Saturday, April 23, 2011

HOPE: An Oratorio Easter Sunday (World Premiere) Jonathan Leshnoff, composer

Kimmel Center presents
HOPE: An Oratorio
(World Premiere)
Jonathan Leshnoff, composer

Verizon Hall
Sunday, April 243pmbuy tickets!

Jonathan Leshnoff,Composer
Roberto Minczuk, Conductor
Leah Dexter, Vocal Soloist
David Linx, Soloist
Jessica Rivera, Soloist
Jason Collins, Soloist
Pennsylvania Girlchoir
Mendelssohn Club of Philadelphia

In a breathtaking new work of art, composer Jonathan Leshnoff celebrates mankind's universal journey�from the throes of abandonment to the revival of hope. Transcending the boundaries of the traditional oratorio form, this epic piece is alternately lyrical and lively, toe-tapping and dramatic. HOPE brings together voices and languages not typically heard together�a classical soprano and tenor, a male jazz singer, and a female vocalist-performance artist�creating exciting new modes of vocal expression. From ethereal writing for children's voices to a climax that will literally shake the rafters as the Fred J. Cooper Memorial Organ reaches its extreme registers, HOPE embraces people of all spiritual beliefs. Beginning in doubt, moving to a reflective middle passage, and ultimately finding peace, HOPE promises to inspire both fervor and serenity in the listener.

> Listen to Leshnoff discuss the conceptualizing and creation of Hope in an exclusive three-part web series, The Journey

The Philadelphia Inquirer is the proud sponsor of this performance.

Friday, April 22, 2011

Poor Caroline Kennedy Life has taken it's Toll on her..

Sometimes you can be too thin too. Although I don't have that problem. Team Derek at a signing a week ago.


Iron Hil is going over the top with their celebration of Burger Month so they deserve a posting just for that effort. Some of my favorite burgers in the City are Rouge, of course, 500 Degrees of course, Lucky Strikes and Butcher & Singer. I like McD's burgers too. Here's the list for Iron Hill's burger of the day in May.

May 1 – Napa Valley Burger with Cabernet onions, black pepper chevre, tomato and arugula

May 2 – Au Poivre Burger with gorgonzola, caramelized onion and mushroom spread

May 3 – Black and Blue Burger blackened burger with gorgonzola, caramelized onions, tomato and bacon

May 4 – Carolina Burger with bacon, coleslaw, red onion, American cheese and yellow mustard

May 5 – South of the Border Burger with sautéed onions and poblano peppers, bacon, guacamole, Monterey jack and spicy chipotle ketchup

May 6 – Brewmaster’s Burger with beer-braised onions, bacon, Swiss, cheddar and roasted garlic aioli

May 7 – Hickory Burger with house-smoked pulled pork, sharp cheddar and barbeque sauce

May 8 – Mom’s Burger with exotic mushrooms, brie and vine-ripened tomato

May 9 – Grilled Cheese Burger with fried onions, mushrooms, tomato, Swiss and cheddar on rye

May 10 – New Mexico Burger with roasted green chile relish, Monterey jack, salsa verde, lettuce and tomato

May 11 – Saltimbocca Burger with prosciutto, provolone, sautéed spinach and caramelized onions

May 12 – Yogi Bear Picnic Burger with onion rings, bacon, BBQ sauce, potato salad and American cheese

May 13 – South Philly Burger with garlicky broccoli rabe, roasted long hots, provolone and Asiago

May 14 – Pizza Burger with pepperoni, mozzarella, Asiago and tomato sauce

May 15 – Reuben Burger with shaved corned beef, sauerkraut, 1000 Island dressing and Swiss on rye

May 16 – Hell Fire Burger with fried green chilies, onions, pepper jack cheese and chipotle ketchup

May 17 – Jammin’ Marley Burger with pineapple chutney, bacon, sharp cheddar and Jamaican BBQ sauce

May 18 – Green Bay Burger with cheddar, Swiss, provolone and Boursin, lettuce, tomato and red onion

May 19 – Ode to Jerry Garcia Burger with mushrooms, Monterey jack, caramelized onions and roasted garlic aioli

May 20 – French Onion Burger with Gruyere, caramelized onions, bacon and French onion dip

May 21 – Bistro Burger with Boursin and herb-roasted exotic mushrooms

May 22 – Big Haas Burger with Haas avocado, Monterey jack, red onion and roasted garlic mayonnaise

May 23 – Paris Burger with brie, sautéed apples, rosemary onions, bacon and spinach

May 24 – London Pub Burger, a double-decker burger with caramelized onions, mushrooms, sharp cheddar and house brown gravy on the side

May 25 – California Burger with Haas avocado, cucumber, pea shoots and wasabi aioli

