Saturday, January 15, 2011


Last Friday we were all at Union Trust to celebrate Erin Elmore's 29th Birthday, including Lindsay Kravitz and Tony Rufo Jr. As a gossip columnist I said is there anything you guys want to tell me? Lindsay showed me her hand, I guess I was a week early. Because when two people love each other like these two, you know that it's going to be a happy ending.You might remember some of the events that I wrote about before that brought these two together:
  • 5 years ago Kaci Mitz and bff Lindsay Kravitz bought condos at new building in Bella Vista. When Kaci went to settlement Tony Rufo, the developer walked in, she was stunned as Tony was one of her childhood friends and they had lost touch in college.
  • Kaci invited him to to join Lindsay and Aly for drinks at the rooftop at Continental and it was from that day on they became the four musketeers. They became inseparable, whether it was going to a game, dinner, hang out at each others houses or doing the party didn't matter they are were always together. The became a family unit to celebrate the good times and support each other thru the tough.
  • Then is happened, you know the urban legend we always hear of, two best friends realizing they were both having feelings for each...which is when their love story began.
  • 2 and half years ago they both took the leap of faith, and took a chance.
  • that chance turned into love... a year ago Tony asked Lindsay to move in and then tonight that chance turned into a lifetime of happiness.
  • As Lindsay was coming home from work Tony called said he was held up at work and would be late. So when she opened their front door she was stunned to see Tony in their entry on one knee asking her to marry him.
  • The surprises didn't end there...the house was filled with 4 dozen roses a bottle of champagne to celebrate. Then he said he made a dinner reservation at Union Trust, when they walked outside their house at Two Liberties there was horse and carriage...only fitting since their love is the fairytale everyone dreams of. Then when they arrive at Union Trust to be surprised by their families and friends to celebrate.
  • They are talking about a fall wedding and can't wait to start their own family shortly after...CONGRATULATIONS LINDSAY & TONY!!

Aly Green, Tony, Lindsay & Kaci Mitz tonight. (Thanks to Aly for the pictures & help on story, I couldn't make it as I was a party at Del Frisco's for my friend Rachel Moore's birthday)

Friday, January 14, 2011


"Their song"

Surprise- I don't know a mother and daughter that are closer than these two.

Daughter do you know
I wonder can you see
How precious is your life
and all you mean to me

Cake by Isgro, I asked if she had to wait in line and her friend said "The day Carol Tamburino has to wait in line at Isgro's is the day it's not owned by Isgro's." So telling and true. Cupcakes by Carol's sister and Sharon Coia, who's daughter Kelly was there in spirit.

An unexpected gift
Delightful precious girl
Did you know that at first sight
You set my heart a whirl

Erin Elmore (Finally caught up with my favorite apprentice. She's busy at work, dating Tim and living life.)
Tanya Teece and me -

As the morning sun rises
You're there within my heart

Tempa Berish, Kristin Foote and newly engaged Lauren O'Dorisio

No matter what storm may come
My love it cannot part
The Girls and Chef Chris Scarduzio. Chef tells me that Table 31 will be having a Ladies Night ever Thursday, look for Carol Tamburino to bring some of the South Philly charm, flavor and friends in to spice up the night. (Carol's sister, Lauren Beloff, Sabs, Sharon Coia, tanya Teece, Carol Tamburino, Lesley Kotloff, Chef Chris Scarduzio, Kristin Foote, Tempe Berish, Georgia Chletcos and Sabrina's boss Joyce. P.S. I think if you are going to take a long birthday lunch, the trick to staying out of trouble is to invite your boss.

Daughter do you know
What words can never say
How awesome is my love for you
Still growing day by day

Rouge at 10PM last night.
Sabs, Erin Elmore, Kristin Foote, Carol Tamburino and Georgia Chletcos (Who's gonna have a baby first Lauren B, Lauren D, Nicole or Sabrina?)

