Parties go. Sure I have other favorites, but two days later I’m still relishing in the fun moments. Here we go….
 Co-founded by Renee and Don Freeman (Freeman Interiors) Donors are Heroes raises awareness about organ donation.  A group of dedicated friends, committed to raising
public awareness for the importance of becoming an organ and tissue
donor, to dispel myths and provide a means for people to share their
donation wishes with family and friends.  This year’s co-chairs were Eric Allen (l), Lauren Huezo & Tina Lamsback (center). (I’ll have a fun photo on PhillyMag from this party later today.)

Honorees for the night were Bernard and Joan Spain- 10th Anniversary Heroes of the Year Award. Bernie addressing the guests at the VIP party.
There’s a reason it’s called “The Party” cause as soon as DJ Eddie Tully put the needle to the record the dance floor fills up til the stroke of 11.
 Aida Sparta, Michael Messina and Anne Nikolas << Best use of white before Memorial Day

 The bold, the beautiful, the Louboutin to the Amiclubwear heeled ladies were turned out to party. 

Dana Spain, Robin Bond and Leanna Johannes 

 Mike Haberman, Brian Singer, Keith and Nadine Mecca, Michele Haberman and Jared Solonmon, Esq. (Who I worked with at Kohn Swift & Graf, when I was a paralegal. He just gave his notice to join the Army to be a Jag Officer.)

  Jimmy Kazanjian and Lisa Gaudio

Special thanks to The Four Seasons Philadelphia, Evantine Design,
Cashman & Associates, WT Graphics and DJ Eddie Tully. Come and
taste the wonderful Philadelphia restaurants and caterers who will be
providing the food; Betty the Caterer, Bredenbeck’s Bakery Ice Cream
Parlor, Bistrot La Minette, Ciao Bella Cakes, Four Seasons Hotel
Philadelphia, Fountain Restaurant, Night Kitchen Bakery, Rouge, STARR
Events, Table 31, The Famous 4th Street Cookie Company, Village
Belle and Water Works Restaurant and Lounge!

 Michelle Chyatte and Fox 29’s Mike Jerrick.

 Wendi Borten and Reggie Rubin 
The money raised from ticket sales will go directly to help maintain our
public awareness programs, school summits and teaching initiatives. All
of which are geared to educate and dispel the myths surrounding
becoming an organ donor and the need for life-saving, life-enhancing
 Kurt with Marc and Tania Schade
The always classy Joan Pileggi and Mark Baumgardner 
 Mike Gorsen, Holly Eldrige, Danny Benenfeld, Mike Schueftan and Hannes Feldner

 Miss Philadelphia Lauren Bilski and Eric Allen, Assistant Director of Catering at Four Seasons Hotel Philadelphia.

  Lee Ducat, founder of the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation (JDRF)and Claire Rose

 Favorite Fashion Couple of the Evening: Pedro Gomes & Amber Goins wearing Rachel Zoe. (when they get married Amber won’t have to change her initials, in fact she can just tell everyone her last name is now pronouced Gomes since the pronunciation is already so close.)
 Patricia Benitez, Steve and Tamar Olitsky (Table 31. This Thursday is the launch of Table 31’s outside cafe. Come by and have some Patron on the patio.) and Beth Shak, who just launched her new website ShoesRforever, I’ll have those party pixs for you shortly.
Maria Quettrone and Chip Kanzinger

 Over $100,000 was raised for donor awareness and education. Did you know it’s not against your religion to donate your organs. You could save a life.  This was the cocktail area at 10PM, still packed.

The Four Seasons made the most delicious sliders; they didn’t give me indigestion the next day. Now that’s saying something.

 Stacey Fetherston, Jenn Deluca, Quinn David and Jennie Riccio, all with Gift of Life
  Looking fly Alisa Jackson – the theme for the night was black and white and Alisa wins for the unique mixed use.
 stylin’ it – hands down best hat until I go to the Radnor Hunt May 20
 Kelly Seymar, Patrick Seymar, Lindsay Docherty (She’s been blogging a lot about food inspired by the Hunger Games) and Andy Rachlin
 John Westrum and Melanie Martin look like the fabulous couple they are

 Stacey Kracher (Director of Marketing Zarwin Baum) and Marco.  Just about to jet set off to Paris for the Christian Louboutin: the fun and fetishism exhibition. Check out Stacey’s Alexander McQueen bag. 

 The best kick ass clutch I’ve seen, every. Kick ass because if she swings it at you, it’s gonna kick your ass

 Kirby and Amber Mallon and Lynsie and Evan Solomon (Lynsie & I volunteer for Donors Are Hero’s. I brought her on board. Did you know she’s chairing the women’s committee fashion show this year at the Union League. Fashions by Nicole Miller, jewelery by Lago’s.) were dancing in place, cause the

dance floor was packed all night. That’s the kinda party The Party is. For $75 there was a bar, food, music, no attitude and lots of awareness.

