Saturday, March 26, 2011

Michael Klein gives up his Philadelphia Inquirer Inqlings Column

Michael Klein gives up his Inqlings Column:Thank you Michael Klein, Phila Inquirer, for publishing my photos for the past 4 years. It was an honor working with you and you have helped me spread the word about so many great charities in Philadelphia as well as fun events & people. I am grateful that you were my mentor and friend for these past years; And who wouldn't dream of being published in the paper every week, it was a thrill to me, (& to mom). I will miss working with you. I know you are all hungry for info on what Mike is going to do next, but you will have to read his column in the Inquirer which is on newsstands right now, and of course will be delivered to my doorstep tomorrow.
With a heavy heart, HughE (I remain covering Charities, Events, Gossip, Celebs, Tidbits and the people of Philly everyday.)

UPDATE FROM MICHAEL KLEIN'S Blog: Saturday, March 26, 2011

A notice appears at the end of my Sunday "INQlings" column in The Inquirer.

To summarize:

  • No more INQlings. Ten years. Enough. Thanks.
  • I'm headed to for an exciting challenge.
  • I will continue writing for The Inquirer, including "Table Talk." Print is good.
  • This here "Insider" blog will remain, as well.

Now back to our regular programming.

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And from the paper, which is now online with my last photos in his column too:

Au revoir

And just like that, my time at "INQlings" draws to a close, after more than 1,400 columns since its debut in 2001. My next stop is at, for an exciting challenge. Meanwhile, I will continue writing for The Inquirer - including the "Table Talk" restaurant column - and feeding foodstuff into my "Insider" blog at Thanks for your tips, your feedback, and, most of all, your attention.

Michael Klein gives up his Philadelphia Inquirer Inqlings Column

Thank you Michael Klein, Phila Inquirer, for publishing my photos for the past 4 years. It was an honor working with you and you have helped me spread the word about so many great charities in Philadelphia as well as fun events & people. I am grateful that you were my mentor and friend for these past years; And who wouldn't dream of being published in the paper every week, it was a thrill to me, (& to mom). I will miss working with you. You all will have to read his column to see what fun and exciting adventure Michael is doing next. The paper is on the newsstands right now, and of course will be delivered to my doorstep tomorrow. With a heavy heart, HughE (I remain covering Charities, Events, Gossip, Tidbits and the people of Philly.)

Friday, March 25, 2011

Jwoww at Whisper, Wow 5 events last night, CCTC & Happy Birthday Uri Jacobson Party

