Friday, February 4, 2011


Thursday my new fast friends Mary Carey and Mario Monge Jr. and I took in one of my favorite sites City Hall Tour, the seat of Philadelphia's Government. Did you know that Mary Carey has political aspirations during the 2003 California recall election, Carey ran for governor. She was an independent candidate, placing tenth in a field of 135 candidates. She ran on an eleven-point platform that included promises of taxing breast implants, making lap dances tax-deductible, and creating a "Porn For Pistols" exchange program. S
Mary told me the other night that she loves loves Philly, and Mario is naturally curious in architecture and buildings in general as he is a skilled electrician.
At 12:30 in Rm 121 we began the City Hall building tour. I am actually in training to give this tour every Wednesday starting 2/23/11. Years before I was PhillyChitChat I used to volunteer and give this tour.
Surprisingly even though the the duo seemed to be freezing, they talked about how nice Philadelphia was, clean and the friendly people. As we walked around City Hall Mary expressed a desire to maybe move here. Mario was excited that it was a Union town as I mentioned he's an electrician. It was fascinating for me to as I was sharing my knowledge of the architectural elements of the building, he was telling me about the conduits and fiber optic piping.
2nd close encounter with Mayor Nutter (the first one was at 10 Arts on Tuesday night) According to Wikepedia "During and immediately following her gubernatorial bid in 2003, Carey was occasionally featured as a guest on various political talk shows. Carey maintained on the Fox News Channel on March 16, 2006 that her pornographic films are not a negative to her political career, citing the political successes of Arnold Schwarzenegger and Ronald Reagan. She also maintained that, unlike the films in which Schwarzenegger and Reagan starred, her films are about 'love.'"
When we were in the City Council Caucus Room Mary's thoughts returned to community service and expressed the desire to possibly run for City Council if she moved to Philadelphia. I told her the time was now as several City Council Members were up for re-election next year.

Although Mary seems to be affiliated with the Republican party having appeared on Fox News, The Republican Convention and National Republican Dinner. If Sarah Palin can aspire to be the next republican in the White House,I do believe Mary Carey could be the next Republican Philadelphia City Council President. One of her first orders will be to roll back the clock above her chair to Daylight Savings Time as I took this picture at 1:57PMWe then headed up to the observation tower so we could view her future kingdom
The last time Mary and Mario came to Philly, they covered all the important tourist sites like running up the Rocky Stairs and posing in front of his statue. Mario pointed out that Sylvester Stallone was from Philadelphia and made a soft porn at the beginning of his career. Now look how successful he is in mainstream movies.
Then it was on to the Reading Terminal. Both were really impressed by the space, and Mary, who's a vegetarian, not only found her new favorite eating place in Philly, but right across the aisle is a perogies selling vendor. Her grandmother always made them for her while she was growing up. She loves them. She mentioned the last time she was in town Philly Daily News' Dan Gross recommended Mother's, which was delicious too.
Mary kisses Philbert at the Reading Terminal for good luck on her potential upcoming campaign.

I look forward to campaign commercials like this in the future, don't you? As for now check out Mary Carey at the WIP's Wing Bowl today at the Wells Fargo Center, and tonight at the Gold Club in Center City.


New York Knicks fans showed Justin Bieber their true colors last night, booing the 16-year-old pop star when his image graced Madison Square Garden's JumboTron. Now Black Book Mag online lists the Top 5 Celebrity Boo's and of course Sarah Palin helps Philly Make's the list HERE


If you saw a film set yesterday around the Clothes Pin, in City Hall and near the Reading Terminal it's for a Verizon Commercial. Today they will be filming at more locations, but their trailers are over by the Reading Terminal, which is a real bummer for those wanting to part on Filbert Street near 12th for the Philly Auto Show.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

