Friday, September 24, 2010


Here are the Photos & Chatter from the 2011 event.

Diamonds and Denim, an inaugural event benefiting The Hamels Foundation, took place last night Thursday, September 23rd at the Union Trust Steak House in Center City. Attendees enjoyed an exceptional evening while raising money for the foundation founded by Phillies’s star Cole Hamels and his wife Heidi. Diamonds and Denim encourages guests to sport their best denim and high fashion, enjoy cocktails and appetizers, laugh with comedian Joe Conklin and bid on live auction items. “I am from Southern Missouri so I wanted to bring a bit of a fun, Southern feel to this event and get everyone excited about the concept. And Union Trust is such a fantastic location for a party,” explained Heidi Hamels. (Philly Mag link below)

The first lady of baseball, or at least the Phillies: Jen Utley with hubby Chase.
running late today will fill in later.
The Ritz-Carlton Gang (my guess would be the talent was staying there then, just saying.)
Big Tom and Jerri Mathers in the green room.
Marnie Hall, love her.

Jamie MoyerTony Orlando
Diamond Raffle: Donated by Bernie Robbins Jewelers

Cole is flying high now - Here is my PhillyMag Column Today

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Tony Blair awarded Liberty Medal for human rights work - Bill Clinton - Behind the Scenes

Tony Blair came to Philly to pick up the Liberty Medal a few weeks back

but first he participated in a discussion on world events with President Clinton, and then discussed his book. The press was allowed to photograph him for about 15 minutes. Everything was great except we weren't allowed to use flash and they wouldn't arrange to have the step and repeat (the board behind them) centered so the photos looked more professional and consistent in promoting where the shoot was taking place. See how there is no Step and Repeat behind him?

But I did have a great time anyway. Afterwards we were ushered away to the auditorium

This is where the press hangs out after our allotted 15 minutes of shooting them.
And the Band played on at the VIP cocktail party before the ceremony

Rob and Roberta Kitchenoff. Before I became PhillyChitChat I used to do greeting cards and sometimes sell larger prints. Rob and I used to work at the same law firm, and then he left to start one with a few people. A dozen of my prints are in their offices on the wall. Roberta worked for 21 years with Campbell Soup but has now gone off and created her own company for brand marketing.

Charles & Elise Pizzi - Mr. Pizzi is Chief Executive Officer of Tastykake, and both of them are parents of my friend Justin Pizzi so it's always so much fun to chat with them.
Karen Buchholz, VP of Administration for Comcast
Rick Beeman, Laura Buck, Louise Reed and Bill Buck

Harold and Denice Jackson
P.J. and Jennifer Kent who are a glow expecting their first child.

Sylvia and Al Glassman. Are the first foodies I knew. Way back in 2001 they were following and writing on Chowhound, as well as participating in discussions on new restaurants in Philadelphia. Sylvia was a teacher in the Philadelphia school system, and Al Glassman was once president of the School Board.
Brendan Kent, Maria Papadakis, and Katie Kent. i don't think Maria ever takes a bad picture.
A few of the people above realized they were at the wrong party, as they should have been at the VIP VIP party where the world leaders were mingling with the guests. he cocktail party was over about 7PM and the guests moved to the outside area
and I had my dinner thanks to the Constitution Center.

It was a great turn out
Introductions Former Tony Blair, Former President Bill Clinton and
center president and chief executive officer David Eisner

Christiane Amanpour, CBE is anchor of ABC News's This Week and formerly chief international correspondent at CNN does a tribute to Tony Blair.

Bill Clinton pays tributePresident Bill Clinton puts the Liberty Medal on Tony Blair

Opera singers entertain the guests
The Irish Tenors flew in from Ireland for the eventOne of my favorite memories of the night. After the event ended, and the most of the press left, Bill & Tony spontaneously started signing for the guests. I really had to choose get these photos, or get a historic signature.

