Friday, June 10, 2011


Stephenie and Kyle Kendrick Stephenie Kendrick, wife of Phillies pitcher Kyle Kendrick, told her facebook friends that she was pregnant back in February. She told me she's due in September, when I saw her at the Utley event last April.
At that time Heidi Hamels was three months pregnant with Cole and hers 2nd child. Here's Heidi and Cole Hamels next to Jennifer and Chase Utley at the 4th Annual Utley All-Star Animals Casino Night in April. The Hamels will be have a beautiful new baby in October, right in time for the playoffs. Didn't this happen once before with Shane Victorino?
This past Tuesday Chase Utley and his wife Jen Utley dedicated a mural that takes a stand against animal abuse, the “Kindness to Animals” themed mural in partnership with Mural Arts is located at Anna B. Pratt Elementary School in North Philadelphia. While editing my photos I tweeted and when I posted my blog mentioned it and twitter followers commented on it. Now has posted an additional article on it with Dan Gross stating friends say she's 3 months pregnant. Congratulations to the Utleys, The Hamels and to the Kendricks. I see play dates in the future.

Phillies’ Cole Hamels and wife Heidi Hamels Announce Local Beneficiaries of The Hamels Foundation’s

2011 Education Grants announcement on Tuesday. Please support the Diamonds & Denim Event 8/11/11 at the Crystal Tea Room in the Wanamaker Building.

Hike for our Heroes: Iraq War Veteran Troy Yocum Hikes Thru Philly & Makes Rocky A Caped Crusader

Some people and organizations really move me. People can be so creative and so generous. Re-affirms what my role is in getting the word out about so many great organizations that make a difference in people's lives, especially the needy and under-served. When I heard about Wish Upon A Hero I had to get the word out about it, it's incredible.
Wish Upon A Hero was first conceived by founder Dave Girgenti shortly after the September 11th attacks on New York City. From his home in NJ, Girgenti watched as thousands of people posted pictures of missing loved ones throughout the city. He thought there had to be a faster, more organized way to connect people in need. That was the moment in which the idea was born. Wish Upon A Hero is completely free to its users, allowing everyone who registers the opportunity to cast up to three wishes at a time. Because Wish Upon A Hero is designed to help everyone, wishes can be big or small, elaborate or simple, based on financial need or just asking for a simple favor. You can MAKE a wish, or you can GRANT a wish and be a HERO.
Iraq War Veteran Troy Yocum, who is nearing the end of a 7,000-mile hike across America to raise funds and awareness for military families in need, walk through Philadelphia on Friday, June 10th. Yocum, who has raised more than $275,000 so far.

Iraq War Veteran Troy Yocum, his wife Mareike and Emmie the super dog are hiking the 7,000 miles across America with him to help military families in need. They took their first steps of the 16-month cross-country quest on April 17, 2010. Backed by corporate sponsors, many volunteers and support members, Team Hike for our Heroes/Drum Hike are taking on the challenge of raising needed funds by hiking 7000 miles across America.
Earlier in the day Troy and his posse stopped at Modell Sporting Store on Chestnut Street and helped "Wish Upon A Hero" grant a wish Soldier Kermit Herbert and his wife Erin, Fort Dix NJ with a $5,000 down payment on a car for the family of eight.
Many supporters and fans of Troy's mission came from the tri-state area to hike with him through Philadelphia. One lady came as far away as Maryland just to spend the day with him. Tomorrow in NJ, Troy will be walking up Rt 130 from The South. He should be in S.Brunswick by 12pm and North Brunswick by 1. He will end the Hike at North Brunswick Fire Company 1 at approximately 2pm...then the festivities start. Live Band, DJ, Beer Truck, All You Can Eat burgers and dogs. Raffles, Prizes, 50/50, Company 3's Orange County Chopper Raffle, Silent Auction and Games for the kids.Rocky a symbolic hero to many around the world, but the true hero are the real ones who are drawing attention to a good cause at sometimes a great sacrifice
Dave Girgenti, founder of Wish Upon a Hero and Iraq War Veteran Troy Yocum do the Rocky pose. A universal triumph for those who never give up.
Now off to NJ
Yocum served in Kuwait and Iraq until 2009. He embarked upon his journey last April from Louisville, KY and has traveled more than 6,300 miles across the country. Now in the final months of his journey, Yocum is traveling up the East Coast before he makes his return to Kentucky in September 2011. Wish Upon a Hero is providing Yocum with transportation, marketing and planning support. (Follow along on FB)

Thank you so much to my readers for allowing me to do what I love so much, bringing you these tales of Philadelphia especially all the wonderful people who are making a difference. Thanks for reading me this week, and especially to all my advertisers.

Arrow Swim Club CTO Entertainment Studio Remy Spark Energy

Table 31 Del Frisco's The Sporting Club at the Bellevue

Christopher Gabello Studios

The Philadelphia Variety Club The Corner Restaurant

Karen Gross Anne Nikolaus Stylist with Stella Dot Jewelery Mural Arts

Thank you Cashman & Assocs cause they have two of their clients advertise on my blog. Have a great weekend...