 Steffie Freedman and Christa Guidi. BTW if you don’t have plans for Mother’s Day yet, why not have brunch at Top of the Tower , they’re having a Mother’s Day Brunch
 and Leah Rubin

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Steve Schaeffer and Alli Hughes Happily Ever After. 
So don’t take your organs to heaven. Fill out that donor card, tell your family your wishes and leave them here when you go.

Newly Shorn Colin Farrell and Claudine Farrell Plus “Dead Man Down” Film Schedule Change

WHAT’S FILMIMG ON WALNUT STREET 16TH AND 17TH YOU ASK and who am I going to see? Colin Farrell, Noomi Repace, Domenic Cooper and Terrence Howard. Here’s the story on last week’s shooting.

I’m calling this weeks shooting:  Colinlapozza- If you can’t make it I will keep you up to date here, and on twitter @IPhillyChitChat

DMD Productions, LLC is scheduled to film scenes for the upcoming feature film “Dead Man Down” on Walnut Street, between 16th Street and 17th Street, on the following days between 6am and 9PM:
–          Wednesday May 2, 2012
–          Thursday May 3, 2012
–          Friday May 4, 2012
–          Monday May 7, 2012

“Dead Man Down” is an action film that will be directed by Niels Arden Oplev (“The Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”).  It
will star Colin Farrell (“Miami Vice”, “Crazy Heart”, “Alexander”),
Terrence Howard (“Hustle and Flow”, “Iron Man”), and Noomi Rapace (“The
Girl With the Dragon Tattoo”, “Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows”). 

As you know Dead Man Down is filming in Philadelphia for the next two months. This week was the start of the real filming, in real time, of the movie. Last week, SPOILER ALERT, was shot in a sepia tone to reflect a home movie with his “family” a la Law Abiding Citizen. If you saw the movie (that was also filmed here in Philadelphia), then you know what I’m talking about.  This weeks filming kicked off at the SS United States. It was only there for one day. Then they filmed in Northern Liberties and Fishtown. Yesterday afternoon they filmed at 17th and Locust Streets. One of the background actors had a Sigourney Weaver sighting on Locust Street. (Celeb Sighting: Actor Ciaran Hinds dined at Serafina last nite with a lady friend. He
stars w/Sigourney Weaver in USA Network’s Political Animals.)
 Last nights shoot was inside of the Land Title Building on Broad Street
(left). They lit up the surrounding buildings for the background. 
There was a light shining from the top of the Ritz Carlton Hotel onto the Land Title Building. I arrived about 10PM and stayed til 530AM waiting for the outdoor scene that was scheduled to be shot. The background “picture cars” arrived about 1AM, and it was originally scheduled for a 3AM shoot, but problems arose.
It was cold. I was cold. Here the food craft is wheeling in some Irish Stew for the actors including Terrence Howard. It was his first night on the set. (OK Quick story, I think I only told it on Fox 29 and didn’t write it out. Colin Farrell went to the Sporting Club with his bodyguard, not training as I first thought, anyway girl behind check in desk said I will look that up for you Mr Firth. At which Colin replied, yea if I were a foot taller and had some class. I’m Colin Farrell. So funny. I like him)
Some people were in a different spirit

by the way, the freaks do come out at night
I waited 6 hours, and all I got was an ok picture of Colin Farrell. I completely forgot to change my batteries after shoot the Fairmount Conservancy event, and the other shots were dark. wah wahh. But I have a couple fun stories I’m gonna share with you next week on Fox 29 Philly that I think you’ll like.  Oh BTW they never filmed the outside scene I was tweeting about. Seems the film schedule had gone past their 12 hrs of continuous work and for union sake they have to pack it in. So at 530AM we all called it a night. (which was actually 13 hrs past start time.)  Colin Farrell and his sister Claudine Farrell
leave the set of ‘Dead Man Down’ in Philadelphia where filming has been taking place
Philadelphia, US. Note the script in her hand.  He’s a fast walker, even faster than she is. 

week they changed the film schedule. I know why. Colin Farrell is hot
hot hot now. He’s just completed the remake of “Total Recall” Well after
a few screeners the director realized that they needed to re-shoot a
few scenes.  So no filming on Monday or Tuesday now, but Dead Man Down
for the rest of the week it’s on the 1600 block of Walnut Street.


