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January 2012


The 1st Annual Sapphire Ball at The Franklin Institute

This weekend was chock full of exciting events, from the Black Tie Gala at the Auto Show (which you can read about in my online Philly Mag column tomorrow), to the Winter Jam 2012 at The Piazza at Schmidts, to Christine Phillips Fashion Show at the Armory to the grand daddy of them all, the Academy Ball and the baby of the bunch, the first year of Sapphire Ball at the Franklin Institute. Masks and sapphire attire was suggested, and I was impressed by the compliance. Now I didn’t get there til after the Academy Ball, which was around midnite for me. (Then I ran back into town about 1AM, and went to the AP party at Union League, that’s when I shot the cab accident at 19th Street.)
John Moeller, Joe Carlucci, Samantah Giusti, Amber Hikes and Christian Edge are decked out in their sapphire finest. Sapphire Fund was established in 2002 to support the organizations contributing to the health & well-being of Philly’s GLBT community and it’s supporters.
Chris Dougherty and Kristin Detterline-Munro, Deputy Editor, Philadelphia Style Magazine
Will Aldridge, Jay Anhorn and Noel Zayas
Stephen Falcnek (hmm that doesn’t look like it could be right?) John Offidani III (Johnny O), and Gabor Szuhay
Thom McIntyre, Owner and Artistic Director at Philadelphia Dance Center, Tim Murdaugh, Personal Trainer at PTrainer at 12th St Gym (No doubt he was thinking to himself, hasn’t HughE started his diet yet?) and Jeff Price
Dancing the night away, Maryann Helferty and Krystle Williams were on the dance floor grooving to Bounce for most of the night, but I caught them when they sat down for a breather.
Stella D’Oro, Will Aldridge and Anita Manhattan light up the night in their fabulous gowns.
Bryan and Amanda

Gallelli Paul Hamilton, Esq and Jessica Slack

Our Mission
Sapphire Fund was established in 2002 to support the efforts of organizations contributing to the health and well-being of Philadelphia’s gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgendered community and those who support them.

Sapphire Fund identifies organizations that advance the GLBT community through education, advocacy, arts and cultural opportunities; in addition to HIV/AIDS research, education, prevention and treatment. To this end Sapphire Fund engages in activities that raise monies so that grants may given to those chosen beneficiaries in support of these goals.
Lisa Martinicchio and Domenic Gallelli is the Founder, President & CEO of Prodigal Private Security Inc. and President, Sapphire Fund


Love is in the Air, at Top of The Tower for Valentine’s Day 2/11/12

Your Valentine’s Day Weekend (2/11/12) could be very romantic and delightfully fun! Philadelphia’s Top of the Tower invites you to experience romance 50 floors above Center City. With stunning views, exquisite gourmet food, and entertainment by Eddie Bruce…this unique experience is designed to melt your Valentine’s heart.

  • $90 per person includes:
    sumptuous dinner stations, dessert,
    cabaret show, & dancing the night away
  • Full cash bar (All drinks under $10)

an Eddie Bruce Cabaret show, and all of that is topped off with dancing to a live band!
For More Info: HERE



Hope you’ll read my Academy Ball column at Philly Mag in the Philly Post section, under The Scene. It took me about 12 hrs to write, and I’m pretty proud of it. Sometimes I put photos up of fashion don’ts, but I have to say everyone looked awesome so enjoy. And like I will be doing on days where I will be posting on PhillyMag, I’m not going to give you a lot of details of the event on PhillyChitChat, you’ll get it over there. I might be more opinionated here though
Adrian Hardy was spinning at the Young Friends of the Academy Ball part at R2L. He’s so crazy.

Christie Honigman (not pictured) was the PR for the Young Friends of the Academy Ball and helped organize a wonderful event at R2L before the gala at the Academy. Alexis Williams, wearing Ralph Lauren, brother Mark Williams and Carly Haroutunian. The girls had a beauty day at Oggi Salon then over to MAC for their make-up before coming to the party.