May 26 – Whiz Kid Burger with sauteed peppers and onions and Cheez Whiz

May 27 – Caprese Burger with fresh mozzarella, vine-ripened tomato, balsamic glaze and basil pesto

May 28 – Catamount Burger with Vermont white sharp cheddar, applewood-smoked bacon and maple glaze

May 29 – Chicago Burger with sweet pickle relish, onion, pickled hot peppers, tomato, celery salt and mustard

May 30 – Red, White and Blue burger with vine-ripened tomato, sliced onion, gorgonzola and bacon

May 31 – Jalapeno Popper Burger with deep fried jalapeno slices, cream cheese and bacon is now Accepting Advertisements - Thanks to my Current Monthly Advertisers

It's these folks that allow me to do full time. Keep you informed and hopefully provide hours of entertainment while you wonder when is he going to stop filling my twitter feed with this info?

Thanks to my advertisers this Month: PIFA, The Corner, CTO Band, Arrow Swim Club, Pa Horticultural Society, Del Frisco's, , The Sporting Club, Karen Gross, Anne Nikolaus Stella Dot Jewelery
Kokopelli and Christopher Gabello Photography Studios

Hotel Palomar Philadelphia Celebrates Earth Day with a Happy Hour

A proud recipient of LEED Gold Certified, the Hotel Palomar Philadelphia incorporates eco-friendly actions and amenities throughout their boutique hotel. Everyday they participate in actions that go towards saving our planet like placing in-room recycling bins for easy guestroom recycling, they've created a comprehensive recycling program for cups, clothes hangers, batteries through out the hotel and are using Organic and/or fair-trade coffee and tea. Did you know that Hotel Palomar rewards guests who drive hybrid vehicles by providing discounted parking prices for these vehicles at the hotel. Yeah.

So what better place to attend a celebration of Earth Day Happy Hour, or Earth Day eve as it was, then at the hotel itself which is exactly what I did yesterday. Above is one of the auction items at the Party for the Parks all of which utilized recycle material. There's a bug in this babble.
That trench was designed by SA VA, who creates sustainability fashion here in Philadelphia
(Bring  in a reusable bag, get 30% off regular priced clothing! today), and is a recycled banner from the 2009 Philadelphia Library Festival, and next to it is a cute welded bulldog made of recycled tin door signs by artist Leo Sewell.
Hosted by Palomar GM Nick Gregory with special guest Amy Johnston from Mural Arts, Nick explained the steps that the hotel greets the guests and tells them about the commitment Hotel Palomar and the entire Kipton Hotel chain goes through to be green. This past week they had a recycle station in front of the hotel, they also turned down the electricity in the lobby during the day and worked with the natural light shining through the window. He was excited to have this happy hour celebrating Earth Day and raising money for The Trust for Public Land. Natavan Weborck and artist Gunel Rzayevatell me that they saving the earth is important to them and they recycle everyday, especially by re using shopping bags. Gunel is from a small country in Eurasia on the Caspian Sea, and is a Communitcations major at the University of the Arts. She's titled this piece "Preserve Yourself".
Barry Garozzo here with another friend Victoria Sabatino. You'll recall we photographed him a month ago with his friend Amanda and they stressed they were only friends, and of course Meg Ryan did believe that opposite sex folks could be friends.

BFF's Nicole Cashman and Sabrina Tamburino.
Sharon Gerber, Natasha L, Jason Duran, Casey Anderson and Suzi Stein.
Casey and Jason are getting ready for their June wedding. The two met through friend Sharon, she went to U of P with Casey, then went on for her medical degree at Temple where she met Jason. Look for those social photos to grace this page in June.

A family staying at the hotel joined the festivities. The Hjorth family is from Sweden. L-R daughter Maria Laura, mom Lotte Erfur and Dad Jacob.

I love this gum wrapper satchel snatch up at the silent auction by Laura Burkhardt
who was there with Mickey Rowley. Both were then headed over to the sold out show by Les Nubians - The self-described 'Afropean' hip hop/rhythm and blues duoconcert at the Kimmel Center as part of the PIFA moment.
Adam Spivak in the meantime was making his way home with his newly acquired art piece by Julie Yosen called "Feed Me", which is made up of material found inside the Kimpton Hotel. I recognize a bathrobe.

Artist Sam Kelly next to her "Breaking Ground". Sam says it's an homage to film photography and how with the explosion of digital cameras, film is basically a wasteland. Note mushroom cloud. All in all a great time for a good cause. Happy Earth Day!! (PS Thanks to for their support of the art show.)

PAUL SIMON returns to Philadelphia - Richards & Carter on the Town & Jane Golden Breaks her painting arm.

