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The 3rd Annual Dancing with the Philadelphia Stars takes place on
Sunday, April 10, 2011, 5:00pm – 10:00pm at the Hyatt Regency at Penns Landing - Behind the Photos of KYW 1060's Radio Reporter Hadas Kuznits at Christopher Gabello's Photography Studios

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Dancing with the Philadelphia Stars now!

Tickets for the 3rd Annual Dancing with the Philadelphia Stars are now available and can be purchased by visiting our ticket site.

Autumn Adkins-Graves, President at Girard College

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Thursday Nights at the Monte Carlo Room, er I mean Table 31; DJ Royale at Whisper & Drew The Mayor Carballo Moves On

What's going on at Table 31 every Thursday Night.It's a seemingly normal Thursday night with a few bar patron's but after the 8PM hour rolls by
It's Ladies Night

and a flash mob of dancing occurs . Table 31 is taking over where the Monte Carlo lounge left off, or in other words there's a new place to kick up your heals on the eve of the weekend.
Over the past weeks Ladies Night has turned into an every body's night at Chef Chris Scardzuio's popular restaurant in the Comcast Building. The crowd was a little older than 21+ grinding kids you'd find at Recess or Whisper, or even that school on the Mainline that I recently read about in Philly Mag, and that's perfect, because some of my readers recently asked me for recommendations a place for that would be a little bit more mature. They have a little more money in their pockets and they want still want to get their disco on, but not to House Music. (I would recommend D'Angelo's off Rittenhouse Square for your weekend Monte Carlo experience, and they actually have couches like a living room.)
Kevin Keyes, Maria Simirglio, Chef Scarduzio, Lauren DiMartino and Felicia Qualiarello were enjoying themselves. The Havertown or was it Haverford, girls usually make AC their hangout (I asked them where they go in the suburbs, and they said AC, hmm, but Thursday night's at Table 31 has become their recent favorite city hangout. Chef Scarduzio opened Table 31 back in April 2008. It has the best outdoor dining in the City. Great hang out place to see and be seen.
Tamar and Stephen Olitsky get their boogie nights on each and every Thursday night.
Yeah this vids are dark, but you gotta hear the mix from DJ Johnny Looch
Talking about in the mix: My Saturday Night stop always includes Whisper DJ Royale takes you on a musical ride of your mind and body.
There's another reason to stop by Whisper at 1712 Walnut Street Philly Saturday night and that's my boy, the Mayor Drew Carballo's, last night at Whisper and the night life life as a job. He's packing it in, putting on a suit, oh wait he's usually in a suit, well he's landed him a sweet deal over at Del Frisco's. You know how it happened. Rich Furino, GM of Del Frisco's was in Whisper one night. (He reads my blog, as well as being a friend and knows I'm a fan of Whisper.)Rich tells me he went into Whisper a few months back and Drew approached him, didn't know who he was or anything like that and just made sure he got a drink and he was having a good time. Just like Drew "The Mayor" would do for anyone. He takes care of you, he's smooth, he's sincere and he's good people to know. Rich observed him over a period of time, and eventually Rich offers him a manager job over at Del Frisco's. He leaves next week to do 6 weeks of training in Texas, home of the Del Frisco, then goes to Sin City to test out his chops. Then you can go see him at the Philly Del Frisco as that is where he will be working as he joins the solid management team over there with Carmen Tedesco, Tumoor Haye and Christina. He's going to fit right in. I'm so happy for him. BTW Last night I was at Del Frisco's shooting a party I'll be writing about next week, and ran into
Vittorio Assaf, (Owner Serafina NYC & Soon to be Philly), Fabio Granato (Owner Serafina NYC & soon to be Philly), and Rich Furino (GM Del Frisco's Phila) in the wine tower of Del Frisco's. Kelly Boyd is the PR for both properties and brought the Serafina guys over to see the Philly Del Frisco's. The guys were awestruck at the massive, but gorgeous building. Tuesday I will give you a little glimpse inside Serafina Philly and their plan. The guys are super nice, and so excited to open in Philly. Have a great President's Weekend. I hope to catch up on all the emails I haven't gotten to regarding events for the calendar, advertisement opportunities and tidbits. Thanks HughE

PHILLY CELEBRITY NEWS: Jeff Miranda's had some Snooki on Jersey Shore; Plus Michelle Williams in a Play; Tory Burch's NYFW Pulls in Some Star Power