Glamour, glamour, glamour. Not your traditional red carpet ready gowns, but an air of sophistication in dress. Elizabeth Zelov, John and Nancy Galloway at the Tiffany & Co party.
And although the ladies were looking fine, we’re still not at the “Oscars” so not everyone knew what they were wearing. I did forget to mention in my Philly Mag column that GN Kang was wearing a Heidi Hamels borrowed dress.
I’m so excited that we have an exuberant, emotional, exciting new music director in Yannick Nézet-Séguin. This director will attract people of all ages and walks of life. You can see his enthusiasm for his job. Sorry I think jazz pianist singer Diana Krall was boring. I found her comments to be insincere. Has she ever been to Philly before? Yo-Yo Ma was mesmerizing and expressive, as you can see here.
I love that these two just stayed in their box to watch all the action of the party that was going on in the famed music theater. Then the hall was converted into a beautiful party hall.
Kelley Reilly, Carolyn Nagy, Renee Haggerty, Natasha Van Der Griendt and Alex Nagy had a front row table on the stage to see all the action.Doc Holliday, Chief Revenue Officer at Philadelphia Inquirer, Philadelphia Daily News,, (Philadelphia Media Network) and Sandra HollidayTina Lamsback with mom and dad at the afterparty.
I will be putting up most of these photos in my online album for you to buy in a week, only $7. In the meantime check out my Philly Mag Column Here.



I know this ugly facade & signage would make anyone’s head explode, but more than likely it was a Demi Moore moment that caused some cab driver to create his own demolition derby on 19th Street near Smith Bar & Restaurant.
I came upon this scene last night, 90 minutes after it happened. A cabbie turned left off Chestnut Street going the wrong way down 19th Street towards Market.and caused a mess. Instead of just stopping after he realized his mistake, he swerved to the left and in a series of chain reactions,starting with side swiping this carhit a car immediately behind it (not pictured here) and riding up on it, as well as pushing into the next two cars.resulting in a whole lotta damage (this is the car the cab rode up on). Can you imagine parking your car, paying the PPA and enjoying a Saturday night out and coming back to this.
I hear the cabbie tried to run away but was caught by a few bystanders and held until the cops came by. (This is the 3rd car.) Oh wait, thanks to a reader I have the 4th and last carbroken axle (1st car), behind that someone’s entire exhaust system. The person who owned this red Volt, did not come and claim their car, so it wasn’t towed. Someone left a note on it that said, there was an accident while you were gone. Call this number for info & a tow.I noticed the meter was running on the cab still, so were there passengers in the cab? There were no news vans on the scene, but hopefully the details will come out. The receipt before this fare was timed stamped at 23:06PM. I walked by about 12:30AM I’ve heard cabbies are notoriously under insured. I wonder how this one will play (pay) out.


I’m Too Sexy For This Post: 2011 Sexy Singles Party at Palomar

Check out my Philly Mag column today for the in depth coverage of last nights Q102 Sexy Singles Party featuring a few of the 2011 Phila Daily News Sexy Singles (Link at the bottom of page)
Mae Cartwright is recently single and looking to mingle. She loves Mike Jerrick and Good Day Philadelphia, and wants me to say hey to him. Hey!! – Oy kinda irritated. I pump out my columns so quick on Philly Mag that I sometimes forget peoples and things like: THE FOOD was prepared by Square 1682 and Guillermo Tellez. Recently the executive chef at Square 1682 restaurant in Philadelphia, shed an amazing 40 pounds. Here’s how he did it.

Jump up, jump down (PS What the heck is this underline crap? oh if only I paid attention in computer class.)
Jason Bock, just bock and friends. He was in rare form last night, well it would have been rare form if it was anyone but Brock, but it was just a normal night for this 28 year old out with his buddy 2011 Sexy Single: Marc D. Leone. Molly Moore and Ashley Ridall.Singer Jojo makes her way through the crowd

Singer Jojo performed to an enthusiastic crowdthey sang along
Natalie Thomas and Danielle Scott; PS One way not to make it into my column, writing your name like a rock star. If I can’t read it, I’m not going to spend too much time trying to figure out what it says. So do you’re best penmanship, thanks. Someone on this page is lucky they sent me an email cause I had no idea what their last name was.
Joel Sumner, Kim Klosow, Melissa Heathridge and Lauren Farrow
Q102 Winners and excited to be there. In another room, Q102 set up a photo booth for folks to bring home souvenirs for themselves. WHICH reminds me, I have a new advertiser. Do you want a photo booth at your next event? Cool Pix Photo Booth.

Sexy Roommates: Lauren Nickels and Sexy Single 2011 Jen Sherlock, Jenna Communications
Ann Good and Katie Adams

I’m too sexy for my shirt too sexy for my shirt
So sexy it hurts
And I’m too sexy for Milan too sexy for Milan
New York and Japan

Terri Sautter and Carly Davis
Barbara Ellis – Sexy Single 2008- She’s sexy and she’s sixty and Sheila E flank cub Efrain Sosa
Crystal Watson, Kelly Williams and Nicole R Tucker
Sweet she posed for fans

Here’s The Philly Mag Post