Friday, December 17, 2010

FIRST LOOK VIDEO: Bradley Cooper & Philly is 'Limitless' Formerly Dark Fields)

Last week the producers of Limitless Trailer released this teaser "Commercial"

Union Trust is getting a lot of play lately. Last week the "How Do You Know" trailer was released and was featured in the trailer. Plus there's a Bernie Robbin's commercial on air these days also sporting the steak house.

Today a nearly 3 minute trailer of the new Bradley Cooper, Robert DeNiro Limitless has been released. The movie will be released in March, and was directed by Neil Burger. I previously wrote a piece on the Bradley Cooper Abbie Cornish movie here in and here on PhillyChitChat and who can forget my open letter to Abbie Cornish

USHER & TREY SONGZ & Philly Sports Phamous; - Celek, Stewart, Rollins. Late Night Bowling

A whole bunch of Philly Phamous ventured out in the snow last night to the Wells Fargo Center to catch the sexy Usher & Trey Songz

The Law Office of Zarwin, Baum, DeVito, Kaplan, Schaer & Toddy, P. C. hosted a bunch of Philadelphia Eagles players included Brent Celek, Stewart Bradley, Trevor Laws and Victor Abiamiri. Also in picture is on left Gary Devito, Mitchell Kaplan, Stacey Kracher, Anne and Sharon Kaplan, Anne Nikolaus and Aida Sparta.

(Twitter - lovebunny)

Also in the house of Usher: Phillies Jimmy Rollins and his bride Johari. A few seats away were Ryan Howard and Philadelphia Eagles Jamaal Jackson. After the concert Trey Songz, Kevin Hart, Fabolous and Vivica Fox headed to North Bowl where they found DeSean Jackson hanging out. Look for DeSean and more Philly Phamous sitting court side at the LA Lakers vs Sixers game tonight. DeSean Jackson is confirmed front and center. Stay tuned to my tweets tonight @iphillychitchat cause I've heard some rumors where a few of Philly's Phamous will be hanging out tonight. Sure thing that a few will head over to the Grammy/Academy Award Winning entertainer Jamie Foxx RSVP @ {$10 Reduced Admission before 10:30}


Ever have one of those days where you just need to get away for something different, beautiful and a little comfort. Well I know a spot that just opened called The Corner (the corner, 13 and drury st, Philadelphia). Beautifully decorated and food to die for by Chef Scott Swiderski, formerly of Buddakan.

Last night I attended the Friends and Family night, which is where friends and family try out the food, check out the space and give their honest feedback. (Clever how they changed the APO sign over to a "C". And I was so hoping we could donate it to McGillin's old Philly sign's collection.)It's always hard to give your honest feedback, especially when you know your friends have really put their heart and soul into the place. But I do appreciate that they value my opinion.
The OCTUPUS WAS DELICIOUS. I have tried a lot of Octupus since it's come into vogue this year, and I am just dreaming of my return trip to the corner for another serving of it.
Julia Engelman and Danny Benenfeld enjoyed the coveted seat with a view. This is where most people place their VIP's to see and be seen.
For the main course I had scallops, they were delicious and on a bed of where's my menu, darn I forgot it on the table. Just trust me they were plump and the bed they were laying on was sweet, tasty and included potatoes.

But what you really want to come for is the delicious comfort food like this delicious sandwich that Mike got. Grilled Truffled Cheese filled braised short ribs which is a sandwich to the surprise of Mike; it comes with fries and a sweet, spicy pickle. Other sandwiches are the Club and Classic Cheeseburger.
GN got the Grilled Truffled Cheese filled braised short ribs with a side of asparagus $6

Chef Scott Swiderski, owners Drew Milstein and Tony Rim explain the dishes to a few friends and family
The ever popular open kitchen cooking, foodies especially love to see how everything is prepared which is where I foundCity Paper's and Meal Ticket's editor Drew Lazor and NY Magazine's Grub Street Philly Collin Keefe
The back area near the kitchen. Lists of wines and food on the chalkboard. A great spot for checking on the kitchen action as the chefs are to the left of the picture.

The service bar downstairs
Mike and GN contemplate dessert.

Mike got his favorite Crème brûlée. He loved it, and got every last morsel. He did share the raspberries with me. Most of the desserts were $9

GN went for the Cheesecake Mousse and said she wished it never ended.