Who Won The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society annual “Man & Woman of the Year”

The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society (LLS –
held it’s annual “Man & Woman of the Year” gala  to
raise funds for blood cancer research at the Union League in Center City. The candidates compete in honor of children who are local blood cancer survivors, the Boy &
Girl of the Year. The votes are in dollars, every dollar counts as one
vote and the titles are awarded to the man and woman with the most votes
at the end of the ten weeks; The top fundraisers locally win the titles
nationally. Meaning if John Smith raising a hundred thousand dollars
and that is the highest anyone raised in the country, then he is the
National Man of the Year. It’s a very clever way to raise money. Rick
, Campaign Manager, Maida Milone, Executive Director and Kevin
, Former Philadelphia Eagles player and cancer survivor.

 Man of the Year candidate Rob Shangraw, First Financial Group of Mass
Mutual, Woman of the Year candidate Bridget McMullin, The McMullin Design
Group and Jenna Collier

 Margie and Scott Kasner. The duo were scouring the silent auction items for fun cooking opportunities.

 Ben Brondeau and Melissa Brondeau, Board of Trustees

AnnMarie Hagan, 2011 Woman of the Year Eastern Pa Chapter of the
Leukemia and Lymphoma Society. and Jack Hagan. AnnMarie told me that in
order for her to win the title 2011 Woman of the Year Eastern Pa
Chapter of the Leukemia and Lymphoma she held several fundraisers,
obtained items for the silent and live auctions and support from many of
her friends.

 Ryan Clark, Pope John High School II and 2012 Boy Candidate and John Clark, Board of Trustees.

 Ellen McGoldrick, Marjorie McGuire, 2002 Women of the Year and Jayne
. Majorie invited me to cover another wonderful cancer event the
5th Annual Showers of Hope on Friday evening, April
20, 2012, but I couldn’t make it. Stanley Cup winners Jim Watson and Dave Schultz, Olympic Ice
Dance champions and Olympic & World coaches Natalya Linichuk and
Gennadiy Karponosov, members of Danny and the Juniors attended.

 The GM Victory Brewing Company and Man of the Year candidate Matt
Victory co-Founder and President, Bill Covaleski. Matt Krueger
was proud of some of the ways he competed in his attempt to become Man
of the Year. One fun event he has was sponsored by Victory Brewing and
was an event at Paradise Farm in East Bradford in which attendees could
purchase tickets to shoot a pumpkin or watermelon out of a 40 foot long
10 inch diameter air compressed cannon. The targets were two minivans,
later they took sledge hammers to the vehicles. “It was Valhalla,” he

Justin Capetola, Al Capetola, Man of the Year candidate (note the rose)
Zach Capetola,
Oncology Marketing and Research Manager at
GlaxoSmithKline, Denise Bahr and Maxim Kind

Matthew Henry, wife Halley, Paige and Brynn. Brynn is a cancer survivor
and 2012 Girl of the Year. She volunteers for the LLS Team In Training
events and Alex’s Lemonade Stand.


Keli Falco, Man of the Year Candidate 2012 Anthony Falco, Strategic Wealth Management Advisors,
LLC, with sons AJ and Jake. The Falco’s were very confident with their
fundraising efforts to secure the Man of the Year title. They had 7
private events, did lots of fundraising with their friends and reached
out to corporations. But it’s not only about winning the title Anthony
said, it’s about raising money for a wonderful cause. The twelve
candidates collectively raised $409,000 for LLS. Anthony Falco of West
Chester earned the title of Man of the Year raising $209,000, which is
an unbelievable amount. Dawn Scradino of Philadelphia claimed the title
of Woman of the Year and she raised $26,000. The winner: The Leukemia
& Lymphoma Society | Eastern Pennsylvania Chapter


Philadelphia Youth Orchestra Concert – Dottie Crosses Something off her Bucket List!!

Last Sunday family, friends and Philadelphia Youth Orchestra affectionados gathered at an early dinner at the Union League to celebrate the first concert of the PYO of the season, plus a dream realized when Dottie Giordano would guest conduct the orchestra later in the concert.

Loren and Pat Lind
Tom Knox, Frank Giordano, Member of the PYO Board of Trustees, DA Seth Williams and former senator Bob Rovner


Cynthia Remick and Lloyd Z. Remick, Esquire. In the background you can see a birthday cake that was presented to Cynthia as a surprise for her big day.
PCC It Girl 2012 Marisa Magnatta, George Magnatta, and Michael Magnatta

Frank and Rachel Giordano

After dinner the guests walked over to the Kimmel Center for the concert

Guest Conductor Dottie Giordano leading the Philadelphia Youth Orchestra. She can cross this off her bucket list.

Sen Diane Allen reads a proclamation in honor of Dotti Giordano, with Frank Giordano, President, looking on. The Giordano live in Moorestown, NJ  Check out the upcoming Philadelphia Youth Orchestra Concerts, you won’t be disappointed.