Paul Simon performed at the Academy Ball last January, and even did a duet with the great American Soprano Renee Fleming. He's returning to Philly on June 4th & 5th, this time at the Merriam Theater. Philly is his last stop before his "So Beautiful or So What," tour heads overseas.He hopes you'll come out and see him. Tickets on sale soon as the ink just dried on the contract yesterday.
Flyers teammates Mike Richards and Jeff Carter were at Union Trust last night. Carter was in a brace as it was just reported yesterday that he is on the injured list for a few games. You'll recall Mike appeared in a photo/sponsor page in the Academy Ball with me that honored the late Linda Creed and my sister Judy Wilkins which promoted their cancer charities. Which reminds me...
I was at Sigma Sound, where the above two photos were taken, and where Charles Dutton's movie "Must Be The Music" was filming for the past two weeks. Next week members of the Stylistics will be in a few of the scenes. The above gold record is for one of the Stylistics biggest hits "Betcha By Golly Wow" which was written by Linda Creed. Happy Earth Day. At about 10AM the Earth Day Party to the Parks will go live on PhillyChitChat. Mural Arts director Jane Golden was scheduled to speak at the event, but she broke her arm earlier in the day and sent Amy Johnston in her place. We wish Jane Golden a speedy recovery. She's a terrific lady.

Thursday, April 21, 2011


The Offit Kurman law office hosted a March of Dimes sponsor party at their office recently. Six-year-old Lauren Fleming of Marvin, N.C., who spent the first 5 months of life struggling to survive in a hospital newborn intensive care unit (NICU), today was named the March of Dimes 2011 National Ambassador, and her mother Nikki were guests of honor.
Kevon Glickman and Michael Conley both attorneys of Offit Kurman
The reception was held in their board room and over 60 people attended the gathering.Noel Albert and Seth Hall from Philadelphia Insurance were there. PI is one of the major sponsors of the local March of Dimes chapter.
James Pearl, Offit Kurman, David Engel, Morgan Stanley, Francesca Coppelli, VA Hospital and Craig Turet Offit Kurman were on hand. Grammy Award winning recording artist Kelly Clarkson made a stop after her appearance on American Idol this week to join in the Dallas March for Babies, along with her friends and 30,000 walkers, to support the March of Dimes and the mission of healthy babies on Saturday, April 16!
Nikki and Lauren Fleming , Craig Turet
Nora Espara, Zac Baltz and Pepa Rao all of Farmers Insurance. They were excited to be on board this year and looking forward to the walk. They encourage your company to put together a team and help support the March of Dimes.
The March of Dimes Walk in Philadelphia is May 22. Create a team, walk with friends, sign up here.

Who was out warming the curbs along Rittenhouse Row

Odds and Ends:

Rumor has it that a clothing store is going to occupy the almost empty Borders Book Store. A movie house did check out the place, but they didn't like the odd angle whatever that means. Hey movie people could you check out The Prince across the street, please save it I hear that a sneaker store has been waiting for it's demise for a year now.

A few of my tweets yesterday:

I love when my photos are in @ social column. Some day I would like to be in it #9 to #14 photos.

RT @ Just talked to @ Bill McGlone, he will be @ Public House Thurs 4 Celeb Bartenders' Night!

Bio teacher in ky has resigned aft cops found her giving student some private lessons in anatomy. Also ticketed 4parking in handicap space.

Paul and wendy rosen with their grandchildren just wandered by parc

this is the #1 selling tshirt for the 611 line and is sold at @ on 12th near chestnut
I ran into DJ Nigel Richards sporting his new TShirt to be sold by his 611. I think it's pretty cool. No doubt to be sold at Matthew Izzo soon.
Everyone knows how much I love Christopher Gabello's photography. This is an ad he shot recently.
This is the ad he's submitted to be carried on my blog. Did I mention is accepting advertisements now. Email me for rates.
Not sure if I would carry this one, but it's clever for sure. What do you think? Check out his website here.
Carmen Tomassetti (He's the guy behind the CTO band enterprise) and Dr. Erin Pusz enjoying the warm night at Stephen Starr's Parc.
Alexander Hankins and friends from law school. Today was their last day, now finals. All three have summer stints. Good luck. 9 times out of 10 one of you will start a blog or a cupcake shop in the next 7 years. Also at Parc Erin Elmore, Steve Ward, Heather Heo, Tim Lucey