Last Thursday Jersey Shore's, and I use that term loosely cause he's only been on the show for one episode where he's giving Nicole Polizzi a little "Snooki", proclaimed boyfriend Jeff Miranda makes an appearance at South Philly Bar & Grill with buddy DJ Perry Angelozzi who spins there.
90 Miles North of Philly a whole lot of fashion has been going on:

On Sunday Kelly Rutherford was seen in fur vest at the Main Line fashionista's Tory Burch show. Kanye West caught the show too. That's Tory in red.
Designer Richie Rich’s much talked-about fashion show for New York Fashion Week 2011 was held at the Hammerstein Ballroom. Always known for doing something a little out of the box, and this year was no different he thought of having a near-nude Reading, Pa's Johnny Weir is a talented ice skater who has competed in the Olympics, written a personal memoir, served as a judge on Skating With the Stars, and star of his own reality television series Be Good Johnny Weir that aired on the Sundance Channel, and “Jersey Shore” star Jenni “JWoww” Farley in sheer. Always innovating, the eccentric fashion designer opened up his fashion show to the public where they could buy tickets for $35. (And to think 5 years ago I traded in 100,000 Amex Points to see his show.)
Mary Dougherty and her team trekked up to NYC last weekend to attend there boss' Nicole Miller's fashion show. Think a lot of blue and structured shoulders on the runway. Sitting front row and near were Gabrielle Union (center) with Joanne and Taylor Fitzgerald. Hey look for another contest Sponsored by Mary Dougherty and Nicole Miller. Two VIP tickets to "The Bellevue Gets Engaged" on March 5th (yes another event March 5th, that makes 4, but this event is from 12 - 4 so you will have plenty of time to get ready the evenings events.)

Back In Philly:
I stopped by the Merriam Theater to shoot the award-winning playwright, filmmaker and author David E. Talbert newest stage production “What My Husband Doesn’t Know." As I mentioned in last weeks column the Merriam theater has a great service where the audience lines up to get autographs from the stars of the play after the show. Fans were excited to see television and film star Brian White (“Men of a Certain Age,” Stomp the Yard),
and stage actress and Grammy Award-winning former member of Destiny’s Child Michelle Williams (“Chicago,” “The Color Purple”). Above Michelle poses with my friend Vincent, but the PR for the play said no way Jose to me when I tried to get an "eye contact" show; if you are on Twitter follow Vincent as he works for TMZ and will tell you celebrity scoop as it's happening: @vintmzClifton Davis was also in the play. I had a chance to see it, but decided to go across the street to the Wilma Theaters annual event, which I will be writing about Wednesday. Just a few years back Davis had a starring role in Mayor John Street's administration.

Thursday, February 17, 2011


Last night Joey Sweeney (aka founder of played his first solo gig in 5 years at Bar XIX at the Bellevue last night. (Looking a little like Johnny Depp last night, seemingly with the same shyness as a performer too.)Most of the world knows Joey Sweeney as a take no prisoner, no holds barred journalist uncovering the misdeeds and hypocrisy of folks in Philadelphia in an unabashed manner on his site Philebrity since 2004 (I'm a fan of his site, it's thought provoking, makes me uncomfortable, he's entertaining, I'm scared of him, and he's got chutzpah like no other. [when I first came to town he called me the suck the air out of life paparazzi or something like that. I think we got past that stage.]) But did you know that Joey is a jack of all trades when it comes to music. Over the years I've attended happenings where Joey was a DJ (now he on air weekly as Philebrity Radio at WXPN on Thursday's 3pm), party promoter, talent scout, manager, and now he reveals that he's a musical artist and has been writing songs since he was a teenager in the 1980s; he fronted groups like The Barnabys and The Trouble With Sweeney, and recorded and performed as a solo artist. It was good to see a few friends Jen Oliver, Ruth Carpenter, Collin Flatt, Jimmy Contreras, Matt Vlahos, Kate and Cort Egan.
His bio says his songs and records have received widespread critical acclaim over the years; of his last record with The Trouble With Sweeney, Fishtown Briefcase, Pitchfork said "[Sweeney] mixes autobiography and fiction against the group's 70s-inflected indie pop, resourceful-- and unabashed-- enough to digress into an E Street interlude or an AM-rock guitar coda."
"From 2004 until now, he has mostly shied from performing and recording, focusing instead on his role as Publisher & Editor of the website As 2010 drew to a close, however, Sweeney began stepping back into his old role of singer/songwriter. This special show will be his first solo concert in over half a decade." The show was good, very moody, thought provoking. The song Black Ice was interesting, about love and loss. Joey wrote the song. Look for more concerts to come, and hopefully another EP. I think we're going to see a lot more from this guy. In fact Joey says he's getting a band together, they just need a drummer. Drop him a line if you think you can fit the bill. I have no doubt it will be a successful collaboration. I'd also like to see a few more of these fun musical events at Bar XIX. Years ago I used to attend cabaret shows in this room and they were great. What happened to them?

