Friday, May 20, 2011

Table 31 In Pictures Last Night - What's Next for Lindsay Furman? Chrissy Schaefer is that you, wow girl?

Table 31 is killing it on Thursday nights on Thursday NightsLast night's Patron Party was a huge success despite the rain which limited the plaza access
I remember when the whole thing was conceived in January at Sabrina Tamburino's surprise bday party, which was held at Table 31. Mama Carol Tamburino was talking to Chef Chris Scarduzio about getting her girls together and a dj once a month on Thursday nights for ladies night. That first night was a blast.
Along comes Tamar and Stephen Olitsky and it's become a full blown blast every Thursday night.They're dancing in the bar
in the restaurant
and upstairsthey're dancing everywhere
Uri Jacobson and Stephanie Rybczyk
Carmen Tomassetti CEO CTO Artists and Jonathan Miller, President, Programing NBC Sports & Versus
Leigh Ann & Carrie
The Sgt Ray Clan
I don't always carry my note book on these crazy crowded I can't hear you nights, but here are a few names I know: Timothy Lucey, Erin Elmore, Nick Abraczinskas
Rita Madden, Danielle DiMaria, Gina Giorgi and Lana. Danielle tends bar at Tweed & Recess. She tells me that the Tweed Brunch has moved from Saturday's to Sundays 2PM til 7PM. Which is good news since Table 31 is going to start a DJ brunch on Saturdays.
Please don't poke me when you want your photo taken, oh and dropping names doesn't help either, especially when I am actually better friends with them then you are.
Joann Zielinski, Christina Rowe and friends
Tamar, Chris Scarduzio, Butch Mayo, Steve and DJ Dozia
NBC10's Weather guy Dave Warren and lovely wife Ali Warren. Lindsay Furman and fiance Sean Edwards. No ring as of yet, but he did etch this on her back.

Ania has returned to Philadelphia from LA and is glad to be reunited with Lindsay Furman. After working forThe Nouveau Image, Cashman & Assocs & then Silencia LF is ready to strike out on her own and has opened a marketing, social media consultant firm called AMP215. She plans to get her real estate license and work alongside Ali Warren at Keller Williams and conquer Philly; They will definitely be ones to watch.
Monique Crawford is in a loving mood
Pano Stavrakas and Heather Lee
Chrissy Schaeffer, Kimberly Boutique

Thursday, May 19, 2011


Glad to see the DROP folks were dropped, except one. Sad to see Malcolm Lazin and Andy Toy left out of the running.

Check out the City Paper's Round Up here and Philebrity's Here - Actual door on the Democratic Executive Office at 1421 Walnut Street, last night.

Rittenhouse Row: Spring Festival Sponsor Party Photos & Fun

Crossing my fingers for good weather this Saturday. I'm going to the Radnor Hunt, much to the chagrin of my family as it's my nephew Timmy's Holy Communion. Mom didn't appreciate my humor when I said I would be there for his Confirmation in 7 years. Saturday is also the Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival. I took this little nugget yesterday during the wicked rain storm we had. Tuesday Night The Ritz Carlton Ballroom was jumping with the beautiful people of Rittenhouse Row to raise funds to support the Spring Festival which is this Saturday May 21, 2011