Your beauty overwhelms me
Abilities do astound
Anything you hope or dream
By you they can be found

You fill my days with light
You make me laugh out loud
You I am so glad to have
Of you I am so proud

(Poem by Dina Stone)

Ending my PROCRASTINATION was not a Resolution I made this Year: My New Year's Eve Party Pixs

I still have yesterday's party I will be posting in a few minutes. Have a great weekend. Thanks to my sponsors this week The Philadelphia Auto Show Black Tie Gate Party on 1/28/10; Vitamin Water and the Sporting Club. Look for details shortly on how you can have an advertisement on

Good thing one of my New Year resolutions wasn't to stay on top of timely postings as I would have failed here. Happy New Year!! This year Mike and I decided to stay low key on our annual party and really only invited a handful of people.
Since we were having a low key thing it freed me up to make the spontaneous decision to catch the fireworks at Penn Landing. I see others had the same idea and this is the result of a spontaneous decision, hap hazard parking and a crazed desire to jump out of the car to catch the action before it's even in park at the base of the Ben Franklin Bridge.
The party called for 9PM arrival, but everyone showed up at 10, at the same time practically.
So glad that Danny Schuyler and Erin Como stopped by. It was so nice getting to know them this year.
Ditto for Marisa Magnatta and beau Ron Zausidsky. Who I met separately from Erin and Danny, but serendipitously Ron and Danny work together.
Kristyn Aldrich and Megan Smith are a duo I always enjoy seeing
Derek Freres and Mark Focht being festive. Derek is just starting to plan the 2nd annual Schuykill River Park gala, and I would like to thank Mark for lighting the Rocky statue again. I asked him on New Year's Eve what happened to the light, and he said it must have burned out. The other night I checked and it was on again to the delight of the tourist that visit it in the middle of the night.
After a bit we broke out the karaoke machine. People love to sing, even the shy ones. Also in the house Marty Dellwo, Scott Righter and Mike Toub but somehow they eluded the camera.
Tim Young, Stephen and Lanina Cavicchio and Tim Graham
I love fireworks. You do know that I moved to the Philadelphian just so I could enjoy the view of both the River and Art Museum shows ever year.

PhillyChitChatter: Top 5 Celebrity Chefs in Philly, Johnny Weir Comes Home, Amber Rose, Kevin Sbraga, Eagles Party, Grasso Bros Name their Restaurant

Philly Celebs & tidbits:

American Oak is the name of the new Grasso brother restaurant project at 15th & Sansom Streets. There's a dead give away on the door of their new establishment.

The sub basement establishment is going to be a new club by Mark Marek called Rumor. That will add another club to the Rittenhouse dance club market which had been fairly quiet in the 'OO's and now is heating up with Whisper, Alpha, Pulse and G Lounge. Watch for another dance club to slowly make it's way onto the scene in 2012. The ink is just about dry.

Talking about Doors:
I stopped by 500 Degrees the other night for my once a month burger, although it had been much longer cause the folks there tell me it was about 3 months ago that a local artist painted the bathroom door this very celestial design. Kewl!
Current Top Chef Kevin Sbraga tweeted this week: "Just arrived to the opening of Cantina Feliz in Fort Washington. If you want great Mexican food, this is where it's at. Ask for Spinner." Soon he will be tweeted about the food at his own great restaurant. Check out NBC's Non Stop Ch 248 "The Scene" as Colin Flatt interviews Kevin Sbraga as he cooks one of his favorite meals at home.

Johnny Weir returns to his hometown of Lancaster to sign his new book "Welcome to My World" 6PM tonight at the Red Rose Commons, 1700 H Fruitville Pike, Lancaster, PA 17601, 717-290-8171; Last week Weir "came out" by saying he was never in. I'd have to agree if you ever laid eyes on him, even Elton John's wife would have been able to tell. Look for Weir to appear in "Skate for the Heart" on the Hallmark Channel 2/8/11 6PM

Last Monday some of the Philadelphia Eagles got together one last time this season to celebrate their winning season: Brent Celek, Stewart Bradley, Michael Vick, Riley Cooper, Trevor Laws, Victor Abiamiri, and Cornelius Ingram partied at the late night club Recess in Old City. The folks at Nouveau Image tell me that they were hired to throw the party at the tenth hour as the team was still recovering from their devastating loss the day before against the Packers. By early evening the list was closed as the response to the party was overwhelming, "5 girls to every guy" Michelle Miller tells me. No doubt the players had a winning night.

According to the NY Post Survivors of "Millionaire Matchmaker" Patti Stanger banded together Tuesday night to watch the season finale of a show that they say ruined their lives. On that show former Philadelphia Eagles player Freddie Mitchell wants to find a girlfriend, Patti relates to him what not to do to attract a gold digger by not giving them cash & credit cards. Going further, Patti steps things up to the Advanced Level by advising that he is allowed to give the ladies gifts and jewelry, which then has "Freddie Ex" exclaiming the best line I've ever heard on the show: “Am I allowed to get a BJ on the date?”

