Friday, October 15, 2010

Rich Furino gets Del Frisco Inspired Tattoo, Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson duet in Philly tonight?

Reba McEntire & Kelly Clarkson break bread, ABC6's Kristie Gonzales going away party, Chef Eric Ripert comes to town, Bobby Flay's daughter wants to be an actress like her step-mom Stephanie March,


Denim doesn't live here anymore, Philadelphia has kicked it up another level with Whisper, and there is nothing quiet about Whisper. As soon as you walk in the door you know you've arrived at the place that is going to be one hell of a club to compete with. The sound system is a killer, the space is ridiculous with all it's nooks & crannies, VIP boxes over looking the dance floor below, a long balcony section with a bar also overlooking the dance floor. I was amazed how they turned an awkward, poorly designed dance club Denim (which still packed them in) into a club that was so innovated and made the space ten times larger than it ever seemed before.

I know the owners, and they want to be the all inclusive club where the hot looking people want to go, the VIPs and folks like me who just want to hear some good music, chat with friends and dance to a good beat. This is not your DB bar, especially a club that is this large. There's a good flow to this club to, unlike many of the clubs in the City where there's a bottle neck near the dance floor, or around a few of the bars.
If the dance floor is packed it could get dicey, but you don't have to walk through the center of the dance floor like you do at a couple of the other places, to get where you're going.
The girl is back in town, after giving NYC a try, Lindsay Furman returns to Philadelphia, a new job, a new place and her old, but very close set of friends. With her is Sabrina Strickland looking all stylish.
This is the scene when you first get off the elevator. Years ago this was where they put the "bed" seats, then last year the awkward position VIP area, and dance floor. They still had a good crowd after the G Lounge bought the place, but I think they made a good investment shutting down and completely changing the concept of the membership club. Currently Membership is free I was told. I believe a membership club is necessary as it's an after-hours club.
This is the view from one of the bottle service VIP "club boxes". The one in front is the "owners box" as the owners of the club and their friends were occupying it last night. (I'm just titling these myself)
Carmen Tedesco (Del Friscos), Simon Aiya and Damian Malfi (Sorry for spelling your name wrong. It was dark and I can't spell, just ask my readers.)

The club appears smaller in these shots and the videos. I guarantee you will be impressed when you walk inside the first time. It's breath taking beautiful, spacious and has just the right club attitude.
Nicole, Alp Aktan, Hacina Saadi and Lindsay Furman
Arthur Kade doing his best David Copperfieldwill no doubt spend a lot of time under this see-through dance floor where various scantly clad women will be gyrating to the beat. There's a reason it's above the entrance to the men's room. (I wonder where they got that idea?)
Tony Piazza and Rachel Davidson
Chris Nork,

Chef Jason Cichonski, with Lacroix at the Rittenhouse. His last day at the famed restaurant is on Wednesday. Then he will be throwing himself full force into getting his dream unnamed, off the record location, restaurant up and running. Above with Sam Marzuig, guest and Hacina Saadi.

Trouble reading their handwriting, but they're cute and were so funny, but not on purpose, so this picture is here to remind me of a passage in my book I'll be writing someday called "Off The Record."
Drew "The Mayor" Carballo and his "cousins"
Stacey Kracher and Gautam Bazaz (and the only picture of the guy behind you that I got last night so I decided to keep him in this one cause he seems so happy.)
Lathie Lawless, Tiffany, and Nicole Robinson, InMotion Concierge
Do blonds have more fun? Jen Grover, Kristin Foote and Lindsay Kravitz would tell you they do.
Kendall Hurns and Kijafa. (Kijafa tells me that her beau Michael Vick is excited to play on Sunday, if the doc says it's ok.)You know it's a special club if Dana Spain shows up, she just doesn't show up at any old gin spot. Here she is with Glenn and Marisa Stevens
Kristin Foote, Danielle Poe and Lindsay Kravitz. Danielle tells me she's making a move to London in January to be with her husband to be, Jay, but she'll return to wed here in Philly near her friends, even though she grew up in Northern NJ.