Monica Malpass and Laura Burkhardt Party Like it's 1968

Every month if your lucky like me, you receive an update on Where Magazine Laura Burkhardt's fascinating journey's as well as interesting facts on the City. I borrowed two of them. Yesterday I told you about the Reading Terminal's Valentine's Dance. Laura has a little more detail as they sponsored her letter. Hmmm sponsorship that sounds like a good way to monitize my blog too. Also there's a note about one of her advertisers Tweed and a special they're running. You know I love Tweed.
Reading Terminal Market is bringing their fans together on February 26th for a very special event - Valentine to the Market! The festivities kick off with an exciting pre-party VIP event at 6 p.m., featuring specialty cocktails and hors d'oeuvres, celebrity guests and a special commemorative gift - $300 (limited availability). Local personalities pair with celebrity chefs including Michael Schulson, Joseph Poon, Delilah Winder, and Daniel Stern in an aphrodisiac mystery-ingredient cook-off. Eat your heart out and dance the night away at the main event, beginning at 7 p.m., and for those late-night revelers, a dance and dessert party at 10 p.m. Proceeds benefit the Reading Terminal Market Preservation Trust and will be used to preserve and enhance the historic Reading Terminal Market for future generations. Now how delicious is that? Now click on the link below and purchase your tickets now!

Reading Terminal Market

51 North 12th Street Philadelphia, PA 19107 (215) 922-2317

New Late-Night Menu at Tweed

Tweed (114 S 12th St.) has an all-new late-night menu from 10 p.m. until midnight on Monday thru Thursday, and from 11 p.m. onward during the weekend. Insider tip: try Tweed's "Tiers" for only $18, which includes three delicious appetizer varieties. 215-923-3300 or visit


2/10/11 - Bill Rasmussen, the founder of ESPN!!! I am so excited for this event and currently working on getting a few special guests athletes. The event will be 5:30 – 7:30pm.
Bill Rasmussen 1818 Market Street Tickets can be found here.

The Academy Ball Gala Part 2 (Part 1 is Here). Now I have to tell you after the concert I went to Jerry Blavat's concert at the Kimmel Center and the VIP party at Wolfgang Puck's. I finally made it back over to the Gala at the Bellevue around 1AM. I started in the 'food court" as that was where my friends were hanging out, in the "nightclub".
I couldn't believe the transformation of the room, it was beautiful. I must find out who did the decor, all I saw in the book was that Valley Forge Flowers provided the floral arrangements, which were stunning.

Harper Blynn band, plus I take you around to show you the nightclub a bit.
Shea Hagy, Angela Nino, Co-Chairs of the Young Friends Committee Teresa Nino and Sam Hamilton with Steve Sader. Young Friends Committees are a good way to introduce the younger generation, the next generation to such an exquisite tradition and charitable cause as the Academy Ball Gala to save one of Philadelphia's greatest treasured the Philadelphia Orchestra as well as maintain the Broad Street Jewel The Academy of Music.
Justin Wineburgh and Allison Binder. Justin tells me that his clients movie "Rebirth," premiered at Sundance on 1/21. The film is a documentary directed by Jim Whitaker (8 Mile, American Gangster, etc.), and examines the 10 year period following the 9/11 attacks as it follows 5 people who were impacted by the tragedy. It received great reviews.
Adam Novik and Claire Letts
Kelly Boyd KB Consultants looking stunning in Carolina Herrera with Rich Furino, GM Del Frisco's
Random folks who stopped mid-dance for me to photograph them. Everyone was having such a good time it was infectious.
Katie, Rachel Moore and Maria Papadakis
Eddie Dseguera, guest and Jeff Miller, GM of Hyatt