Last night
I had a whirlwind night of events. It's hard for me to say no especially when the events are filled with so many colorful people to shoot. I shot the above going from event #1 to event #2. They were fairly lined up from Curtis Center, the Loews Hotel, Kokopelli, Table 31 and finally Whisper. I walked so I got some good exercise and enjoyed beautiful Philadelphia.
Thom Cardwell is ready for his close up, but he doesn't have to do much preparation as he's always been in the spotlight either for being the director of Philadelphia Cinefest, which kicks off on April 7 (same night as the PIFA Gala) and runs until April 14, or founding some organization that helps others, and recently as a writer/producer of a few movies the last one starring Wendie Malick and Jon Lindstrom which debut at Cinefest 2010. Robert Norton from Vitamin Water captures Thom with the sponsor product Vitamin Water. Rob tells me there are a few new flavors I need to try, and one has caffeine in it. You know how I need my caffeine.
Philadelphia Cinefest Josh Goldblum, the new artistic director of Philadelphia CineFest, Joan Bressler, Greater Philadelphia Film Office (GPFO) and Managing Director Steven Saturn. Tonight's food was provided by Opa, the new Greek restaurant on Sansom Street near 13th.
It was a fairly packed house at the Press/Media kick off party hosted by Dive at the Curtis Center. Above the crowd listens to Megan R Smith, Brownstone PR welcome the guests. On the right is Sharon Pinkenson, Executive director of the GPFO. Sharon came in holding a script. I said is that the rumored Brad Pitt script, she just smiled. To her right is In Bed With Butch, Butch Cordova himself. Butch tells me his DVD of the calendar shoot has been picked up by Breaking Glass Pictures and will be released in April. Also spotted was Philadelphia Museum of Art film expert Michael McGonigle, Michael Brownstein, Andrew Greenblatt, Philadelphia Film Festival executive director (yes I hear fences have been mended after the Philadelphia Film Festival broke off from the mother ship over creative differences a few years back and support for both film festivals. NYC has 2 major film festivals and I think we can all get along.) and Mark Brodzill of Scrapple TV, which reminds me The Reading Terminal is having their Scrapple Festival tomorrow starting at 10AM. Scrapple is right up there with Cheesesteaks as a uniquely Philly staple. Don't ask me what's in it?Then I ran over to Loews to check out Strangefruit fall presentation with Kristin Haskins Simms. Kristin as you may recall was on "Project Runway" Season 8 and has consistently produced innovating collections since that time. I know that if Robert Palmer broke out with Simply Irresistible, the girls would break out their guitars and start dancing.
Fashion forward with Adam Josephs & Cicily Tynan's BFF ABC6 FYI's Niki Haskins, ABC6's weather person Shirleen Allicot and Melissa Magee. Shirleen new to Philly & ABC6 tells me that she loves all the Garces restaurants, but looks forward to checking out Barbuzzo, Bindi and my favorite The Corner.
As I raced out the door I ran into Michelle Boyles, SouthPhillyFashionista, honey badger Brett Coppol Advertising peep for Metro Newspaper, and Alle McClellan Manager of Brand Partnerships at Rue La La Philadelphia. The the race to Kokopelli to attend the Children's Crisis Treatment Center's Friendster was on. It was now 7:45PM and that event was over at 8:30PM
but this window stopped me dead in my tracks as it was just a mess of NCAA, St Paddy's Day and McCormick & Schmick's had no shame in putting their name on it. OK on my way...
to the Kokopelli to support the CCTC's friendster, which was a networking event in support of the child advocacy program. The CCTC gang: Ilena Helwig, COO, Jaime Pearlstine, Steve Walters, Johanna Torres, Stephanie Weir and Tony Vald├ęs Steve Walters and his partner created these cool displays for the event. I hear they only spent $12 for all 6 vases as they had some jewels lying around the house. I bet they create fabulous Halloween costumes.
Aly Green, Silencia PR takes some home for a souvenir. On the left is Barri Lewis also of Silencia PR. Silencia represents Kokopelli and had approached CCTC with the idea of having a Friendster. Laura Krebbs on the right, is with Cashman & Assocs. Their firm has represented CCTC and their annual gala for years. The gala "The Roundup" is coming up on June 3 at the Loews Hotel. You'll remember it's the gala that is a cowboy theme and has a mechanical bull. It's a fun time.
Talking about round up, I had the bison sliders at Kokopelli. Only $9, it's a deal and delicious.
Random girls on the street that said "Hey you're PhillyChitChat!" Guess what I try and take those shots and put them on as a priority: Rachel Branson and Cindy Clark leaving table 31. They love ladies night. Then I headed into Table 31 for Uri Jacobson's birthday party. I knew it would be a good time.
and I was right. Uri is a man about town, I don't know too many people who have as much fun and can move among different social groups as he does, of course the social groups are usually made up of a lot of beautiful women, so it's a charmed life. President & CEO at Bare Feet Shoes when Uri is not working hard at the biz, he's enjoying all that life has to offer, he's extremely generous to his family and friends and I've never seen him without a smile. Happy Birthday Uri!! (pictured with Elizabeth Moskus)
OK well these boys lead a pretty charmed life to with their exotic travel, boats, brews & babes: Tony, Ron & ChadBrittany Buschel, Alexander Hankin and Ilana Waber
BFF's Jared and Dara Lazaroff and Jill and Tal Jacobson are all going to be parents in the Fall. Congratulations to this duo who are as thick as thieves. So close you would think they purposely planned their pregnancies, so close that if one had a boy and the other had a girl they would fall in love in and get married someday to their parents delight. Mazol Tov!!
The Whisper Crew: Brett Milstein, Drew Milstein, Steve Tuttleman, Alex Sharps, and Cary Friedlander
Jwoww doesn't like to smile, what's up with that girl?
Jwoww and Lauren Milstein. I love the tiara on the girl on the right
Note the girl is only taking a photo of Arthur Kade and Jwowws boyfriend Roger Matthews, even though Jenny Farley is posed for her close up
Amanda Segal & friend. Now this doesn't apply to Amanda as she doesn't have FB or do Twitter. I so appreciate all of my readers and your support. I am so sorry if I do not recognize you even if you are a FB friend. Seriously I am bad with names, but if I had met you before or emailed me I bet if you told me your name I could recall the instances. I have story recall, but bad facial recall. It's always so sad to me when I see the disappointment in your eyes when I can't remember who you are. Maria Spano (Life & Style Magazine) and her bff Andrea I want to say. I didn't really carry my note pad inside the club too. Maria currently lives in the dog eat dog of NYC and is planning to move back home to the tame and peaceful Philadelphia. She's going to need therapy to get used to the crickets, as I did.
Jwoww recalling those days when she could dance on the dance floor without the stares of strangers. Hangs on tight to her boyfriend from her youth, who has now resurfaced a few years later and who told me that there will be a ring in her future.
Love, love, love these girls. They are styling it. It was their first time to Whisper they told me. They'll be back tonight THEY LOVED IT they scream, ouch.
Serious tools. Sorry if you didn't make the blog today. I will put all the pixs that didn't make it in my online album this weekend for your enjoyment and for purchase if you desire. Tonight's Jolly's Piano bar opens at the Academy House. I'll be there around 9PM, hope to see you then.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Andre Iguodala & Stars Within Reach Host 'Bowling for Promise' + special sporting guests

