Saturday, November 12, 2011


Hope you caught my Philly Mag column on the Philadelphia Art Museum Craft Show which continues through Sunday. I recommend you go 100%. It's only $15. You don't have to buy anything, but you'll want to. It's beautiful, inspirational and they have demonstration to help you awaken your inner artist.Last night I attended a Scotch Tasting Pairing event with Single Malt Scotch Whisky The Macallan and the restaurant R2L in honor of the collaboration with the Scottish crafters who have come to share their wares at the 35th annual Philadelphia Museum of Art Craft Show.
Sam Milakofsky, of Capital Wine & Spirits, discusses the Single Malt Scotch Whisky The Macallan with the guests.
John and Meredith Marks are scotch fans and were looking forward to the pairings event.
Jason Long discusses what to expect from the scotch tasting. Do not sniff it like wine or you will incinerate your nose hairs. It is to be tasted, drunk slowly to enjoy the bounty of it's flavor.
The craft show continues through tomorrow. It's not your neighborhood craft show, it's high quality, beautifully handcrafted items that make great holiday gifts.
Chef Daniel Stern, R2L created the perfect menu that complimented the whisky. My favorite was the dates with pate.Each tartan represents a family line or clan. Until the middle of the nineteenth century, the highland tartans were associated with regions or districts, rather than by any specific clan. This was because tartan designs were produced by local weavers for local tastes and would tend to make use of the natural dyes available in that area. Dave Clark center tells me his tartan represents only the Clark family, and not the clan.
Ken Leith, Wayne Lorgus, Karin Sturla, Craig Mills and Douglas Hyland. Douglas Hyland is wearing his uncles tartan, and his dress shoes as well.Douglas Hyland, Tita Hyland, Katherine Padulo, Louis Padulo, Joe Seamons, Elizabeth Seamans, Mary Bald and Tuly Reeve
Many people attending the Whisky Tasting, enjoyed the craft show and mad a few purchases. I am still looking for the scarf booth that I saw so many people purchase. They were green and looked like slinkees? Anyone?
Did you know that there are no vintages for whisky, (Gaelic for "water of life"), that consistency is what is important. These three know why. Domenica Vinci, Althena Photopoulos and Angela Buchanico are fans of scotch and were excited to attend the tasting as well as hear about the history of food and whisky.
Wood purses. Between $100 - $300. Very unique indeed. Nothing like the Cigar box purses that were popular a few years back.
Jason Long, The Macallan manager, discusses the beauty and taste of the various years of the whiskey.
Tarrick Nassar and Josh Phillips wanted to stop off at the whiskey tasting before they headed over to Jack Willis' cocktail party that I tweeted about earlier this week. Jack Willis is the new clothing store on Walnut Street.
Maida Milone and Bonnie Barnes enjoy the various flavors of Macallan scotch. Most everyone I talked to enjoyed all the years, but did favor #17 & #18.
Wooden bowls were all the rage at the craft show.
Emily Rothrock and Mark Karagelian
Michael Murphy, Josh Long, Daniel Stern and Sam Milakofsky help make the night informative and interesting.

Friday, November 11, 2011

Roaring! A 1920s Was A Roaring Good Time - See What You Missed...

