Friday, November 26, 2010

THE SIXERS GAME Friday Night - Musings

Philadelphia is a sports town, but for some reason it hasn't caught on to the excitement of the 76ers.
Sure I remember the days of Allen Iverson, the showman with the attitude. But the Sixers have a couple of stars on the team to fill his shoes: Elton Brand, Thaddeus Young, Evan Turner, Andre Iguodala and Spencer Hawes
Great advertising Toyota. I'm still working on the concept, but will be rolling out something in the next few weeks.
The game is part participant sport and part audience participation. The Sixers organization really goes all out to make sure the audience has a good time. Check out the clappers in the aisle that gets the crowd going.
Milwaukee Bucks Andrew Bogut about to get a foul against Spencer Hawes for holding. There's no holding in basketball is there? Earlier in the day I did a taping for "The Scene" on NBC's Non Stop channel with Justin Pizzi at the Four Seasons. When I went to leave I ran into the short challenged basketball player in the lobby going to breakfast.

Cool basketball dunks

I love people watching where ever I go
Hacina Saadi
Celeb spotting: Professional Poker Player Beth Shak with Drew Milstein.

Dance, Dance, Dance, Dance
The Bucks Jon Brockman kinda looks like Jack O'Halloran (below) from Superman, doesn't he? Here he and the Sixers' Spencer Hawes hang out waiting for the start of the next play.

When did basketball become a contact sport Spencer Hawes?

Thaddeus Young
The guy in the green shirt looks familar
I wonder if on game night the Sixers could release a few tickets at a discount price and fill these seats, at least on the upper level? That way they can get the next generation of fans that will be willing to invest in the expensive seats on the lower level.
That guy is AI short, but very quick. Who is he?
In between periods there's court entertainment with dancers, cheerleaders, ball playing, contests, it's entertaining. How the heck does that guy do that. I think the refs are impressed too. The Sixers won 90 - 79. All in all it was a great night of basketball and entertainment. I don't get why the place isn't packed.

Thursday, November 25, 2010

The Moyer Foundation Big Blast December 4 at Sigma Sound

Meet your hosts Karen and Jamie Moyer for a fabulous evening at one of Philly’s most exclusive and historic venues – Sigma Sound Studios – recording home of the O Jays, Teddy Pendergrass and more. Enjoy cocktails, appetizers, and LIVE entertainment – magic, music and more! Proceeds benefit The Moyer Foundation and Camp Erin - bereavement camps for grieving children and teens- in Philadelphia and nationwide.

For more information and to RSVP contact Michelle Miller:

Phone: 267- 507-5385


Chit Chat Chatter: To me the meaning of Thanksgiving is every day, every day is Christmas, and every day demands my gratitude and celebration. And which I am thrilled to have a vehicle like PhillyChitChat to expose the good of Philly, it's people and the universe to an audience.

Thanksgiving, the formal holiday, allows me to gather with friends or family and celebrate the abundance in my life and the lessons I've been afforded. For years I would call my friends and thank them for being my friend.This year I want to thank you my readers for the amazing support you've given me, for allowing me to live my life out there entirely too much, for supporting Gilda's Club of South Jersey, and the other charities I feature. Thanks for allowing me to share stories of all sorts of people, events known and unknown. I wanna thank my biggest supporters: family, co-workers and Mike for supporting this crazy passion I have. I want to thank Philadelphia Magazine for choosing me to write a column on their site, Justin Pizzi and the NBC10 NonStop folks, Michael Klein, Dan Gross and all the blogs that link to me. I rarely have time to be so clever in doing the linking stories, but I do read many of your site. Happy Thanksgiving!!

Holiday Inn Express on Walnut Street in Center City Philadelphia is grateful for it's clients and throws an annual party to thank them.