Eyewitness Weather has a new pimped out weather mobile. No word on why we didn't get teh wicked storm they were predicting all week, but who's complaining...
One of those partying at the Tweed Brunch Saturday was Heather Baumgardner, here she is at Rouge last night with Danielle Krupa and Monique Crawford.
Not Sen Larry Farnese, Sgt Ray Evers, friends from LA, Aly Green and Justin Wineburgh. Ray used to be the #1 searched guy on PCC for years, but I had to inform him that he's been replaced by Chase Utley, then Justin Pizzi. Did you know that Justin Wineburgh is also an accomplished violinist and tuba player. Aly tells me that my write up about the Tale of Two Brunches was great. Sampan is going after the more social crowd, where the food is the focus and the music the background.
Stephen Olitsky and biz partner at Table 31 Chef Chris Scarduzio with Monique in the middle
Poor chick at Rouge had to spend the whole night keeping a path open on the sidewalk. Kept saying the owner of the building was in the restaurant and it had to be done.
I think we're gonna need a bigger sidewalk

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

The Party - The Gift of Life - The Four Seasons

Donors Are Heroes hosted its 9th annual "The Party" last week at the Four Season's Hotel. The money raised from ticket sales will go directly to help maintain our public awareness programs, school summits and teaching initiatives. All of which are geared to educate and dispel the myths surrounding becoming an organ donor and the need for life-saving, life-enhancing transplants. The party attracted approximately 500 guests – an increase compared to last year’s affair. This year's Hero of the year recipients were Nicole Cashman, Cashman & Assocs. and Brian Kappra, Evantine Design. This year's co-hosts were Lauren Huezo & Eric Allen, who did a fantastic job.
Tina Lamsback and her dad Robert Lamsback

Where have you been all winter: Erin Elmore and Janice Lim. Looking fabulous as usual.
Fox29's Mike Jerrick, Joan Peliggi, Renee Freeman and 6ABC's
Michele and Mike Haberman, Jared Solomon, Aryanna Abousuri, Nadine and Keith Mecca. Jared and I used to work at Kohn, Swift & Graf together.
WMMR's Marisa Magnatta, Amy Gorman, DiBrunos Bros, Jim Magnatta, Erin Como, Marie Williamson, and Eric Allen Co-Chair of tonights event and Assistant Director of Catering at Four Seasons Hotels
Christian Kassis and Biana DeMarco. Biana has a new blog called Philly Fashionistas where she covers everything of interest for the fashionable women and man in your life.
Joe, Abe and Nicole from the Four Seasons catering preparing delicious duck for the guests.

Scott Lean, SweetTooth (Easter's this week, I know you didn't get your candy yet. 630 South 4th Street) and Holly Bigelow. Among those attending included: Mark Morgan, Jenna Braunstein, Brett Ciarelli, Mort Weinstock, Phyllis Weinstock, Christie Bonetti, Gus Caruso, Steve and Tamar Olitsky, and Noel Perate
Don and Renee Freeman with the event designer with a flair Brian Kappra, Evantine.
Newly crowned Miss Philadelphia Maria Sciorillo and Mike Vrancik
Mike Chobert and Barbara Katz-Chobert, R. Chobert Decorating Company
Nicole Cashman, Lauren O'Dorisio, Renee Freeman, John Colabelli and the nested Sabrina Tamburino Thorne. Steve Thorne told me earlier in the evening that he and Sabrina discovered they love staying in with friends, watching movies and just being low key this winter. Nicole tells me that Arrow Swim Club is coming along swimmingly, but there are still memberships to be had. It's going to be 80F on Thursday, and May is just around the corner. There's nothing like a little night swim to cool down after work.
Aly Green, Jeff Kellmer and Melanie Finley. Melanie is a 3 year Ovarian Cancer survivor and has her own foundation MFOCF Charity Event The Blue Hydrangea Tea Party When: Saturday May 7th 12:30pm Cost: $55 per person Where: The Union League of Philadelphia 140S Broad Street, Philadelphia - The Blue Hydrangea Tea Party is a national campaign to encourage greater awareness of ovarian cancer. Each year on the Saturday before Mother’s Day, women across the country gather in small groups to have tea and learn about the disease. Tickets
Stefanie and Jay Kitchner
Colin Smyth and Krista Guidi
Dr. Gregory Nelson and Michelle Arthur

Eric Cahill and Dana Spain. Dana hosts one of my favorite annual parties too, another shindig where the men and women wear their finest threads and throw caution to the wind of have a ruckus time. The 7th Annual Chefs’ Dinner for PAWS held again this year at the Union League on June 27, 2011
Until next year....
remember to fill out your Driver License Donor Card. During this most holy week and every week, remember all those wonderful people who have gone before us who were generous enough to donate their organs to make a difference in someone else's life. In the Gift of Life Institute 401 N. 3rd Street Philadelphia, PA 19123 215-599-2025 you will see several quilts where each panel represents a donor's life which was created by the recipient of their organ. A touching tribute.