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Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez take Philly By Storm Drink Smoothies at Mall - Sightings are Reported all over Rittenhouse Square

(Watch me on Fox 29 Philadelphia Good Day on Monday for more stories and photos.)

This morning Disney star/singer Selena Gomez stopped by Center City KMart to promote her new clothing line "Dream Out Loud"Folks starting lining up as early as 9PM the night before for the 11AM meet and greet.
Like Nikki Bagonis, Zoe Protin and dad Del Protin from North Jersey. (They enjoyed natures light show Thursday night)
How cute Julia and Alexis Hagan with friend Lauren Carpenter. The girls stayed up all night making these cute shirts. Dad Christopher Hagan was happy to wake up early and bring the girls down by 5AM
a line of about 500 Selena fans. They love the Beibs but it was all about Selena for them.

She was sweet. A little shocked that we knew that she was at Vetri for dinner last night. I thought it was a good idea I don't mention I knew what movie they went too too. (This top is from her new collection. It's adorable.)Here's my coverage on PhillyMag about last night.Then a reader text me to say that Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez were spotted near Rittenhouse Square around 18th Street. I had been at lunch at Rogues Gallery with a friend I hadn't seen in about 3 years, we parted and I darted to the Square area. People around 18th & Chestnut were in a dither and I realized that the twosome must have passed by recently. I asked people and they pointed me in the direction. I got to the Shops at Liberty Place and asked some guy who was calling someone and had a big smile on his face, he said they went inside. WOW really. OK off I went. Girls were freaking out on the escalator they said he had just gotten off. They ran down then ran up behind me shrieking. I spotted them and said to the girls stop screaming you're going to scare them. Are you a paparazzi they said, we want your picture. Later, then we spotted them as they were at Smoothie King ordering.
At first Selena, 19, and Justin, 17, were not very welcoming as they ordered at Smoothie King on the 2nd level. By this time a large crowd had arrived. I wish I had taken the shot of the crowd but I was a little worried for them and kept talking to them. Justin wanted me to just shoot Selena alone because he told me this is her big day. She's promoting her new clothing line and has a concert tonight. I said I know I photographed her this morning, and I would make sure that my readers knew that she was in town to promote both of those events. (I did take a few shots of her alone at the Smoothie place, but did not put them here. In fact I also held back a few other great shots for my agency.) I actually asked them if they needed help with leaving. Justin said he goes here all the time and never had a problem before. (maybe that was before he had 12 million followers on Twitter and almost every tween has an account and phone.)
Finally I said to them let me get one of the security guards, you will not be able to leave safely with the 100 or so fans screaming your name and chasing youse. Finally a Shops at Liberty Place security guard did walk them back to their hotel, which they appreciated. The guard told me that when they walked through Rittenhouse Square it was mobbed with lots of tweens and peeps taking cell phone photos. Justin was wondering where how all the people knew they were there. (They probably thought I called them or something. Earlier he gave me a few good shots and asked if I would stop following them as maybe it wouldn't draw such attention to him. I complied, but Justin you have 12 million twitter followers, I'm not the one drawing attention to you baby baby.) (See the huge crowd on the escalator)
BTW He ordered the Strawberry Hulk LARGE and it was $9.35 cause I had to have one. The Biebs is influential. When I left I tweeted my sighting, and a few fun things. Not fun: The two superstars arrived without any bodyguards, which is crazy and naive.

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Opening in Philadelphia - Greenhouse - Luxe Lounge - Selena Gomez & Justin Bieber Philly Sightings

Selena Gomez is in town today to promote her new clothing line at KMart called: Dream Out Loud. She's doing a meet or greet with fans at 11:30AM, but I would think if you are not there right now, then you are outta luck as she's only signing for 100 people. She arrived Thursday with her boy toy Justin Bieber in tow. Last night they had dinner at Marc Vetri's restaurant on Spruce Street, Vetri. After dinner they headed to Delaware Ave to catch a movie at Riverview, 30 Minutes or Less. The teens were home by midnight and tucked in bed. Selena also performs at the Mann Music Center tonight at 6PM.

Updated: Pixs and Story of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez as they take a walk around Philly & have smoothies at Shops of Liberty Place.

And my coverage on Fox 29 Philadelphia: Of their Date night

And Selena at Kmart in my column at
More breaking news:
is coming to Philadelphia this winter. I heard about this project a few months back, and now I am happy to report it's gonna happen (the ink is almost dry). It's affiliated with the Greenhouse in New York, which is the First Eco-friendly Multi-functional event space, perfect for events & parties of all sizes, as well as a club, lounge, get away. It's on the 700 block of Chestnut Street joining Union Trust,
CHIFA, and Jone's, and is located at 721 Chestnut Street. It will be very similar as the NYC and Florida Greenhouse concept, but with more of a Philly vibe cause the folks developing it are all local and are involved in other projects in the City that we already frequent.

