Friday, October 14, 2011


Happy 2nd Anniversary to the Recess team and their friends. (Recess 2nd & Walnut, after hours club)I was there the night they opened, their first anniversary and I wasn't going to miss their 2nd anniversary even though the party didn't get poppin til after midnite. Above the Three Nerds Zach Seidman, Ryan Dorsey and Marc Mattera with their friends.
re·cess (rss, r-ss) A temporary cessation of the customary activities
of an engagement, occupation, or pursuit.
A remote, secret, or secluded place. Often used in the plural.
re·cessed, re·cess·ing, re·cess·es
An alcove
a cessation of business, such as the closure of Parliament during a vacation
a break between classes at a schoolvb [rɪˈsɛs] John Clark party hardy
to build a recess or recesses in (a wall, building, etc.)
Happy Birthday Drew "The Mayor" Carballo

Mike Richards, formerly of the Flyers, Miss Pennsylvania Amber-Joi Watkins, Flyers Scott Hartnell and Wayne Simmondsre·cess (rss, r-ss) temporary inactivity
Here's to another 20 years. Thank you to my Advertisers - CTO Entertainment, Secrets Limo's, Del Frisco's, Chris Gabello, Anne Nikolaus, RECESS, Chambord, According to Sherman, Skin Palette (Mention PCC for 25% off your first Spray Tan) Bellevue Sporting Club and the American Cancer Society, Have A Good Weekend!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Bradley Cooper Films In Upper Darby - Silver Linings Playbook with Robert Deniro & Jennifer Lawrence (++ Appearance at Phila Film Festival)

Bradley Cooper Films In Upper Darby causing a tither on twitter as fans report sightings.

The Bradley Cooper, Robert Deniro, Jennifer Lawrence film called "Silver Linings Playbook is underway, (I first reported the film coming back in August)and has been filming exterior scenes in a residential neighborhood on the 200 block of Madison Ave in Upper Darby this week, just outside of Philadelphia. This is the home where Bradley Cooper filmed a few scenes last Friday. It is a block away from his "home" on Madison, and about 12 houses away from a famous family who had a movie made about their lives. Penn State football player John Cappelletti and his younger brother Joey, grew up in the house on the left right behind the orange leafed tree, here on Madison Ave in Upper Darby. In the 1970's there was a very famous movie based on their relationship called "Something About Joey."

Joey battled leukemia since the age of three, and was one of the first children to undergo chemotherapy for the disease. The story traces John through his years at Penn State seeking the Heisman Trophy, and Joey his preteens, as each brother inspires the other, and their family around them, to try harder in life.John wins the Heisman during a downturn in Joey's illness. During his acceptance speech, John names Joey as his prime motivator, then gradually breaks down in tears, as he tells everyone he wants Joey to have his trophy, for inspiring him and for enduring so much difficulty with leukemia. The whole Cappelletti family is there, and Joey runs to John's side.

The film ends by revealing Joey succumbed to his leukemia and died with John by his side on April 8, 1976.

Jen Frederick and I were first on the scene of the set to shoot a live remote on the street on Tuesday's Fox 29's Good Day Philadelphia (I think I gave Jen a few gray hairs as I didn't arrive until 5 mins before the live shot because the streets around the set are blocked and confusing). We used a great clip that PhillyfilmGirl gave me permission to use on the show, thanks!!

Jen and I met a few neighbors like Liz and Sheila, who had a few Bradley Cooper sightings on Friday and were looking forward to Deniro sightings this week. Someone tipped me off that Deniro took an Acela down from NYC last night about 8PM, so look for him on the set today.

