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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Filming in Philly June 2011

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia made it's annual visit back to Philadelphia to film exteriors for the show, in Center City.
Thursday's filming was on Jewelers Row between 7th & 8th Streets on Sansom Street
All the major players were on the scene including the great Danny DeVito
Most of the scenes took place in a jeep that Dennis Reynolds (Glenn Howerton) is driving, with his passengers being Deandra 'Sweet Dee' Reynolds (Kaitlin Olson), Mac (Rob McElhenney) and Frank Reynolds (Devito)
The foursome was supposed to be stuck in gridlock traffic, which is exactly what they caused in the surrounding streets which was perfect for the background shot.
There were a lot of fans there, and I was surprised at how lenient the crew was in allowing everyone to take photos and film clips.
At one point Glenn Howerton came over and posed with fans. (Sandee Clark who I went to high school with. She owns Proformance Hair Salon in West Berlin, NJ and was always the star of our class musicals.)There were a lot of fans, giggling and squealing in delight. There weren't a lot of fans, just a lot that were giggling and squealing in delight.
Rob & Danny
Not Rob, Danny, Glenn or Charlie Day, but their stand ins.
The real Charlie Day who plays Charlie Kelly
Filming went on for the better part of the day and I had to head out to prepare for an event photography gig for the Variety Club Gala, which I will write about next week including a whole slew of events that I am behind on but I will get to them in the next two weeks, sorry about that just slammed busy, and THANK YOU FOR THAT and for reading me each day or every other day;)
Did I mention Rob McElhenney's weight gain for the final shows of the season. Seems he wanted to shake it up a bit with a little humor. Usually Rob has a chiseled body, but this year he splurged on the donuts and fried food to pack on 50lbs adding another dimension to his character, literally.
Last year you'll recall his wife, Kaitlin Olsen did gain a lot of weight during her pregnancy (which was worked into the show for her character, Dee Reynolds). You would have thought he would have gained the weight then as a sympathy pregnancy. Maybe that's the story line.
Did I mention the heat. I shot this photo of Kaitlin Olsen with her hand held personal fan. I love it. The only thing better would have been to have Rob and her in the same shot. He with his new belly, she with her hot new post-baby body. - Later in the day they shot a scene at Franklin Square. Filming locations for next week are at the bottom of the next section
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Today they'll be on 23rd to 25th Street between Spruce and Locust near the Schuylkill River, then late in the afternoon at Fitler Square. On Monday they will be filming on 10 Street between Pine and Spruce. Tuesday they will be filming in Ocean City

PHILLY FASHION FRIDAY- PRETTY IN PINK: The Nail Files Reality Star Katie Cazorla & Random sightings

Originally I was going to run this 2 weeks for my first Philly Fashion Friday Column, but I just didn't have the space:

Sometimes when I walk around Philly I'm noticing more and more ladies are looking stylish no matter what the weather is or outfit they wear even if it is delegating by their religion. All these photos were taken on that super hot 100F Thursday 6/12/11. I just haven't had a second to post them.

Today the subject is pink.

Look at these fabulous shoes.
Isn't she pretty in pink
I know my niece loves her pink. Pink clothes, room, and cell phone.

OK that may be purple, but I love this shot
a sea of pink
Did she create that jacket?
A knee brace does not slow this women down.
Hello Philly
bags. Look for Fashion Friday Fotos every Friday here at
Katie Cazorla runs the The Painted Nail, which is the subject of a reality show on the TV Channel called Nail Files and caters to A-List celebs like Terri Hatcher and Hillary Duff. She was in town recently to promote her show as well as her new nail product line. Besides chatting about nail finishes, colors and cuticles, she talked about her love for her pink cell phone rocking the Hello Kitty jewels. The new original reality series debuts on the TV Guide Network, Tuesday, June 21.

