Friday, June 3, 2011

RITTENHOUSE SQUARE Today: Or Holy Moly those Nails?, You Never Can Have enuf dog tattoos or glasses!

Rittenhouse Square about an hour ago. I could probably just go into Rittenhouse Square at any hour on any day and come out with a million or a half dozen stories via pictures and a few words. It's Greenwich Village in the sixties.
Rittenhouse Square is always a beehive of activity. It's my favorite place to go people watch. I love to read the benches, see my friends, reflect on the years I used to play kick ball in the park, or race motorized cars through the center with friends, it's usually the first place I see lighting bugs, Christmas Lights, and it's always a great place to photograph beautiful people and magical moments.
I loved how this women was put together, accessorized and especially was fascinated by
Holy Moly those nails? How long does it take to grow nails like this and what a great paint job.
You can never have enough doggie tattoos or glasses. I wonder if that dog was a pet that passed?
Actually that dog tattoo looks a lot like this dog?

blowing bubbles and singing and signing too.
Waves. I love his Sailfish shirt. He was explaining to her the layers of paint that go into each stroke that make up the motion of the wave.
I love her relaxation
She's feeding him while he strums his guitar.
I love that her glasses match her shoes and match her shirt.
Returning to work after a quick lunch. Very stylish.
Another Dunkin Donuts on it's way right across from SerafinaWhich is now slated to open 6/21 with a grand party on the Solstice

The young lady is doing jumping jacks while her mother works. **Since I received a comment about shooting candidly and someone who is going to tell their friend they are on here.


Last night when I walked into Rouge a guy came over to me and said Shane Victorino is at the table by the window and wants you to come over and say hi. Shane had asked him to tell the bald guy to come over. Well at the same time I walked in Mayor Nutter walked in too and I pointed out he probably meant that bald guy. After I took this shot of Uri and gang outside, I heard Shane, who was sitting in the window, call my name out. I went over and he said "HughE why did you ignore me earlier when I sent my friend over to get you." I said oh, it's been a long time since anyone called me the bald guy, I'm so used to getting called the big guy I forget that I don't have hair too." Above Kelly Ganczarz, Kent Jevremovic, Uri Jacobson and Lianna Shablin.Speaking of Shane Victorino, The Shane Victorino Foundation All-Star Celebrity Fashion Show is August 25 at the Union League. Last year at the event Sabrina Tamburino bin on and won a walk on role on HBO's Entourage. Here she is above on set 2 weeks ago in hair and make-up getting ready for her close-up. Is that Adrian Grenier in the background?

Look for Arrow Swim Club to make a surprising announcement soon, so if you were planning to join now is the time. This was a shot from Memorial Day. Nice crowd, and there were still lounges available.
Today Is DONUT DAY and Krispy Kreme will give one free doughnut to anyone who walks into the store and says, "Happy National Doughnut Day." The limit is one per customer.
Wharton's Mike LaMonaca went to San Francisco on a biz trip and took a side trip up to see where Alfred Hitchcock's famed horror movie "The Birds" was filmed at Gaffney Ranch on Bodega Head. Tippi Hedren, star of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" and mother of Melanie Griffiths was there at an event and Mike met her, got a graph & this picture.
Bree Olsen, who is appearing at Cheerleaders tonight, stopped by the Preston & Steve show yesterday. Preston is making sure everything is intact after being one of Charlie Sheen's Goddesses for a month.

Philadelphia born singer Pink had her baby girl, Willow Sage Hart last night.
My sister Crista came to town with her adorable kids, Michael & Bo and we went to The Please Touch Museum. My sister loved it so much that she almost bought a membership, but then remembered she lived in Charlotte, NC and would be busy with a toddler next year. Crista's due in August and is having a girl. Congratulations to Philadelphia Daily News gossiper Dan Gross & wife Holly Mahar on the birth of their new baby girl last week. Also congrats to my "co-worker at NBC10" Deanna Durante and husband Tim Swan who are going to be first time parents in 9 weeks.
Jill Rizen stops by the Philadelphia Eagles kicker Dave Akers event at the Cescaphé Ballroom last night to lend her support to his charity that helps children and their families being treated at The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia through his David’s Locker program.
Last night Italian fashion designer Roberto Capucci was honored at the Philadelphia Museum of Art, which is exhibiting 90 of his couture designs thru Sunday, some of which were worn by Marilyn Monroe, Gloria Swanson and Esther Williams all of which were exquisitely marvelous in design and color. Roberto Capucci, greets Susan Corbett, First Lady of Commonwealth and Chair Pennsylvania Council for the Arts as Gail Harrity, President and COO of the Philadelphia Museum of Art. First Lady Corbett is wearing a Capucci inspired design but no one I asked knew the label and she was too tall for me to peal back the collar and check.
Whisper was closed Thursday night because of an issue with the city ownedpiping . Everything is dandy now and the club will be open for the weekend.

I stopped by G Lounge's RAW Thursday (The once monthly art/fashion show/music night) to check out my former co-worker Grey Papa and the band he plays in "Tara Girl." It was the first time hearing Tara Girl and I say sign her up - She's got a great, powerful, soulful voice. You can check her out on Youtube HERE, and next week I'll chat a little more about the whole RAW Thursday outing.

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Official Google Blog: The +1 button for websites: recommend content across the web

Thursday, June 2, 2011


Wednesday afternoon I headed back over to the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair to check out Ladies Day and the festivities that went along with the traditional day. It was hot, hot weather, hot fashion and hot hats.

