Friday, July 15, 2011


Every year Philadelphia Style Magazine has a blow out "Hot List" party, this year they have renamed it The Best of Style, and it was a great re-branding of the party. The room was even changed around moving the dance floor to thec side, and instead lining the sponsor tables in neat little rows, instead of the haphazard design in years gone by. It was as I always say, one of the best parties of the season. Definitely the best party of the summer season with philebrities, clients and a fairly exclusive guest list of high powered guests.

This year the theme was WHITE PARTY. The invited guests did not disappoint in their attire. They really stepped it up and wore their finest. P Diddy would be proud.
Julie Abramson, Jewlez Entertainment and Phila Style Magazine Puff Daddy Publisher John Colabelli

Andrew Hennig, Jill Rizen, Michael Spain Smith, and Dani Lynn

WMMR's Marisa Magnatta and Ron Zausidsky doing a hit and run on their way to the U2 Concert at Lincoln Financial Field.

Uche Ojeh and Fox 29's Good Day Sheinelle Jones
Lilliana Vazquez, Cheap Chicas, Jillian Mele, Matthew Nadu (Have you seen his Bernie Robbins commercial, now you can see him on the CW), Melissa LaLiberte, Camille Cwienkala, and Fox29's Karen Hepp. Watch her she's great.

Adrian Hardy reacts
Milica Stojancic, Mainline Milliner and Frederico Schiavio
Bare Feet Shoe's Uri Jacobson, Sean Edwards and Sam Gross
Megan Smith looking good. This week she's been working hard at the press peep for QFest. Their closing night party is Monday. With Fran Fatlan, Michael Bing,
Zander Tolketmo and Kim Kniezewski Susie Celek and Julie Dorenbos are getting ready for the launch of Skin Palette at 126 S. 19th Street on Tuesday at
Nicole Brewer, Sam Lassoff and Erika von Tiehl. Sam was a fan and was excited to meet the two ladies.
The R2L crew with their peach delectable
Joe Hill and Danny Schuyler I do know that I think these two were one of the most stylish, and more than likely it was because of how he paired his outfit with the tie. The pattern she is wearing seems to be really popular at all parties.
Lynsi and Evan Solomon. On Tuesday 7/19, my friend Evan is hosting National MS Society - Happy Hour @ Del Frisco's 5:30PM Howard Janen, 6ABC Producer of FYI Niki Hawkins, 6ABC anchor Shirleen Allicot, Caroline DeMarco, and Shelton Mercer. In the back is Gervase Peterson

Gabe Deck and Alexandra Celukovic just got engaged. Congratulations!!

The Mayor and his crew.Drew Carballo, Jeremy Mallin, Marcus Hams and the Chelsea Hotel Pool Girls
Rich Wolff and Susan Helfrich
Sharon Pinkenson and Joe Weiss. I was tipped off & tweeted that Sharon was eating at Table 31 yesterday with actress Kim Delaney. She tells me it was work and pleasure. I love Kim from her All My Children days. #Winning Follow me on twitter at for up to the minute Philly happenings, thoughts, blind items and celebrity sightings. Did you know that CHOP had a private party for Ryan Seacrest at the Four Seasons last night, or how about James Van Der Beek was at Twenty Manning for dinner then too. Executive director at COOK Lilly Cope tells me he's in town to start filming a movie on Sunday. Cliff Lee had dinner Wed night about 8PM at His kids still carried the wiffle ball bats from their game with dad and mom played in Rittenhouse Sq and they ordered off the grown up menu cause there's no kids menu at (read interesting story about their whole night here). Thanks to for the Cliff Lee tip which he gave me Wed Nite, but I didn't write til today 'cause I'm slow.)Erica Busch and Wayne Shulick
The Delilah's Dancing Den is always where the action happens
Tempa Berish took this shot, and I love it. Laruen O'Dorisio, Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne, Carol Tamburino, and Sabrina Strickland, Eliana Raggio round out this group.GN Kang and Kukla Ania/ Don't forget the Hamels Foundation Diamonds and Denim Gala is coming up August 11 in this very same room, The Crystal Tea Room. Should be a blast, as you know GN and I are good friends and I can see all the hard work she's put into this years event. It's gonna blow your mind. Buy Tickets Here, or you will be missing out.
Heather Roddock, Felisha Harris and Florey Morisset,
Garrett Baird, Kate Ryan Baird, and no doubt a man of confidence Philly Gossip's Dan Gross in an all white suit.
shake shake shake
Nothing like doing a group shot
Best looking celebrity couple hands down!! Steve Ward and Madison Pard
My friends from the Sporting Club
Know It All Marilyn D'Angelo and Mike Stollenwerk, Fish & Fathom.
guest, Angela and Le Meridien's GM Evan Evans.
Angela in all her glory, this dress deserves a solo shot. Angela tells me she will be participating in another girl's group at the Delilah's Diamond G-String contest on Wednesday. You'll recall she took the top spot last year. Jimmy Contreras is a judge this year. Should be a hoot.
Jared and Dara Lazaroff glowing in expectancy. Leigh Rubin and Jill Jacobson. Also glowing in expectancy.
Gervase Peterson, Vince and Janet Papale. Janet tells me that she and Vince are working on a book together that should be out shortly. it's about expectations, being healthy and looking good.
Best dressed. I love this pants suit. simple and stylish. Producer of the WOGL Breakfast Club morning show - Jamyra Perry