Thursday, June 23, 2011


Philly announces streets closures, from June 29 to July 4 for the 2011 Wawa Welcome America! festival

(Philadelphia June 24, 2011 – July 3, 2011)City officials announced recently that street closures -- beginning Wednesday, June 29 through Monday, July 4, 2011 -- near many special events during the ongoing Wawa Welcome America! Festival. Delays can be expected and motorists are advised to avoid or proceed with extreme caution in these areas beyond and during Independence Day.

The following includes information regarding street closures for the 2011 Wawa Welcome America! Festival:

Beginning at 9:30 AM Friday, June 24 until 9 AM Sunday, June 26, Front and Chestnut streets will be closed. As a result, SEPTA buses will be detoured onto 4th and 5th streets. (Taste of Philly)

Beginning at 7 PM on Wednesday, June 29 through Monday, July 4, Eakins Oval on the Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be closed on the west side (in front of the Philadelphia Museum of Art). All traffic will be diverted outbound onto Kelly Drive at 23rd Street. All inbound traffic will be diverted out Fairmount Avenue from Kelly Drive.

In preparation for July 4th events, on Friday, July 1, the 500 block of Chestnut Street will be closed, after the morning rush hour, at 9:30 AM, for the event set-up of staging and related equipment. The street will reopen at 3 PM for the evening rush hour and close again after 6:30 PM to allow for the completion of event equipment set-up. The street will remain closed Saturday, July 2, to allow for further set-up.
Beginning at 7AM for event set-up, on Sunday, July 3, the areas bordered from 9th to 11th streets and from Vine to Arch streets (listed below) will be closed for the Chinatown Block Party. The actual event runs between noon and 5 PM. All streets are expected to be opened by 6 PM.

10th Street, from Vine to Arch streets
Race Street, from 9th to 11th streets
Cherry Street, from 9th to 11th streets
Appletree Street, from 9th to 11th streets
Spring Street, from 9th to 11th streets

No street closures are planned during the concert and fireworks at Penn’s Landing at the Great Plaza on Saturday, July 3; however Columbus Boulevard may be heavily congested during the fireworks display later in the evening

Friday, June 24

Taste of Philly (5PM – 9PM) Chestnut Street viaduct closed at 8AM
Penn’s Landing at the Great Plaza

Saturday, June 25

Taste of Philly (11AM –10PM) and Chestnut Street viaduct closed
Concert & Fireworks on Penn’s Landing:

Sunday, June 26

Taste of Philly (11AM – 7PM) Chestnut Street viaduct closed until 8PM

Monday, June 27

Go 4th & Learn at Franklin Square,
6th and Race streets No street closures.

Philly @ the Movies/Piazza, No street closures.
Northern Liberties Section

Tuesday, June 28

Dell Music Center, Fairmount Park No street closures; however, traffic could
Go 4th & Learn (10AM – 12PM) become more congested than usual on
Philly @ the Movies (9PM) Belmont Avenue.

Wednesday, June 29

Wawa Hoagie Day @ Independence Mall No street closures.

Philly @ Movies, Philadelphia Beginning at 7PM, Eakins Oval will be closed on
Museum of Art vicinity the west side (in front of the Philadelphia Museum
of Art. All traffic will be diverted outbound onto Kelly Drive at 23rd Street. All inbound traffic will be diverted to Fairmount Avenue from Kelly Drive.

Thursday, June 30

Philly @ the Movies, Rittenhouse Square 18th Street, from Locust to Walnut streets will be closed to vehicular traffic from 6PM until about midnight.

Friday, July 1

Philly @ the Movies, Love Park No street closures planned for this event.
15th Street and JFK Boulevard

July 4th Set-Up 500 Chestnut Street will remain closed for set-up of the stage and related equipment and for event rehearsals.

Saturday, July 2

Go 4th & Learn (11AM – 1PM) Held at the Franklin Institute, N. 20th Street and Benjamin Franklin Parkway. No street closures are planned for this event.