I then made my way upstairs, I thought the party went til dawn, but it ended at 2am so I had to work quickly if I was going to see it all.
Everyone looked so beautiful just as I had envisioned
be still my heart waltzes on the dance floor. Alex Donner entertainment. This room is across from the Grand Ballroom. It often holds conferences or as I call it the auction room. When large events utilize the Grand Ballroom, they put their silent auction items and have the cocktail party in this room.
the foyer outside of the Grand Ballroom. I was just here for the introduction of the Chancellor to the Bar earlier in January you might recall.
The Grand Ballroom. I heard that hours earlier it was packed with people.
The Rosalyn McClure Dance Orchestra kept everyone on their feet
Nachman Zada and Margie Obod
more waltzing, so graceful and beautiful.
Fred and Barbara Whit, Renee and Ron Hammond, Chuck & Jo Montufar
CTO's Downtown Band. There are those shots that reminded me of a glamorous time in life we can only recall in movies or when talking to the older generation. A time when after the gala ended folks would go to the Hunt Club, Harlow's, Paulumbo's the Vesper Club. Hang out with Cardinal Dougherty, Jack Kelly, Richard Dilworth, the Mrs Pews, or Clothier, then Ruth Seltzer would write about the various tidbits that occurred that evening, but like me only include the fun moments in her column, and in later years David Iams would recall the night in a similar fashion with his own unique flair. That what I think of when I see the photos on the wall in the Cafe at XIX.

CTO Uptown band was in XIX but as I arrived so late to cover the party I didn't make it to that room in time before they broke it down.

Matt O'Reilly and Jess Clough being swept up in the music.
The End, until next year. Look for all the photos from tonight to be included in the online album tomorrow. Have a Great Day.





Philadelphia, February 1, 2011 – For the second year in a row, CBS 3 and The CW Philly

will highlight the next generation of influential Black artists in Philadelphia in celebration

of Black History Month. The television stations will air a series of six vignettes hosted

by Anchor Ukee Washington all month, each focusing on a different young artist

speaking about his or her profession and role in contributing to Black History. KYW

Newsradio 1060 will also feature a series of reports by Karin Phillips on the artists

throughout February.

Featured artists include: Jeff Townes aka DJ Jazzy Jeff, renowned music producer;

Carvin “Ransum” Haggins and Ivan “Orthodox” Barias, the GRAMMY Award-winning

songwriting and production team known as Carvin & Ivan; singer/songwriter Carol

Riddick, who is also senior project manager at the Philadelphia GRAMMY® Chapter;

drummer George “Spanky” McCurdy, who is currently touring with Lady Gaga;

entrepreneur Sulaiman Rahman, chairman of the board of directors of the African-

American Chamber of Commerce and CEO/President of, and Ernel

Martinez, an artist with the Mural Arts Program in Philadelphia.

The young artists featured are creative ambassadors for the Greater Philadelphia Tourism

and Marketing Corporation’s Philly 360°® program, a campaign designed to expand the

region’s visitor base by attracting a new group of African-American travelers who are

young, affluent, tech savvy and driven to a destination based on its contemporary cultural

“We’re continuing this popular initiative for a second year,” says CBS 3/CW Philly

President and General Manager Jon Hitchcock, “because it so clearly demonstrates that

Black History is still happening today. It’s important that we record it for generations to

“The individuals spotlighted in this campaign continue to break new ground for those

that come after them,” says Marc Rayfield, Senior Vice President and Market Manager

for the CBS Radio Stations in Philadelphia. “It’s an honor to bring them a platform to

showcase their talents.”

CBS 3 and The CW Philly acknowledge Philly 360°®, a marketing program from the

Greater Philadelphia Tourism Marketing Corporation (GPTMC), Jackson Hewitt and

Community College of Philadelphia, sponsors of its Black History celebration.

CBS 3 (KYW-TV) and The CW Philly 57 (WPSG-TV) are part of CBS Television

Stations, a division of CBS Corporation. KYW Newsradio 1060 is owned and operated


Wednesday, February 2, 2011


This girls adorable

Is this Reese Witherspoon and does she live in Baltimore MD now?