I've Taken the Plunge and added my Twitter Feed to my Blog

By now you've all heard of Twitter, and some of you are on it. I've been on Twitter since 8/08 and I can sometimes be an over Tweeter. Twitter is like a micro blog, a lot of time I will Tweet something that I never put on my blog, maybe an observation that is time sensitive like yesterday I saw the Park Town Bus have a fender bender, or a traffic light is out somewhere, or if I'm in a club and observe someone stepping out on their girl I might do a blind item, I post lots of photos of the food I eat, and other interesting photos. Sometimes I link it to my FB page, but not as a general rule. I also use Twitter as my little cyber therapy. People on Twitter knew about me leaving my paralegal job a month before anyone else. I post random thoughts and I break news on Twitter. I post celeb sightings and celeb events, like the one about Ginuwine appearing at FYE tonight at 6PM. Soon I will be taking to the streets everyday, to exercise but mainly to gather news. I will be micro blogging a lot. These days I have a lot of content, so I thought it was time I share my twitter feed with you all. It will always be located on the right side at the bottom. I don't want to mess with my income stream of advertisers. You can also follow me on Twitter if you'd like or just read it hear. Thanks HughE

WINDOW SHOPPING: The Paper Source 1628 Walnut Street

I love window shopping. I used to love shopping, but like most of you I have limited space in the big city to put my stuff. I am also a compulsive spender of beautiful things, at least I think they're beautiful. After a little shopping spree I would place my loot, er items in my house usually on the coffee table because really isn't that where they should be, on display. Eventually they would disappear and I would ask Mike what happened to said item. Once he told me he donated the cute metal rooster to Goodwill for someone else to enjoy. He threw out the Britney Spears coasters cause he had moved on to Lady Gaga (yea right) and he gifted the wooden mermaid because he didn't want his nieces to see a naked women in the bathroom. Instead of wasting my money I've resorted to just shooting pictures of the item and then taping them to the coffee table to see if he likes them, ever; so far I haven't bought anything in a few years. Oh well. Which brings me to my new PhillyChitChatter radom category/column which I will do every once in awhile called "Window Shopping". I probably won't do entire stores like today's column, but I compulsively loved everything in this store. It was like a grown up Spencers Gifts but with a whole lot less fart whoppie cushions. The Paper Source opened last week at 1628 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103
Unlike most stores who throw the clearance table in the way back, their clearance rack is up front and in the window no less. I could probably use that large calendar as I really do forget what day it is now that I don't go into an office and just hang at my cube and then roam the streets of Philly at night for events.

Next time I go to Yakitori Boy bar and lounge and sing "I Whip My Hair Back and Forth" I'm gonna wear these.
It could be depressing to look at until the caffeine kicks in.
If you are a true Mariah Carey fan, you know she likes all her fans to wear Hello Kitty band aids on their index fingers so they can find each other. How much fun would it be if all the Tom Selleck fans wore these on their fingers.
You Betcha.

I can't think of anything more annoying than hearing Sarah Palin's voice for the next decade.
Annoy your co-workers
Now this is much better than Monopoly on game night with my friends. Only kidding Nigel & Hadas.
I think the balancing a spoon on your nose is a much more novel idea, but heck we're not all that talented.
Things to do
DIY is all the rage now. At the Paper Source you can buy cards, or buy supplies to make your own cards.
Plus they have workshops to show you how: Schedule
They are having a grand opening event on March 5th. Come celebrate in the store all day long. Then that evening be irritated that both the Red Ball, The Flower Show Gala and The Sporting Club Fight Night are all on the same night. A few years back I tried to create a comprehensive charity/large scale event calendar. I was tooo busy for my own good. I have a little more free time and would like to give it another try. Send me your dates for your large scale charity events, and events to be put on the calendar. Some events may be rejected and I will certainly inform you. Thanks EMAIL ME Buzz @ PhillyChitChat dot Com send me your stuff.

Falafel Factory Closed 32 South 18th Street

Note the green document on the glass door. Matches the color scheme of the restaurant.
Looks like they cleaned up after themselves when they made their exit, but they forgot one thing
and Coke wants their machine back. (I guess the Falafel food cart on 20th and Market was no match for them. (It's still sad when a local restaurant bites the dust and loses their investment though. Hope they land on their feet.)