The place is very low key, the decor is homey comfortable, the menu is easy to understand and simple. Most prices were between $10 & $15, a few outliers near $20

Then I wandered upstairs to check out the additional dining area, which will also be a later in the evening lounge, with a limited menu for those late nite munches. This is a shot of the terrace.
The upstairs bar
and dining/lounge area. Just beautiful don't you think?
Mazel tov!! Chef Scott Swiderski, owners Drew Milstein and Tony Rim. Definitely goes to the head of the list of favorite restaurants. Currently I could just spend my whole week on 13th Street and eat hit all my favorite places. (Earlier I wrote about The Corner HERE and HERE. )

Phillies Pitcher Cliff Lee, wife Kristen and kids return to Rittenhouse Square to Live

The last time Cliff Lee played for the Phillies he and his family lived in the Rittenhouse Square area, not too far from where Cole Hamels and his wife lived. Wednesday they checked out Pat Burrell's old place at the Lanesborough (I guess he hoped he would come back to Philly too) and before they left town on Thursday they found a place nearby a block up and around the corner.According to ESPN Sports:

Cliff and Kristen Lee, down-home Arkansas folks, also connected with Philadelphia in a way that no one could have foreseen. They rented a place in the Rittenhouse Square neighborhood and immersed themselves in the city life and local culture. Kristen Lee took their children -- son Jaxon, now 9, and daughter Maci, 7 -- to local museums and on ice cream runs to Franklin Square. Jaxon and Maci found friends their age in the Citizens Bank Park family room, and they had a blast riding the train to New York for a World Series game.

"We did pretty much everything," Kristen said. "I would have never dreamed when we got traded here from the Indians that we would say, 'Ooh, Philadelphia, I can't wait to get there.' But it's a city like I've never been in before. We haven't had that exact feeling anywhere else." (Above a room with a view I'd like to have and one they will have. The other side overlooks the park between two buildings.) UPDATE: I'm a little surprised that the Real Estate Company wrote a whole blog about Cliff Lee's new digs, but they did and it's here . The reason I wouldn't recomend doing such a thing it doesn't attract business if it's obvious your broker is going to tell the world where you live, it's going to make them shy away. It's always better you just leak it, then it could have come from anyone. It's scary now for stalker reasons, especially after what just happened in Arizona. For example, I knew that cliff was having lunch at Rouge today, but I didn't write it til he left. Here are pixs of the inside of 1706 Rittenhouse

Thursday, December 16, 2010

SANTA PAWS at the Sporting Club Last Saturday - Or GN Kang's Dogs are as cute as she is!!

Pet lovers brought their four-legged friends for some holiday cheer. Pet portraits were taken with Santa, and their was a cute shopping village for pet gifts, agility course, and lots of other dogs to play with. The proceeds benefited PAWS.
Our hosts for the day was Amy Stratton, GM for The Sporting Club and Kayla Gillin, Executive Assistant to Marketing and Advertising at The Sporting Club at The Bellevue
Santa PAWS was a huge success: we raised almost $1,200 for our lifesaving efforts! With adoptable dogs to meet, an agility course to play on, and plenty of great pet gifts to browse, there was plenty of holiday cheer to go around.

Many thanks to all merchants and volunteers who participated, and especially to our friends at the Sporting Club at the Bellevue for being such gracious hosts, and to photographer Nell Hoving for her fabulous pet portraits with Santa! (With an assist by Bianca Cevoli)

GN Kang and her pooches Regina and Sammy . (Regina rode all around town on Saturday resting on my shoulder. So adorable.)
Tie die shirts for doggies as Maria would say
Sweet pup cakes. Thanks to the vendors
Vendors include:
Pupcakes (gourmet treats)
Bone Jour (pet supplies from their Old City boutique)
Peace of Color (tie-dyed dog clothing)
Walk it Like a Dog (pet supplies from their Queen Village boutique)
PhilaPets (pet sitting/dog walking services)

Then I took a tour of the Sporting Club at the Bellevue, and this year will be like every other one where I set getting healthy and in shape will be my goal. I'm not sure if I will be doing it here, but it will be somewhere. I'm going to do an entry once a week like I did when I went to Fusion Cross Training, which I loved but am entirely too heavy to do since it's a lot of body resistance, and I have a lot of body. I will also be doing a V-Log once in awhile. I know when I did the Fusion Cross Training it inspired people, and hopefully with the right program we can lose weight, and get healthy together.

Philadelphia Bar Association's First Hispanic Chancellor Rudolph Garcia

Philadelphia Bar Association welcomed its first Hispanic Chancellor in its 208-year history, Rudolph Garcia, on December 7 at 12:00 p.m. in the Grand Ballroom at the Hyatt at the Bellevue. He delivered his inaugural speech at the event.
Read his Inaugural Speech Here Traditionally every January the Chancellor greets each and every member of the Association at a luncheon held the first week in the new year. He literally shakes each of their hands. (Now that I see his head shot I can tell that the guy at the podium is not Garcia, as he is sitting at the left. [I thought I was one and done getting these two shots - LOL] I didn't stay for the whole event as it happened on my lunch hour, so I had to return to work, but I wanted you to see what goes on that is unique.)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010


The film: "Safe"

Filming in Old City 5AM Wednesday, December 15 to Thursday, December 16 11 AM

Please have your cars removed in time for the arrival of the filming crew.