MY NIGHT WITH PORN LEGEND MARY CAREY, words my dad would have loved to hear - LOL

Sorry for not doing the Academy Ball Photos part 2 today (Academy Ball Photos & Write up Part 1 is posted here), I was out late and there is no way I could do justice to an important entry like that, but I did not have the usual Hughe night out on Tuesday, ok maybe it was too far off the mark for me.


Ryan Howard
at Del Frisco's over the weekend with his beautiful Philadelphia Eagles Cheerleader girlfriend Krystle Campbell.

Upcoming Charitable Events:

Reading Terminal Market will Heat Up the Night at Valentine to the Market Gala Fundraiser

Valentine to the Market to feature dancing, dining and live entertainment; pre-Gala VIP party will pair off local personalities with area chefs for a “cook-off” competition. Tickets $45 - $300 VIP event. Proceeds benefit the Reading Terminal Market Preservation Trust and will be used to preserve and enhance the historic Reading Terminal Market for future generations.

A Speedy recovery for my friend Justin Pizzi who undergoes the knife today to fix a crushed neck vertebra.


MY NIGHT WITH A PORN STAR, although Mary Carey doesn't do porn anymore

Last night I had dinner at The Corner with my bud GN Kang who filled me in on a lot of fun things the Hamel's Foundation is doing. Did you know that 100% of the money raised at the Denim and Diamond event goes to the foundation. Look for the event to happen at the Crystal Tea Room in August.
GN Kang and I love, love, love the Beet Salad at the Corner. Also the Octopus.
They just added chicken wings to the menu. Perfect sweet and hot tastes. We shared the
cheesecake which was so rich and delicious. John "Chainsaw" Taus was manning the kitchen tonight.
Then it was over to 10 Arts to meet with friends who were dining on Chef Jen Carroll's fried chicken. Delicious, although I only had one piece and well a little more octopus.
I always like to stop in the kitchen to see Jen and say hi. She just got back from the Cayman Islands, and is preparing to go travel to the finals of Top Chef All Star. At some point someone came into the kitchen and asked me who the blond was sitting at my table. I thought Jennie Hatton had joined us,
When I got back to my seat I found the beautiful former porn star, current "dancer", celebrity Mary Carey and her husband of a year Mario Monge. They had just eaten dinner at Sampan with their friend Dennis, who was friends with Chef Michael Schulson. Michael was meeting Rob Wasserman (Rouge) and Laura Burkhardt at 10 Arts for friend chicken at 8PM. Mary and Mario met on a blind date, and married 7 weeks later in Las Vegas (surprised?) They are so cute together and are so in love.
Dennis, Jennifer Carroll, Laura Burkhardt, Mary Carey, Mario Monge top row Rob Waserman and me.
hmm fried chicken. Mary tells me that although she appeared on Dr Drew's Celebrity Rehab, it was alcohol that she was trying to quit as I told her I wasn't going to publish her with a drink, but her addiction to Xanex and she said it was fine. She's in town to make an appearance on Friday at the Wing Bowl, and to make a special dance appearance at the Gold Club, which I hear is near Applebee's and the Bellevue. (I had no idea.)
When Jen got done work we all made our way over to Rouge to continue the night. It started to rain, no ice, no snow today so odd. Last week the weather guessers missed the prediction of the snow storm, and this week they said we would get snow and ice, that didn't happen either. Ridiculous.
On our way to Rouge I took Mary and Mario on a tour of Philly. Up Chestnut Street, to Samson where we picked up a bartender from the Oyster House, Kate who had just gotten off, then up Walnut to Rouge. They were freezing as they just arrived from LA that morning.
CBS Radio's Michael Braunstein was hanging out at Rouge too. Tells me that Danny Bonduce On Friday, February 11th, WYSP's Danny Bonaduce is going to officiate the wedding of two very lucky listeners at Delaware Park for Valentine's Day.
There was more chatter and fun for the next two hours, none of which I can discuss here on my family friendly blog. But Charlie Sheen is living a normal Hollywood Life, but picking the wrong porn girls to hang out with, obviously ones with big mouths and not the good kind of big mouth.
Mary realized she left her phone at 10 Arts. Ryan the GM was more than happy to run it over to her. Then it was on to the next bar for a nightcap where things really got wild.... Also it was great meeting one of my readers there who really encouraged me on my future plans which I will be discussing tomorrow on PCC. He follows me on twitter and already knows. That Twitter it's like a confessional for me. Last night, All in all it was a strange & fun trip indeed, but that's to be expected if you hang out with MISSbWHERE