ONLY IN LAS VEGAS but I'd like to see it here in Philly

I was surfing the web and found a most unique location to have dinner. The food doesn't even have to be that good for the guests to talk about the experience for years to come.
It's called Dinner in the Sky

Dinner in the Sky Las Vegas offers you the unique and unforgettable dining experience of a lifetime!

Suspended over 160-180 feet in the air! Our guests sit comfortably at our 22 person Sky Table and enjoy spectacular views of the Las Vegas skyline while dining on fine food prepared by our professional team of Sky Chefs.

They offer Wedding's in The Sky too. I can think of a few problems, namely if someone has to go to the bathroom they have to lower the whole contraption and wait for you to finish. This could solve a lot of the issues of dining in Love Park.

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Lately I've met a lot of readers who wanted to know why I didn't add their names from their business cards to my subscriber list so they could receive a daily email of my updated entries, I just never thought that was what they wanted me to do. In the future I might do that, in the meantime here's the form for you to fill out. When you receive the notification to verify your address remember to click the link and then everyday you will receive an update from Also when you receive the link you don't have to click on every link to read what I wrote, just click on one link then when you are on the site hit the HOME button and all the entries will be on one page. Any suggestions for things you might want to see on I have a few fun ideas coming up soon, as soon as I catch up on my emails.

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In celebration of Black History Month, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar presented his documentary "On the Shoulders of Giants" to Students of Bodine High School

Tuesday, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s Skyhook Foundation, in conjunction with his alma mater UCLA and the National Council for the Social Studies, selected Bodine High School as the only school in the tri-state region to partake in a special program which focuses on Kareem Abdul-Jabbar’s “On the Shoulders of Giants” – a film-based educational program designed to increase knowledge and awareness among US high school students of the impact of the Harlem Renaissance and its leading figures in sports, music, literature and history. The World Affairs Council of Philadelphia is the co-founder and co-sponsor of Bodine High School in cooperation with the School District of Philadelphia where students focus on a curriculum of global studies and foreign languages. Bodine is a Blue Ribbon School and home

or the third consecutive year to the Ruth Hayre Teacher of the Year.
Bodine Principal Dr. Ann B. Gardiner looks on as, er should I say up as Kareem Abdul-Jabbar addresses the students assembled. Kareem Abdul Jabbar's height is 7 ft 1.625 in
Producer and Director Deborah Morales, of On the Shoulders of Giants answers questions from the students. She urged the kids to get into digital animation as it's a high paying field. She knows she said, she had to pay the bills.After the film Kareem did a Q&A with the kids. I can assure you I would not be able to go head to head with these braniacs at Bodine. They were all asking intelligent questions regarding the film, how it was made, Civil Rights questions as well as the elephant in the room what it was like to be a professional basketball player? Bill Russell was always one of his role models, and one of the toughest players Kareem ever had to go up against was Overbrook's Wilt Chamberlain. One kid did asked if he was born tall. He said he was average size but weighed 22lbs, which was pretty heavy for a baby but he grew into it tall, he said.

During the Q&A Kareem discusses how segregation affected him when he went to college.
After the film I caught up with Abdul-Jabbar in one of the classrooms. I asked him about the film and he said "The film has all the things I love, it has basketball, jazz music and the history of African-American people." He likes the end product and believes it will be educational for everyone. Beginning today you can watch it on Demand on Comcast and Cox cables systems.
Check out the Jamie Foxx narrated trailer here:

CHITCHATTER: Midtown Village News Changing of the Guard

Tony Goldman, one of the prime movers of New York's Soho and Miami's South Beach revivals had a vision for 13th Street about a decade ago. At that time Goldman Properties bought 24 buildings in a swath dubbed Blocks Below Broad, or B3 which sits between Juniper and 12th streets, Chestnut to Walnut streets. Although Goldman was the savior of a street that for many years was a dead end red light district, that name just never caught on even as his neighborhood began to transform into the pedestrian friendly spot he desired . Fast forward to July 2006 another visionary arrived on the scene in the name of James McManaman. James had an idea to create a business association within the same defined area of B3 but re-brand the businesses as "Midtown Village". At first the idea was met with mixed reactions, but in the ensuring years the name has been embraced and even celebrated as a cohesive town square idea, as 13th Street acts as sort of the Main Street for Midtown Village, but all the blocks around the street are having their own miniature gentrification even the smaller streets like Sansom have successful establishments radiating from 13th Street.
Steve Duross, Duross & Langel, the newly elected President of the Midtown Village Merchant's Association for 2011 and outgoing president James McManaman at The Loews Hotel at 12th and Market week for the merchant organization's annual meeting.