Chrissy Becker, Eric Dietrich and Carol Drumstras, Brown Forman
Joe and Jane Wolf. Joe does a magnificent job at the Comcast Food Court, even instituting wine with lunch on the weekends. It's a nice spot to stop when it's less crowded.
Haley Samsi, Center City District, Alexis Sharpe and Amanda Escobar.
Mr Ziggy and Jonathan Hunter, Owner of Raven Lounge. It's good to see Raven Lounge out and about like this. Last week they represented at the SAVA fashion show block party. I won a onesie and a Tshirt in the Career Wardrobe raffle. I think my new niece is gonna love the Raven onesie when she is born in August.
Have you seen the queue line outside of Whisper lately? Whisper GM Clark Maloney (on left) re-organized how people line up and it's a huge improvement now that it's warmer and waiting line has gotten longer and peeps started spilling all over the sidewalk. You have got to see what he does with the Wells Fargo sign at night too, it's clever. I hear Whisper is bringing in musical talent like Jazzy Jeff on May 25 and after parties with concert performing artists like Marsha Ambrosius, and Ke$ha. On Clark's left is Nina Perez, Angela Thorpe, Whisper and Gary Thorpe, G Lounge. Check out Tara Girl at G Lounge's next Raw event June 2.
Katie Salove, Michael Salove, Owner of Michael Salove Real Estate Realty (fun to finally meet the guy behind all the signs I see), Tim Duffy, Salove, Jana Schwartz and Larry Steinberg, Salove.
Dara Tye Goldstein, Agile Cat, Tina Lamsback, Lamsback Floral and Anne Nikolaus. Anne advertises with for her Stella Dot Jewelery, which you can see here. I think I mentioned before that I changed my policy on PCC and all advertisers get live links whenever they or their products come across my lens (but that's not always a hard and fast rule, I'll do it for charities & random folks if they do extraordinary things. Just sayin' cause you know now I do this for a living.) And of course Anne's easy on the eyes too.
PhillyStreetStyle's Jimmy Contreras, Candice Caprice, Perlei Boutique and Matthew Vlahos, Matthew Vlahos Public Relations
Lynsie and Evan Solomon. Lynsie and I have lunch every Wednesday after I assist on the City Hall Tour. I'm almost ready to give it my self. Stop on by, it's $10 and it leaves everyday from Rm 121 at 12:30PM
Brittany Buschel and Alexander Hankin. Alexander is happy that his 2nd year of law school is over and will be working at his dad's firm for the summer. See you at Arrow Swim Club, Whisper and Tweed brunch you two! I noticed Arrow Swim Club has 16 dedicated parking spaces at the Piazza parking lot.
Roger Levy and Melissa Szymczak
Guys about town, who will be running the town shortly: Brett Milstein, Steve Tuttlemen flanking Man about Town Steve Gartner.
The Girls of G Lounge: Samantha Marzullo, Julia Boccia and Laura Woolman
Cichetteria 19 - Andrea Rossi, Executive Chef. Tells me business is picking up and he's excited for the summer.
The Board of Rittenhouse Row welcomes the guests and honors Joanne and Donnie Davidow for their years of service. The non-profit does an excellent job at promoting more than 200 stores, restaurants, hotels, galleries, spas and more in the Rittenhouse districtPhiladelphia's Five Star Location.
Cristina D, Brett E and Britini Z
Jillian Brinard, and Jackie Baik. Jackie tells me that Audrey Clair's Cook collaborative kitchen-classroom is heating up. Who's coming to cook and teach at COOK. Here's a partial list: Questlove, Ellen Yin, Fork, Jon Cichon Lacroix, Daniel Stern, R2L, Chip Roman, Blackfish and Mica (remember I mentioned earlier this week Jason Cichonski has 3 more weeks at Mica, so get over there or wait a couple months til his new place opens in Center City), Michael Welsh, Franklin Mortgage & Investment Co, Mitch Skwer & Seth Biederman, the Wine Merchant, Genevieve Sherrow, Gluten-Free Warrior, Darlings Cheesecake (which by the way I just ate at for the first time last week, and then again Monday night. Love their salads.), Déjà vu to return to that spot - John Taus, The Corner (did I mention their nightly specials & brunch on the weekends.) Michael Solomonov, Zahav (Congratulations on the James Beard Award.) Michael Schulson, Sampan (Mmm dinner last night, thanks), Starr Restaurants, Zama, Noble, Rouge, my girl Topcheftestant Jen Carroll, 10 Arts, Peter Woolsly, Bistro la Minette, David Cunningham, Tweed (weekends the disco is open til 4PM during brunch. Fun young crowd, bring your ear plus.) and of course the food darling herself Audrey Claire. The Girls: Michelle Ranieri , Jill Rizen, Keren Ini (counting down her last days of being single. So happy for her and Mike Kates. 5/28/11) Sabrina Tamburino and it's great to see Kristin Foote out.
Jamyra Perry, WOGL Producer, and Hadas Kuznits, KYW Radio. She and fiance Dan Reinherz just got back from Israel where they had a wonderful and I'm sure enriching soulfull time as they are about to embark on their wedding day July 3.
Speaking of Israel David Lipson, Philadelphia Magazine is leaving in a few days to meet with his daughter who's been studying there. He's excited to see the country and especially to see his daughter. Safe travels. Here he is with the Philadelphia Magazine crew Toni Cavaliere, Jenn Shockley, Sachi Jonas, David Lipson, Maureen Kolodziej Melissa Bizzak,
Slice Pizza (Bradley Cooper's favorite I read): Marlo and Jason Dilks
Cori Moscow and Ilana Waber of Gloss PR did a fantastic job executing the party for Rittenhouse Row, as well as doing well by all their clients. Thanks to the whole team too it was a huge success.
See you Saturday at The Rittenhouse Row Spring Festival which takes place the length of Walnut Street from Broad Street to 19th.