Monday night was All Star Bowling night at Lucky Strikes Lanes and Lounge in Center City, and even though 76er guard Andre Iguodala was the host the real stars were the 20 kids from Urban Promise, a New Jersey-based school equipping children and teens with the skills necessary for academic achievement, life management, spiritual growth and leadership. The event brought out 150+ guests including Iguodala's teammates Jrue Holiday and Evan Turner, along with Eagles tight end Cornelius Ingram.
T'Yiona Price, TatyanNobles and Enyce Nelson were feted by Stars Within Reach, 76er guard Andre Iguodala, and the Andre Iguodala Youth Foundation hosted 'Bowling for Promise' - a kick-off to a 10-day statewide initiative to increase awareness and monetary support for educational programs for underserved children living in urban areas and children living with autism. Titled "A Race for Promise', and running until Thursday, March 31, the campaign consists of a fun 'face off' between Iguodala and teammate Jrue Holiday, in which they both encourage fans to visit the Stars Within Reach website and make a donation - Iguodala on behalf of underserved children living in urban areas and Holiday on behalf of children living with autism.
Stars Within Reach challenged Andre Iguodala and Jrue Holiday to an ultimate a Race for Promise. Iguodala made a promise to help support the students at Urban Promise, a school based in Camden, NJ. Jrue Holiday made a promise to help children impacted by autism.

I was just fascinated by this and stared at it for a while
Miss Pennsylvania Andrea Helfrich ends her reign Saturday night. It been an amazing experience she told me, and very rewarding when she was able to lend her support to the various charity organizations like Stars Within Reach?
Eagles tight end Cornelius Ingram, Jackiem Wright, Reggie Barry
Peter Breslow, PJ and Andre Iguodala
Mike Ginder, Christine Casile, Jian Chen, Jessica Kerhner, Alex Smith, Kate High, Rebecca Ofsharick, Jessica Deangelo, and Michelle Conron
Daiyon, Daiquan and Denise Lowman
Asmiet, Kendall Hurns and Andre Iguodala,
Jericka Duncan and Kharisma McIlwaine
Getting their game face on. Cory Townes , Shaheed Rucker of ChangeMakers Org. & Curran J of Andre Iguodala
Julia Bruckner and Tim Gustafson
Christal Watson, Kylee Pickens
Linda Vertlieb, Andre Iguodala, Nick and Sophia Vertlieb. The 'face-off' itself is a 4 minute video featuring Iguodala and Holiday engaging in 4 challenges and, after coming to a 2-2 tie, their final competition is to raise the most money on behalf of their respective causes. The first person to reach 500 individual donations wins. At the culmination of the face-off, three donors will be selected to win a prize from Iguodala, with the grand prize being a private lunch party with five friends, hosted by Stars Within Reach and Iguodala. The contest can be viewed by visiting:
Tarissa Iriarte, Felisha Harris, Nichole Badger and I am the Founder & Executive Director of Stars Within Reach, Inc., Megan R. Smith of Brownstone PR and VP of Development for Stars Within Reach, and Florcy Morrisette, Owner & Curator at Vivant Art Collection - Art Gallery
SUPPORT Andre Iguodala and Jrue Holiday by clicking here , and help make the kids of today all stars everyday.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

“Top Chef All-Stars” finale on Wednesday, March 30th


Simultaneous Presentations Feature Live Cut-Ins From

Top Chef’s Padma Lakshmi in LA, Gail Simmons in Chicago And Bravo’s Andy Cohen in NY During “Top Chef All-Stars” Finale

Special “Watch What Happens Live: Top Chef Finale” hosted by Cohen to Feature First Interview with “Top Chef All-Stars” Winner and Fan Favorite, March 30 at 11 p.m. ET/PT

NEW YORK – March 22, 2011 – On March 30th, Bravo will redefine the upfront, an annual event for advertisers that has historically been viewed as a trade only affair. As part of the network's efforts to set new benchmarks across all platforms, Bravo Media today announced plans to host simultaneous presentations in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago hosted and attended by Bravo talent that combine the expected upfront fare with a mix of live ‘Bravolebrity’ cut-ins during the network's broadcast of the “Top Chef All-Stars” finale on Wednesday, March 30th. This unprecedented initiative will – for the very first time – allow home viewers a glimpse into this "invitation only" advertising soiree while providing the clients attending the events, the opportunity to mix and mingle with Bravolebrities and be part of the “Top Chef All-Stars” finale broadcast via the live cut-ins.