Specialty Solutions Mark Beyerle, Councilman Frank DiCicco, First District, City of Philadelphia (who was instrumental in those early years with funding), Jason Evenchick, (Time & Vintage) give James McManaman a token of their appreciation for his years of service. It is a crystal stand with a crystal ball on top. Mark says it's for James' vision of what he saw could be in the future. If you have a business in the Midtown area and want to belong to the merchants organization or if you are a member already send them info on what's going on in your business so they can share the news with your neighbors. contact

Tuesday, February 15, 2011


I ran into Chef Brendan Smith of Smiths Restaurant and Lounge on 19th Street between Rittenhouse Square and Market Street. He has one of the places that reminds me of the Cheers. Everyone knows your name, and if they don't they treat you like a friend just the same. The place has always been packed, and it surprised me that the restaurant would have such a deal like free brunch every Sunday. But Brendan tells me it's more of a year long celebration of the Phillies cause this is the year we're winning the World Series again. So every Sunday during the Phillies season Smith's is having free brunch. Plus there will be drink specials and a make your own Bloody Mary cart making it's way through the restaurant for your enjoyment. It starts 2/27/11 the day after the Phillies first pre-season game.
Philadelphia Phillies at New York Yankees Spring ...Sat, Feb 26Tampa, FL

The Wilma Theater proudly announces the Theater Lovers Fête: The Wilma Theater’s Annual Fundraising Party

The Wilma Theater held its first-ever Theater Lovers Fête on Friday February 11, 2011 from 7pm to 11pm at The Ormandy Ballroom of the Doubletree Hotel on the Avenue of the Arts.

This year, the theater is pleased to honor Governor Edward G. Rendell with the Wilma Star Award. During his time as Mayor of Philadelphia, Rendell was instrumental in establishing the Avenue of the Arts with the opening of The Wilma Theater 15 years ago. Above James Haskins, Wilma's Exec Director and Managing Director and Blanka Zizka, Artistic Director above with former Gov Ed Rendell. Gov Rendell thank his wife Midge who was as he said very instrumental in orchestrating creation of the Avenue of the Arts, and still serves on the Board today.

The Theater Lovers Fête, with it's sultry and sophisticated Parisian flair, paid homage to the world-renowned Moulin Rouge. The evening began with a cocktail reception at 7pm, followed by a unique cabaret performance by

The Bearded Ladies
, and dancing to the soulful sounds of LeRoy Hawks and the Hypnotics.
Kelly and Richard Wolfington with Tobey Dicker
A.D. Amorosi on the scene
James Specht, Crystal Whybark, Katherine Wennell, and Alyssa Cole
Carol Stouffer and Ed Hoy check out the program and read about the upcoming plays at the Wilma. Opening March 2 is "in the next room or The Vibrator Play". Yes expect several orgasms on stage.
Matt O'Mally, Brian Seaman, Susan Sullivan and Jeff Kummer. Jeff and his partner Mike Reid, created the decor for tonights event with their new company Gray Space Decor.
“We are very pleased to honor Governor Rendell with the Wilma Star Award,” remarks Lewis Johnston, Chair of The Wilma Theater’s Board of Directors. “This award celebrates his success during his tenure in public service and applauds him for his unwavering commitment to the arts in Philadelphia.”
Candy Girls worked the floor selling raffle tickets. Proceeds went to the education programs at the Wilma.
The Wilma Theater exists to present theater as an art form, engaging artists and audiences in an adventure of aesthetic philosophical reflection of the complexities of contemporary life. We accomplish our mission by producing thoughtful, well-crafted, productions of intelligent, daring plays that represent a range of voices, viewpoints, and production styles.
Guests experienced a night of revelry accompanied by a grand silent auction, casino game tables, a sumptuous dessert buffet, and an aphrodisiac-inspired carte du jour. After a bad luck streak, I found my buddy Justin Pizzi winning at the poker table in the parlor.

LeRoy Hawks and the Hypnotics.
UPDATE: I SCREWED UP I forgot to post a photo of the two people who are responsible for my being at this event. Amanda Spencer and Johnny Van Heest tell me they read PhillyChitChat everyday and love it. Sometimes when you have an important thing you have to remember and you keep telling yourself not to forget, sometimes, in my brain, it's the one thing I forget. As I was driving along 676 this afternoon thinking about things I needed to remember, it popped in my head that I forgot you two. Sorry ! Thanks so much for reading me and supporting me.