Take a picture of the hottest lady in the room he tells me. With that here's the shot of the luckiest man in the room. Hacina Saadi
Susan Glickman and Stacey RounickThe "Owners Box" over looking the dance floor and above the DJ box.
The many lives of PhillyIn's Kate Beaver. She never gives me a hard time when I can't remember her name. She's a class act. I should study this picture and work on remembering what she looks like, and as far as I can tell she looks great. (BTW Kate if you're single I have a hot superstar guy who asked me if I knew you and could do the introductions.)
Steve and Sabrina Thorne

The dance floor and the amazing balcony bar area that looks over it. Upstairs there are seats and tables.
As the night wore it got hot on the dance floor.

The photos I took last night will be available in my online album for purchase on Monday. I'll publish the link in this space at that time. If you want your shot for $7 without the watermark click there. Check out a few more pictures here"

Ron Hansen, GN Kang, Michelle Miller and Michael Spain Smith. Check out my column today to read my small review of the new Whisper. In a nutshell I think it's one of the best night clubs to open in Center City, (the other one would be the GLBT Voyeur club that opened after a renovation last year). It's gonna pack them in on Thursday's, Fridays and Saturdays, and sadly shut down a few clubs cause this club over laps in some of the same atmosphere's you would find in other clubs. There's intimate spots, there's the scene, a huge front bar to chat with your friends, clean bathrooms with attendants, security and the owners paid attention to details to ensure a safe fun time for their guests.


dear bicycle thief,
thank you so much for the surprise i found after leaving work late this evening. it was really sweet of you to think that my tired feet could use a cab ride home. but i miss my rusty orange bike. if and when you decide to return my bike, maybe i'll make you cookies since i have no money to buy another one. but if you actually have the balls to ride my squeaky bike on the street, be forewarned, i will beat you down with my gigantic whisk.


p.s. you suck and bike thieves be damned.

Info for monica glass

@chefmoni philadelphia, pa
i play with sugar. it's all unicorns and rainbows until the sugar gets burnt.

Thursday, October 14, 2010


NET Nights at Moore: Art Performs

TONIGHT, 6 – 8 pm

Free and open to the public

What: NET Nights at Moore – Art Performs

An evening presenting multi-media, cross disciplinary works by musician Melissa Auf der Maur and Barbara Bickart. Each engages in creative collaborations that result in rich, storied works in various media. After screening their respective videos, both Bickart and Auf Der Maur will be present to discuss their work, insights and inspirations.

Musician Melissa Auf Der Maur (Hole/Smashing Pumpkins) presents, OOOM, a 28-minute mini epic that weaves together music, video and comic book illustrations in a collision of past and present in a fantasy world where a Viking heart, a car crash and a bleeding forest connect. Inspired by mythic Viking tales and legends, OOOM hauntingly speaks to a universal tale of vulnerability and connectedness using music rather than dialogue. Out Of Our Minds / OOOM is: a film, an album and a comic conceived by Auf der Maur. The film is directed by Tony Stone (Severed Ways: The Norse Discovery of America) and the comic is by Jack Forbes.

Bickart, who is screening clips of recent video works, often collaborates with artists, activists, choreographers and communities to create interdisciplinary video works that explore the intimate connections between history, memory, and the body as a historic site. Her work is presented in cooperation with Philadelphia's Painted Bride Art Center in anticipation of WHEN: Philadelphia, the second in a series of video performance installations that engages questions about institutionalized violence in the American landscape as seen through the "found choreography" of visitors to historic sites and monuments.

NET Nights are presented with support from Moore College of Art & Design and

Your Part-time Controller.

NET (New Emerging Talent) Nights is a program for graduates and students

of local art and design colleges to network with peers and heads of area business associations and arts organizations as well as build relationships with other

arts professionals.