Additionally, host of “Watch What Happens: Live,” Andy Cohen will host both the New York dinner party with live cut-ins from the Big Apple and a special “Watch What Happens Live: Top Chef Finale” immediately following the finale; while “Top Chef” host Padma Lakshmi will be in Los Angeles and “Top Chef” judge Gail Simmons will anchor in Chicago. Live cut-ins from Lakshmi, Simmons and Cohen will begin airing in the re-broadcast of the penultimate episode in the 9 p.m. ET/PT hour leading up to and throughout the 10 p.m. ET/PT finale.

“We wanted to create a brand new and uniquely interactive experience both for the viewer at home and our advertising partners centered around our signature franchise ‘Top Chef,’” said Frances Berwick, President Bravo Media. “This interactive evening extends the Bravo experience into the viewers’ homes allowing them to engage with their favorite chef’testants, while simultaneously giving our clients the unique opportunity to be part of ‘Top Chef All-Stars’ finale history.”

Susan Malfa, Senior Vice President of Ad Sales, Bravo Media and Oxygen Media, added: "When advertising partners come to us, they expect a distinct brand experience for their clients. This watercooler event underscores how we deliver on that promise and will give attendees real insight into how the Emmy Award winning Top Chef franchise and all our network content, can be uniquely designed for customers needs. This is integration on a whole new level."

Adding another level to the Upfront experience, guests of the live finale viewing parties will be treated to interactive elements and will be served dishes as seen on the finale of the “Top Chef All-Stars” broadcast. In New York, the menu will be prepared by the finalists themselves; and in Los Angeles and Chicago, guests will also enjoy the same recipes served throughout the finale. Guests and fans will be able to follow the action with the Bravo Now app, which gives users a ticket to our exclusive coast-to-coast Top Chef finale viewing parties, allowing them to follow the conversation and check in on party guests, ‘Bravolebrities’ in attendance and fellow “Top Chef” fans with Bravo’s Tweet Tracker.

For access inside the party, fans can visit for a seat at the exclusive “Top Chef All-Stars” finale viewing parties, letting fans share in the festivities with @Bravotv’s Tweet Tracker and go behind-the-scenes with exclusive photos and fun facts from the set of the finale. And after the winner’s announced, users can also find out exactly how our All-Star champ was selected with an exclusive Extended Judges' Table video and a sit down interview with the winner Viewers will hear Tom Colicchio, Lakshmi and Simmons’ unfiltered thoughts on the finale in their blogs. Have a beef with the winning chef? Settle that score with a Tweet Battle, debating with your friends, and letting other fans cast their votes. And for users that disagree with the outcome, they can crown their own champ with’s “Virtual Top Chef” that features all 18 chef'testants from the current "Top Chef All-Stars" season. Fans began by choosing their favorite chef'testant, then earned points and trophies by completing actions and activities on The chef’testant whose team has the most points come season’s end will be honored with the "Virtual Top Chef title" and $5,000.

The star-studded night continues at 11 p.m. ET/PT as Cohen interviews the winning chef live in a half-hour post-finale “Watch What Happens: Live” special. Other guests on the show include the "All Stars" runner-up, “Top Chef” talent from all three cities as well as other Bravolebrities at the finale parties. For the first time, the Fan Favorite for the “Top Chef All-Stars” season will be announced live during the special – awarding the fan-chosen chef a prize of $10,000. Viewers will be able to vote for their favorite chef from March 2 through March 24 via text message, Twitter, on, and from their mobile phones at

"Top Chef All-Stars" is produced by the Emmy Award-winning Magical Elves. Dan Cutforth and Jane Lipsitz serve as executive producers. "Watch What Happens Live" is produced by Embassy Row for Bravo. Michael Davies serves as executive producer.