Team Shemexly and me. Sorry I didn't make it out to Zee Bar last night. Hope to make it on Wednesday.
Capital Wine and Spirits with their Grey Goose were in the house
Shelton Mercer guests and George and Vasiliki Tsouris of OPA Restaurant, with Noel Zayas PR. Next Thursday Opa is hosting, throwing me a 4th Anniversary Party for RSVP: Noel ,

(PS I was hired by Philly Style mag so if you're pix isn't here it could end up in the magazine. When someone hires me the ownership of the pixs go to them.)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

What is a Media Day: THE NEWLY REJUVINATED RODIN MUSEUM LANDSCAPE, but what the museum is closing??

No longer will the gardens of the Rodin be as daunting as
French artist Auguste Rodin's ''La Porte de l'Enfer' or Gates of Hell at the entrance of the famed artists museum.
The grounds in which the Thinker resides has just emerged from an extensive renovation.
Today leaders of the city’s cultural and philanthropic communities celebrated the rejuvenation of the Rodin grounds including the courtyard and exterior gardens, which now enhance the entire block between 21st and 22nd Streets on the Parkway. The three-year collaborative project restores the site’s harmony of art and nature.
At the ceremony were

Constance H. Williams, Chair, Board of Trustees, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Gail Harrity, President and COO, Philadelphia Museum of Art

Drew Becher, President, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Michael DiBerardinis, Deputy Mayor for Environmental and Community Resources, City of Philadelphia

Donald Kimelman, Managing Director of the Philadelphia Program, The Pew Charitable Trusts

Timothy Rub, Director and CEO, Philadelphia Museum of ArtGail Harrity, President and COO, Philadelphia Museum of Art speaking to a reporter about the new landscape
A Media Day is when an organization, whether it's a restaurant, store, event, moment, new item or in this case a museum, invites all the press to check out their brand spanking new something, usually before the public which is how we like it. Then each of us usually write a piece on the "story". I like to tell the behind the story story in addition to promoting said event, highlighting what I think might interest you. It's kinda fun to be the first to see a product brand new spanky sparkly like the grounds of the Rodin Museum.
Michael DiBerardinis, Deputy Mayor for Environmental and Community Resources, City of Philadelphia and Drew Becher, President, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society. Although many agencies were involved in this project, the PHS worked alongside OLIN landscape architects coordinating with the placement and design of the gardens, and will manage the maintenance going forward.A media tour of the restored interior and exterior gardens led by OLIN landscape architect Susan Weiler (blue dress)
Timothy Rub, Director and CEO, Philadelphia Museum of Art chatting with guests as a photographer captures the moment and a STARR Restaurants Catering server returns glasses to the kitchen.
Olin's designed pays homage to the simplicity and complexity of both Paul Philippe Cret and Jacques Greber, the collaborators on the original building of the Rodin museum in 1926
One of the most dramatic changes to the garden is the return of the sculptures that were always meant to be placed there like "The Burghers of Calais" repositioned here in the east garden where it was removed in 1955. Two free standing, life size bronzes, The Age of Bronze and Eve" will be placed in the niches in the front of the building, where they were originally designed to be placed.

Admission is free, but there is a suggested donation of $5 to view the collection. The Rodin Museum is one of the gems along the parkway. They received several hundred visitors a day, but now with the rejuvenation and future projects, especially having the Barnes as a neighbor, I suspect that number will go up. So my suggestion is to go right now to really enjoy the museum at your leisure.
John mans the Rodin Museum gift shop. It's a snazzy place with lots of info on the museum there.
The larger Thinker sculpture is only $100. There's snow globes, paper, post-its, books, magnets and posters.
When I was a paralegal I walked by the Rodin to and from my home past the museum.Which reminds me the back path shortcut to Whole Foods, and the Parkway, which used to be a beat up road and dirt, is now a paved pathway for the peeps from Fairmount and North Philly to use. It really does cut off 3 minutes of your walk and is so much prettier than the Wawa and the Precinct.
Anyway, the new grounds are beautiful and I am excited to experience the museum and beauty of the grounds again. I have many photos of the Thinker in every season, as well as the gardens beyond the wrought iron gate, in fact my favorite shot was after an ice storm at sunset and it hangs on my wall in my living room. I have a personal connection with these grounds, and now I am excited to see the results after years of renovations of the Thinker and now the gardens. Walking home, or wandering around it will definitely be a must stop for reflection, reading and catching a few rays. The bad news is after 9/6/11 the museum will close until the Spring of 2012 so that it can undergo a renovation as well as reinterpret the collection. The gardens and grounds will remain open during what would normally be museum hours.