Like this one that I found on twitter. I'm not sure where he is, but he's wearing the same outfit he had on last Friday. Jennifer Lawrence is set to appear at the Philadelphia Film Festival on 10/20/11 as her movie "Like Crazy (Opening Night Film)" The Opening Night Screening in the Annenberg Center’s extravagant Zellerbach Theatre. (Also on hand from Like Crazy, Director Drake Doremus, actors Felicity Jones & Anton Yelchin)The Darby Police are not to be messed with, they don't care if you say this sidewalk is public property. Listen to them and when they have their backs turned whip out your camera and get as many shots as you can before they scream again.This is Bradley Cooper's house, but really it's Mrs Higgins, who was a 6th grade teacher at St Laurence. She received a letter in the mail shortly after Hurricane Irene. She thought it was junk mail, but did mention it to her daughter. Her daughter realized it was legit and called the number of the Silver Linings Playbook location scout, and the rest they say is history. Mrs. Higgins has a brand new paint job on the once 4 bedroom house. I say once because the set designers took out a wall and made the master bedroom super big. Ty Pennington didn't stop by, but her house had a make over. The house to the right of it was painted too. (Mrs Higgins is living high in a local hotel this week, plus gets paid.)

I hear that all the neighbors that were in the film shot had to remove their Halloween decorations because it's a "spring" shot. (I guess since this scene is about him being released from the mental institute, spring is like a new beginning, don't ya think?)Bradley Cooper yesterday outside his "house" he'll be filming on Madison until next week. I'll keep you posted on where else the production goes. (Source - Onlocation Vaction)
This house is about a block away so it's spooky safe. I found Upper Darby to be very quaint, like Haddonfield NJ
A lot of fans hanging out at Merian and Madison, which is the corner closest to Bradley's house. There's CBS3's Erica von Tiehl, who had PhillyFilmGirl's video on the 5 PM news.
Jackie Weaver, who plays Bradley Cooper's mom in the film is between the pole and tree.
The bathroom. Bradley has to go at some point in the day, hmm unless he has one in his trailer.

PhillyFilmGirl got a fun video yesterday. Follow my Twitter

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

ONE SHOT WONDERS - The Tents, Headstrong Foundation, Nicki Minaj

Nick Colleluori passed away five years ago after a fight with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma. It was a dream of his to help others who found themselves in his position. His parents carried that message and began the "HEADstrong Foundation" in his honor. Over the past 4 years they've raised money through charity fundraisers, so they could fun their goal of creating “Nick’s House”. At nearly 3,000-square foot the structure will serve as the HEADstrong office, a warehouse and most importantly, a temporary home for up to two families to stay while their child is being treated for blood cancer. Above Cheryl and Pat Sr. Colleluori outside Nick’s House prior to ”garage opening” ceremony behind the closed doors the Quaker City String Band stood ready to greet the well wishers.


"The Tents” documentary, which chronicles the evolution of New York Fashion Week, was screened at the Sofitel Hotel in Center City recently. A few notables connected to the film attended the event. Loris Diran, internationally renowned fashion designer/creative director of Loris Diran, Marcus K. Jones, Executive Producer of “The Tents”, James Belzer, Director & Executive Producer of “The Tents”, Malan Breton, "Project Runway" designer/creative director, Malan Breton Collection, Vincent Vienne, General Manager, Sofitel Philadelphia hotel, Sarah Dash, of the famed group, LaBelle, Cheryl Ann Wadlington, founder of Evoluer Image Consultants,, Justiin A. Davis, actor, HBO's Emmy nominated drama series "Boardwalk Empire"
Kijafa Frink loves leopard and even had her nails done in such a way
An evening on Falls Bridge Jill Schoenfeld and Chef Brian Duffy battle it out at Midtown Village Festival. Have you seen Brian on "Bar Rescue"?, they've been picked up for another season. The Bar Rescue tour is coming to Philly next week 10/18
Dressed appropriately today - Ron Zausidsky and Marisa Magnatta
Last time Nicki Minaj was in town, she stopped by Slice and bought out all the brownie cupcakes to take on the road.
Have you checked out the Eastern State Penitentiary haunted prison yet? I can't wait to go back.hmm
Teal Tini's lovers helped me raise $125 for Gilda's Club of SJ last month for Ovarian Cancer Awareness. Next year I'm taking it to the big time. Also Save The Date November 21, 2011 for my Annual Gilda's Club of SJ event in honor of my sister Judy Wilkins. It will be at Flemings Steak House in Marlton, 6PM, tickets $35. I'm gathering more fun auction items for you to bid on. Invite to follow soon. Thanks (My cousins Lisa and Kristen, above)