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


Philadelphia High Society celebrated the 154th anniversary of the Academy of Music with a Philadelphia Orchestra concert and ball on Saturday, January 29.
But first I stopped by Tiffany & Co as they were co-hosting a party with The Central Committee for The Philadelphia Orchestra with Anita Leto, Chairperson, The Committee for The Philadelphia Orchestra, Ray Raby, Group Director Philadelphia Market, Tiffany & Co., Nicole A. Cashman, Event Chair; President and CEO of Cashman & Associates, Sally Bullard - President of the Volunteer Committees and John Colabelli - Sponsor; Publisher of Philadelphia Style Magazine. (This event will be a separate entry later this week)

This would be the first year that I would be in town to photograph the Academy Ball as I would often be in NYC preparing for pre-Fashion Week events & parties. After leaving the Tiffany & Co party I hurried over to the Academy just as the last of the 2100 guest dressed to the nines with men in white ties and women in full-length gowns, to find my place in the press line to shoot the concert. Thank you to the PR ladies, Kathleen & Kate who represent the Philadelphia Orchestra for waiting for my arrival and allowing me to get into place. (I did miss The President's Reception which is held before the concert and usually the only place "press" can photograph the guests.)Joanna McNeil Lewis, president of the Academy of Music welcomed guests to the historic night and urged the audience, "To support Philadelphia cultural treasures such as the Orchestra, Academy of Music, and Tastykakes or Philadelphia will lose its uniqueness." MSNBC anchor Tamron Hall, host of the evening, announced that the Academy of Music restoration had just won the prestigious American Institute of Architects 2011 Honor Award for Interior Architecture. (source) Lester Holt was supposed to be the MC of the evening but was called away to cover the breaking story in Egypt.
Conductor Jonathan Nott acknowledges the applause after he conducted the orchestra in Shostakovich's "Festive overture, Op. 96 at the Academy of Music's 154 Anniversary Concert.
Renee Fleming sang an aria from composer Leoncavallo's La Boheme, the aria "Musetta svaria sulla bocca viva" from La Boheme by Leoncavallo, "I feel Pretty" from West Side Story, plus Leonard Cohen's "Hallelujah" one of my favorite songs. She's probably the only international artist who has recorded both Mozart's Alleluia from Exultate Jubilate, and Cohen's Hallelujah (Although interesting enough she doesn't sing the entire song, and skips the verses that are really dramatic, odd yes?)

