Friday, August 20, 2010


Good morning.
Last night I was at Rum on the River. It was a most excellent event produced by many including the coordinator PUNCH MEDIA PR as Adam Kanter of Rum Bar is James Zeleniak's client. Above: Doug Keith, Sarah Stockton-Brown and James Zeleniak (Today is Sarah's last day before she goes to work at Phila Museum of Art in their customer service communications. Good Luck)

PhillyChitChat was out entirely too late last night and can't even think about a blog entry today. Here's today's HughE Dillon Philly Mag Column
Have a great weekend.

Thursday, August 19, 2010


If you're having an over the top birthday or celebration or your an event planner, florist or you rent tables, shoot me an email maybe I will come out and cover it for PhillyChitChat or my column in; My girls never forget to include me in on their fun and I appreciate it.

Did you know you can have a custom made Ice Sculpture at your place, you can. I think that's such a neat idea. This one costs about $150 and it's custom with both Lesley & Monique for their birthday party last Friday.I have my ice sculpture picked out when I have my party, hope they deliver. They also do full bars. Seriously funny website as they were able to get their entire description in
Nick & Heather Heo hang. Happy Birthday Heather on Tuesday
Lesley Kozloff-Goldstein and her fun mom Judi Kozloff
Monique Crawford, Lesley Kozloff-Goldstein, Erin Elmore, and Danielle Krupta enjoy their fun Chuck Taylor themed party.
Rob Dailey and Monique practice their best "Christmas Story" Kid licks ice cold pole as they enjoy vodka from the luge. Rob and Monique are now an item, so guys you missed your chance on one of Philly's hot young fun girls.

The Thornes of Philadelphia Sabrina and Steve with Joe and Angela Val, and Lesley and Ed GoldsteinDanielle Krupta and a dapper fellow
Erin Elmore and her upstairs neighbor. Monique Crawford preparing to play champage pong,
cause that's how they roll here at the Waterfront Square Condos.

Danielle and her beau Michael Usowski
Wharton Boys: Steve Weiner, Timy Lucey, Ryan Feit and Jake Roffman

Kristen Foote and Sabrina Tamburino-Thorne

always create fireworks where ever they go...


Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Shane Victorino Fashion Show Departures including Kendra Wilkinson

The slide show had a little problem this morning, hopefully they fixed it now. But Kendra's picture is first, cause she left first around 9PM. No Cole Hamels shots as he and Heidi slipped out a side door.

2010 Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Nominees- August 17, 2010 Nominations Party - I'm sorta nominated for an Emmy Award. (Entire List Link Too)

Ironically last night at the 2010 Mid-Atlantic Emmy® Nominees held at R2L (ceremony is Sept. 25 at the Loews Hotel), there was a roomful of reporters and cameramen, but no one was reporting or filming the special moments (those newsies are so modest)

Fox29's Mike Jerrick is hysterical, as you will see in some of the snippets

And unlike so many nomination announcing ceremony's like the Oscars or the Tony Awards, this one was held in the evening when everyone was awake, happy and cheering for each other as the names were called. I listed a few here, but there is a comprehensive list link at the bottom.

1- Newscast- Evening- Larger Markets (#1-38)
“CBS 3 Eyewitness News - Sunday, March 21, 2010”- CBS3
Evan Hirsch, News Producer
Dave Huddleston, Anchor
Dave Huddleston with Doug Kammerer (From his going away party last Thursday)

“Channel 4 Action News At 5:00pm”- WTAE-TV
Alexandra Bongiorno, News Director
Thomas West, Producer
Andrew Stockey, Anchor
Wendy Bell, Anchor

“Channel 11 News at Five, February 8, 2010”- WPXI-TV
Michael Goldrick, News Director
Tricia Drzal, Producer

“CB3 Eyewitness News at 11:00 - 5/27/10”- CBS3
Susan Schiller, News Director
Jonelle Fabian, Producer
Chris May, Anchor
Susan Barnett, Anchor (At Rittenhouse Square Ball)
CBS3/CW Philly received 47 nominations, the next one in line Comcast with 27.

Did you know? WPVI does not enter their talent in the Emmy's Fray. Why is that?

5- General Assignment Report- No Time Limit
“Help for Haiti”- KDKA-TV
Andy Sheehan, Reporter
David Colabine, Photographer

“Breast Cancer 3Day”- CBS3
Cathy Molique, Producer
Natasha Brown, Reporter
Lesley Van Arsdall, Reporter
Anne-Marie Green, Reporter

Serious Newsies: Megan McNicholas, Ed Dress, Emily Hooper and Dan Stamm

38- Human Interest Program/Special
“Classroom Close-up, NJ: Show 2-09”- NJN Public Television
Richard Renner, Segment Producer
John Barra, Segment Producer
Kevin Ronan, Segment Producer
Ed Waters, Segment Producer
Bob Herman, Online Editor
Wanda Swanson, Executive Producer

“PBS 39 Tempo InDepth: The Greatest Gift”- WLVT PBS39
Amy Burkett, Executive Producer/Host
Laura McHugh, Reporter/Producer

“Be A 10 in 10 Weeks”- NBC10 Justin Pizzi, Reporter/Producer Brad Berner, Photographer
I took part in the 10 in 10 Weeks series, so if they win do I get to keep the Emmy at my house for a day or two?
(My buddy Justin & Brad are up for 2 Emmys 10- Feature News Report
“Take This Job: Crew Coach”- NBC10
Justin Pizzi, Reporter
Brad Berner, Photographer/Editor)

“Everyday Heroes - Caring for Severely Abused Child”- ManPri Productions
Lamont Graves, Host and Executive Producer