When: TONIGHT, October 14

6 – 8 pm

Who: The Galleries at Moore

Where: Moore College of Art & Design

20th Street and The Parkway, Philadelphia, PA 19103

Cost: FREE and open to the public


Where Philadelphia Magazine and LAGOS once again joined together to celebrate the City’s frontline tourism ambassadors. On Tuesday, October 5th they presented the 3rd Annual Key to the City Award. The winner of this prestigious award was presented with LAGOS’ signature piece, the LAGOS Key (I have one, love it, although I was never an ambassador the American Cancer Society gave it to me.)

On hand where Bruce Yelk, GPTMC &, Jennie Hatton Profile PR, Mike Sheriden, GPTMC, Al Lee Indep Visitor Center and Tony Geistwite, Sofitel
Joann Bongart, Holiday Inn Express, and the crew from Phila Sheraton City Center: Paul Schwartz, GM, Susan Carney, Dir of Rooms, Mary Mastrobuoni, Cincierge, Sharon Pinto, Dir of HR. (OK I knew who the winner would be when I shot this before it was announced)
Mark Beyerle, SpecialtyUSA and Jill Scarlett, Shops at Liberty Place.
Kate Wilhelm with Philadelphia Horticultural Society (PHS), Randal Mrazik, Sampan and Drew Becher, President of PHS
A lotta Steven Lagos love: Emily Norris, Melani Tull, Isabelle Searchilli, Janice Waitkus, Joelle Gordon, and Jenna Coleman(not in any particular order) (Thanks to Lagos for supporting this wonderful events, as well as the generous donation to my silent auction for Gilda's Club of SJ benefit Tuesday night. G-N Kang is ecstatic with her new bracelet after an intense bidding war for it.)

Newly engaged Mike Kates, Philly Trolley Works and blingafied Keren Ini (Thanks to Philly Trolley Works for their generous donation.)
Lauren Quick and Indep Visitor Centers "Mr Philadelphia" Al Lee and Lauren Tosti.

Kurt, Margaret Hughes, Deputy City Rep and the great jeweler John Wind. (Thank you John Wind for your donation to my silent auction.)
Sean, Anna Schneider, Nick Gregory, GM of Hotel Palomar and SaVa's Sarah Van Aken. (Thanks to the Palomar and SaVa for their donation to my silent auction.)
Steven Lagos and Laura Burkhardt congratulate Silver Whistle Winner Joseph Broderick of the Latham Hotel. The Silver Whistle is a new award this year given to an outstanding doorman. Joe has been the doorman at the Latham Hotel for over 25 years.

This year’s candidates for the Key to the City Award are concierges from top Philadelphia hotels. Contenders include Mary Mastrobuoni of the Sheraton Philadelphia City Center, Chris Matlack of the Hyatt Regency at Penn’s Landing, Brian Brazina of Sofitel Hotel and Richard Hoffman of the Westin Philadelphia. This year's winner was Mary Mastrobuoni. Laura Burkardt and Steven Lagos are bookending the happy group.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


Phillies Pep Rally this Friday at 11:30am

Come to Center Court on Friday at 11:30am for our Phillies Pep Rally! Join Ricky Bottalico, All Star reliever for the Phillies from 1994 – 2002, and Dickie Noles, star player for the 1980 Phillies World Championship team, plus the incomparable “Phillies Whiz Kids” String Band for a rousing Reading Terminal Market cheer as the Phils prepare for their league championship tilt vs. the San Francisco Giants.

Wear something RED as the Phillies continue their quest to be crowned baseball’s best.


Friday, October 15th


Reading Terminal Market

Center Court


Thanks to everyone that came out and supported my PhillyChitChat anniversary party and Gilda's Club of South Jersey charity event last night. So much fun, wish I could've chatted with everyone and I know I missed a few pictures. Thanks to Tweed, Michelle Miller, Karin Annerhed and G-N Kang, all of The Nouveau Image. I'll be uploading the pictures to a folder and if you attended you can download them free of charge and watermark next week. Thanks so much.


The only vehicle parked in the "No Stopping Zone between 4:30 and 6:30PM" is the PPA van.
Job Fair 10/20 at Urban Outfitters
it's almost open.