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PhillyChitChatter: Selena Gomez, Dr Oz, Kesha, Rittenhouse Row Sightings, & Dan Quayle

Selena Gomez Stops by Kmart’s Philadelphia Market Street store
To Meet Fans and Celebrate her New Dream Out Loud Fall Collection 9th & Market Streets 11:30AM

Celebrity Sightings: Del Frisco's was a revolving door of celebrity sightings last night. Nate Allen safety from the Eagles in. The next table had a mixed group with Bran Chamblee from the golf channel, former VP Dan Quayle who I hear loved the baked "POTATOE" and Vinnie Del Negro, former NBA player and head coach. We just walked in the big bopper, Phillies first baseman Ryan Howard with a party of four but the one who trumps them all and arguably the best left handed pitcher to play the game Steve Carlton in the house with a party of seven. I on the otherhand was sighting a lot of locals along Rittenhouse Row Restaurant.
In these last few weeks of August come to an end, the streets of Philly seem a little less congestion with the neighbors eking out the last days of their vacations at some exotic place. One are that never seems to have a lack of people is the 18th Street Rittenhouse restaurant row where I ran into quite a few interesting people. At Rouge I spotted Sharon Pinkenson and Joe Weiss dining window side. Sharon tweeted two days ago. That "There is a silver lining." I had heard rumors that Bradley Cooper was coming back to film something in the Fall, was that a hint about that movie? I put some thought into it and check Bradley's IMDB and saw that he's filming "The Silver Linings Playbook" with Robert DeNiro, Jennifer Lawrence and Barbara Hershey, who was in everyone's favorite tearjerker movie with Bette Midler, in the Fall. So I'm going on record there will be Bradley Cooper sightings in Philly come this fall.

Also spotted were Charles and Elise Pizzi eating with Fred and Irene Schabel. Then I ran into Betsy and Holden Hummel. Betsy is the president of Rittenhouse Square. They're also working on the graffiti problem, but she tells me that because the limestone, the limestone has to be physically removed and then taken to a service where they suck the paint out of the purist material. Look for the new lights and cameras to be installed giving the park an even safer feel, which might also deter vandalism. In October the Friends of Rittenhouse square are planning to through a Harvest Festival for the kids.Michael Spain Smith outside of Parc around Midnight last night.
Kristyn Aldrich, Shola Olunloyo and Monica Glass from 10 Arts, curbside at Parc.
Jill Rizen, Stacey Kracher and Liza Tedeschi doing a drive by at Devon where I was eating with Justin Wineburgh, Aly Green, and the usual suspects. They told me about Adrien Hardy spinning at Rogue Gallery and I was on my way with Kristyn and Monica. To my surprise I found Manny Romano and Adrien Hardy both spinning. I'm a big fan of both their music. I hadn't been to the Rogues Gallery and what a mistake, it was nice, clean, and had a great atmosphere. No remanants of the scary TA Flannery's which had been it's previous incarnation. The one thought I had after leaving around 2AM, is there gonna need a bigger place, once this gem is discovered it's gonna be packed most nights, and especially on the weekends. Co-owner Anthony Sembello tells me they have a full serve menu, and every night something is going on with an emphasis on dancing Wed - Saturday. They even have an '80s night for my readers who keep asking me about a place for them. They do catering, a happy hour and have a late night menu too. Check them out at 11 S 21st Street. There's a parking lot across the street.
Kesha at the Q102 Performance Theater yesterday with Joe McCollum of Clear Channel.

Dr. Oz is coming to Philadelphia September 12, 2011 on Fox 29 at 4PM. A producer from the show came to town yesterday and taped a few promos using Philadelphia folks dumping Dr Oz's toxic 10 times. You have to tune in on 9/12 to see what those toxic items are. Above Julie Dorenbos and Fox 29's Jen Frederick, who participated in the dumping. Dr. Oz is visiting several other cities in the country getting them to dump their toxins too.
At Rashada Siojo's (on right) new salon, Siojo, 244 Race Street in the Old City, Roger Mudd was giving FREE Blow Out's yesterday. I posted it on my FB and Nicole Paloux stopped in and took advantage of Roger's expert talents. I was in Old City and randomly stopped by. Cute shop, really unique.
The following pixs were taken in Old City yesterday.
These are all over Old City
This looks like fun this weekend
The Painted Bride is getting a new window
Race Street Pier
One of my fav murals
Seriously does this house on Elfreth's Ally have to look like it wasn't painted in centuries
Interesting art near 3rd and Arch
I forgot to post Joselio Hanson's cake the other night. Looks beautiful, but is it edible?

Free tickets to Advance Screening of 'The Warrior' Tonight - Info Here

email if would like to attend.

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Sometimes I get behind. Taste of the Nation happened back in June but some how slipped by me without getting posted. I recently reviewed the pixs and thought this story is too important to pass on until next year, don't worry I did tell the story that day through twitter to my 4,000 followers, but here's the rest of the story.
Taste of the Nation, the annual restaurant event raising funds for Share Our Strength, was held at the Loews Hotel at 1200 Market June 20. (Above Chef Walter Staub, Molly Yun and Antonio Jones)
This years set up was different with the stage set up closest to the doors and lots of floor space for people to roam and for the auction. I liked it much better as the room was more manageable even though the place was packed. Taste of the Nation is very popular with guests and Chefs that want to lend their hand to a good cause. Tonight's honorary guest was Top Chef Jen Carroll of Eric Ripert's 10 Arts in the Ritz Hotel. (Someday soon she may have her own restaurant with her name on it. Have you seen the Arthur Kade interview she did last month?)
Katie Loeb, Oyster House and Marie Polise, Amada
Felicia Ambrosio, Monks and Keith Ramundi, Whiskey Bar mix it up
10 Arts Pastry Chef Monica Glass' yummy dessert
folks lounging around in between eats
Morgan and Brian Adoff who are just about to become proud parents.
fundraiser for Taste of Nation and Philabundence
What's going on with Jen Carroll these days? She has some very big news she's keeping close to the vest, but you can be sure she's going to make a splash somewhere.
Jodi Shaw, from Splitting Hairs in Audubon NJ
Cheers to the Geaters new book
Dance like no one is looking
Makes you want to go to Fathom and get a drink
Tacoma Johnson, Libby Gaborone, Andrea Dean and Pamela Townsell
Khyber Pass Pub
Alex Gort and beau Chef/Owner Mark Tropea, Sonata restaurant
Jacob Brooks and Allison Pigatto
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