Chinatown Block Party Beginning at 7AM for set-up, the area bordered from 9th to 11th streets, and from Vine to Arch streets will be closed for the event. The actual

event runs between noon and 4 PM. All streets are expected to be opened by 6 PM.

10th Street, from Vine to Arch streets
Race Street, from 9th to 11th streets
Cherry Street, from 9th to 11th streets
Appletree Street, from 9th to 11th streets
Spring Street, from 9th to 11th streets

Concert & Fireworks No street closures are planned; however, Columbus
on Penn’s Landing (6PM – 9PM) Boulevard may become impassable during the time of the fireworks show in the evening.

Sunday, July 3

July 4th Set-Up 500 Chestnut Street will be closed, beginning at
10 AM for the set-up of the stage and related equipment.

The inner drives of the Ben Franklin Parkway will be closed, beginning at 4PM and will remain closed until the conclusion of the concert and fireworks.

Monday, July 4 – Independence Day

Independence Ceremony/Parade, 5th Street, from Walnut to Arch streets
Independence Mall vicinity 6th Street, from Walnut to Arch streets
9th Street, from Walnut to Market streets
Chestnut, from Front (incl. Viaduct) to 10th streets
Market, from Front (incl. Viaduct) to 11th streets
Front, from Dock to Arch streets

Streets Closures Wawa Welcome America! festival

Sons of the Revolution Parade, Walnut, from Front to 6th streets
Independence Mall area 2nd Street, from Chestnut to Dock streets
38th Parallel, from Spruce to Dock streets

Party on the Parkway (12PM – 7PM) Eakins Oval and all drives of the Benjamin Franklin Parkway will be closed at 6AM. Only authorized vehicles will be allowed into the area, between 20th & 25th streets, and Pennsylvania to Winter streets.

Concert & Fireworks, There will be a perimeter established for vehicular
(7PM – 10 PM) traffic that will be bordered by 18th Street and Fairmount Avenue, and from JFK Boulevard to Spring Garden Street. Area residents and persons with authorized parking placards will be allowed within the perimeter, but others are advised to use public transportation or use parking outside of the perimeter.


Stay tuned as I cover the WAWA Welcome America! events. This post is brought to you with the support of Wawa Welcome America.

Connect with WAWA Welcome America on Facebook and follow them on Twitter @July4thPhilly.