Both sides of 3rd St. between Race and Wood Streets

South side of Race St. between 2nd and Orianna Streets

South side on New St. between 2nd and 3rd Streets

South side of Florist St. between Front and 3rd Streets

West side of 2nd Street between Elfreths Alley and Vine Street
(Above Producer Lawrence Bender and Jason Statham)
If your car is not moved by the regulated time, it will be relocated by the Philadelphia Police Department to another street in the area. If you have any questions or special concerns such as handicap access or deliveries, please contact the Locations Department (215-496-0485) or speak with one of the representatives on the set and we will assist you as best we can.

Wrap Party to be held Thursday night. Look for pictures on Friday. (Thanks to Crossing Broad for the above pixs)

FEASTIVAL Holiday Party - hosted by Stephen Starr, Michael Solomonov and Audrey Claire Taichman

The restaurant buzz in Philadelphia keeps growing, people want to talk about food almost more than they want to eat it, chefs make headlines whether they are changing restaurants or changing menu's, and a group of people created a celebration of food and art called Feastival which coincides with the Fringe Festival in the Fall. Chaired by Michael Solomonov, Audrey Claire Taichman, and Stephen Starr, the event was held in a NoLibs warehouse. (Which I wrote about in my column last September.)

Real Estate Attorney Tony Forte of Saul Ewing LLP, Ryan Hammel, Audrey Claire Taichman (Audrey Claires & Twenty Manning) and Michael Solomonov, (Zahav, Percy Street)
Always great to see my friends at Philadelphia Magazine, Kirsten Henri, Food Editor and Tom McGrath, Editor
Eric Rymshaw Owner, Fury Design Inc, Vesna Todorovic Sacks, a Serbian artist and Jim Fulton, Fury Design Inc. Fury did most of the interior design at the Feastival in September.
James Stein, Museum Educator at Philadelphia Museum of Art, Lauren Vague and Edward Stein. How adorable is Lauren's shirt. I wonder where she got it.
Melissa Bizzak, Tracy Seng, Sachi Jonas, Ilana Waber and Toni Cavaliere. When Tracy's not out having a good time with her friends, she's decorating the dollhouse with some Christmas sparkle. Looking forward to my Whisper date with the girls in the new year. IS it 2011 already. I'm still not done my Y2K spam yet!Mary and Michael Solomonov. On Wednesday, December 22 at 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m., Chef Michael Solomonov will host “A Very Jewish Christmas” at Zahav (237 St. James Place, 215-625-8800). This festive dinner will include Israeli-inflected Chinese food and all-time great movies from the early 80’s shown on a big screen, and will cost $50 per person.
The party was held at one of my fav spots SAMPAN. As you know I was just there last week enjoying their new Korean Fried Chicken, which was delicious. I ran into my new favorite bartender Andrew, who knows how to stir my diet coke just right. It's always fun to see Laura at the front door too.
Chef, Jeremy Miller, RG Krelder and Nikki Baruffi were our servers for the night along with Kristin Davis (But not that Kristin Davis from SATC), Elizabeth Harris and Amanda Span; who cut off their Feastival t shirts into stylish Flashdance era ones.
Bob Bickell and Patti Klein, (The Restaurant Club) Patti and I will be having a holiday lunch at the Prime Rib this week, I've never eaten there, although I have had a diet coke at the bar, oh and photographed Joe Piscopo there a few weeks back.
Chris Egan, Carol Klein and Peter Rothenberg
Hilary Regan and Roland Kassis. Roland tells me that since I last chatted with him he's opened a Yoga Studio with Heather Rice called Amrita Yoga & Wellness in No Liberties. Not to far from his place Café La Mande at 816 N 4th St
Robin Barnes and Shannon Baffoni
Liz Trasniundi, Jason Norton (I just met Jason Saturday at Saks Fifth Ave when the Purse Forum founder stopped by for a seminar), Alexander Kacala, Karina Kacala and Hillary Harvey
Carolyn Schlecker Managing Director of the Fringe Festival and Jennifer Bohnenberger, Vice President of the Fringe Festival
JT Christianson, Sheeba Mankus, Gregg Krantz and Joshua Thibautt
Can these two look any happier. It seems so natural to bring these two back together to continue that magic they had two years ago when the collaborated on Foobooz, when Kirsten was shy and never let me photograph her. BTW look for the launch of PhillyMag's FOOBOOZ today. Next year on Boston Mag, and after that a little bit of Foobooz in a city near you.

Feastival hopes you'll join them for the Second Annual FEASTIVAL on September 14, 2011, honoring Governor Edward G. Rendell! Look for the Gov to auction off another dinner for two and tickets to join the him for a World Series game, especially now that we have a good chance to make if with Cliff Lee & The C2C2 Team. Last year a similar package went for $17,000.