Wednesday, September 22, 2010


  • +Bamboo, Bliss and Beer

    Complimentary bamboo washcloth with any bamboo clothing purchase and refreshments.Scarlett Alley // 241 Race St // 215.592.7898

Kimberly Boutique Fall Open House

Kimberly Boutique whisks you into the fall season with light bites and champagne delights while you shop. And prepare to enter the new season refreshed, as American Laser introduces their newest skin innovative treatments.123 S. 16th St // 215.564.1066

PHacialist Elina Safin and Ursula Augustine

Makeup & A Movie: An Evening of Classic Movies, Makeup & Fashion

An exclusive screening of The Philadelphia Story will be followed by a comparison to its remake, High Society. A discussion will be held about the beauty, fashion (and cocktails) of the era and how they influence the styles of today. Dress (and hair and makeup) is vintage and prizes will be awarded. RSVP required. Donations for The One Step Away Charity are welcome.Ursula’s About Phace Rittenhouse Makeup Studio & Phacial Suite // 1700 Sansom St Suite 201 // 215.557.1562

My Philly Mag Column Today: The Barrel of a Gun Premiere & Power Shifts

Sorry it's missing a lot of gossip content. I was in a hurry and forgot it. Hopefully no one will know who ate next to me Monday night.

38 days 15 hrs Til Halloween & Did you Know Ricky's Halloween Store is on Walnut Street

I love Ricky's Halloween Store, but was curious when it set up shop on Walnut Street. (In my head I'm saying "It's the economy stupid, who wouldn't turn down some green these days no matter what CNN says.)

Did you know the City put restrictions on what can be established on Walnut Street (as promoted by Rittenhouse Row. [By the way their annual fall party is 9/29/10]) I was a little surprised that Halloween store made the cut. See below for the list that didn't make the cut.

§14-1607.1. Special Controls for Rittenhouse Row and Chestnut Street. [381]
(1) Legislative Findings. The Council finds that:

(a) Major public and private investments have been made and continue to be made to protect and maintain the economic viability, aesthetics and historic character of the area of Center City on Walnut Street, West of Broad, and of the area of Center City on Chestnut Street, West of Broad;

(b) These areas are two of the major shopping destinations of Center City. It is essential to the continued success of these areas to maintain the existing character of the areas and to attract and promote certain specialty retailers to locate within these areas;

(c) Within the said areas there are a number of certain uses which while not necessarily offensive by themselves, when concentrated in an area, tend to contribute to the deterioration of the economics and aesthetics of that area;

(d) The current provisions of the Zoning Code permit certain uses which may be considered as being incompatible with the general character of these areas;

(e) These areas are important to the historic, cultural and commercial vitality of Center City Philadelphia and these types of uses could have a negative impact of these areas;

(f) It is in the best interest of the property owners, business operators, shoppers and the City of Philadelphia that these areas continue to prosper;

(g) Therefore, special land use controls are needed to promote and protect the economic viability of these areas.

(2) Uses Prohibited on the Ground Floor. In addition to the use restrictions as set forth in Zoning Code Section 14-305 and Section 14-1607, in any building or upon any land abutting Walnut street between Broad street and Twentieth street, or in any building or upon any land abutting Chestnut street between Broad street and Twentieth street, the following uses shall be prohibited from occupying the ground floor:

(a) Dry cleaning establishment;

(b) Financial institution;

(c) Manicure/nail salon;

(d) Retail sales of drugs;

(e) Retail sales of general merchandise;

(f) Retail sales of groceries;

(g) Retail sales of major appliances;

(h) Retail sales of optical goods when such use exceeds 2,500 square feet in gross floor area;

(i) Retail sales of recorded music when such use exceeds 2,500 square feet in gross floor area;

(j) Retail sales of variety store merchandise;

(k) Shoe repair;

(l) Tanning salon or spa;

(m) Tattoo and body piercing establishment; and

(n) Fortune teller establishment/palmist.