Renee Fleming's Hallelujah (but the brass shouldn't get upset, this is a BBS clip. When I first started out doing this blog 3 years ago, I was shooting the Marian Anderson Awards and whipped out my camera to capture a few moments and was shut down. Had no idea about rules on filming in a Union House and all those things. Now I'm educated on it)
Paul Simon performing with the Philadelphia orchestra at the 154th Anniversary Concert of the Academy of Music. His set opened with "Boy in the Bubble", "Still Crazy After All these Years", "Cecilia", a new song "Love and Hard Times" "Only Living Boy in NY", one of my favorites "Loves me Like a Rock", "The Boxer"
and a duet with Renee Fleming "The Sounds of Silence". Around 9PM after the end of the concert, the legendary stroll up Broad Street begins to the destination of the dame of Broad Street The Bellevue where dinner and dancing would commence on each floor as the Gala takes over the building. For for years I've admired the photos on the 19th floor near XIX of balls gone by and dreamed one day of documenting the night. (Wait til you see what went on in that room when I cover the party on Wednesday's PhillyChitChat)
I ran into a few of my friends on their stroll including State Rep. Dwight Evans and Ahmeenah Young, president & CEO of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. In a split minute Ahmeenah asked me why I haven't contacted her yet for my private tour. I said I would, I have the time now.
I can't think of another event that I would have wanted to write about on this my first day in business than this event that romanticizes Philadelphia Society.
Thanks to all the readers who recognized me and gave me shout outs while I was waiting outside.
Guest, Steven and Linda Siegfried. Linda co-chaired the Invitations Committee.
See the book Linda is carrying. That's the Academy Ball Sponsor Book. It's a huge honor to be in the book as the sponsorships range from $5,000 to $10,000. Proceeds from the Anniversary Concert and Ball benefit the Academy of Music and The Philadelphia Orchestra Association. The theme of the concert was "Protecting Philadelphia's Cultural Treasures"
I am honored and grateful for Eliana and Maria Papadakis who sponsored a page in honor of and the coverage I give to the many charitable organizations in Philadelphia, all of which protect Philadelphia's Cultural Treasures which touch people. I was also grateful for the mention of Philadelphia Singer/Songwriter Linda Creed and my sister Judy Dillon Wilkins, two women who courageously battled cancer and in death went to help ease the pain and financial burden of women in similar situations with their charitable organizations. Photographer Alan Kolc who has photographed for the Academy Ball Sponsor Book for nearly 25 years with his assistant Heidi Schetter
Thank you to the legendary Kenny Gamble who worked with Linda Creed, Flyers Captain & Olympic Gold Medalist Mike Richards, Lisa Gaudio and Maria Papadakis who represent the subjects I photograph at the charity events that helps me get press for the charities that I cover. (Besides appearing in I've gotten them all in Michael Klein's column in the Inquirer which helps me maximize the coverage I stride to obtain for charitable organizations.)
Two years ago I met Marcia and Ron Rubin when I covered one of George Rubin's favorite charities Thorncroft which is held every year at the Hyatt at the Bellevue. Mark your calendars for 4/2/11
Drew Becher and his partner Eric. Drew is the new president of the Philadelphia Horticultural Society and is getting ready for the The 2011 Philadelphia International Flower Show “Springtime in Paris” March 6 - 11; I am too, it means Spring really is right around the corner.

Joan Spain makes her way to the Bellevue with her BFF Joan Pileggi in tow as well as her husband Bernie coming down the steps.
Karen Lamsback (fur coat), Brian Lamsback, Tina Lamsback, and Bob Lamsback.
David Nugiel and Lisa Simon of Simon Public Relations Group on the right, with guests
Pretty in pink, plum, purple and red helped brighten
what has been a dreary series of days after the snow and sleet earlier in the week.
Nataliia Pestell and Dr. Richard Pestell of the Kimmel Cancer Center at Jefferson

White tie (or evening dress, full evening dress; slang top hat and tails or white tie and tails) is the most formal evening dress code in Western fashion. It is worn to events such as balls, the opera, and banquets. The chief components for men are the dress coat, white bow tie and waistcoat, and starched shirt, while women wear a suitable dress for the occasion, such as a ball gown.
Socialite, Philanthropist, beautiful Dana Spain being escorted by Eric.
Another beautiful women, and one of my former co-workers at Kohn, Swift & Graf, attorney Christina Saler and husband John Saler. What a cozy coat. If the City isn't buried under two feet of snow come back tomorrow as I will have the photos of inside the gala, an event that is rarely photographed as it's off limits, but I explained to the doorman, I'm not press, I consider myself a documentarian, I am capturing Philadelphia's Social History in the new century. All the photos from tonight's event can be purchased ($7) at the end of the week; So check back tomorrow for more fashion, and the story of what happens inside the Academy Ball Gala. It truly is a Philadelphia gem.