Your Holiday Inn team: JoAnn Bongart, Alicia Raffensberger, Dennis Cronin, John Magaldi and Marney Kolsky
Louise Taylor, Linda Pizzo, Cynthia Branch, Thomas Jefferson Hospital
Maxine C Dalsemer and Jennie Funches, Visitor Center at Macy's

Allen Ung, CJ Ermace and Thu Nguyen (Temple University Intern, no doubt thankful to work at such a friendly organization like the Holiday Inn Express under JoAnn Bongart)

Desnca Murtha and Nikki Kucher

Joanne Gardner and Patricia Walsh
Anthony Logan, Stanley Bochan and Shanette AlfredDennis and Marian Smith, Alternative Tours, Inc

Malika Pitt, Lynece Yates and Helane Moore - Thomas Jefferson Hospital

Tom Encstrom - Macy's Parade and Entertainment Group and Jim Sale, JSL Inc. these are the guys who put the light show together at Macy's. The light show
Happy Thanksgiving!!

Wednesday, November 24, 2010

last minute THANKSGIVING DAY DINNER: 13 at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown

Celebrate Thanksgiving at 13
A Festive Feast Just Steps From the Parade

13 at the Philadelphia Marriott Downtown is serving a bounteous buffet this Thanksgiving, just a few short blocks from Philadelphia's famous Thanksgiving Parade!

The buffet will be offered from noon-9pm on Thursday, Nov. 25;
$23.95 [adults], $12.50 [kids 10 & under].

Chef Judson Branch's menu features traditional Thanksgiving favorites
as well as scrumptious updated American classics.

To RSVP call 215.625.2900; Walk-ins are welcome!
For more information on 13's tempting treats


Today would have been my sister's Judy Wilkins 50th Birthday. Most of you know Judy died of Ovarian Cancer last December 3.
One of my favorite pixs of Judy as it shows her contagious laugh, as well as the wonderful relationship she had with her husband of 20+ years Walt. She has nephew Michael in her hands.
Another fav picture. She's showing me the material she would use to knit my brothers scarf. We all have one, I don't wear mine as I am nervous to loose it. Thanks to you my readers, my friends and family, we are half way to the goal of raising enough money for the naming rights at Gilda's Club of South Jersey's Crochet and Knitting Club. @ $25,000 we can rename the club "The Judy Wilkin's Crochet and Knitting Club. Judy's daughter Lauren tells me she will be volunteering there to spread the love of the hobby and her mother to other women suffering from Cancer.
Judy and Ella their Birthdays Thanksgiving 2008 in Avalon.

The first part of the song is choppy because James Taylor has a serious copywrite on his songs.
Judy loved the sea, whether near her home in Somer's Point or here in the Key's (Key West). (She also loved Lancaster, and her family.)
Today my family will gather to celebrate Judy's life, to remember her laughter, love and charitable life. Today I will wear my scarf as we lay Judy to rest. Rest in Peace my dear sister.


Normally I would write out something nice, but for some odd reason my mom's new computer doesn't have a cut and paste feature. Go figure. I will fix this as soon as I get back from vacation. Click on the press release for the larger view of my friend G-N Kang's good news. So excited for her!!

Tuesday, November 23, 2010


It's been a tradition for nine years now. The National Dog Show Presented by Purina airs on Thursday, November 25 from noon-2 p.m. EST on NBC, directly following the Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade. It was filmed on Saturday right here in Oaks, Pa with Dancing with the Stars alumni John O'Hurley and David Frei, who is known as the voice of the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show.
seriously she just kissed that dog, and who wouldn't
Entirely too sad to put at the beginning of this entry
dog showing is good exercise
This is almost worse than the TSA screening at the airport

The dog on the far right won, but they are all beautiful and their masters are so loving.
Brendan, Maria and their future dog
Sometimes owners do look like their dogs and visa versa. These guys were just laid back
Mike connects. Such a trooper, he really wanted to go even though he is so allergic to dogs.
all together now, awwwww
A Mainline dog no doubt
There was a lot of baby talk going on inside the center, goo goo gaa gaa yeah

Ettore is that you?
breaks your heart, poor puppy.
The show
seriously? Poor doggie would freeze it's assets off today
trust me too much hairspray and your hair will fall out
Mike and I, the later years