The Snyman Chiropractic Group Community Wellness Day 10/9/10 - The Phila Ethical Society on Rittenhouse Square

Please allow me to introduce myself. My name is Donna Butler, and I am the Wellness Director for the Snyman Chiropractic Group at 1608 Walnut St. in Phila. The Snyman Chiropractic Group has been selected as the proud host and coordinator of the Snyman Chiropractic Community Wellness Day. Our event will be held on Saturday, Oct. 9th 2010 at The Philadelphia Ethical Society on Rittenhouse Square from 1-4.
Community Wellness Day is a national event focusing on educating the members of our community on very important information which is critical to the total wellness for all our residents. We will be sharing an array of information on health, safety, environmental and financial wellness. This event will be taking place in many cities nationwide during a 4 week period of fall of 2010. Our political leaders will be recognizing this as an important day in our community to empower people to take back responsibility for there families well being. The local law enforcement will be on hand to provide important id information for children, families and seniors. The local fire department will be providing fire prevention and safety information. There will be many other safety programs available, along with internet safety, identity fraud protection, as well as financial literacy and environmental awareness programs. We will have participants sharing information on health screenings, drug & alcohol awareness information and much more. There will be information available for all ages of our community. There will also be fun, food & entertainment.
We have chosen the SHARE Food Program of Pa. as the benefit of our event. Project SHARE is a non profit food & community network that promotes healthy living by providing affordable wholesome food to those willing to contribute through volunteerism.
We sincerely hope that you will consider joining us to make this an extraordinary day for all the residents of our community! I will be contacting you in a few days to follow-up and provide you with additional details on how your company/agency can participate, which will add great value to the event or please contact me at the below contact info.
I am looking forward to speaking with you.

Donna Butler, CHC, AADP

Snyman Chiropractic Group
1608 Walnut St.
Suite 601
Phila., Pa. 19103


Tuesday, September 21, 2010

PRESIDENT OBAMA AND TREY SONGZ SHUT DOWN CENTER CITY AT RUSH HOUR (the cops shut down a potential flash mob)

If you thought the traffic problems were caused by President Obama in Center City, you were dead wrong. By the time Rush Hour hit at 5PM, President Obama was comfortably in the Convention Center pressing the flesh and talking up Joe Sestak. What you did encountered was hundreds, maybe thousands of Trey Songz fans who came to get a glimpse or a graph from their favorite R&B crooner at FYE (Broad and Chestnut Streets) where he was supposed to sign his new CD between 5PM & 7PM.

I came upon the scene at about 5:45PM, after Trey had been whisked away.
Far more people showed up than expected.

Even after Tre Songz drove off in his SUV, most fans were in disbelief and continued to rush the store in hopes of seeing him. This insanity shouldn't have been a surprise to Tre as earlier in the day he shut down a Baltimore store for the same thing, too many fans, he tweeted.Now Obama did move about the City. At around 6PM he made his way over to the Pyaramid Club were he met with several cash cows"

"Tickets to that event were $10,000 to $30,400, and the dinner was expected to raise $1 million for the party, according to a DNC official. Sans teleprompter, the president referred to note cards as he began. “I’m getting older so I have to make sure I have a card so I don’t forget anybody.” He thanked Sen. Arlen Specter (D.,Pa.), who was present, for his “extraordinary service,” and noted the presence of Sen Bob Casey (D.,Pa.), Rep. Chaka Fattah (D.,Pa.), gubernatorial nominee Dan Onorato, and Philadelphia Mayor Michael Nutter. Obama referred to Sestak, who apparently was at the event earlier but had to leave: “That’s a smart thing to do, go out and get votes.”

The police began disbursing the crowd, and they did an amazing job. I guess they've had a lot of practice after the Phillies World Series riots, and then the recent Flash Mobs.
I love how these girls are stylin' it. Very hawt, especially the girl in purple. (I was surprised the cops didn't give me a problem taking pictures. Try and take a shot over at the Apple store where they constantly shut me down.)