Where's the Rat? New Construction in Center City brings out the Carpenters Union Protestors

I wrote about this new specialized "children's gym" by Sweat being built at 13th & Locust Streets a few months back. They've been working on this baby for a long long time, about 9 months now. The permits weren't visible until maybe 2 months ago, and it wasn't obvious that they were working on it til they began to change the facade of the building 2 weeks ago. Probably because they weren't using union workers to keep the costs down. Well the carpenter union got a wind of it and sent out a few heavy hitters to protest the infraction. I asked the lady why they didn't use the RAT on this location? She told me that the RAT got tickets as it was breaking a few laws which prohibit large scale advertisements without a permit. Guess they didn't want to get a permit for it? They still use the RAT in the suburbs where those ordinances are a little more laxed.
Twelve years ago, Mike O'Connor, owner of Big Sky Balloons & Searchlights in Plainfield, Illinois, created the first rat at the request of a union member in nearby Chicago. Today, Big Sky sells between 100 and 200 rats a year--even though it is a nonunion shop itself.

Thursday, June 9, 2011


The cast of Glee's tour stopped in Philadelphia Tuesday for a concert at the Wells Fargo Center last night. Using the Four Seasons as home base a few of them ventured out to tour the city on the nearly 100F spring day.
Kevin McHale takes a dip in Swann Fountain. (Twitter) which was across the street from his hotel, the Four Seasons.

Later he emerged from his hotel in the same shirt but different pants and his glee cast mate prepare to head off to the evenings concert at the Wells Fargo Center. I hear he did greet fans after the show near the buses. I'm always amazed how really different he looks from his character. I wonder why they didn't cast someone who was in a wheelchair?
Chris Colfer with his stuffed animal. My mother made me give away all my stuff animals when I was 13, I'm envious of him.
Who's skateboard is on top of the heap?

I do watch Glee but really more like listen to it cause my computer faces the opposite direction. Mike watches it ever week, and so does my niece. I was just hoping to get a few good shots. Two years ago they were here and I photographed them at The Continental, and even walked them back to their hotel giving them a mini tour. I was kinda disappointed this time that they seemed so glum, it really doesn't take much effort to look my way and smile.
Jenna Ushkowitz talented in so many ways, especially texting and walking.
Heather MorrisAshley Fink
There were two different vans going to the concert hall. The 2nd van left an 30 minutes later and carried some of the bigger stars like Lea Michelle and
Lea Michele looks beat. To tell you the truth she was always a little grouchy when she appeared in Spring Awakening on Broadway. And I'm sure with a talent like hers, she's probably bothered all day long with fans and people wanting someone from her. I think she's the one who was supposed to be the big star on the show, but it's really an ensemble piece. It will be interesting to see where she goes after Glee leaves the air or she ages out in 10 years.
Lea Michele stopped by Le Pain Quotidien at about 3PM Wednesday to pick up a salad. She had her cab wait and just ran in and out of the store. The clerk told me she was super sweet. This would explain the tip that someone saw her at the Bellevue as the lunch place is right across the street.
Sourpuss Amber Riley
to happy Amber Riley cause she's the only Glee I got a reaction out of, especially since the fan boy next to me and I called her name. The others we were confused about...
Naya Rivera eeks out a smile. I was irritated that none of the Gleeks looked my way. I understand they must be tired with the grueling schedule they have, but it was also irritating that their bodyguard said none of them would pose so why don't you leave, I'll be blocking all your shots? Geez Louise is it really that big of a deal? Plus they ignored one fan who was there to meet his idols. I guess yesterday was the day you had to buy a ticket to get their love and affection.
Best friend on and off the set, Mark Salling and Cory Monteith found the Frisbee disc game not too far from the Four Seasons Hotel, in Fairmount Park. (From Cory's Twitter)

Fairmount's London Grill 2nd Annual Dunk Tank For PAWS - Beer Week 2011

Tuesday in my neighborhood Beer Week brought back by popular demand the dunking your favorite rep or brewer at London Grill at 23rd and Fairmount! The charity event benefited Philly PAWS.
Terry McNally, co-owner of London Grill and Marie Antoinette on July 16 for Bastille Day. and Brooke Honeyford. This past weekend London won the Burger Brawl, which I wrote about on Monday. Terry tells me that she, Michael, their son and several of their customers filled the trophy up and shared some fine brews celebrating their victory.For some folks it was a high old time
Sign Language
Yards Brewery
Jenny Hobbs getting ready for her turn

Jenny Hobbs
bottoms up
kisses for daddy

I missed John Bolaris at London, did he do the dunk tank? Now that would have been a picture.
Doggies and Dunks was the theme of the day
Brian Grossman, Sierra Nevada (Owner Ken Grossman's son)
Sometimes folks just were too impatient waiting for the right pitch to do the dunking, but in this case even pushing the plunger did not work to dunk Brian
I think that's Where Magazine Editor Kristina Jenkins doppelgänger. What do you think?
The big Paws Gala at the Union League is June 27
Did you know Dana Spain is the founder of PAWS?
I think someone said to him "you're a theater boy, you'll never hit the target." And you know they were right?
Steve Lyford going for a close up
nice turnout. Like I said last week, cowboy boots do not go out of season especially paired with a nice dress

I didn't make it to the opening of the keg this year, but last year I got some stellar coverage here, oh and remember the great party at McGillin's Ale House. That was fun.
For more information on beer week check out