Serafina Philadelphia Opens in Rittenhouse Square

The Summer Solstice ushered in summer on Tuesday as well as the long anticipated opening of Serafina, the NYC based Italian restaurant is now a stones throw from the Rittenhouse Square restaurant row.
The prime location, located at the 10 Rittenhouse Square Residential building right off the Square, has two floors of seating as well as an array of outdoor seating and window's that open wide on warm days. Yesterday and today it was hot and the windows were closed.
Strike a pose: KB Consultants & Associates Kelly Boyd looking fabulous as she chats with Society photographer Susan Scovil; Kelly put together a remarkable list of people who came out to sample the wares of Serafina (I hear they have 17 different kinds of pizza's) and imbibe on the spirits that flowed freely event past the original end time of 9PM.
Erin Tideman and SouthPhilly Fashionista Michelle Boyles. I had arrived a tad late as I was busy working on the Kimmel's Solstice shoot I did the previous Saturday. It was so packed inside I decided that I would just catch people hanging out on the sidewalk. It turned out that a lot of people thought that was a great idea too. I could only stay 30 minutes as I had a job shooting a Parkinson Fundraiser at Table 31 at 7PM and I wanted to get as many peeps in front of my lens before I had to run off. (I'll be writing about that on Monday. BTW tonight is the very popular Thursday's It's Ladies Night party.)
Del Frisco's Gm Rich Furino, Jessica Kiefer and manager Carmen Tedesco. Corie Moskow, Ilana Waber, (Gloss PR) Amy W and Brian Lipstein (Henry A. Davidsen)
Jennifer Lea Cohan, Tom Jordan and Carol Serena, Starr Restaurants
Fox29's Mike Jerrick and John Bolaris
Aly and Wendy Rosen. Behind them are two KB Consultant employees Joan Kessler and Jack Schell, who manned the door and kept the 7 people who weren't on the list out. Only kidding, but there weren't that many people not invited, I think everyone who ever appeared in, Philly Style Magazine, Philly Magazine and walked through Rittenhouse Square was at this party. It was packed. Including many surprises...
Linda Sandler, Lenny Kahn with Arnie and Sonia Silverstiein in the 2nd row.
Brett Rosenbloom, Courtney Grant and John Westrum.
Carol and Nino Tinari and guest.
WMMR's Preston & Steve's Marisa Magnatta, David Grasso and Aly Green (Silencia PR)
The ladies who lunch will definitely be choosing Serafina Philadelphia. Some of the ladies spotted were Kristin Foote, Danya Henniger, Sabrina Tamburino, Liza Tedeschi, Jill Rizen, Tiffany McElroy, spinning at the gig Inga D'Angelo, Julia Morley, Stacey Kracher, Aida Sparta, Elaine Graber, Stacey Margo (Tonight she'll be at the Philadelphia Eagles Todd Herremans Anti-Bullying event at Sugarhouse 7PM $35) and Friends of Rittenhouse Square president Betsy Hummel
Eric Cahill and Dana Spain. Dana's big PAWS event is this Monday at the Union League.
Hilary and Harry Platt. A few men spotted in the crowd, Mayor Nutter, Former Gov Rendell, Bill Sasso, Robert Abrosi (who I later saw around 9:30PM at 18th and Market in one of those taxi bike contraptions), Philly Style Mag's John Colabelli, Philly Daily News' Larry Platt, John Stanley, Chris Widell, and Carl Dranoff
New couple alert: Tom Coyne and Andi Pescov. Andi had a hand in getting Serafina at this location. She works for Michael Salove. I later did a "drive by" of the restaurant and still found it to be buzzing around 10PM so I grabbed a few shots. (Just a note - I wrote last week that a Dunkin Donuts is planning to open across the street below the Nail Bar. Last week I ran into a few folks involved in the Rittenhouse Square Residents Association, and they say it's not gonna happen. They are going to fight it. So we'll wait and see. What are your thoughts about a DD within sight of the Square?)
Serafina owners Fabio Granato, and Vittorio Assaf with Hacina Saadi. Hacina is fresh off the plane from supporting her friend Amber-Joi at the Miss USA Pageant in Las Vegas. These days you'll find Hacina at the Serafina hostess desk happy to greet and seat you. (Arthur Kade was also in Sin City to lend support and you can check out his blog with the details, HERE, but after you finish reading my blog.)
Dennice Anderson, Cayleigh Ashmin, G-N Kang (Hamels Foundation - The Diamond & Denin event is coming up 8/11/11 or click on the advertisement in the side bar of, guest and Steve Gartner
Mia Colona, Caitlyn Joyce, Vittorio Assaf, Co-owner of Serafina. Mia tells me tonight is the grand reopening of the Manayunk Nicole Miller shop after some 14 year old kid decided to drive his car through the shop window almost hitting two sales girls. Tonight's Party is called: CRASH NICOLE MILLER MANAYUNK'S GRAND RE-OPENING PARTY"Beck and friends after finishing a delicious meal on the second floor of the restaurant.Carol Tamburino and her girls run in for a night cap about 10PM.
As I was heading out I ran into Kelly Boyd, who 5 hours after the event began, was still beaming with the knowledge that the grand opening was a success and the boys had made a big splash in our little town of Philly.

PS I walked by last night (Wednesday) and the place was packed with a line out the door. Maybe it was because it's the new kid in town, but most likely because of the raves I heard about the food and the hospitality. Bon App├ętit!!