Philadelphia Eagles defensive end Darren Howard was among the celebrities making a red-carpet entrance to the opening of The new Hard Rock Cafe in Tampa, Fla to celebrated its grand opening 1/12/11. Also gracing the red carpet a few D-List celebs including former Miss USA 1996 Ali Landry, Singer Joey Fatone ('N Sync), socialite Nicky Hilton, actress Stephanie Pratt ("The Hills"). The only highlight of the night, Lindsay Lohan's former squeeze Samantha Ronson was at the turntable.

Patti LaBelle shopped for handbags in Beverly Hills while, Kanye West's former squeezemodel Amber Rose and her look a like "sister", Theany, was seen at the Platinum Motor Sports on January 11, 2011 in Los Angeles, California test driving a few rides, but considering she doesn't really have a job and seems to be famous for dating the famous (currently dating NY Knicks Amar'e Stoudemire) she walked away without a purchase. (Source)

HAUTE LIVING Lists the Top 5 Celebrity Chefs in Philadelphia

Sure, it's still about the food, but these days chefs are thinking brand when they delve into their restaurant empire. Cookbooks, media appearances, television shows ... we have raised the occupation to something akin to actors and musicians. And I believe for good reason. Food is an emotional experience, and anyone who can wow our taste buds and steal our hearts in a single bite is worthy of some adoration. Philadelphia's food scene is full of amazing cooks who have found fame and followers. Check out five of the biggest names to hit the city and where you can get a taste of their talents.

I am still a Leo

Thursday, January 13, 2011


Here's what happened last night: It was a hot time at the new Valanni Social Club
Hot in the City last night. Like a good Madonna re-invention a hot trendy restaurant, probably the first one in the area, Valanni recreates into a hot, sexy lounge after 10PM in the newer side dining area of the adjoining buildings

The new space will also offer a late night menu which will include tapas like gyro lamb skewers with tzatziki sauce and pitas, or an ahi tuna tartare in a balsamic soy glaze, plus drinks like Martinis, margaritas including one with Domaine de Canton, and Mojitos like the Perfect 10 prepped with 10 Cane rum.
and last night was the official grand opening of the new space ushering in many of the beautiful people that already enjoyed their nights out at the cheer's like atmosphere bar with the recessed lighting, as well as folks in the industry, press, friends, family and influencers. The crowd mixed well, as business cards and stories changed hands. (Ok that was just me)
Ryan Slepian, Susan Banchek, Laura Price and Megan O'Connor
The Loews crew: Megan Kearney, Jonathan Vendrick and Kristen Radcliff. Jonathan tells me he's going to be in the February issue of Passport Magazine. I can't wait to read it. Jonathan as you might know is the VIP Concierge over at the Loews. He caters to all the celebs & VIP's every need. It's a service that many of the hotels do not have, a single VIP Concierge to take care of the high end customer.
Mike and Marilyn Stollenwerk. Mike tells me he missed Queen Village where his Little Fish BYOB was located and was excited when things came together to resurrect his first love. From the time he thought to re-open to finish they got the place up and running in 8 days; swift is not the word he would use as he tries to open Fathom in Northern Libs where paperwork has been the big obstacle. Marilyn has a great little video of Valanni Social here
Kerb and the stylish & accessorized Jessica Mills. Perfectly matched as Jessica wears grey leggings with a black top, and Kerb with his black top and gray cargo pants. Love the turquoise too.
Another stylish couple, the kids from The Metro entertainment writer Monica Weymouth and the always happy Brett Coppol
Aah the glow of the newlywed: Thomas Petrelli and Alison Whitehill-Petrelli who were just joined in holy matrimony in the Dominican Republic last Friday.
sisters Tabitha Niland and Shannon Niland. Shannon was instrumental in the launch of the Valanni Social lounge.
Laura Burkhardt and mighty Dan Gross, who is not afraid to pull back the curtain and expose the deeds and misdeeds of Philadelphia's notables. Breaking news former editor of Philly Magazine Larry Platt will helm the Philadelphia Daily News (hat tip Philebrity) and take it into tabloid heaven says WHYYNewswork's (ie NY Post anyone, just sayin') I love, love, love the NY Post, Page Six and read it everyday, it's gonna be fun having a newspaper like that in town.
Our own little Reese Witherspoon lookalike Kate Ryan PR (Valanni Social's PR representative), Megan O'Connor and Laura Price, Quaker City Mercantile
Chris Gabello, Photographer with Valanni owner George Anni. Chris tells me he is just about to hit the road to take on a few major clients and shoot a few assignments overseas and stateside. It's been great watching him finally break out. You should friend him on FB and check out the work he and his assistant Zander are doing with video. Very cutting edge, and now.
This is what I like to see two magazine editors getting together and shooting the breeze, no pretense just good ol' fashion conversation and respect. Where Magazine editor, Kristina Jenkins and Philadelphia Style Magazine editor Kristin Detterline-Munro
In fact the Valanni party brought out lots of folks that you might not see at the same events, but in this case wanted to support the new effort of George Anni; seen at the party was folks from G Lounge, Tre from Voyeur & Woody's, Nicole Cashman, Cashman & Associates, who stopped in with beau Nigel Richards before flying out to Milan for the Men's Fashion Week today; (above G Lounge's Gary Thorpe and Yesnia)(Tre and Waylon [G Lounge], is something going on, I think somethings going on here. BTW which reminds me and this didn't come from Tre, I hear friends threw her boss [Michael Weiss] a big happy birthday party last Thursday at Woody's; Happy Birthday.)
James Zeleniak, Punch Media PR with David Wagamen, Capriccio at Cafe Cret 16th and the Parkway. But he also has a Capriccio's cafe at Will's Eye Hospital on the first floor face walnut street.
Melissa Logan and Tiffany Harris enjoyed the sliders and the specialty cocktails. Melissa tells me that Mary Van Og the former VisitPhilly editor (who I once called a huge Phillies Phan on PCC) is engaged to Rawle Anders the former tech manager and they now call San Francisco home. Congrats you two.
So go get Social and visit Valanni's. The DJ will be spinning music Wednesdays through Saturdays, starting at 10:00 PM. Each night of the week there will be a different DJ playing different tunes, from hip-hop to house. Although there is not a live DJ on Sunday and Tuesdays, SOCIAL is every night of the week until 2:00 am. Check out this earlier post I did where you can really dig into the menu as well as see the space without people in it.
lovely gift bag too. Maybe the economy is looking up with the return of the gift bag that's not just filled with promotional flyer's, perfume samples and pens?