Trey's new CD, Passion, Pain & Pleasure was released this week, and as you can see his star is rising. I can't imagine that he'd come back fro a signing into a little venue like FYE. You might have to catch him with Usher when he appears at the Wells Fargo Center on 12/16/10
The police broke out these magic wands and banged them on news cans, and trees, using harsh language like "get the hell out of here or your getting maced or thrown in the paddy wagon."

Eventually the crowd moved towards City Hall, and sure enough moved away from the shopping corridor of Center City; some of the crowd went to the left of city hall, to the right and down the center. It really split them up and quelled the situation. I was late for a gig so my story ends here. (In the video above you see "the paddy wagon" pull up, and the cops basically say who ever doesn't obey will be thrown in.)

Monday, September 20, 2010


PRESIDENT OBAMA VISITS PHILADELPHIA, AND AGAIN TODAY - info on street closures & how you can see him

A few weeks ago I was at Masterman taking photos for the 75th Anniversary of 20th Century Fox's placement of a plaque outside the room where "The Happening was filmed." One of the teachers also showed me the auditorium where another scene from the movie was filmed.
It's a wonderful space and asked if they ever rent it or it's used by outsiders. She said rarely. Then a week later I found myself in that very same auditorium to photograph President Obama.

About 600 students were chosen to see the president live, the other students watched in on close circuit TV
The press room. It's here that photos are wifi'd to these computers, as wells as reporters filing their stories of the events going on, to their news desk
The photographers, as well as news cameras get in place for the 15 minute speech. Even though I got there 2 hrs before the event, there was no room for me at the inn, and I shot from the floor
There was a long wait time and I met teacher Luigi Borda who's an author and has an interesting story:

Kelly Ca is a senior at Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School and president of the high school student government. She plans to attend college and medical school in hopes to realizing her childhood dream of becoming a doctor. Kelly is a native of Philadelphia and is the president of the class. She introduced him. Other roles by students:

Tamika Miles and Joseph Diaz will lead the Pledge of Allegiance. Tamika is a 6th grade student and Joseph is a 7th grade student at Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School. Kyra Reumann Moore will sing in the National Anthem. Kyra is a senior at Julia R. Masterman Laboratory and Demonstration School and a member of the Sweet Sixteen acapella choir.

Hello Philadelphia! It’s wonderful to be here. Today is about welcoming all of you and all of America’s students back to school – and I can’t think of a better place to do it than Masterman. You’re one of the best schools in Philadelphia – a leader in helping students succeed in the classroom. And just last week, you were recognized as a National Blue Ribbon School for your record of achievement. That’s a testament to everyone here – students and parents, teachers and school leaders. And it’s an example of excellence I hope communities across America embrace.

Over the past few weeks, Michelle and I have been getting Sasha and Malia ready for school. And I bet a lot of you are feeling the same way they’re feeling. You’re a little sad to see the summer go, but you’re also excited about the possibilities of a new year. The possibilities of building new friendships and strengthening old ones. Of joining a school club, or trying out for a team. The possibilities of growing into a better student, and a better person, and making your family proud....

Then President Obama greeted a few of the students
The motorcade leaves Masterman. Today Obama comes to town to do a fundraiser for Con Sestak's run for the senate seat. The event takes place at the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Air Force 1 lands around 3PM. The President should arrive between 4 & 5 at the Convention Center. I don't know his exact route, but it's safe to say where you see the most police, sharp shooters will be a great place to stand to wave to the motorcade. It's an awesome sight to see it go by. (Map Link) As for avoiding the mess, leave work early or late because the traffic surrounding the convention center is going to be a mess. The event is scheduled to end by 6:30PM. Affected blocks Broad Street from 476 to Race Street and perhaps Market Street, the number blocks affected 10th to Broad Street (14th Street).