Last night was the much anticipated Roaring! A 1920s Event hosted by Dalet Gallery, Noel Zayas events and The Arts Ballroom.
I arrived at 6:30PM for the 7PM event and found Noel running around and getting everything in place. He said we're a little behind as there was a wedding renting the space all day. Later I would learn it wasn't just some random wedding, but one that was being shot for TLC and booked at the last minute, so you can imagine the start up time it must have taken for Noel, his team Garden, Natasha and crew to do after the "wedding" vacated about 5PM, but
but they did it, he pulled it together by 7PM and the guests never knew anything different. I can see why they would do a wedding, or an event here, it's gorgeous. Just last week I wrote about the 25th Anniversary of Action AIDS, which was held here, and describe the room with it's Tiffany blue shaded walls and crystal chandeliers as being first class. It's a perfect place to hold a Roaring 20's party as the room exudes a timeless classic flair. Check out that grand staircase leading to the mezzanine.
Leo Vayn and Irena Gobernik of Dalet Gallery
LinkMonique Starricom and Kristen Sarmiento keep it cool so the Keystone Kop (Stewart Brodian) doesn't Kuff them. Stewart Brodian also does a great Abe Lincoln he tells me.
The legend: Daily News columnist Stu Bykofsky and Rachel Shapiro make a good team, and met over a political column. I miss his gossip column. He told me it's been 7 years since Dan Gross took the reins.
Cinvee K, Isabelle Kent and Mellissa Chen make being thirsty a plus just to have it satisfied by one of them.
Megan Heaton and Justin Guzzo looking great whether it's 1920 or 2011
George Tsiouris, Opa restaurant, Thom Cardwell, Queer Times, Marcus and James Duggan, Queer Times
Are they, aren't they is the question so many people ask me about them. Yes they have moved to new offices overlooking City Hall, and their partnership at Vlahos PR is booming these days, especially with new client The Chestnut Hill shopping district. Chestnut Hill is a great day trip right in our own City. Go See. Jimmy Contreras and Matt Vlahos.Also making big waves is Amber Hankins and Tiffany Dawson. These two popped onto the scene about two years ago with their blog The Glam Life - Fashionista extraordinaire. They've work hard, networked and it's finally paid off in an unexpected way. You see Tiffany for years has been a singer, most recently with CTO entertainment. She tells me she created these Swarovski Crystal shoes to wear on stage. When she played events and especially weddings the ladies would ask her where she got the shoes. She told them she made them. Then they started a small side business, then they sent a pair to Nicey Nash. The View's Sherri Shepard was at the wedding and wanted a pair too. She wore them at her wedding. Then showed the shoes on The View and sales have been steady since. Now Nicey Nash wants to take them to another level and they are going to mass produce them, and introduce them to the world on the Home Shopping Network. Girls you are on your way...
Philadelphia fashion designer Priscilla Costa, Hair by Francesca Rivetti of Follicle, StudioFurs by Fur Vault at Macy's, Make-up by Dior Beauty, Models by House of Talent Pa, Shoes by Bare Feet Shoes, Eyewear by Modern Eye

The FurVault from Macy's kicks off the fashion show. The color lit staircase was a great runway to showcase the glamorous garments. You know New Years Eve is less than two months away, you gotta start thinking about what you wanna do, where you wanna go just about now.
Zach Harris and Greta Russo. Next week Greta has a wonderful event you might want to attend. Pets In The City - Philadelphia's 1st Dog Fashion Show benefiting the PSPCA. 11/18/11 6:30PM - 12AM at the Loews Hotel. Il Portico provided delish dishes for the lite fare, and spinning some cool tunes in the main room was DJ Rashann
Always a fashionista, with style and sophistication Rakia Reynolds of Skai Blue Mediaand Fox 29's Mike Jerrick. Mike Jerrick is coming out to the 2nd Annual Judy Dillon Wilkins Charity Event on 11/21 in NJ if you want to meet him. Hopefully my bud Jenn Frederick will be there too and a whole bunch of other fun peeps, including my mom. Hope you can make it. This is your open invite to everyone who can come. Make sure your RSVP INFO HERE.
Michelle Conron and Jade Barnes both of Skai Blue Media
Jessie Holeva, On-Air Fashionista at Beasley Broadcast Group and a blogger at TrendHungry, welcomes the guests to the Cabaret Room
Karen Gross and Anne Ellithorp joined by Rick Jensen
Norm Guarni, who's played for many Philly greats including Dancing in the Streets - Martha and the Vandellas
Macy's Men's Fashions
In the Cabaret Room performing live jazz on stage The Uptown All Stars Band, Maci Miller, MM3 Philadelphia Cabaret Stars Karen Gross and Anne Ellithorp joined by Rick Jensen playing on a Cunningham Piano and Kharisma McIlwaine (above) styled by Carmelita Couture and Susan Sorrell Makeup. For the finale there was a Josephine Baker tribute outfitted by Greg Taylor of Walish Gooshe who provided the gown, netted hat and gloves for that performance in the main ball room. All in all a fabulous time was had by all, and Noel Zayas executed another terrific large scale event.

Thursday, November 10, 2011

FITLER SQUARE Neighborhood Open house Party Sat Morning 11/12

Come out and join your Real Estate Professionals Jamie Reibenbach Cynthia Tori Ray Jonathan Tori from Addison Real Estate Saturday at Twenty-Two Gallery located at 236 S 22nd Street(between Locust+Spruce)from 9AM to Noon where we will be chatting up some Real Estate w/all you eager investors over Bagels+Shmeer brought to you by the one and only Schlesinger's Restaurant & Delicatessen while sipping...... on Mimosa's and taking in the beautiful works of art....Our office is located in Fitler Square (266 South 23rd Street Philadelphia, PA 19103) so that being said...take the fabulous venue along with the company and that defines a true Fitler Square Open House. Interested in Real Estate? Have questions,but don't know who to ask?Under water,and need to understand more about the possibility of a Short Sale and your home?Looking to buy a Foreclosure or simply looking to enter into Entrepreneurship. Now's your chance to learn how and to let Addison Real Estate who will have your back help!