Did You Hear The One About the 1,000 Lawyers in a room?

Some folks might be thinking about a dozen or so lawyer jokes with a gathering of over a 1,000 lawyers, but once a year a serious tradition occurs when the members of Philadelphia's Bar Association get together and participate in a tradition that has been going on for 70 yearsEven the city's busiest and most successful legal luminaries patiently wait in a long line to wish the newly installed Chancellor (and each other) good luck in the year ahead. At times, the line of more than 1,000 well- wishers will flow through the ballroom foyer, around corridors, and down to the escalator that leads guests to the ballroom level shaking as many as 13 hands per minute.
Another first for the Philadelphia Bar Association's the First Hispanic Chancellor Rudolph Garcia greeting the Bar Association MembersAlso in the receiving line were te 2012 Chancellor-Elect John E. Savoth and wife Nancy Savoth, Tom Wilkinson (husband of Vice Chancellor Kathleen D. Wilkinson), Vice Chancellor Kathleen D. Wilkinson greet well wishers.In the Grand Ballroom of the Park Hyatt at the Bellevue there was a delicious spread for the guests
Garcia says "Bar associations throughout this country are losing members in this challenging economy. We are retaining a much higher percentage than the ABA and most other bars, but we can't take our members for granted. We need to earn their loyalty, and attract new members, by enhancing the value of membership in our association. Accordingly, I have formed a Membership Task Force that is already working on ways to save our members more than they spend in dues. We have two such projects scheduled for the first quarter of next year."
Those lawyers are a trusting bunch leaving their coats & brief cases about.
Former State Rep candidate for Gregg Kravitz and Mary Beth Bogan, Principal at Bogan Law Group in Philadelphia. State Rep incumbent Babette Josephs was in the room too. Mary Beth does pro-bono work for artists
Philadelphia Tribune writer Bobbie Booker and

Many notable guests were on hand elected officials, judges, including Judge Ron Castille, City Solicitor Shelley R. Smith and DA Seth Williams.
*********************** The Philadelphia Bar Association has a service that if needed you should take advantage of: Free legal advice will be given to those who call the Legal Line hotline on 1/19/11. From 5 to 8 p.m., area residents can call lawyers at (215) 238-6333 and have their legal questions answered confidentially without a fee. The lawyers will staff a phone bank at the headquarters of the Philadelphia Bar Association, 1101 Market Street, 11th Floor.