Bravo is a program service of NBCUniversal Cable Entertainment, a division of NBCUniversal, one of the world's leading media and entertainment companies in the development, production, and marketing of entertainment, news, and information to a global audience. Bravo has been an NBCUniversal cable network since December 2002 and was the first television service dedicated to film and the performing arts when it launched in December 1980. For more information, visit Follow us on Twitter at

Zarwin, Baum, and HUB International 9th Annual March Madness Party

Last Thursday I covered the Zarwin Baum and Hub International's annual NCAA kickoff bash at the Top of the Tower (Bell Atlantic Building). The firm invites many of their clients, vendors and friends to attend an all day party to enjoy the NCAA Basketball games on large TV screens set up in the two big meeting rooms.
And for the first time in years the games kicked off with two Pennsylvania teams playing each other Penn State v Temple and it was St. Patrick's Day to boot.
The party was packed with over 1000 people at any given time filling out the floor with the never ending views of Philadelphia. Above Peter Madden and Dara Tye Goldstein from AgileCat who were one of the sponsors of the event.
Paul Smith and Susan Aldworth of Document Technologies, Inc.
Rachel Medmich and Kayla Gillin were there representing The Sporting Club at the Bellevue.
This year's event was also a fund raiser for Philabundance
and manager Tina Rothfuss was there manning the table. Recently she did a blog posting on a day in the life of Philabundance that you should read.
Nancy Trzuskowski and Sharon Bowers represent HUB International a major sponsor of today's event. HUB International Limited is a leading North American insurance brokerage that provides a broad array of property and casualty, life and health, employee benefits, reinsurance, investment and risk management products and services throughout offices located in the United States and Canada. Robb Lanham Chief Sales Officer at Hub International was busy running around making sure everything was running smoothly.
Harriet Lessey, Buzz Communications and her son Bob Shaw
Jay Scott and Zarwin Baum attorney's Lionel Prince and Harris Baum
Part of the Zarwin Baum team: Norman P Zarwin, Mitchell Kaplan, Alan Casnoff, and Marvin Block

along with the cute "professional" dancers that entertained in the afternoon.
Some who wandered away and found my favorite table
The 2011 March Madness event raised 507 pounds of food at the event and raised nearly $12,000 through the silent auction for Philabundence. Here are a few guys participating in the super shot basketball game set up in the game room.
Tim Kelly and Mark O'Neill. Mark swears to me that he only wears these pants on St Paddy's Day, but I think I've seen them out and about in Stone Harbor.
Silent auction items include golf with Mike Quick and Merrill Reese; Michael Vick signed authentic jersey, a designer handbag, a designer ring, ring by local, tickets to, sporting events, hotel stays and many restaurant gift certificates. Brendan Smith tries to bid on a Flyers Jersey as wife Stephanie looks on. Brendan's catering company B*Smith Catering provided the food as well as the Irish dancers.
I didn't win, but it would have been great zooming around town as I gather stories for, then everyone would know how I could be everywhere.
Councilwoman Blondell Reynolds-Brown (Vote for Blondell in November), Mitchell Kaplan, Zarwin Baum, District Attorney Seth Williams, David Oh, who is running for Republican City Councilman at Large and Jewell Williams who is running for sheriff.
Jonathan Saidel was also in the house. He tells me he reads to see what's going on and who's been where. Smart man. Laying low since running for Lt Gov last year, Mr Saidel has let his twitter account lapse. I suggest you get it up and going to lay the ground work for your next campaign. Social Media is the new grassroots campaign. With him is Maria McLaughlin
Lynn Fox and Erin Young
Danielle MaGuire. Dianne Reddington, Monica Slavin and John Rowley
Hmm B*Smith Catering. A few weeks ago I mentioned that B*Smith would be serving a free Sunday Brunch where you can make your own Bloddy Mary's. It's in honor of the Phillies winning the 2011 World Series, Brendan is an optimist if anything, which is good.
Herb Reid, Reggie Berry, Stacey Kracher, Jackim Wright and Philadelphia Eagles broadcaster Mike Quick
Zarwin Baum has offices in Philadelphia and Bethlehem, PA and Jersey City and Marlton, NJ was founded in 1960. The firm's 53 attorneys practice in diverse areas including real estate, corporate, commercial litigation, environmental, banking, immigration, estate, tax, custodial abuse and neglect, employment law, causality defense and personal injury.
Erin Young, Mitchell Kaplan, Councilman James Kenny, and friends

Tanya Teece and Carol Tamburino
Audrey Morah and Michael Morah
Anne Nikolaus and Amber Goins. Did you see Amber modeling on NBC10's The Ten Show earlier this week. She's promoting The Jr League's Green Fashion Show next Saturday. Check out the PhillyChitChat calendar, click on the button above.
After the party a few of us headed over to 10 Arts at the Ritz-Carlton to extend our night a bit. We ran into comedian Sheryl Underwood and shared a few laughs. Here she is with Zarwin Baum attorney Gary DeVito.