BUDDY RYAN IS HONORED BY The 13th Annual Otho Davis Scholarship Foundation Awards Dinner

My Philly Mag Column.

Philadelphia Eagles at The Fog Bowl picture signed by all in attendance, was auctioned for $1700. The Fog Bowl was the name given to the December 31, 1988 National Football League (NFL) playoff game between the Philadelphia Eagles and the Chicago Bears. A heavy, dense fog rolled over Chicago's Soldier Field during the 2nd quarter, cutting visibility to about 10-20 yards for the rest of the game. Philadelphia moved the ball effectively all day and Eagles quarterback Randall Cunningham had 407 passing yards despite the low visibility; but they could not get the ball into the end zone. Many players complained that they could not see the sidelines or first-down markers[citation needed]. The Bears ended up winning 20-12.

The ROARING! 1920's Last Week's Dance Contest - Tonight Center City Gala

Last week CAPA students squared off in a 1920s era Dance Contest to see who can do the best Charleston in Philadelphia!

The Contest was judged by some of Philadelphia’s most creative dancers including:
Brian Sanders, an innovative and popular choreographer; and Molly Misgalla from the University of the Arts.

Students were judged on technique, energy and costume.

It was all in an effort to promote ROARING! A 1920s Event on November 10, which benefits The Avenue of the Arts, Inc., (AAI), supporting the growth and development of the Avenue of the Arts. For more go to

Tonight stop in and see who the winners were. 9PM at the Arts Ball 1324 Locust Streets; Not Dress is Fashionable, costume not required.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

The Hughes Center Spooktacular Fall Open House

The Hughes Center hosted a Spooktacular Fall Open House at the end of October at the Curtis Center. I've attended several events at the Curtis Center and love it as a venue. Very spacious, and gorgeous. It's hard to believe it's an office building lobby.
The caterer at the Curtis Center is Cescaphe, which I highly recommend. OK but now to the reason we were there.
Dr. Susan M. Hughes, MD, F.A.C.S., is Harvard trained and among the most experienced and highly educated facial cosmetic surgeons in New Jersey. She has been selected a Philadelphia Magazine, South Jersey Magazine, and SJ Magazine "Top Doc". Here Dr Hughes is with Susie Johnsen and Julie Dorenbos of Skin Pallette.
At the event demostrations of what Dr Hughes' office could provide in if you are considering facial cosmetic surgery, and also medical spa services for a fresh and vibrant appearance without going under the knife.
There were also vendors at the event displaying their wares. The Holidays are only about 6 weeks away. So foreign especially with this recent 70F weather. Above Nicole and Mary Harvey of Rack and Roll Clothing offer many stylish clothes to make your fall wardrobe rock.For facial rejuvenation most people don't realize that there are three areas of the face that may or may not need some help. The face is divided into three sections, the Upper, Mid and Lower. Over time each section experiences skin wrinkling, fat deflation and sagging. They can all be improved with Laser skin tightening, fat or filler injections, and now mini incision face lifting. For more information, and then click here to request a consultation with Dr. Hughes.
Proceeds from the days events went to the charity Little Smiles. Their mission is to help children escape their everyday pain and allow them to be a kid again, even if it’s for a short period of time. We respond to the needs of the children and provide whatever we can to make their day a little brighter. We help put a smile back on the faces of children who need it most.
There were raffle prizes that included designer bags, and lot of Botox Filler & Zeltiq.

Johnny Columbus and Michael Lewis, Philly Cupcake 1132 Chestnut Street, offers sweet treats for kids and grown ups alike.
The candy shoe (AUTUMN ‘CRAZY’ CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTON) pictured here is constructed with 72% dark Belgian chocolate with a layer of painted white chocolate. Our signature non-perils are used to create a fabric look and Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are used to create a magicalsignature non-perils are used to create a fabric look and Jelly Belly Jelly Beans are used to create a magical line around the collar of the shoe. Jelly Bellies are also used to create the magical heel and soul of this edible shoe creation. Custom bow are constructed of white chocolate and embellished with non-perils and sour gummy and cream pumpkins. The shoe is 100% edible and is one of a kind. We can create your custom shoe at your request at $225Fern Pogust and Marina Vogel.
(Photos Taken by Mike Russo, Gabello Studios, on behalf of