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Eastern State Penitentiary Annual Hospitality Party Paparazzi Style ++ Lots of New Info on the Famed Spot

Last week I attended Hospitality Night at Eastern State Penitentiary.

It's always a fun time as the prison brings together the folks in the hospitality industry throughout the City (ie Independence Visitor Center, hotel concierge, tour directors, and the folks that have direct contact with tourist.) and host them at a party to showcase what they have to offer. Everyone gets a mini tour and information on the museum, then it's party time in the prison with food & beverages from the local restaurants like London Grill, Jack's Firehouse, McCrossen's Tavern, Mugshots, Luigi's Pizza Fresca and D'Angelos. Then there's dancing in the prison. Yes really.
The event was hosted by the folks at the Eastern State Penitentiary and executed by SpecialtyUSA which consists of Joan Manuel, Kathy Jones Nester and Mark Beyerle
The theme was Hollywood Behind Bars with a red carpet and paparazzi theme. Right up my alley. The "paparazzi" were the folks that participate in the "Terror Behind The Walls" event. Which is ESP's hugely successful Halloween season tourist attraction. I went this year and it's was great, really great. I was scared and scream like a little girl and they don't even touch you and I know it's fake - LOLLaurel Fairworth arrives, now the party is in full swing. She's working as PR for MidTown Village, which is gearing up for Beer Week. Karen Gorss and Emily Mankowsh. Karen works at the Constitution Center, but internally editing and writing for them. As you know her main love his her singing, and she has two exciting shows coming up. One is at Positano Coast presents Cocktails and Cabaret with Karen Gross - 6:30 pm doors, 7:30 pm show. And she's making her debut June 11 at "Don't Tell Mama" in NYC.

Looking glam & polished as usual
Jason Ohlsen and Erin Montiro
What are you wearing, it's just fabulous. - New for 2011, Eastern State Penitentiary Historic Site literally hands visitors the keys to the cellblocks with new Hands-On History interactive experiences. These short demonstrations take place throughout the penitentiary complex, each lasting five minutes or less
Gina Crivelli and Justin Bean
Mike Kates, of Trolley Works and his brother Anthony
Why do I think this is not foreign to Brian Mottolo -

Prison Break Weekend (Family Events All Day!) June 11 & June 12

11:30 a.m. – 4:30 p.m. Rock Wall Climbing

Activities focus on escapes from Eastern State, including an inflatable rock-climbing wall to give visitors a sense of the true size of the massive walls, and a reproduction of a section of the tunnel used in the 1945 tunnel escape.


11:00 a.m. – 4:00 p.m. Living History
Two actors—one portraying tunnel mastermind Clarence Klinedinst and one portraying bank robber “Slick Willie” Sutton—give their conflicting accounts of who designed the 1945 tunnel, how it was built, and why the escapees got caught. Hear both accounts, ask questions, and determine who you think is telling the truth. Based on actual conflicts in the accounts of Willie Sutton and Clarence Klinedinst.

Where Magazine Crew: Scott Persuhn, Writer, Kristina Jenkins, Editor and Kari Oriolo, Sales
And introducing the latest additions to Where Magazine: Brett Coppol, Sales and Beth Douglass, Publisher
Greg Stratton, 1706 Rittenhouse, Kim Fineman, Fineman Realty and Jim Souter
Missy Logan, Greater Philadelphia Marketing Tourism Corp
Ready for your close up?

Father's Day

Standard Admission

Dads visiting with their kids (of any age) get a free Eastern State Penitentiary embroidered baseball cap. Must be requested at time of ticket purchase. Show Dad you care!

Kathy Jones Nester and Nonnie Cyd Wiernik
Jamil Burnett, Carla Brown, Will Norton, Beverly Hale, and Shawney Latimore want you to know that the Center City Best Western is the only hotel in Center City that has free parking, that's right free parking. The ESP had a great little "photo booth" where they would take photos of their guests wearing fun props. Then on their way out they got them as souvenirs. So sweet.
Jason Ohlsen and Erin Monteiro met while working at ESP in 2006. He designs the set for Terror Behind The Walls. Their desks were across from each other for over a year before they started dating. Eventually she left ESP, but their relationship grew until last year during the 2/10 blizzard he popped the question to her while building a snowman in the Azalea Garden. She said yes, he didn't drop her great-grandmother's engagement ring and last week, at the prison, they married near their desks where it all began. Congratulations! Also big congrats to ESP Marketing Director Ellen Feist and her husband Michael Feist as they are just about to become parents for the first time, YEAH!

The penitentiary is open every day, year round. For more information and schedules, please call (215) 236-3300 or visit (This was a client entry)