Joyce Colman-Sampson, Executive Producer
Arden Revien, Executive Producer

Vince DeFruscio (Nominated 2xs in Interview/Discussion Program/Special) and Monica Avery, Producer (Nominated in the category of Magazine Program/Special)

40- Interview/Discussion Program/Special
“It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle: Sex Addiction”- The Comcast Network
Lynn Doyle, Executive Producer/Host
Steve Raymond, Producer
Janet Tegley, Senior Producer
Chrissy Stanojev, Producer
Joey Pants with Lyne Doyle (Nominated 2xs in Interview/Discussion Program/Special)

“It's Your Call with Lynn Doyle: No Kidding...Me 2!”- The Comcast Network
Lynn Doyle, Executive Producer/Host
Steve Raymond, Producer
Janet Tegley, Senior Producer
Chrissy Stanojev, Producer

“Speak Up! on the CW Philly”- CW Philly 57
Vince DeFruscio, Producer
Natasha Brown, Anchor/Host

“Speak Up! On the CW Philly, January 2010”- CW Philly 57
Vince DeFruscio, Producer
Natasha Brown, Anchor/Host

42- Magazine Program/Special
“Bringing New Life to Old Steel: Tempo”- WLVT PBS39
Amy Burkett, Executive Producer/Host
Tyler Glenn, Director

“Philly Kitchen”- Multi Media Productions
James Davey, Director

“One Day Getaways”- BRC-11
James Weachter, General Manager
Michael Morrongiello, Editor/Producer
Brett Summers, Videographer
Kelly Connors, Host/Producer

“Talk Philly”- CBS3
Monica Avery, Producer
Randall Scott, Lead Editor
Pat Ciarrocchi, Anchor
Rob Henderson, Writer
Donna Benner, Segment Producer
Kristen Warick, Production Assistant
Ukee Washington, Anchor

The crowd loves Jim Donovan

Bobby Kelly, Michelle Bradsher, Melmark and Jim Donovan

Ought oh Jim Donovan is up against himself under consumer reporting. (Nominated 6 times overall, Jim make room on your shelf next to your other Emmy's)

19- Weather- News Single Story or Series
“St. Patrick's Day 1936 - A Taxing Flood”- WPSU-TV
Jon Nese, Reporter

“CBS'3 Winter Forecast”- CBS3
Kathy Orr, Meteorologist
Doug Kammerer, Meteorologist (Miss you already, yesterday was Doug's last day.)
Steven Strouss, Weather Producer

(There is something missing, like Shanille Jones and Mike Jerrick. There was nothing more interesting than watching those two during the blizzards. I prayed it would snow again just so they could pair these two up again (joking just wanted to see if you were reading me, I know they're paired already.)
Deanna Durante and husband Tim Swan.

Do you know why this one is so funny or why the crowd is laughing?
This is the category they are laughing about:
68- Photographer- News
Gino Canella, WPVI-TV
Kyle Cooper, WHTM-TV
Joe O'Neill, WHTM-TV
Brian Iacone, NBC10
Joseph B. Frederick, NBC10

The Entire List Can Be Found Here:

Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Mystery Appears at Lippincott Hotel in Rittenhouse Square During Thom Nickel's reading of Spore. What Are Your Thoughts?


I thought you'd be interested in this photograph (attached). A photographer took this and then discovered this mysetrious light above my head during the Lippincott reading. There was no light fixture on the wall, so the source is mysterious. The first two photos she took did not come out at all, which she says never happens to her, then this picture was "produced."

It was a good night. Over 60 people attended, quite a crowd.


Thom's next reading and signing of his book will be at Barnes & Noble
Wednesday September 15, 2010 6:00 PM

Rittenhouse Square, 1805 Walnut Street, Philadelphia, PA 19103, 215-665-0716

Jt Christensen Studio Opening - Rittenhouse Square

Jt Christensen is a design consultant for one of my favorite furniture stores Bo Concept, and has now opened his own studio located right in Rittenhouse Square.
A graduate from Art Institute of Philadelphia he interned at Knoll for two years before going out on his own in 2005
Jt Christensen Opening - Jt Christensen and Liz Shapiro;

JF Baldwin, Jackie Snowden, James Kennedy and Jill Book

Jennifer Burks and Samantha Carrie Johnson
Orrin & Betsy Brightmay with Angus campbell and Kristen Sterner. The Brightmay are clients of Jt Christensen and tell me he's doing amazing work on their house. here's a link to the studio for more information.

Monday, August 16, 2010


Today's Philly Mag post:


Ryan Derfler threw the party Saturday night for Laura
We started out off at Michael Schulson's Graffiti Bar with snacks and spirits
Then thanks to the generosity of Mike Kate's and Philly Trolley Works, we had a carriage for the evening
Where we went to the best kept secret dance floor D'Angelo's in Rittenhouse Square. Dan Gross and Holly Maher with Laura
Inga and Sal D'Angelo. Inga spins and Sal occasionally raps
I'm every women sings Karen Ini, Laura and Brenda Mendte

A place to Chilax near the dance floor. The crowd ages range from 25 to 60
Ryan Defler, Karen Ini, and brother Defler in the smoking lounge
The next day we continued with a cocktail party at Fish organized by James Zeleniak
Patrick Mullen, William, and Michael Byrne

Fish chef/owner Mike Stollenwerk
Steffi and Brian Freedman. Soon to be parents of a baby girl in December
Peggy Trott, Chris Gabello and James Zeleniak
William Kline

Margaret Hughes and Beth Adamo
Laura and Karen Gross
The Girls: Peggy Trott, flew in from her new home in Missouri, Margaret Hughes, Laura, Brenda Mendte and Monica Malpass. What a fabulous time we had!!

Sunday, August 15, 2010