As I explained in an earlier post this week The Devon Horse Show and Country Fair is a continues to reflect the local traditions and lifestyles of the Philadelphia Main Line area and is one of the largest and most prestigious outdoor equestrian events in the country. Proceeds of the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair benefit Bryn Mawr Hospital and runs through Sunday, June 4, 2011.
Ladies Day at Devon and the Devon Hat Contest were sponsored by Cartier. This year’s categories were “Mad Hatter,” for those who like to get a little wild and wacky in their choice of head wear. The “Magnificent Milliners,” reserved for those in the trade, and “Most Lilly”, for those who look fabulous in their Lillian Pulitzer outfit. (Which is like the uniform of the stylish Mainline moms.)Brenda Waits Bolling, a milliner with a store inside NYC's famed Plaza Hotel, Judge for the Hat Contest, Emmy Award Winning, TV personality Carson Kressley, Your OWN Show and long-time competitor who is competing Thursday at the show and Robin Humble. Othere judges included jeweler and birthday boy my friend John Wind, Maximal Art; Lillian Vasquez, The Nate Berkus Show; Carmelita Martell, Carmelita Couture; Ginder Frisia Darcy, and Lisa DiCaprio and Darci Henry of Malvern’s Kiss and Makeup boutique.
Caroline O'Halloran, Judge and Amy Holzapfel. Amy took first place in one of the categories. Hmm what would you guess, I forgot to ask? Fabulous feathers and so delicate.

1st Place Mad Hatter is Tiffany Arey
Megan Stein, Gregory Andrew Powell (Creates custom design hats. Last year won in the millinery category), Rachel Kotkoskie, and Beth Beverly, The Diamond Tooth Taxidermy created the fabulous hats on her head as well as Megan and Rachel's.

Darci Henry of Malvern’s Kiss and Makeup boutique.
Sara Moore thinks what would be delicious and not messy for lunch.
Shelley Evans, Elissa Leighton, Kitten Klaus and Christie Hunt,
Little Black Dress
Sara Moore and Mad Hatter 3rd place Jillian Titus.
No doubt entered into the Lilly Pulitzer portion of the contest
I love that there's a cafe on the premises. At 2pm their was a lovely Lilly Pulitzer fashion show during lunch.
2nd Place Mad Hatter
Thanks to Jen McGowan Chair, Ladies Day Hat Contest at Devon, on right, for inviting me to Ladies Day at the Devon Horse Show. (Is that Sarah Doheny, The Mainline PR on the left? I turned around and she was gone.)

I love this Alex's Lemonade hat. The Great Chefs Event is next Tuesday. Get your tickets Here
So no horsing around you still have 5 more days to make it to the Devon Horse Show and Country Fair. Around has a nice write up of the weeks events.

Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Philadelphia Eagles & Wives Touchdown with Krispy Kreme Doughnuts

Last month, as you know, I covered the Krispy Kreme Doughnuts opening in Center City. I told my friend Julie Dorenbos about it cause I know she's a big fan. At the last minute she couldn't stop by the opening event, but that night when she was honored along with bud Susie Celek by the Kisses for Kyle organization at Bar 879, I brought a dozen hot Krispy Kremes for them to enjoy along with ABC6's Jamie Apody who was also in attendance. Jon Dorenbos tweeted this picture, and Krispy Kreme retweeted it and asked if the the duo would like to take a tour of the KK factory in the North East.

Although you might think the guys were taking it easy during the Lockout, they did put in a morning of self organized workouts. After a grueling morning of lifting, and then an hour of practicing in the sweltering heat Tuesday morning, Jon Dorenbos, Brent Celek and Todd Herremans headed over to the Mayfair KK shop, with Julie Dorenbos and Susie Celek. (Actually Jon & Julie picked me up and I went with them. I found a card that must have fallen out of his bag of tricks, in the backseat, just sayin' cause ya know he's a magician.) Everyone started off with the end product so they could see what they should look and taste like.

This is the all important conveyor belt with the Krispy Kreme's rolling out of the hot fryer, cooling off and then being saturated with a coating, that some say is a mixture of sugar and undoubtedly more sugar.
Brent has the "Krispy Kreme picker upper", and was as you will see in the video, given instructions on the art of the pick up off the conveyor belt.

Then we headed to the back of the machine where they all participated in rolling the dough and inserting it into the doughnut making machine.

At another station the crew made Krispy Kreme, raspberry filled, Oreo cookie topping doughnuts. YUM, well I hear they were yum cause you know I'm on a diet. Brent & Susie Celek, with Jon Dorenbos.
Julie shows her creation to Jon
Todd Heremans is heading towards
Oh wait we forgot to put the drizzle on. Like these people needed any more sugar added to their doughnuts. The laughter got louder and the energy sparked as the sugar rush continued. My bet is about an hour later they all crashed for afternoon naps. At last count Todd and Brent were tied with about 5 doughnuts down.
Krispy Kreme is offering customers a free Krispy Kreme doughnut June 3 on "National Doughnut Day." Also if you buy a dozen you will help the Salvation Army, but you need a coupon. Thanks Krispy Kreme Doughnuts, owner Brian Zaslow and PR guy and (not pictured) Braden Young, Sales and Marketing Manger,
Check out Jamie Apody's story on ABC6 sometime this week, perhaps tonight.